Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Spiritual Tsunami: Beyond 2013

Don't hit your friends! They may hit you back!
- The Guidance

See: Spirit World Tsunami 2010-2013

On a real world level I have studied Social and Political Science. However, I prefer to view and observe world events through the eyes of Buddhist Philosophy or Taoist Philosophy. I use the understandings of Political and Social Science like a screwdriver - to take apart and understand the mechanics inside the box.

I a way I am a Buddhist/Taoist spiritual technician!

I like to take things apart to understand how they work... But, my understanding comes from a deeper spiritual level as I view the inner workings of the social and political events we humans face and have to deal with on a daily basis. On that basis, spirit understands the passage of time and how/why the human psyche repeats the same problems over and over again.

The timing of events, as well as the breakdown of the timing of events can tell us a lot about our world .. ourselves .. and the out-of-control changes happening around us. For example, Solar flares, meteorites and the weather are out of our control. The world of spirit and how it affects our 3D world is out of our control... The energy-of-events are totally out of our control.

A Taoist Master would realise this, and such a realisation would promote wisdom, care of movement and perhaps deeper sense of compassion.

Beware The Ides of March
The Ides of March is a day in the Ancient Roman calendar corresponding to March 15. The date of the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44BC. The death of Caesar made the Ides of March a turning point in Roman history. On the earliest calendar, the Ides of March would have been the first Full Moon of the New Year.

We are currently in 2013 - a Chinese Water Snake year... That, to my perception, requires great care, awareness and extreme caution. In my view the Snake is also a Karmic force, is an unpredictable energy / spiritual force. It is not a year to try to take out or try to undermine a political opponent. On a historical level, playing these kinds of occult games can seriously backfire .. altering the future course of history.

The current chaos we are seeing is - in a way - part of an energy release that has long term consequences. Because energy changes matter, energy fields can suddenly reverse. We humans are energy / spirit inhabiting matter, the material world. Spirit inhabits (brings life to) the physical world of matter and we humans are ruled by energy [the laws of spirit].

The most important factor is that we are currently within the effects of what could be called a Spiritual Tsunami .. that is not a bad thing. We are spirit within matter. That is like saying we are water molecules within water. Change is a natural process of cleansing and it is a natural process of renewal. Nothing to be afraid of.

In Buddhist philosophy you live and you die .. it is all quite a natural process.

As you live, you have to be careful and pay attention to how you live. To understand that there are forces totally out of our control and that it is dangerous to try to play around with or try to manipulate those forces out of self-interest or greed.

This energy is going to bring about change whether we like it or not.

The real problem facing human beings is not the spirit force / the energy force .. but the real problem facing human beings is themselves. Humans often create chaos where there is no need for chaos. We destroy ourselves artificially. We make a problem where there is no problem .. often out of selfishness.

...Beyond 2013
There has to be a totally new approach. There will be a totally new approach, whether people today want it or not. The only factor facing us, when you take apart the events to understand why they broke down, is how to remove the broken part. The deterioration within human society is often the MINDSET.

Rather than go to war .. people would have to realise: We are the wrong MINDSET and step aside.

The spiritual energy wave moving humanity exists no matter what .. and the only question for us is how do we deal with this? Do we humans keep going as we have for the past two thousand years? Do humans give themselves to the spiritual energy without resisting this inner transformation?

Change is coming .. whether we like it or not .. whether we want it or not!

This energy of change = people are going to have to work together. It's not like we have a choice. There really is no choice. Human beings on this world are going to have to work together and stop fighting each other. Stop destroying the Planet we inhabit. Change does not ask you if you would like to change! It strikes you like a snake, out of the blue.

In many ways 2013 is a dangerous year - not something to play around with.

The spiritual energy of the snake is associated with enlightenment, higher awareness / the third-eye .. this also offers the potential for deeper understanding and wisdom. The snake is cunning and this can also translate into knowing what is right action and knowing what is wrong action.

The snake can be hidden in the grass watching you and you will never know. The deeper question is then self-awareness and the human beings relationship to the higher energy, the unseen world of spirit and to the ancestors. Forces watching us, forces that are hidden from our senses, forces that can suddenly and unexpectedly affect us.

This unseen wave of spiritual energy affects every human being on Earth.

Some people may react in a negative way, because the energy changes their status or power to rule. Other people may react more positively, because the energy opens understanding and co-operation with each other. Mankind is a social animal whose strength lies in co-operation, exchange, trade and sharing.

Within human consciousness, the mind/consciousness is also represented through the energy of the snake .. through the transformation of consciousness, awareness, insight, seeing and understanding. Not simply to be clever and look for ones own advantage .. but to use the higher energy of the mind together with compassion.

I think the key to the future is compassion!