Monday, March 11, 2013

Nucleorites: Cold Fusion Bonded Nuclear Ice

Gentlemen, let us honor the artist;
let us thank him, let us drink his health!

- Nikola Tesla

Those of you who read my Blog regularly, know that I am obsessing about deep space water, that water does not only exist on and around Planets .. but that water is the essential force behind all life in the Universe. I am beginning to consider that there is more water in the Universe, in Galaxies, than there is fire... The so-called "dark matter" is an unseen and unrecognised form of water.

So-called "black holes" are based on the principals of water...

Why is this so important? Because, if you want to understand the Universe - you have to understand WATER... The elixir of life!

Have you ever sat in front of a camping wood fire at night? When you build the fire, the wood you gather cannot be too wet. If the fallen branches lying on the ground are too wet .. they cannot produce fire/heat. Within the balance/ratio of wet and dry .. there is a struggle between the elements if the wood is too wet.

At the same time! Wood burns better and more evenly, if there is a basic ratio of water (resin) within the wood. The deep space Universe in which we live is a perfect balance between water and fire. If the Galaxies and Nebulae within the Universe were predominantly fire .. then no life would exist!

In my mind the fire exists within and is contained by "the water"...

At the same time, I consider that deep space and Galactic water / dark water .. are not forms of water we humans recognise nor understand. An analogy to clarify this is the variation between fish and humans. Fish in rivers, lakes and oceans do not recognise / nor adapt to Earth atmospheric water [as water]. In a similar way, we humans do not recognise deep space water, as water...

Nucleorites: Cold Fusion Bonded Nuclear Ice
"The invisible mass of our galaxy or our universe may be in the form of 'nucleorites', nuggets of hadronic matter containing similar numbers of up, down and strange quarks. The mass of a nucleorite may range from a few Gev/c*c to the mass of a nucleon star. The speaker, S. L. GLASHOW, describes what happens when nucleorites of different masses hit detectors of different sizes."

Encounters of Planet Earth with quark-matter:
Festschrift Sakharov (Andrej Dmitrievich)

I woke up early this morning .. still writing this post over the last week or so. In my mind I was considering that meteorites / shooting stars are deep space frozen nuclear bonded ice of various sizes .. and that when we see these shooting stars burning so bright across the starry night sky, we see the fire of deep space frozen ice / dark water.

I do not think this deep space dark ice / frozen water is as simple as the water on Earth. I have a feeling that this water is the essence of life itself - on a physical plane. Rather than call them meteorites .. I decided that this deep space ice is nuclear bonded .. and so I called them "nucleorites".

Then I decided to search for nucleorites .. to make sure that the word/concept "nucleorites" does not exist...

Unfortunately, I discovered that: "...The invisible mass of our galaxy or our universe may be in the form of 'nucleorites', nuggets of hadronic matter containing similar numbers of up, down and strange quarks."

This is most disappointing!! I am going to go ahead and describe my perception of meteorites and shooting stars as ice nucleorites. Simply, because these tiny to medium to large seeds of ice hitting / entering the Earth's atmosphere (from deep space) contain primordial nuclear life-force energy. It may be the essence of cold fusion.

Let me explain what I see...

You see a shooting star cross the night sky, and what burns up? The way I see it is this: Let's say a Solar System Planet gets totally destroyed and becomes an asteroid belt. Like a holographic image or like a genetic DNA, inside each fragment you have the entire essence of the Planet.

This is really difficult to explain!

Imagine that everything the Planet was has imploded / is bonded in fragments as nuclear water/ice. Some primordial living cosmic/universal planetary force bonds the remaining fragments into an alchemical form of matter, energy and water. The energy holds/bonds the fragments together through nuclear-magnetism using water/ice.

This is where it gets a bit strange... Nothing goes to waste in Nature. Nothing gets lost. Matter and energy are transformed. Using that as a base, one could consider that the DNA essential life-force of the destroyed planet enters the Earth like cosmic sperm. Those are the shooting stars. That is life. Universal life.

The male and the female are universal principles / reflecting deep cosmic alchemy.

Deep Space Nuclear Ice
I don't know why I have this concept of "nuclear ice".
Nucleus, head of a comet .. central part or thing, about which others cluster. Atomic meaning for central point of an atom.
When a shooting star enters the Earth's atmosphere .. I imagine 80 to 90 percent is water/ice bonded through nuclear life-force. That may be what humans currently call ATOMS. I don't think that is accurate! Nucleus is more accurate: Beginning, bud, center, crux, embryo, focus, foundation, germ, heart, hub, kernel, matter, nub, pivot, premise, principle, seed, spark.

The powerful light we see when a shooting star crosses the night sky, is the release of the tightly bonded deep space nuclear water/ice. We are seeing the essence of life from another Planer being released (back) into the atmosphere of the Earth. In my view, the Earth is an undivided part of cosmos - just as cosmos is an undivided part of the Earth.

When physical material (metalic) fragments called a meteorites hit the surface of the Planet .. these tiny metal fragments are probably less than 10 percent of the total body entering the Earth's upper atmosphere. Together with the deep space water/ice, the rest of the shooting star is probably bonded gas, fire (nuclear) and other unknown elements.

It is the same basis for a human being = energy/spirit - life .. water .. metal/earth .. physical material. The essential factor missing from our world understanding is the importance of water/ice and the relationship to spirit/energy .. life. For some reason the metal man has focused on solid 3D metal compounds to the exclusion of all other factors that create and maintain life.

As above so below!
The human body is more than 60 percent water. Blood is 92 percent water and the lungs are nearly 90 percent water. The brain and muscles are 75 percent water. Body fat contains 10 percent water and bones contain 22 percent water.