Friday, February 08, 2013

Do Not Be Afraid! Be Brave!

I am going to give you 50 years teachings of "The Guidance" in one sentence...

"Do not look outside .. look within .. study and know yourself!"

In my life, I have climbed to the highest heights of consciousness .. and I have crawled on the lowest levels of an ant. I have seen things humans cannot see .. and I have face death at the lowest levels of human blindness.

All that this taught me: Trust yourself! Look within! Be aware!

In 2011 moving into 2012, there was a dramatic change in the way I saw the world and in the information coming into my mind. To humans, in today's world, this information would be "new" .. but to the ancient eastern world this information is very old .. existing before Earth was born. Earth humans are returning to their origins.

Not too many people are interested in the things I write .. however, I have experienced being at many of the "Krishnamurti Talks" [before he died] .. and the general interest in his Talks was minimal .. if you think of the millions and billions of people in this world caught in politics and popular religions.

I do not write the information I write to be "popular" or "interesting".

Small Is Beautiful = Look Within!!
Never be fooled by the large. Never be swayed by opinion. Do not look outside .. look inside. Do not be distracted by the outer movement. Always observe the inner movement.

Be aware of outer trends .. but know yourself. Observe the outer through the inner. The inner reflects the outer. The inner is superior to the outer. Even when the outer is harsh, the inner can be gentle. Even when a storm rages, the inner can know compassion.

In the next 100-200 years human beings will experience and know that they are the past, present and future as one. That is only the next 100/200 years .. like a pre-school kindergarten to-the-future. There will also be an extreme high level of awareness within key human societies and within specific human cultures. This heightened awareness from the East will be like high pressure spiritual awareness.

You can change the world...

Observing the Talks of Jiddu Krishnamurti, taught me that it does not matter if only one or two persons come to the Talks... It does not matter if one person reads what you write .. or if one friend listens to what you say .. or if one person grows the seed .. it does not matter...

All that matters is that one person can change the world.

There are days that you can have the highest most illuminating energy of enlightenment .. and there are other days that you can have the lowest, deepest, coldest, crawling feeling of an ant. All that matters is that you are yourself .. that you pay attention .. and that you are true to yourself no matter what. The highest and lowest levels of consciousness are a "TEST" of "INITIATION"...

Physical world is a spiritual experience.

Do Not Be Afraid! Be Brave!
Never be shy that a small number of people understand who you are or what you have to say. One aspect of fear is conformity .. where we humans conform to "perversion" out of fear!

Humans often conform to the opinions and outside influence of surrounding flux, ebbs and flows of mass mindset. Fear is a restriction! We inwardly conform to fear in order to align ourselves to the general mass-psychic flow of events.

It may take 500/1000 years! The human race will move beyond fear...

This space-time period is a perfect test for anyone who is open to Time Travel = The soul is s Time Traveller!

Across space / time .. a balanced soul-spirit experiences harmony & compassion. From which, the physical 3D body is a vessel or temple, into which eternal unseen spirit incarnates = gives life to physical matter. There is no life without spirit!

Do not think of the large .. think of the small!

Across your entire life there may be situations where something small totally changes your life... Situations you may or may not have been aware of [although it helps to be aware of them!!]. The transformation lasts forever. You are eternally transformed !!

When you observe outer events inwardly .. what does that mean?

The inner and the outer are one...

Over the last two thousand years .. humans have excessively focused on the outer experience. Human beings no longer understand that the outer experience is the inner experience! Our reaction is fear .. where we put the outer experience first .. and we fit the inner reaction (fear) to the outer experience.

Harmony of the human mind [consciousness] is most important! Then comes advanced technology!

Do not be afraid .. be brave! Look within! Know yourself! Stay calm! Be aware!