Sunday, February 03, 2013

Solar Implosion - The Sun Sucks

"Your spirit is the true shield."
Morehei Ueshiba - The Art of Peace

I am now forming my own theory as to how many universal .. but unidentified forms of hot and cool water creates movement and life. By life, I mean that vibration is sound and sounds are frequencies in each state of their signature vibration. In that way a rock or crystal is "life", as the structure is created from its own tonal signature and is constantly moving even though a rock appears to be still or dead.

This is why crystals or metals, and lesser known plant fibers can transmit electric and electro-magnetic energies and frequencies. Crystals and metals appear to be inert .. when they are, in fact, vibrating at frequencies more powerful than the human form. This is why crystals and metals are so important in any technological or high-tech society. We are not a high-tech society .. we are currently at the bottom of the scale. We use crystals and metals without understanding their true nature and capacity.

The Sun Sucks...
This is not a very scientific language: The Sun sucks in Solar Flares. One could say that a high coronal mass ejection implodes [rather than use the word sucks]; but add to this the magnetic reverse flow of a coronal mass ejection. As in .. flows .. like water!

NASA: Ring Shaped Prominence Erupts from Sun - January 31, 2013

If you watch the video carefully, you can see that the ring shaped prominence erupting from the Sun is less than the total force being sucked into the Sun. The most powerful water-like mass is imploding or being sucked back into the Sun. At the end of the sequence you can see the almost river-like / snake-like twisting spiraling torque.

NASA Aquarius Ocean Circluation
Ocean Circulation displays a key role in distributing Solar energy and maintaining climate by moving heat from Earth's equator to the poles. NASAexplorer Video

If you look at NASA visual video-graphic interpretation of the Earth's ocean currents .. it looks a lot like the activity on the surface of the Sun.

For thousands of years the metal / fire male has been into explosion, heat, explosive power, external power .. when the real power is implosion. I do not mean that in terms of the way we humans understand power. I do not mean destructive power .. but a gentle power .. more powerful than anything we know today. It is called love .. compassion .. it is called LIFE !!

Life Sucks
Everything we are taught today is wrong... We humans have totally the wrong principles when observing life, cosmos and our Planet. To use the word "observation" is also wrong. Science does not currently OBSERVE Nature .. science simply exploits and uses Nature [in unnatural ways]. I think it is called "perversion" !!

Pervert - corrupt, mislead, misguided, improper use, distort.

Life sucks! Salmon swimming up river do not push their way ahead .. but they are sucked upstream by forces we humans barely understand nor comprehend. The animal being born from the womb .. or the human child being born from the womb .. are sucked out .. when the birth is natural. It is all about magnetics and polar opposites working together as one. North, South, East and West suck .. it is a multi level four directions polarisation / magnetic phenomenon.

Winds Suck
We are taught to believe that Solar flares explode/eject and that the Earth's winds blow [push, compress, force, move forward, thrust]. Nothing could be farther from the truth... The Earth's winds and polar currents suck .. and that is what intercontinental flights use to go faster when the winds are "behind them". It is the same for sailing ships and yachts. The wind that fills the sails of a yacht appears to come from behind .. but the real energy is a vortex tunnel of imploding/sucking magnetic force.

Snow Sucks
I love Nature! I always observe Nature! Nature is my teacher... Tonight I went out to observe the falling snow, to test my theory through ground observation. Falling snow is the perfect observation platform to understand the nature of wind and polarity/magnetism. I watched the snow falling, being blown. Only, my observation was that the falling snow sucks.

It is the same phenomenon as the Sun, the same phenomenon as water, ocean currents, flowing rivers, atmospheric currents .. they all suck = implode. Where the implosion is magnetic .. requires water .. requires frequency, energy and movement that manifests in its dynamic and still states. Motion can be both dynamic and static [still / vibrating at one point of equilibrium].

Aikido Sucks!
If you carefully observe Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of AIKIDO .. he is using the same principle of the Sun, of water, of wind and fire... Aikido sucks !! It is not an aggressive, forceful attacking force. Morihei Ueshiba, teaches an implosive, sucking, gentle force in overcoming the push-direction of an attacker. Therefore, consider why it is that Morihei Ueshiba said that Aikido is "The Way of peace".

Morihei Ueshiba

We humans breathe in - even as we breathe out... When you forcefully breathe out .. the next automatic breath is in .. the breath sucks !! Just like the wind !! However, when you breathe out you also breathe in. If you pay attention to this, as you pass a person on the road smoking a cigarette and you breathe out .. you can still smell the cigarette as you breathe out.

I never smoked in my entire life .. and when I pass a smoker on the street, I forcefully breathe out not to breathe in the smell of the cigarette as I pass bye. No matter how forcefully I breathe out .. I still smell the cigarette smoke while breathing out. That is the implosion effect. I breathe in as I breathe out. This is a very ancient pranic / yin yang / alchemical / universal magnetic force called Prana or Chi/Qi

Aikido Master, Morihei Ueshiba does not repel .. he attracts !! Utilizing the power of the Sun. Power is a gentle vortex.

If power was the way man currently thinks .. then life would not exist...