Thursday, April 14, 2011

No Nuclear Power is 'Safe'

Bloomberg headlines: "Nuclear Regulators Delay Study of Fukushima Lessons Until 2012" .. Hey! You people really know how to get moving in an 'emergency'. The crisis is imminent, it is happening now and it may get a lot worse. Obviously, no one has any 'answers' to this out of control spread of nuclear radiation... so let's DELAY until 2012!

Meeting behind closed doors? The whole world is being affected by this disaster and you meet behind closed doors? What are you people afraid of? How many of you 'meeting behind closed doors' have built your homes within 10 to 20 kilometers of any Nuclear Power Plant? Maybe you and your associates are immune to the spread of radioactive contamination from nuclear plant disasters... or maybe you have access to underground bases where you will run when too many nuclear power plants spew radiation all over the planet.

Anyone related to 'nuclear safety' should live at least 20 kilometers from a nuclear plant. Put your lives where your support lies. Those who claim nuclear power plants are 'safe' should live next to one.

No Nuclear Power Is Safe
We no longer have the option of pretending that nuclear power is a safe and viable option for creating energy on this planet. The Pacific Ring of Fire is right now becoming active in ways few people yet understand.

Why are there nuclear power stations built on tectonic faults around the Pacific Ring of Fire? Is there something related to nuclear fission that requires the energy of fault lines or are you simply trying to depopulate the planet?

The only problem is that DNA is all related in a string theory type communication network. All DNA on Earth is in a continual state of 'communication'. In Zen it would mean that: You who are my brother - my sister - are one.

The DNA sings .. it is a 'harmonic' .. rich and poor .. good and bad .. controller and controlled .. young and old .. male and female .. and this means you cannot destroy the DNA of other people and retain your own 'cohesion'.

The effects of damaging the DNA of the children and their children's children today will also destroy you (the masterminds of planetary depopulation). Do you think you will 'time travel away' and escape the trap you laid out for others? You never escape it .. you are (and always will be) what you do to others - lifetime after lifetime.

DNA is not only physical - it has a spirit harmonic. In other words, the spirit forms energetic DNA - giving form to physical DNA. First comes spirit, then matter. Consequence means that when you destroy the planetary DNA you destroy yourself.

To have a healthy DNA you need a healthy planetary harmonic. You individually, cannot be 'healthy' if all around you is sick. You individually, cannot be wealthy if all around you is poverty. You individually, cannot be intelligent if all around you is ignorance.

The song of your individual DNA is linked to the song of the planetary DNA.

You cannot hide underground and be 'safe' when the planetary DNA above ground is in a perpetual state of 'melt down'. These are the codes of cosmos, the codes of 'sacred geometry'.

In Zen terms: Those who would destroy others destroy themselves.

To be continued... (maybe)