Thursday, April 14, 2011

No Nuclear Power is 'Safe'

Bloomberg headlines: "Nuclear Regulators Delay Study of Fukushima Lessons Until 2012" .. Hey! You people really know how to get moving in an 'emergency'. The crisis is imminent, it is happening now and it may get a lot worse. Obviously, no one has any 'answers' to this out of control spread of nuclear radiation... so let's DELAY until 2012!

Meeting behind closed doors? The whole world is being affected by this disaster and you meet behind closed doors? What are you people afraid of? How many of you 'meeting behind closed doors' have built your homes within 10 to 20 kilometers of any Nuclear Power Plant? Maybe you and your associates are immune to the spread of radioactive contamination from nuclear plant disasters... or maybe you have access to underground bases where you will run when too many nuclear power plants spew radiation all over the planet.

Anyone related to 'nuclear safety' should live at least 20 kilometers from a nuclear plant. Put your lives where your support lies. Those who claim nuclear power plants are 'safe' should live next to one.

No Nuclear Power Is Safe
We no longer have the option of pretending that nuclear power is a safe and viable option for creating energy on this planet. The Pacific Ring of Fire is right now becoming active in ways few people yet understand.

Why are there nuclear power stations built on tectonic faults around the Pacific Ring of Fire? Is there something related to nuclear fission that requires the energy of fault lines or are you simply trying to depopulate the planet?

The only problem is that DNA is all related in a string theory type communication network. All DNA on Earth is in a continual state of 'communication'. In Zen it would mean that: You who are my brother - my sister - are one.

The DNA sings .. it is a 'harmonic' .. rich and poor .. good and bad .. controller and controlled .. young and old .. male and female .. and this means you cannot destroy the DNA of other people and retain your own 'cohesion'.

The effects of damaging the DNA of the children and their children's children today will also destroy you (the masterminds of planetary depopulation). Do you think you will 'time travel away' and escape the trap you laid out for others? You never escape it .. you are (and always will be) what you do to others - lifetime after lifetime.

DNA is not only physical - it has a spirit harmonic. In other words, the spirit forms energetic DNA - giving form to physical DNA. First comes spirit, then matter. Consequence means that when you destroy the planetary DNA you destroy yourself.

To have a healthy DNA you need a healthy planetary harmonic. You individually, cannot be 'healthy' if all around you is sick. You individually, cannot be wealthy if all around you is poverty. You individually, cannot be intelligent if all around you is ignorance.

The song of your individual DNA is linked to the song of the planetary DNA.

You cannot hide underground and be 'safe' when the planetary DNA above ground is in a perpetual state of 'melt down'. These are the codes of cosmos, the codes of 'sacred geometry'.

In Zen terms: Those who would destroy others destroy themselves.

To be continued... (maybe)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Dangers From Low Level Radiation

by Sara Shannon
Low level radioactivity includes the on-going amount of radiation released from the everyday operation of the world's 433 nuclear power plants, plus leaks and accidents.

Radiation causes infertility. The global fertility rate has dropped nearly half since 1955.

Radiation weakens the immune system. A hundred nation study on quality of health found the United States was number one in 1943. By 1992, the United States was number 100, according to a U.S. Public Health Statistics Report. Globally health is deteriorating with incidence of cancer, heart, allergies and infectious diseases increasing.

Even at low levels radiation may increase mutations of bacteria and virus. Mutations are causing the appearance of new diseases such as Reyes Syndrome, Legionnaire's Disease and Lyme Disease.

The percentage of oxygen in the air is down to about 19 percent. The expected amount is 21 percent of oxygen. Oxygen is formed by trees and plankton. Trees and plankton are killed by radiation.

Large-scale breakdown of the protective ozone layer in the stratosphere was initiated in 1958 by high atmosphere bomb tests, and continues due to releases from power plants and reprocessing plants. Radioactive Krypton-85 goes to the stratosphere where it greatly enhances CFC ozone damage.

Clean, renewable energies: solar, thermal, photovoltaic, wind, biomass, hydro and other renewable technologies.

Educate yourselves: Read the full Contamination Warning

Friday, April 08, 2011

Do Not Fear 'Death'

Life and death is a perfectly synchronized revolving door...

The time of the Mayan cycle has nothing to do with physical 'death' .. but is related to the long cycle of the soul. Physical form comes and goes like the spring blossoms on the branches of the trees.

Where does the sunlight come from that enriches the blossoms? The light comes from your soul. Your soul shines its light into all your incarnations across the illusions of space-time. Your physical incarnations are the 'cherry blossoms' on the branches of the tree of life.

INCARNATIONS .. plural .. all your spirit incarnations across the greater universe of space time are given life through the light (sunlight) that shines from your soul. The physical Suns come and go over trillions of years; but your soul is eternal.

Fear is an illusion...

Those who fall apart and crumble to a frozen state of fear in these times we now live in are losing their 'perspective' .. and that is an internal affair. But, those of you who can master fear and see the passageway(s) of Initiation beyond the fear... that creates 'strength' and the strength gets shared with the world around you.

The spirit world exists and our ancestors could see the world of spirit and they could communicate with that world. Very soon many more people on Earth will once more begin to see the 'world of spirit'. Well, there is not only one world of spirit - there are many worlds.

Just think of it as being similar to Michio Kaku's 'String Theory' .. [see Universe] .. where many worlds and dimensions vibrate at different frequencies...

But let's get back to 'death'. The new cycle we are entering will be Initiated by death... But what is death? It's the new cycle... You have to think big. You have to go beyond your limitations. Death and darkness? Perhaps death is life? Perhaps death is the wisdom and light of your soul? Therefore, fear is your own lack of understanding or connectedness.

A lot of people are going to die and less people will be born.

The reason for this is related to balance of the Earth and the Earth's energies. The planet allowed many years of population growth - right at the end of the cycle. So, if you can see the sunlight radiating down from your own soul the journey was worth it...

The spirit is always connected to the soul. The spirit cannot exist without the connection to the soul. The physical body cannot exist without the connection to spirit. People have to figure that out in these times. People have to figure it out for themselves.

People today fear death, because they cannot see the spirit world - the world of their ancestors. When you are born you come from the world of spirit into this physical world and when you die you leave this physical world to return to your origins. Is that so hard to understand?

If you wish to understand death watch the blossoms in the spring...

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Japan's 600 Year Old Tsunami Warnings

I cannot count the number of times I have read statements, "No one could have foreseen such a devastating tsunami" .. but it was written in stone and the markers were place along the shoreline warning the people of 'tomorrow' .. today.

The Native Americans lamented the destruction of their connection to the 'wisdom of their ancestors'. They said: Our people will be lost - disconnected from their path - not finding their way. Finding their way where? Into the future...

Hundreds of stone markers dot the tsunami coastline of Northern Japan, some of these markers are 600 years old. On one stone warnings are inscribed: "If an earthquake comes, beware of tsunamis." Read More...

In Aneyoshi, a single centuries-old tablet saved those who heeded its warning: "High dwellings are the peace and harmony of our descendants," the stone slab reads. "Remember the calamity of the great tsunamis. Do not build any homes below this point."

The 'ancestors' have not gone anywhere, they are still here and they are watching us. The only problem is people today cannot see them or don't want to see them. People on Earth today are seriously disconnected from reality.

Young Japanese children who 'see ghosts' are now treated as as a problem, they are given medication and are viewed as an embarrassment to the family. This is happening on the Island that gave us Zen and who up until recently were connected to their ancestors in a fundamental way for thousands of years.

What is a 'ghost'? Well, just outside of the visible spectrum is a longer lasting reality that can be described as the ground of the spirit world. Physical matter is rooted in and grows out of the world of spirit. When the physical world is destroyed the spirit bedrock still exists. The spirit worlds are 'eternal'.

The spirit worlds can see us (3D physical world); but we cannot see them. That is not exactly true, a small number of humans can see the worlds of spirit and communicate with the ancestors. There was a nice little example of that recently from BLEACH 316 1/2 Eng Sub -*- 316 2/2 Eng Sub

Those who do not want to remain disconnected from the ancestors and the reality of the spirit worlds may get a few ideas from reading or watching Tite Kubo's BLEACH series... But the spirit world is also reflected in every flower, blade of grass, tree, bird and animal. The spirit world appears elusive; but it can be found in the cherry blossoms, in the mountains, rivers and fish. Most of all the world of spirit is found strongest of all inside us, its spirit reflected in the wisdom of the heart.

Where do you think our creativity comes from and why so many people have lost their creative skills? We have become the homeless orphans of the universe, disconnected, isolated and lost. So, in 2011 the headline: "Tsunami-hit towns forgot warnings from ancestors," really applies to the whole world of man.

Here is another 'warning' no one listens to:
Jabiluka's sacred power 'must never be disturbed'

Senior traditional leader Yvonne Margarula says her late father Toby Gangale warned the Australian government in the late 1970s the Djang "might kill all over the world" if disturbed at Ranger, a uranium mine that was built in Kakadu National Park despite opposition from traditional owners.

"No one listened," she said.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Neutralizing Nuclear Waste: The Roy Process

Dr. Radha R. Roy Ph.D. Professor Emeritus Nuclear Physics Arizona State University. Dr. Roy's specialty is: "Experimental nuclear physics with emphasis on ionization of electron and positron, scattering of electron and positron. Interactions of photons with matter involving photoelectric effect, compton effect, pair, triplet, and multiplet production. Nuclear reactions and energy levels of nuclei. Fission of uranium and Californium. Nuclear instrumentation."

Radioactive Waste Neutralization
The problem of radioactive waste disposal is the paramount environmental issue of our time. There is already much irretrievable radioactive pollution worldwide that will plague the earth’s biosphere for millennia to come and threatens the gene pool of thousands of future generations.

In 1979, the late Dr. Radha Roy, professor of physics emeritus, University Of Arizona, announced to the press that he had invented a new method to render all radioactive waste elements, including plutonium, into non-radioactive elements. This theoretical breakthrough is known as The Roy Process. The Roy Process

You may wonder why you have never heard of this unique piece of science, this discovery: "With the Roy Process, high level nuclear waste can be neutralized and totally eliminated at each reactor site, where the waste is now stored in cooling ponds. When treated with the Roy Process, these unstable radioactive isotopes rapidly decay into stable, non-radioactive elements creating heat in the process which can be used to generate steam to power existing electric generators."

Thirty-two years ago Dr. Roy shared with the world that nuclear waste could be neutralized and eliminated. Builder and Director of the Brussels Physical lab for eight years, an associate of the daughter of Physicist Madame Curie and an associate of the elite nuclear Physicists in Europe... began speaking out against 'nuclear power'.

For Dr. Roy storage of nuclear waste underground is not an option. With the plutonium dissolved in a solution for storage in containers, heat is generated from the process of the continual breakdown of the nuclear radiation. The containers would have to be cooled for 250,000 years. It can't be done...

The Roy Process For Neutralizing Nuclear Waste: YouTube Part 1

Dr. Roy said there is a solution for the greatest environmental crisis facing the planet. He proposes changing the nuclear reaction taking place in the nuclear waste. Take Cesium 137 and through a process change it to Cesium 136, take Strontium 90 and alter its process to become Strontium 89, take Plutonium 239 and using a reaction process change its structure to form Plutonium 238 to 237 (with a half life of 40 days) ..

The reason the nuclear industrial complex do not like this discovery is because it is one step away from effectively rendering their fear and terror 'nuclear mega power' into a neutral and non-active state. Dr. Roy's discovery could lead to a peaceful yet powerful way of deactivating Plutonium "The Lord of Darkness".

If brilliant minds took this further then there is a safe and fundamental way to alter radioactive elements rendering them harmless or neutralizing them altogether.

The Roy Process for Transmuting Radioactive Wastes to Harmless products.
The key word is TRANSMUTE .. the process of transmutation would effectively end the dominance and fear of man-made nuclear weapons, nuclear power stations and nuclear waste. As soon as you understand a chemical or nuclear process and you understand its nature, then you also understand what neutralizes that process.

The nature of man-made nuclear radiation is designed to be out-of-control. It is the out of control nature of this science that makes the reaction so attractive to those who seek power through greater forms of destruction and the resulting fear. Take away 'out of control' and the elements no longer provide that power to those who would wield it.

I predict that scientists and physicists in the years ahead will re-discover and apply the transmutation of dangerous elements into harmless forms that nature can easily digest and recycle. Until then .. it is important to understand 'the lie' .. and why the lie exits.