Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jim Rickards - EU Germany Right Not to Devalue Currency

Jim Rickards talks to Kitco about "Currency Wars" ...
and who will win versus who will lose...

Video: Jim Rickards Interview Kitco News - February 2013

Rickards: "Fiat Currency Wars can last a very long time!!"

The Kitco, Jim Rickards interview is a fantastic overview on International Currency Wars and the real value of International Trades... Into the future.

Jim Rickards says .. collectively Europe have 10,000 tons of gold...

Jim Rickards also says: The "winners" of currency devaluation are those countries who do not print and debase their currencies.

"The only people who win currency wars are the people who keep out of them."

"I would say Europe, led by Germany .. Singapore and Canada .. are the models of how to do it right! Don't try to cheapen your currency... Those keeping out of the currency wars are going to be the winners... " - Jim Rickards