Sunday, December 25, 2011

Feathered Star Serpent Reborn

The timing of Comet Lovejoy is in itself pretty spectacular. The comet's approach was detected on December 2, 2011 by astronomer Terry Lovejoy in Australia. It was identified as a Kreutz sungrazer, fragments of a giant comet that broke apart in the 12th Century. NASA suggest this was the Great Comet of 1106. Well, on December 16, 2011 Comet Lovejoy flew through "the hot atmosphere of the Sun" and emerged intact. This fact alone raises many questions about the nature of comets and what is really going on close to the surface of the Sun.

Are Kreutz Sungrazer comets remnant parts of a larger original Quetzalcoatl "Feathered Serpent" Comet? According to Mayan Prophecies, the green feathered robe of the snake/serpent rise in the East.

December 2011, during the Winter Solstice period - the three days where the Sun stands still (December 22, 23, 24), Comet Lovejoy rises in the East just before Sunrise [as seen from the Southern hemisphere] .. the comet's tail is green.
NASA astronaut Daniel Burbank, commander of the ISS watched the comet from the orbiting Space Station: “Two nights ago I probably saw the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in space and that’s saying an awful lot because every day is filled with amazing things. Just before the sun came up, the Earth’s limb was lit up as a thin sliver of blue and purple and then there was this long, green arc that extended probably 10 degrees or so from the horizon,” said Burbank.

Burbank described the tail of Comet Lovejoy as a green glowing arc at least 10 degrees long.

The Mayans were not only observing cosmic cycles; but they understood the cycles .. where you have COSMOS as a perfect mathematical witness (timing of events). One could say that during the time when the green feathered star meets the Sun and like a Phoenix is reborn from the fires, in the time when the Sun's return marks the new cycle .. great change will happen on the Earth.

Comet Machholz & The Return of Kukulkan
Quetzalcoatl is composed of two words: quetzal + coatl. Quetzal refers to feathers and coatl refers to a snake thus the traditional translation of Quetzalcoatl is “feathered serpent.”

Yet quetzal does not simply refer to any old feathers of any old bird. Quetzal refers specifically to the bright green tail feathers of the Resplendent Quetzal bird from southern Mexico. Of all the birds the Maya and Aztecs could have used to represent Quetzalcoatl, they chose the Resplendent Quetzal. Why?

The Resplendent Quetzal, known simply as the Quetzal to Mexican peoples, is known for its brilliant green feathers. More specifically, the Quetzal was known for its long green tail feathers. The tail feathers of the Quetzal are longer than the entire body length of the bird. A bird that flies across the sky with a really long tail is a logical choice if the Maya intended to represent a comet.

They would use the timing of the planets, stars, comets and galaxy to signify quantum timing of events; because the ancient ones knew that cycles affect humans as well as affecting seasons, growth, harvest, earthquakes, changes in sea level. These are natural changes in cycles that have been going on for hundreds of thousands of years.

If you understood those long-count cycles then you would give reference points that people can see with their own eyes. Natural changes in cycles could also be observed as changes in weather parameters, changes in the seasons, temperature changes as well as cosmic - seen in the heavens - changes.

There are probably smaller disruptive climate/weather cycles on this planet - like ripples crossing on the surface of a pond. During natural occurring climate disruption cycles, seasons for growing cannot be counted upon, there is severe flooding or drought, severe storms, probably more powerful earthquakes.

Comets were likely associated with upheaval and disaster, because the ancient stargazers used them as a cosmological clock to understand where we are now within the greater and smaller cycles.

Sun Charged Comets
Humans rarely look at relationship of events. For example, the comet is not plunging through and "surviving" the encounter with the Sun's atmosphere .. in my view the Sun is charging or recharging the comet. The observed vortex like serpentine tail is part of a not well understood interaction between the Sun and the comet (feathered serpent of the skies). See: The Electric Comet

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Soul Beyond Time

Looking back .. looking forward across time ..orbs of light hovering silently above Planet Earth at the end of 2011 looking into the eyes of 2012...

What is light? What is the mind? The soul, obviously

Obvious: easily seen, recognized or understood.
Latin - lying in the path / in the way .. right there in front of you.

What does it mean when something is lying in the path right there in front of you? Apart from that it is obvious? The PATH .. the WAY .. is not always physical. In other words, when difficulties arise and individuals or communities have to overcome those difficulties .. awareness of the path [beyond physical existence] can often form the future.

If the soul is a "time traveller" then the spirit inhabiting 3D physical reality is navigating THE WAY ... Which may sound strange to anyone not aware of the ancient cultures of Japan (Zen), Tibet (Buddhism), China (Tao), Keltic, Toltec, Mayan, Native American, Egyptian, Mu, Lemuria, Atlantis .. and so on ..

Looking back at yourself across the bridge of time implies all time and space.

The way implies all aspects of the soul being able to stumble on "the obvious" .. right there in front of you on the path .. on the way .. past-present-future. All is one. All is oneself.

On Earth each culture was given the task to retain the original spirit, the obvious, sitting there on the path. The source of life on Earth, the source of life, the source of human beings and of creation. However, the path contains the past, the present and the future .. as one .. undivided.

Soul Beyond Time
What if you would meet yourself on "The Path" .. ??

Who you are across the illusion of time and space. The past looking into the eyes of the future. The guidance coming from yourself. The compass being the navigation of your soul. You being the pilot of the ship. Life being the ocean. Your body being the ship. The spirit being the energy that moves the ship...

If you see yourself across the bridge of time .. looking straight at you .. past-present-future .. then time has no meaning. Perhaps you come across yourself on the path. North - South - East - West. Surely, the soul has all directions in its field.

The Earth has all directions in its field .. North - South - East - West .. where North would not exist without East and West would not exist without South. It is the same with the soul. It is the same when all directions within a human being look inwards.

Humans have "polarity" [North and South / East and West] with a core .. the center of the cross .. holding everything together. Some called it the Sun, some called it the Soul. In Alchemical traditions North - South - East - West exist and can be observed; but the core holding it all together is the Alchemical element turning base metal into gold.

If I were an "Alchemist" I would be looking for myself on "The Path".

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Our World Is Changing [..Us]

I wanted to call this post "What An Amazing day" !! Which it was .. I have never seen or experienced a day like today. We had (in Germany) strange warmish Santa Ana type winds. Then add to that a chorus of clear blue skies, then dark storm clouds, then bright rainbows, then clear blue skies, then clouds from nowhere, hail, rain, high winds, then no winds and now clear blue skies.

We see in the world news that Los Angeles, California was recently whacked with unusually powerful Santa Ana winds. Really, one would have to go ask the Chumash... unfortunately, they were all but wiped out.
Brian Fagan: The Chumash
The Chumash launched their canoes from open beaches. They had great respect for rogue breakers and were prepared to wait patiently for a quiet interval. Then they would carry the tomol into the water until she was just afloat. While the captain held her bow into the waves, passengers and cargo would be positioned aboard. Then the crew scrambled in, while a fourth man held the canoe, then gave her a sharp push offshore as the paddlers worked to take her beyond the breaker line.

Each paddler sat on his heels on a pad of sea grass, paddling with an even rhythm, using his shoulders to do the work. Soon the tomol would be ewe 'alhoyoy'o, moving swiftly through the water. A skilled crew could keep up a steady pace all day, paddling to a canoe song repeated over and over again.

The Helek's crew found their speed depended on the wind direction. With an 8-knot following wind and swell, they could make 6 to 8 knots. But if the same 8-knotter blew from ahead, the tomol made no headway against wind and waves. Almost certainly the Chumash seafarers made their island journeys and fished offshore during calm weather and during the morning hours, when winds are calm. Under such conditions average passage speeds of 7 knots to and from the offshore islands were probably not uncommon.

Fernando Librado told Harrington, "Canoe faring is dangerous, and drownings are frequent. There would be no coming home, for a wind or wave might capsize a tomol and a man could drown . . . Rather than make the crossing of The-Ocean-where-the-Islands-are-in-Front . . . the Indians hug the mainland shore.. :" Chumash seamen rarely made passages at night, but when they did they navigated by the stars. For weeks on end they would leave their canoes ashore, especially in September and October, when the celebrated Santa Ana winds blow [83] strongly from the northeast. But Chumash seafarers were vital to a society living on both islands and mainland. As members of the Brotherhood-of-the-Canoe, they served as sea traders, exchanging scarce raw materials from the mainland for manufactured goods from the islands. Everyone's survival depended on cooperation, on the exchange of foodstuffs and raw materials between widely separated communities, both in times of plenty and in drought years, when food was scarce.

Most of the year, "The Ocean-Where-the-Islands-Are-in-Front" appears benign and predictable, forming a sheltered channel where moderate winds and air temperatures rarely fluctuate, rarely become too hot or too cold. Bright skies and clear days cycle for weeks on end. Natural coastal upwelling of cold water from the depths of the ocean replenishes the surface layers of the Pacific with nutrients. Chumash fishermen harvested plankton-feeding anchovies by the thousands as they moved inshore in summer. They also harvested the larger fish that fed on the anchovies. Not completely dependent on fish and sea mammals, the Chumash hunted mule deer, ate shellfish, and foraged for acorns and other plant foods. One Spanish missionary wrote, "It may be said for them, the entire day is one continuous meal:"
This has nothing to do with "Climate Change" [The Idiots guide To Reality] .. the closest word is TRANSFORMATION. Whatever this transformation it effects all things. This is a transformation of the cycles and currents, the weather, the atmosphere, water, volcanoes, atmospheric temperatures, humidity, wind currents, Jet Stream, ocean currents all the way down to us humans and animals.

The mild temperature (for December) with weather more akin to March / April .. all the Seasons in one day. Bright blue skies and sunshine, dark grey storm clouds, bright rainbows, light rain, and then suddenly out of nowhere a slow turning downward pressure that moved through the town like something out of a dream.

That downward wind pressure was like a giant gentle tornado of leaves without any cloud. It punched the side of a building and the whole plaster facing just crumbled to the street below. I never saw anything like that in my life. The rotating wind was not even violent. Yet, it hit the building with a frequency that fractured the plaster covering the bricks.

Behind the storm wind came a low dark cloudy rainstorm filled with light hail-stones. The storm winds were not cold. These were not icy storm winds. A lot of the hail fell as mushy rain. The wind was not blustery; but pleasant. It seems the twisting rotation power - as slow moving as it was - was enough to take down large trees.

We humans, as well as the animals and plants, are simply going to have to adapt to this transition / transformation.