Thursday, June 04, 2015

Seamless Threads

Seamless: Flawless .. coherent .. harmonious.
Seamless threads were [are] the essential core [key life force / Qi] of the Martial Arts [movement]. Originating from the seamless movement [stillness] of mind .. psyche .. body and heart. Through the heart runs a golden thread [Qi] and all movement comes from the heart. Intelligence comes from the heart to the mind and simultaneously to the whole body.

The physical body is a seamless construct of a mysterious kind. Humans can play around with the basic codes but they cannot CREATE [as in origins] .. all scientists can do is mess around with the created building blocks of life.

Whole Continuous Flowing ..
Probably the most important thing I have to say is this... The world of man never taught me anything real substantial or valid.

When interacting with that world I receive this continuous message: Extra-terrestrials? UFOs? Invisible Worlds? You need to get back into the real world!

This drawing is a signature of my awareness past present and future. I am going to explain why the invisible worlds .. the paranormal .. inter-dimensions and the unknown are so important to creative human awareness.

Since I was a young child I see spirits .. ghosts .. other dimensions .. UFOs and strange energy forms in the sky. I see guiding invisible beings [they are not invisible to me]. Spirits are spirit beings and ghosts are something else [sometimes trapped spirits who get stuck here].

Interacting with the 'paranormal' allowed me to be who I am .. and made me stronger. That means I could teach myself many forms of art: To paint and draw .. to work with technical skills .. take things apart and repair them .. work with computers .. video cameras and fellow human beings.

I can often see things technically wrong with humans that are similar to my ability to understand technical defects in notebooks tablets and video cameras. It is a form of empathy and the skill is understanding the frequencies.

From my birth the paranormal world has worked with me to teach me and enhance my skills and development .. also to teach me how to use my skills and how not to use them As a backdrop to my life there is the so-called 'real world' hanging around in a state of limbo.

The Art of Movement
The invisible worlds [including extra-terrestrials] taught me the Art of Movement .. including internal art. Everything we do is dependent on movement [through time and space]. To build a notebook requires movement from resource extraction to building and then using the device.

To draw a picture requires movement. To work at a computer requires movement. To go through a crisis is movement. To become stronger is movement. To observe the stars or look out across the ocean is movement. The spirit incarnates into physical body to carry out a series of movements through space-time.

Our present world focuses on movement as a resource for 'success'.

Why is the paranormal so unpopular and so much energy is used to shut its presence and influence out of our everyday lives? The paranormal requires a totally different kind of inner awareness that is not based on movement as its foundation.

If you are moving .. moving .. moving all the time and you are focused on your next goal and your next goal? Then you are going to feel disturbed if you become aware that all around you [in this movement chaos] is a silent powerful continuous world or presence.

The stillness [as the paranormal is not based on endless movement] .. the stillness is going to ring very loud in your ears. The interesting part is that the ears [third-eye] usually picks up the stillness much faster than the brain or the eye. By the time you see it .. it is usually gone. It disappears!

The Art of Stillness
Our early ancestors developed ways to deal with and create internal balance between the moving and the stillness. One of those arts is / was meditation. Another of those arts is / was various Martial Arts. Visual art is another form of balancing movement and stillness.

Seamless threads are hidden across space and time. The past present and future are seamless threads. The genes and DNA from one generation to the other are seamless threads across space and time. The psyche travels [navigates] through seamless threads.

The system only teaches people to make basic use of movement. That is resources .. food .. security .. finances .. trade .. I want .. I get .. I use [all this is movement based psyche]. Movement = development .. science .. technology .. transport .. intellect .. planning .. exchange.

In nature all animals .. birds .. insects .. fish .. rodents .. all use a paranormal sensing ability that seems to have been deactivated in modern man. On my last trip I was alone working on one of the video cameras and the cat stayed with me as I was working. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the cat interact with something unseen in the room.

The cat was walking around looking at something in the air [invisible] floating. I could see the behavior and the floating presence through the eyes of the cat. He looked and he followed and he never took his eyes off whatever it was that was fascinating him. At the same time he did not jump up or take a swipe and his behavior was different than with a mouse.

I could see in the cat's face and eyes and in his mannerisms that he was seeing something that he understood its composition and nature .. and he had seen this before and he kind of knew what it was. The mysterious presence did not worry him nor frighten him. The mystery was part of his world.

A big part of why we are destroying the world [the Planet we live on] is because each individual = society .. has no inner conception of the bigger picture: THE UNKNOWN. Physical reality is sort of inside a shell almost like an egg surrounded by 99% unknown / paranormal / mystery / energy / invisible worlds / dimensions. Yes! I am saying that our 3D physical world experience is 1% #_#

When 'you' laugh at me? I am not laughing at 'you' !!
I hope that makes sense ...