Friday, March 22, 2013

European Union Just Wrecked The Euro

A project is equal to the sum of its parts.

In times of great wealth there is the potential for everyone to get greedy, unless the people apply principles of compassion and fairness, discipline (self restriction) and balance in all things. This may sound unrealistic and Utopian .. but the energy that flows into greed and service-to-self is the same energy that can be just as easily applied to self-restraint, honest and integrity.

Without those principles a society will always - at some point - crash. These principles cannot be applied from outside .. they have to come from inside. Which means, the intelligence to see that when I [me] act only for my own welfare - it is selfish and against the welfare of the greater whole. When everyone looks out only for their own welfare, there is war in society.

Being aware of the danger of excess greed and selfishness helps to avoid going in that direction. We have today, in our world, societies of external laws, ruled by the severe father ruler Saturn = restriction imposed from a higher power, punishment, outside controls, conservative principles, the passage of time "karma", limitation, orthodox consequences, paying a price, the rule of law.

These Saturnian principles, on their own .. in isolation, cannot maintain order, social cohesion nor impose essential inner disciplines based on compassion, awareness and intelligence. Saturn [what Saturn stands for in Geomantic terms] is not to blame for the resulting chaos. The way humans have used these principles is to blame for the chaos that we create for ourselves.

Principles of fairness and compassion, sharing and co-operation, honesty and trust do not exist in the dogmatic use of Saturnian principles to control individuals and society. Without compassion and deeper sense of human values, the principles of imposing disciplines by law, restrictions by law and punishment by law also lead to abuses by law.

In other words, out of balance, Saturn can drive "lawmakers" insane.

European Union Just Wrecked The Euro
To understand what just happened, one has to understand the social psychology of events. In this sense social psychology is the study or insight into the energy behind events and why they happen the way they do. I do not get this insight from reading books. The insight comes to me when I observe the greater psychology of human behaviour. This is where the Saturnian principles of discipline only comes alive when there is compassion.

You could say that the rule and restriction of Saturn [in Geomantic terms] is the firewood and compassion is the flame that lights the fire of understanding. Without discipline, compassion has no real application. Discipline allows us to find and apply the solutions .. to build and to share. To overcome crisis. To live intelligently.

I was thinking about what just took place in Cyprus .. which is a direct reflection on the Euro .. and is a continuation of the way political institutions have molded events since the crisis began. Until March 21, 2013 the European train kept moving along with the potential to grow and develop - adjusting to change. This appeared to be what was taking place .. while, on the sidelines .. China was watching, America was watching, Russia was watching...

I don't know what is wrong with European Institutions. They have a chance to build something and the whole energy collapses into greed, excess greed, über-excess greed and more greed. There is just something rotten to the core, where everyone involved ends up fighting, building resentment, looking for their own advantage and seeking to push others off the cliff.

There seems to be an endemic core of greed that destroys anything touched by Europe .. including destroying themselves. The nature of the psychology is self-destructive. As soon as European Institutions feel they have POWER .. it seems to act like a drug inducing madness, where the rest of the world becomes demons they have to bring under their control. After two World Wars .. this seems to be a serious form of deep rooted social psychosis.

Any sense of power to European Institutions: Political, economical and religious .. seems to cause some kind of mass aggression. Maybe it is like an aggressive Alpha Male/Female hormone? I think it is an endemic state of mind. The collective mind is unbalanced and incapable of managing power.

To certain states of mind power is like a drug - if it cannot be managed / balanced / disciplined from within.

The Social Psychology of Greed
Right up to the 2013 Ides of March Cyprus Incident, the Euro developed totally in the wrong way, where the Cyprus event was rooted in a social psychological development / reaction to the existence of the Euro. This is how it went...

Imagine there are European families from North to South who have a rich uncle. The rich uncle is Germany. This rich uncle has billions. The uncle uses his billions to control the extended family and in return he gets power. The rich uncle is very very rich! He does not care about that .. he has the money. What he wants is power. He wants to influence. On some level to do good, create order, create growth, be number one.

In return for this power, the rich uncle allows all his European extended family unlimited access to his bank accounts. However, the whole extended family does not have the rich uncle's Teutonic self-discipline, hard working, self-taught, very conservative discipline. The whole family do not impose on themselves this Germanic self-restriction mindset. It is not in their blood. In a way the extended family across Europe cannot be blamed for what happened next.

The extended European family of the rich uncle began to create credits out of debt, putting the uncle's card on the table. Every bank and creditor was happy = No! Problem! As, the rich uncle was the sturdy, hard working, rich Founder of Europe. It's Happy Time! Everyone is happy !!

Then, everyone is also very greedy! This is where you have to understand the social psychology behind what happened next .. leading to the catastrophic Ides of March Cyprus Incident. Everyone got in on the act. Rich uncle backed credit lines became extended bank credit lines. Ten euros credit to the European families, became a thousand euros credit from bank to bank. All leading back to the rich uncles accounts.

No one is really to blame .. this is a direct result of social psychological conditions at the time .. effective until today. Then comes SATURN, restriction, punishment, control, externally imposed discipline, crime, law, payment. If you do not understand the whole picture and that no one is to blame = everyone is to blame .. then the problem will continue .. creating "war".

Desire To Be Loved
The big uncle extends his power throughout Europe making everyone happy and rich. It is a big party. All of Europe loves the big uncle. He is generous and he creates this big wealth for everyone. You have happy power! People are happy to love big uncle. Families are happy to give him more power .. he is so generous. He wants to be loved. He is a natural "leader". He genuinely wants to benefit others, share his wealth, share his success, make people happy.

I don't think this is a CONSPIRACY. I don't think it was planned this way. These events are the unfolding of deep sub-conscious root psychology that has existed in the human mind over thousands of years. It manifests in our world in the form of social psychology creating events. We live in the world we create for ourselves.

The families of Europe have endless credit lines of Euros...

This is the most important part to understand. The Germanic mind does not really understand this, because their mindset is different than the rest of Europe. The VALUE of money .. the value of the Euro. The social psychology behind what happened when all of Europe realigned themselves to the Euro. It has no value !! That is why this disaster is unfolding even as I write.

To all of Europe, outside of Germany, the Euro was like Monopoly money. The psychology in using the Euro and creating endless lines of credit is based on the lack of value to the countries using this monetary exchange. This is really important to understand as the whole mess unwinds.

Before the Euro became the currency of all European countries, each part of Europe had to value their own currencies in terms of their own resources, production, exports, imports and hundreds of years of understanding the real value of their own currencies based on the trade dynamics of restriction and exchange [worldwide].

The Social Psychology of Value
What gives anything value? Obviously, the psyche... If I need a knife to cut vegetables and cook food, and the knife makers are almost not existing - the agreed value of a knife is defined by the psychology of trade. Both the seller and the buyer value the knife as rare and high on the list of necessary items.

Before the Euro spread across Europe .. the French, the Spanish, Italians, Greeks, Irish, Cypriots understood the agreed on collective values of their own currencies based on the value psychology of trade and exchange. The value was defined by real world disciplines of agreed values. What I am trying to say is this: THAT was the restriction.

The agreed on trade values of the currencies, was the restriction placed on the social understanding of what is and what is not possible. People in France, Spain, Italy and Greece understood this. On a social psychological level their own currencies had values that each of them understood. THAT is the social psychology of VALUE.

The most important factor to understand in looking at this current mess in Europe, is that the Euro has no real value to the people across Europe using that currency. The Euro is like toy money, it is like Monopoly money that is given out by the big rich uncle. The Euro is unlimited, it has no value other than that big uncle is the last creditor of risk.

You might say, what about the U.S. Dollar?

That is another story due to the American Dollar being the world reserve currency. The loss of value in printing more debt rests on the fact that the whole world valued the U.S. Dollar in terms of trade [import / export exchange]. Real value was no longer a choice in terms of real world trade discipline and exchange. Only, when the USD is no longer the world trade currency will they face the same value, debt and currency issues as we see in Europe today.

This whole mess in Europe is not a thought-out well planned conspiracy... It is a deep rooted quantum / social chaos of a mind that cannot assess real value, where all restrictions are removed. The social psychology of value is always equal to the various levels of exchange in the real world. The Euro is a one-size-for-all fit based on Germanic Northern European values.

The problem for the rest of Europe, is that real value (they can understand) has been removed. No one is to blame for this and Saturn cannot fix it. The Euro has now created a mass psychosis of greed. Everything is more, pay more, earn more, sell more, get more, have more... There is now this out-of-control greed forming in peoples minds, because real value no longer exists.

The social psychology of value is self-regulating. It comes into effect through the mechanism of trade and exchange. For thousands of years people have agreed on various levels of exchange. Trust is the basis of that agreement. Where there is no trust - there is no value.

Recently, Greece and Spain were attempting to attract investments and buyers from Russia and China. These Governments have been making a genuine attempt to find realistic answers to their debt problems. The solutions require TRUST between all parties. The agreements between Greece, Spain, China and Russian investors and buyers have to be based on mutual trust.


Who is going to invest into a situation where accounts can be frozen, taxed or completely wiped out? This is where the whole situation is moving out of control .. when trust is lost. The foundation of the social psychology of value rests on trust between all parties. From there you build up, you trade, you exchange, you import and you export.

The current MINDSET of values is wrong and this is why people are not creating nor finding solutions to this problem.