Monday, June 01, 2015

Our Paranormal World

Am I talking to the future ..
.. or am I talking from the future?
Talking to the future and talking from the future is the same thing! I give you an example plain and simple .. the Moon [which is full on June 2, 2015] is shining directly through my window. The same Moon connects past present and future. In a past life I look up at the Moon when incarnate on Earth .. in this life I look at the same connecting signature .. and in the future it is the same Moon! Past present and future are connected.

In the same way the present can talk [communicate] with the future as the future talks [communicates] with the past. My past and future self when incarnate on Earth can look at the same Moon and see this as a signature event connecting time and space. In that sense past present and future is always NOW...

Until now I always tried to pitch my communications in The Middle Path .. in the hope that people who have not developed their inner psyche as I have [over many lifetimes] would be able to grasp what I am trying to ?? in English there is no word for this. The only word that comes to mind is: Incomprehensible.

If you translate 'incomprehensible' into traditional Chinese you are lead to: Impossible to pass through or enter. Which may or may not be accurate translation .. but it makes sense to me. Information levels one cannot enter or pass through. That was my basic learning teaching experience on my recent travels.

Basically .. what you do effects who you are. When you try to build a foundation out of wet sand .. everyone sinks. The next phase was that forces were teaching me much higher principles of the psyche and energy that I knew in past incarnations. I had to experience the lowest [idiotic] behavior of human beings and was shown higher levels of being.

When dealing with paranormal 'idiots' .. laugh and ignore them.

When dealing with an abnormal force I can sometimes get upset. These people ridicule paranormal phenomenon as well as UFOs and extra-terrestrial contacts and experiences. The funniest part of all is these same people think they are superior to all life forms on Earth. At the same time mindlessly destroying the Planet they live on.

The little guy who taught me most of all was Aladdin cat. I am still piecing together what he taught me .. as he quietly observed my energy field and why was I so upset? Like a Tibetan Master he taught me a thing or two knowing that I would eventually piece the puzzle together.

Our Paranormal World
The mysterious unknown taught me my entire life. The invisible worlds taught me my entire life. I was fortunate and blessed that I could enter that world. At the same time my skills are a result of many lifetimes of hard work and experience. I am who I am because I worked hard to be who I am. It is not an accident.

There is no compassion in our world today...

Across the street from me are men building a new building complex. I have watched them building over many weeks. In the same time period I also saw the intellectual humans who do no physical work. The arrogant market intellectuals who laugh out loud about the paranormal and THE UNKNOWN. Self-seeking .. self-obsessed .. caring about no one outside of their own petty lives.

I also met genuine people who care about society and who care about mankind!

The problems faced by society as a whole do not come from the people who care... The problems come from those who only care about themselves and their self-seeking-ego [projects]. For some strange reason these same individuals feel threatened by the paranormal and other dimensions .. other life forms and anything outside of the restrictions of their own tiny little financial bubble.

That observation is something to consider in itself = why = what are they afraid of? Why do these people insist on a medieval Catholic presentation [interpretation] of life on Earth that excludes the paranormal and other inter-related dimensions. I got upset .. but I observed EVERYTHING !!

People generally misunderstand emotions!

The beauty of emotions is they can reveal many layers of truth(s) .. trust your emotions and read them like a mirror or a reflection [not like a book] .. emotions do not write script but they reflect or show or reveal. So .. you can read script and you can read energy signatures. Energy signatures have much more depth.

We have a disconnect between the physical world and the so-called financial world. The men who physically build structures are totally disconnected from the men who play casino on the stock markets [the bankers]. The men who play casino cannot physically build the structures [buildings] they sit in.

The same men who play financial stock and bond [banking] casino cannot build the computers .. mobile phones and tablets they use to go onto the Internet and make their transactions. The social problem is the massive disconnect between the INTELLECT [ego / brain] and the BODY [physical / material].

You may ask: Where does the paranormal come into all this? The paranormal can be expressed as karma [events] where behavior results in predicted outcomes depending on the nature of the mind set. One example is compassion and co-operation is a totally different mind set than self obsessed ego and service-to-self.

You can do what you want in life .. but you pay a price .. or you can change!