Sunday, April 03, 2011

Neutralizing Nuclear Waste: The Roy Process

Dr. Radha R. Roy Ph.D. Professor Emeritus Nuclear Physics Arizona State University. Dr. Roy's specialty is: "Experimental nuclear physics with emphasis on ionization of electron and positron, scattering of electron and positron. Interactions of photons with matter involving photoelectric effect, compton effect, pair, triplet, and multiplet production. Nuclear reactions and energy levels of nuclei. Fission of uranium and Californium. Nuclear instrumentation."

Radioactive Waste Neutralization
The problem of radioactive waste disposal is the paramount environmental issue of our time. There is already much irretrievable radioactive pollution worldwide that will plague the earth’s biosphere for millennia to come and threatens the gene pool of thousands of future generations.

In 1979, the late Dr. Radha Roy, professor of physics emeritus, University Of Arizona, announced to the press that he had invented a new method to render all radioactive waste elements, including plutonium, into non-radioactive elements. This theoretical breakthrough is known as The Roy Process. The Roy Process

You may wonder why you have never heard of this unique piece of science, this discovery: "With the Roy Process, high level nuclear waste can be neutralized and totally eliminated at each reactor site, where the waste is now stored in cooling ponds. When treated with the Roy Process, these unstable radioactive isotopes rapidly decay into stable, non-radioactive elements creating heat in the process which can be used to generate steam to power existing electric generators."

Thirty-two years ago Dr. Roy shared with the world that nuclear waste could be neutralized and eliminated. Builder and Director of the Brussels Physical lab for eight years, an associate of the daughter of Physicist Madame Curie and an associate of the elite nuclear Physicists in Europe... began speaking out against 'nuclear power'.

For Dr. Roy storage of nuclear waste underground is not an option. With the plutonium dissolved in a solution for storage in containers, heat is generated from the process of the continual breakdown of the nuclear radiation. The containers would have to be cooled for 250,000 years. It can't be done...

The Roy Process For Neutralizing Nuclear Waste: YouTube Part 1

Dr. Roy said there is a solution for the greatest environmental crisis facing the planet. He proposes changing the nuclear reaction taking place in the nuclear waste. Take Cesium 137 and through a process change it to Cesium 136, take Strontium 90 and alter its process to become Strontium 89, take Plutonium 239 and using a reaction process change its structure to form Plutonium 238 to 237 (with a half life of 40 days) ..

The reason the nuclear industrial complex do not like this discovery is because it is one step away from effectively rendering their fear and terror 'nuclear mega power' into a neutral and non-active state. Dr. Roy's discovery could lead to a peaceful yet powerful way of deactivating Plutonium "The Lord of Darkness".

If brilliant minds took this further then there is a safe and fundamental way to alter radioactive elements rendering them harmless or neutralizing them altogether.

The Roy Process for Transmuting Radioactive Wastes to Harmless products.
The key word is TRANSMUTE .. the process of transmutation would effectively end the dominance and fear of man-made nuclear weapons, nuclear power stations and nuclear waste. As soon as you understand a chemical or nuclear process and you understand its nature, then you also understand what neutralizes that process.

The nature of man-made nuclear radiation is designed to be out-of-control. It is the out of control nature of this science that makes the reaction so attractive to those who seek power through greater forms of destruction and the resulting fear. Take away 'out of control' and the elements no longer provide that power to those who would wield it.

I predict that scientists and physicists in the years ahead will re-discover and apply the transmutation of dangerous elements into harmless forms that nature can easily digest and recycle. Until then .. it is important to understand 'the lie' .. and why the lie exits.