Saturday, June 27, 2015

Physical Movement's Paranormal Signatures

We don't know HOW to move ...

I have been doing a lot of other stuff: Editing videos .. working on WordPress .. learning how to better configure websites .. I talk about all that later [sometime]. As I was working so much on the computer I was also working on myself. We cannot endlessly physically sit at a computer without paying attention to the physical nature and health of the body.

I have developed for myself a few simple exercises that I can do .. it is quite funny .. but it works! I tested all this for months and I know from my own body if this works or not. I saw a few moths ago a report that said if you work at the computer long hours exercise does not help .. you're done #_# .. its not true !!

You can analyse the body from outside or you can know the body from inside!

These small but personally powerful exercises led me to the next level where I can talk about the physical 3D bodies "Paranormal Signatures". The reason I get to this is because I can work with the body [brain / mind] in the same way I can work with videos .. computers and website codes. If you are human .. don't be insulted .. the connection is simple! The human mind created the computer [codes] and so they are similar to our own internal functions.

Physical Movement's Paranormal Signatures
Although I am being taught this new information by the Invisible Worlds .. I still have to understand inside myself what they are showing me through direct experience / direct understanding. When I work on websites using codes .. the codes already have to exist. When I work with information from the Invisible worlds .. the codes already have to exist.

All I do is understand the codes!

If you are afraid of the so-called paranormal .. then just don't read my Blogs! It's as simple as that. Go read FaceBook or Twitter. If you are not afraid then this discovery is pretty interesting stuff that can be validated by simple personal experience. No! You won't disappear .. down the rabbit hole.

Physical movement has always fascinated me. I will often try to observe how I move my hand .. what moves my hand? How I move my arm .. what moves my arm? When I stand up .. why is it seamless and so smooth? When I type at the keyboard .. where is this effortless speed coming from?

Recently I was shown the Art of Movement. In the West we never LEARN how to move. We take physical movement for granted. The western mind lives in the frontal cortex = thought / ego / personality. We don't really know anything about the parts of the brain [connections] that are directly related to physical movement.

I remember seeing Jiddu Krishnamurti before he died and this guy could walk so fast and so fluid [almost like supernatural]. His physical body seemed to deny space-time common restrictions. In reality his physical body [mind] was in PERFECT HARMONY with space-time movement and space-time reality.

The last 2000 years of the Roman western world dominance trained human consciousness to believe that ego-self was extraordinary .. when in space-time reality MOVEMENT is extraordinary and ego-self [thought] is the lesser form. Without physica movement there is no extraordinary building of civilisations.

Physical movement carries the ego around the World. Thought requires movement [that's a difficult one]. Movement is the primary principle and as ego depends on movement then ego is not king in this world. The ego is the servant of movement. Behind movement is the paranormal.

The whole western scientific world tries to pretend that all movement is mechanical. Blood flows through the veins of the body due to a mechanical beating of the heart. Trees are designed by Nature to mechanically grow. The Earth mechanically orbits the Sun. Genetics mechanically determine your life .. character and nature.

All this does not explain the dynamics of movement.

If the seed cannot grow [move] then there is no tree or flower or grass. If the newly born animal bird or human cannot move [grow] there is no future life form. Ego-self depends on movement and movement does not depend on ego-self!

The paranormal comes into the equation when we ask: What force is behind movement? When we discount the paranormal nature of movement and we rely on making it physical-material mechanical .. then we miss a bigger part of the picture = the life in which we live.

It is the same energy behind the movement of your body and the movement of the Planets. It is the same energy [core essence] behind the movement of your body and the movement of the Internet .. a blade of grass .. the wind .. a flowing river or the sounds of birds in the trees.

In ancient times we were taught to discover or find the nature / source of movement. The nature / source of movement inside ourselves .. because only then could we understand the true nature of movement [cosmos]. Because the hidden field is paranormal this depth of awareness was suppressed throughout the metal yang male World.

When you pay attention to walking or physical movement you do not think .. and when you think you do not pay attention to / are aware of physical movement. Ego-self [thought] is really a distraction from the real World and reality as a whole. The paranormal signature is that even when we are lost in our thoughts the body keeps moving without us.

You can be walking somewhere not paying attention and thinking all the time and the body keeps walking without you. This is what I mean about the mysterious paranormal connection or signature behind the movement of the body. If you see it then it makes sense and if you don't see it then it does not make sense.

When the energy [focus] is always in the frontal cortex of the brain thinking thinking and being obsessed about self then the rest of the brain just functions on auto-pilot. There is your mechanical life. Western science is designed to simply describe its own limitations over and over again.

If you watch animals and birds they can move effortlessly in extraordinary ways [without training] .. and we humans have to train to have any form of extraordinary movement. I find that extraordinary! Either there is a serious design flaw or humans have lost contact with that other force from which they were born.