Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Soul Beyond Time

Looking back .. looking forward across time ..orbs of light hovering silently above Planet Earth at the end of 2011 looking into the eyes of 2012...

What is light? What is the mind? The soul, obviously

Obvious: easily seen, recognized or understood.
Latin - lying in the path / in the way .. right there in front of you.

What does it mean when something is lying in the path right there in front of you? Apart from that it is obvious? The PATH .. the WAY .. is not always physical. In other words, when difficulties arise and individuals or communities have to overcome those difficulties .. awareness of the path [beyond physical existence] can often form the future.

If the soul is a "time traveller" then the spirit inhabiting 3D physical reality is navigating THE WAY ... Which may sound strange to anyone not aware of the ancient cultures of Japan (Zen), Tibet (Buddhism), China (Tao), Keltic, Toltec, Mayan, Native American, Egyptian, Mu, Lemuria, Atlantis .. and so on ..

Looking back at yourself across the bridge of time implies all time and space.

The way implies all aspects of the soul being able to stumble on "the obvious" .. right there in front of you on the path .. on the way .. past-present-future. All is one. All is oneself.

On Earth each culture was given the task to retain the original spirit, the obvious, sitting there on the path. The source of life on Earth, the source of life, the source of human beings and of creation. However, the path contains the past, the present and the future .. as one .. undivided.

Soul Beyond Time
What if you would meet yourself on "The Path" .. ??

Who you are across the illusion of time and space. The past looking into the eyes of the future. The guidance coming from yourself. The compass being the navigation of your soul. You being the pilot of the ship. Life being the ocean. Your body being the ship. The spirit being the energy that moves the ship...

If you see yourself across the bridge of time .. looking straight at you .. past-present-future .. then time has no meaning. Perhaps you come across yourself on the path. North - South - East - West. Surely, the soul has all directions in its field.

The Earth has all directions in its field .. North - South - East - West .. where North would not exist without East and West would not exist without South. It is the same with the soul. It is the same when all directions within a human being look inwards.

Humans have "polarity" [North and South / East and West] with a core .. the center of the cross .. holding everything together. Some called it the Sun, some called it the Soul. In Alchemical traditions North - South - East - West exist and can be observed; but the core holding it all together is the Alchemical element turning base metal into gold.

If I were an "Alchemist" I would be looking for myself on "The Path".