Monday, June 29, 2015

Paranormal Brain [Functions]

Paranormal: That which is hidden from view.

One part of me wanted to say: Supra-normal Brain Functions .. because that is what it is [basically]. The problem with English language is that it is too modern and the English language is lacking in so many essential and fundamental concepts relevant to this Planet and the experiences of mankind.

Basically spoken language is a bridge. Language is a way or means to communicate ideas / intent. Whoever designed the English language and controlled its development took the opportunity to surgically remove a whole area of thousands of years of human experience / awareness from the language = that which is to be directly communicated between people.

The awareness and experiences still exist .. this cannot be removed because it is a fundamental and essential [vital] part of mankind and those experiences are part of the inner workings of the human mind / psyche and functions of the physical body. There are processes so deeply designed into the mind-brain-body functions that removing them renders the system inoperable. That was designed as a biological safety feature.

I know the people who are going to understand this will get it #_+

Languages do exist today that are more paranormal friendly .. but that does not include modern English. A language "genocide" has been unfolding over the last 2000 years that continues today where deeper older languages [meaning] are slowly being lost [destroyed]. The problem is what comes around goes around!

If this archaic [dominance] process continues .. I don't think it will .. then essential meaning will be lost to the future. After a long term crisis and re-understanding [sometime in the future] this planetary society will not have the essential puzzle pieces to rapidly piece together the essential codes.

I apologize to write this in such technical [geek] language .. there is no other way to write it. To discover this information I have to have the ability to go into / see and understand the background codes that make our world and humans work. We live in a continuum [energy field] that simulates past present and future. In reality past present and future are ONE.

On top of that I have to piece this together in ENGLISH!

Some of you may think or assume the European based western languages are superior .. but they are not. The modern European languages are simply the dominant trading [corporate] and therefore tax revenue languages. How I found this out was reading about the Highland Clearances in Scotland where English language was imposed upon the Gaelic speakers because all TRADE and TAXATION was only to be carried out in ENGLISH.

The Gaelic speaking cultures of Ireland and Scotland and Wales who had previously traded in Gaelic [which to them was a big advantage] were ordered by martial law only to trade in the English language [which to the Gaels was a big dis-advantage]. The majority of people living in the Highlands could not understand a word that was spoken.

Many people [in general] assume that paradigm rules we think are essential to our existence will follow a rational progression of those rules in the future. That is not the case. There is going to be a fundamental paradigm [psyche] change within humans living on Planet Earth. I call this: Adaptive Genealogy - from Greek: γενεά genea, "generation"; and λόγος logos, "knowledge".

Paranormal Brain [Functions]
There is a biological 3D physical brain and [yin / yang balance] there is an unseen paranormal brain .. and the two are superimposed on each other. I am using a castrated badly designed language .. so "paranormal" has another deeper meaning. I cannot say in English Chi / Qi .. because those words do not convey what I want to communicate.

The term paranormal existed in the English speaking PUBLIC sphere since around 1920. However .. in May 1879 Theosophist Helena Blavatsky formed a society [The Miracle Club] that was designed to inform or educate the public about "paranormal phenomenon". Paranormal beyond normal explanation has been generally demonized or feared since the word was introduced in the early 1900's.

The WORD is not the THING!

There is an extraordinary field or supra-natural [invisible] consciousness [fabric] superimposed onto our visible sensual physical 3D reality experience. Paranormal / supra-natural brain functions are hidden from everyday physical base 3D perceptions [senses]. The human being is designed to automatically interact with this dual physical/energy field phenomenon.

There are internal base auto-pilot interactions where all processes seamlessly interact [yin / yang] in undetected and unseen ways. When there is a slight glitch an individual may have what is called a "paranormal experience" .. that can potentially freak them out in extraordinary ways.

I am going beyond this to say that the invisible and undetected paranormal brain is totally NATURAL. One example is that you do not see the electrical processes inside a car or inside a computer or smartphone .. but direct contact with the electrical field gives a sudden shock. A more natural electrical field operates throughout the body.

When body-mind are slightly out of phase with paranormal fields .. any surprise contact can cause a sudden "shock" or state of irrational fear. When superior mind harmonizes yin / yang balance something else inwardly takes place. Earth humans are currently a technically designed higher form living at base awareness.

The East developed Martial Arts to maintain and develop higher skills of movement. This has nothing to do with fighting .. physical combat .. sport or war. Originally this was a secret skill of higher awareness where the Chi development and practice skills were a peaceful [deflection] way of dealing with aggression.

There are two levels of aggression: Inside oneself and an opponent.

The fighting skills of the original Martial Arts were developed as tools to deal with and overcome ones own inner aggression [conflicts] and how to deal with an opponents inner [external projection] of aggression and conflict. Before the male excessive yang [metal] dominance .. women were true Masters of this Art.

The feminine was [is] Master of kinetic life force / kinetic energy. The masculine is Master of physical force. Like yin / yang physical force and kinetic force interact = they are one .. from the same source. Because kinetic energy is hidden .. it is superior to brute force. The Chi Masters [male and female] learned to adapt kinetic force within the physical.

Why was the connection lost? I have this theory that brutal force cannot access kinetic force. That is designed into the natural flow. If you are going to try to access this for the wrong reasons then eventually it is going to destroy you for those same reasons. This is why Morehei Ueshiba called AIKIDO: The Art of Peace.
Aiki is not a technique to fight with or defeat an enemy. It is the way to reconcile the world and make human beings one family.
- Morehei Ueshiba [Founder of AIKIDO]

Any society [any system] founded on brute force will break apart and collapse in on itself. When you physically build a house there has to be a stable foundation and an inner [elastic] structure that is hidden from view once the house has been completed. I am saying that the hidden inner structure behind society is paranormal [energy fields / psyche].

All the humans see is the house .. and they do not see [are not aware of] the inner structures and foundation of the house. The English language is designed to hide the inner structures of society. When there is no clear reference how can you evaluate and discuss its value?

The key point is .. and they ALL FALL DOWN! No one understand that yet!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Physical Movement's Paranormal Signatures

We don't know HOW to move ...

I have been doing a lot of other stuff: Editing videos .. working on WordPress .. learning how to better configure websites .. I talk about all that later [sometime]. As I was working so much on the computer I was also working on myself. We cannot endlessly physically sit at a computer without paying attention to the physical nature and health of the body.

I have developed for myself a few simple exercises that I can do .. it is quite funny .. but it works! I tested all this for months and I know from my own body if this works or not. I saw a few moths ago a report that said if you work at the computer long hours exercise does not help .. you're done #_# .. its not true !!

You can analyse the body from outside or you can know the body from inside!

These small but personally powerful exercises led me to the next level where I can talk about the physical 3D bodies "Paranormal Signatures". The reason I get to this is because I can work with the body [brain / mind] in the same way I can work with videos .. computers and website codes. If you are human .. don't be insulted .. the connection is simple! The human mind created the computer [codes] and so they are similar to our own internal functions.

Physical Movement's Paranormal Signatures
Although I am being taught this new information by the Invisible Worlds .. I still have to understand inside myself what they are showing me through direct experience / direct understanding. When I work on websites using codes .. the codes already have to exist. When I work with information from the Invisible worlds .. the codes already have to exist.

All I do is understand the codes!

If you are afraid of the so-called paranormal .. then just don't read my Blogs! It's as simple as that. Go read FaceBook or Twitter. If you are not afraid then this discovery is pretty interesting stuff that can be validated by simple personal experience. No! You won't disappear .. down the rabbit hole.

Physical movement has always fascinated me. I will often try to observe how I move my hand .. what moves my hand? How I move my arm .. what moves my arm? When I stand up .. why is it seamless and so smooth? When I type at the keyboard .. where is this effortless speed coming from?

Recently I was shown the Art of Movement. In the West we never LEARN how to move. We take physical movement for granted. The western mind lives in the frontal cortex = thought / ego / personality. We don't really know anything about the parts of the brain [connections] that are directly related to physical movement.

I remember seeing Jiddu Krishnamurti before he died and this guy could walk so fast and so fluid [almost like supernatural]. His physical body seemed to deny space-time common restrictions. In reality his physical body [mind] was in PERFECT HARMONY with space-time movement and space-time reality.

The last 2000 years of the Roman western world dominance trained human consciousness to believe that ego-self was extraordinary .. when in space-time reality MOVEMENT is extraordinary and ego-self [thought] is the lesser form. Without physica movement there is no extraordinary building of civilisations.

Physical movement carries the ego around the World. Thought requires movement [that's a difficult one]. Movement is the primary principle and as ego depends on movement then ego is not king in this world. The ego is the servant of movement. Behind movement is the paranormal.

The whole western scientific world tries to pretend that all movement is mechanical. Blood flows through the veins of the body due to a mechanical beating of the heart. Trees are designed by Nature to mechanically grow. The Earth mechanically orbits the Sun. Genetics mechanically determine your life .. character and nature.

All this does not explain the dynamics of movement.

If the seed cannot grow [move] then there is no tree or flower or grass. If the newly born animal bird or human cannot move [grow] there is no future life form. Ego-self depends on movement and movement does not depend on ego-self!

The paranormal comes into the equation when we ask: What force is behind movement? When we discount the paranormal nature of movement and we rely on making it physical-material mechanical .. then we miss a bigger part of the picture = the life in which we live.

It is the same energy behind the movement of your body and the movement of the Planets. It is the same energy [core essence] behind the movement of your body and the movement of the Internet .. a blade of grass .. the wind .. a flowing river or the sounds of birds in the trees.

In ancient times we were taught to discover or find the nature / source of movement. The nature / source of movement inside ourselves .. because only then could we understand the true nature of movement [cosmos]. Because the hidden field is paranormal this depth of awareness was suppressed throughout the metal yang male World.

When you pay attention to walking or physical movement you do not think .. and when you think you do not pay attention to / are aware of physical movement. Ego-self [thought] is really a distraction from the real World and reality as a whole. The paranormal signature is that even when we are lost in our thoughts the body keeps moving without us.

You can be walking somewhere not paying attention and thinking all the time and the body keeps walking without you. This is what I mean about the mysterious paranormal connection or signature behind the movement of the body. If you see it then it makes sense and if you don't see it then it does not make sense.

When the energy [focus] is always in the frontal cortex of the brain thinking thinking and being obsessed about self then the rest of the brain just functions on auto-pilot. There is your mechanical life. Western science is designed to simply describe its own limitations over and over again.

If you watch animals and birds they can move effortlessly in extraordinary ways [without training] .. and we humans have to train to have any form of extraordinary movement. I find that extraordinary! Either there is a serious design flaw or humans have lost contact with that other force from which they were born.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Earth Human Martian Connection

3D physical [Earth] bodies cannot perceive invisible worlds...

Our Fall From Mars...
No matter who you are or what you do in life .. I would say to you: Get yourself some drawing mediums [it is up to you what you choose] and just draw things = anything.

You can draw circles .. squares .. lines [North South East West]. Just let your mind go.

When you draw one vertical line on a page or notebook that line is ART [okay] !! Never say or think: I CANNOT DRAW #_# The truth is you can [as a kid] draw before you write !!

All this is related to Mars! [Earth Martian amnesia] ...

The first drawing is not yet finished and that is why I am sharing this with you. I am sharing it because it is in its draft form. To some people my signature [cave art] style drawings may appear as though they can be sketched in a few minutes or seconds. But this is not the case...

I am sharing with you the secret art of drawing!

Some of you may say: I cannot draw! Because you do not understand space and time .. you do not understand the signature art of TIMING. When you start to draw a picture .. you think that you have to sit there and keep drawing until it is finished... Right ?? WRONG !!

Don't worry! I get to Mars in a minute >_+

It does not matter who you are... If you are a technician .. a builder .. a street food vendor [food art] .. a banker or politician! It does not matter what your religion .. or if you are a woman or a man! It does not matter what your 'status' or where you come from [genetic origins]. There is one basic thing all of you can do that EVERYONE understands. You can draw a line! Right?

We fell from Mars using lines [seamless lines] called DNA and genes ...

Inside your body is the silent [hidden] seamless art of who you are .. your origins .. why you are here and where you are going. Your genetic DNA understands those previously drawn lines. This is why the Egyptians drew pictographs .. and this is why the Chinese and Japanese still use pictographic language scripts.

Our Martian Bio-Sphere
This is an ink drawing I made in ?? around ?? 1890 [Ha..haha] I mean 1980 [wrong time dimension].

On its own my brain reverses numbers! You see I can draw .. but I cannot define the difference between 1890 and 1980 #_+

This is all related to Mars !! If I can draw and my brain reverses numbers that I think 1980 and I write 1890 .. then don't tell me: You cannot draw.

The point I am trying to make is that this drawing is an Earth based drawing and the signature drawing above is a Mars based drawing.

What is the difference? The difference is our Martian Bio-sphere... Don't take my word for it. For those of you who are your own self-taught students of the paranormal .. the physical 3D body is surrounded by an egg shaped structure you could describe as a atmospheric sphere.

When the Chi / Qi energy is low level the energy egg is shrunken close to the physical body [vehicle] and has no dynamic field. These people tend to be more 3D physical world oriented [selfish] and just function in a restricted way. One example is that shrunken bio-energy fields will mindlessly harvest and kill en-mass fish resources from the oceans and not give a damn about 'the future'.

In this respect you can included: Corporations .. governments .. industry .. associated trading institutions. Because .. ALL trade is based on physical resources even when the trades are multiplied 1000s times over with derivatives.

When Chi / Qi energy bio-fields are high or higher grade dynamic field .. internal awareness and inner power is not only for oneself .. but there comes an awareness to benefit society and mankind as a whole. Essentially the fall from Mars initiated a general and ongoing loss of cohesive field resonance.

The art of Initiation was to train the incarnate spirit to develop senses beyond the mundane physical 3D form. The physical body does not perceive the supernatural [invisible worlds]. The egg shaped bio-field around the body does perceive and interact with other dimensions and the paranormal spheres.

When you get into a car and you drive from A to B the car [the vehicle] does not know where it is going. Even if you have GPS Navigation and you program the destination .. the car still does not know where it is going. The driver has to know where they are and where they are going!

The vehicle is the human body and the driver is the incarnate spirit...

The first drawing is my Mars mind [experience / awareness] and the second drawing is my Earth mind. Some may think the first drawing is more simplistic and the second drawing more complex. That the first drawing is easier and the second drawing more difficult. In reality it is the other way round.

That is why I write: Our Fall From Mars!

Egyptian hieroglyphics are not 'Egyptian' .. all that came later. They had no choice other than to adapt to new surroundings. Everything that came after just went straight downhill. People today do not even know how the Knights Templar built the stone Cathedrals. Earth humans are still falling [apart].

The Earth human Martian connection is of extreme importance to the future of mankind. The biggest secret is hidden inside us. The biggest secret is written in mysterious code on the walls of the Qi-energy shell surrounding the physical body. The bio-sphere is the field we live in and through that egg-shaped sphere we interact with reality on all levels.

If you take pens and paper and you draw anything on that paper .. lines .. squares .. anything. Those expressions are a reflection of you and no other human being can successfully reproduce the way you draw the style and the pressure you apply to the lines of the drawing. It is the same with the inner codes written on the energy wall shield that surrounds the physical body.

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Seamless Threads

Seamless: Flawless .. coherent .. harmonious.
Seamless threads were [are] the essential core [key life force / Qi] of the Martial Arts [movement]. Originating from the seamless movement [stillness] of mind .. psyche .. body and heart. Through the heart runs a golden thread [Qi] and all movement comes from the heart. Intelligence comes from the heart to the mind and simultaneously to the whole body.

The physical body is a seamless construct of a mysterious kind. Humans can play around with the basic codes but they cannot CREATE [as in origins] .. all scientists can do is mess around with the created building blocks of life.

Whole Continuous Flowing ..
Probably the most important thing I have to say is this... The world of man never taught me anything real substantial or valid.

When interacting with that world I receive this continuous message: Extra-terrestrials? UFOs? Invisible Worlds? You need to get back into the real world!

This drawing is a signature of my awareness past present and future. I am going to explain why the invisible worlds .. the paranormal .. inter-dimensions and the unknown are so important to creative human awareness.

Since I was a young child I see spirits .. ghosts .. other dimensions .. UFOs and strange energy forms in the sky. I see guiding invisible beings [they are not invisible to me]. Spirits are spirit beings and ghosts are something else [sometimes trapped spirits who get stuck here].

Interacting with the 'paranormal' allowed me to be who I am .. and made me stronger. That means I could teach myself many forms of art: To paint and draw .. to work with technical skills .. take things apart and repair them .. work with computers .. video cameras and fellow human beings.

I can often see things technically wrong with humans that are similar to my ability to understand technical defects in notebooks tablets and video cameras. It is a form of empathy and the skill is understanding the frequencies.

From my birth the paranormal world has worked with me to teach me and enhance my skills and development .. also to teach me how to use my skills and how not to use them As a backdrop to my life there is the so-called 'real world' hanging around in a state of limbo.

The Art of Movement
The invisible worlds [including extra-terrestrials] taught me the Art of Movement .. including internal art. Everything we do is dependent on movement [through time and space]. To build a notebook requires movement from resource extraction to building and then using the device.

To draw a picture requires movement. To work at a computer requires movement. To go through a crisis is movement. To become stronger is movement. To observe the stars or look out across the ocean is movement. The spirit incarnates into physical body to carry out a series of movements through space-time.

Our present world focuses on movement as a resource for 'success'.

Why is the paranormal so unpopular and so much energy is used to shut its presence and influence out of our everyday lives? The paranormal requires a totally different kind of inner awareness that is not based on movement as its foundation.

If you are moving .. moving .. moving all the time and you are focused on your next goal and your next goal? Then you are going to feel disturbed if you become aware that all around you [in this movement chaos] is a silent powerful continuous world or presence.

The stillness [as the paranormal is not based on endless movement] .. the stillness is going to ring very loud in your ears. The interesting part is that the ears [third-eye] usually picks up the stillness much faster than the brain or the eye. By the time you see it .. it is usually gone. It disappears!

The Art of Stillness
Our early ancestors developed ways to deal with and create internal balance between the moving and the stillness. One of those arts is / was meditation. Another of those arts is / was various Martial Arts. Visual art is another form of balancing movement and stillness.

Seamless threads are hidden across space and time. The past present and future are seamless threads. The genes and DNA from one generation to the other are seamless threads across space and time. The psyche travels [navigates] through seamless threads.

The system only teaches people to make basic use of movement. That is resources .. food .. security .. finances .. trade .. I want .. I get .. I use [all this is movement based psyche]. Movement = development .. science .. technology .. transport .. intellect .. planning .. exchange.

In nature all animals .. birds .. insects .. fish .. rodents .. all use a paranormal sensing ability that seems to have been deactivated in modern man. On my last trip I was alone working on one of the video cameras and the cat stayed with me as I was working. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the cat interact with something unseen in the room.

The cat was walking around looking at something in the air [invisible] floating. I could see the behavior and the floating presence through the eyes of the cat. He looked and he followed and he never took his eyes off whatever it was that was fascinating him. At the same time he did not jump up or take a swipe and his behavior was different than with a mouse.

I could see in the cat's face and eyes and in his mannerisms that he was seeing something that he understood its composition and nature .. and he had seen this before and he kind of knew what it was. The mysterious presence did not worry him nor frighten him. The mystery was part of his world.

A big part of why we are destroying the world [the Planet we live on] is because each individual = society .. has no inner conception of the bigger picture: THE UNKNOWN. Physical reality is sort of inside a shell almost like an egg surrounded by 99% unknown / paranormal / mystery / energy / invisible worlds / dimensions. Yes! I am saying that our 3D physical world experience is 1% #_#

When 'you' laugh at me? I am not laughing at 'you' !!
I hope that makes sense ...

Monday, June 01, 2015

Our Paranormal World

Am I talking to the future ..
.. or am I talking from the future?
Talking to the future and talking from the future is the same thing! I give you an example plain and simple .. the Moon [which is full on June 2, 2015] is shining directly through my window. The same Moon connects past present and future. In a past life I look up at the Moon when incarnate on Earth .. in this life I look at the same connecting signature .. and in the future it is the same Moon! Past present and future are connected.

In the same way the present can talk [communicate] with the future as the future talks [communicates] with the past. My past and future self when incarnate on Earth can look at the same Moon and see this as a signature event connecting time and space. In that sense past present and future is always NOW...

Until now I always tried to pitch my communications in The Middle Path .. in the hope that people who have not developed their inner psyche as I have [over many lifetimes] would be able to grasp what I am trying to ?? in English there is no word for this. The only word that comes to mind is: Incomprehensible.

If you translate 'incomprehensible' into traditional Chinese you are lead to: Impossible to pass through or enter. Which may or may not be accurate translation .. but it makes sense to me. Information levels one cannot enter or pass through. That was my basic learning teaching experience on my recent travels.

Basically .. what you do effects who you are. When you try to build a foundation out of wet sand .. everyone sinks. The next phase was that forces were teaching me much higher principles of the psyche and energy that I knew in past incarnations. I had to experience the lowest [idiotic] behavior of human beings and was shown higher levels of being.

When dealing with paranormal 'idiots' .. laugh and ignore them.

When dealing with an abnormal force I can sometimes get upset. These people ridicule paranormal phenomenon as well as UFOs and extra-terrestrial contacts and experiences. The funniest part of all is these same people think they are superior to all life forms on Earth. At the same time mindlessly destroying the Planet they live on.

The little guy who taught me most of all was Aladdin cat. I am still piecing together what he taught me .. as he quietly observed my energy field and why was I so upset? Like a Tibetan Master he taught me a thing or two knowing that I would eventually piece the puzzle together.

Our Paranormal World
The mysterious unknown taught me my entire life. The invisible worlds taught me my entire life. I was fortunate and blessed that I could enter that world. At the same time my skills are a result of many lifetimes of hard work and experience. I am who I am because I worked hard to be who I am. It is not an accident.

There is no compassion in our world today...

Across the street from me are men building a new building complex. I have watched them building over many weeks. In the same time period I also saw the intellectual humans who do no physical work. The arrogant market intellectuals who laugh out loud about the paranormal and THE UNKNOWN. Self-seeking .. self-obsessed .. caring about no one outside of their own petty lives.

I also met genuine people who care about society and who care about mankind!

The problems faced by society as a whole do not come from the people who care... The problems come from those who only care about themselves and their self-seeking-ego [projects]. For some strange reason these same individuals feel threatened by the paranormal and other dimensions .. other life forms and anything outside of the restrictions of their own tiny little financial bubble.

That observation is something to consider in itself = why = what are they afraid of? Why do these people insist on a medieval Catholic presentation [interpretation] of life on Earth that excludes the paranormal and other inter-related dimensions. I got upset .. but I observed EVERYTHING !!

People generally misunderstand emotions!

The beauty of emotions is they can reveal many layers of truth(s) .. trust your emotions and read them like a mirror or a reflection [not like a book] .. emotions do not write script but they reflect or show or reveal. So .. you can read script and you can read energy signatures. Energy signatures have much more depth.

We have a disconnect between the physical world and the so-called financial world. The men who physically build structures are totally disconnected from the men who play casino on the stock markets [the bankers]. The men who play casino cannot physically build the structures [buildings] they sit in.

The same men who play financial stock and bond [banking] casino cannot build the computers .. mobile phones and tablets they use to go onto the Internet and make their transactions. The social problem is the massive disconnect between the INTELLECT [ego / brain] and the BODY [physical / material].

You may ask: Where does the paranormal come into all this? The paranormal can be expressed as karma [events] where behavior results in predicted outcomes depending on the nature of the mind set. One example is compassion and co-operation is a totally different mind set than self obsessed ego and service-to-self.

You can do what you want in life .. but you pay a price .. or you can change!