Saturday, June 06, 2015

Earth Human Martian Connection

3D physical [Earth] bodies cannot perceive invisible worlds...

Our Fall From Mars...
No matter who you are or what you do in life .. I would say to you: Get yourself some drawing mediums [it is up to you what you choose] and just draw things = anything.

You can draw circles .. squares .. lines [North South East West]. Just let your mind go.

When you draw one vertical line on a page or notebook that line is ART [okay] !! Never say or think: I CANNOT DRAW #_# The truth is you can [as a kid] draw before you write !!

All this is related to Mars! [Earth Martian amnesia] ...

The first drawing is not yet finished and that is why I am sharing this with you. I am sharing it because it is in its draft form. To some people my signature [cave art] style drawings may appear as though they can be sketched in a few minutes or seconds. But this is not the case...

I am sharing with you the secret art of drawing!

Some of you may say: I cannot draw! Because you do not understand space and time .. you do not understand the signature art of TIMING. When you start to draw a picture .. you think that you have to sit there and keep drawing until it is finished... Right ?? WRONG !!

Don't worry! I get to Mars in a minute >_+

It does not matter who you are... If you are a technician .. a builder .. a street food vendor [food art] .. a banker or politician! It does not matter what your religion .. or if you are a woman or a man! It does not matter what your 'status' or where you come from [genetic origins]. There is one basic thing all of you can do that EVERYONE understands. You can draw a line! Right?

We fell from Mars using lines [seamless lines] called DNA and genes ...

Inside your body is the silent [hidden] seamless art of who you are .. your origins .. why you are here and where you are going. Your genetic DNA understands those previously drawn lines. This is why the Egyptians drew pictographs .. and this is why the Chinese and Japanese still use pictographic language scripts.

Our Martian Bio-Sphere
This is an ink drawing I made in ?? around ?? 1890 [Ha..haha] I mean 1980 [wrong time dimension].

On its own my brain reverses numbers! You see I can draw .. but I cannot define the difference between 1890 and 1980 #_+

This is all related to Mars !! If I can draw and my brain reverses numbers that I think 1980 and I write 1890 .. then don't tell me: You cannot draw.

The point I am trying to make is that this drawing is an Earth based drawing and the signature drawing above is a Mars based drawing.

What is the difference? The difference is our Martian Bio-sphere... Don't take my word for it. For those of you who are your own self-taught students of the paranormal .. the physical 3D body is surrounded by an egg shaped structure you could describe as a atmospheric sphere.

When the Chi / Qi energy is low level the energy egg is shrunken close to the physical body [vehicle] and has no dynamic field. These people tend to be more 3D physical world oriented [selfish] and just function in a restricted way. One example is that shrunken bio-energy fields will mindlessly harvest and kill en-mass fish resources from the oceans and not give a damn about 'the future'.

In this respect you can included: Corporations .. governments .. industry .. associated trading institutions. Because .. ALL trade is based on physical resources even when the trades are multiplied 1000s times over with derivatives.

When Chi / Qi energy bio-fields are high or higher grade dynamic field .. internal awareness and inner power is not only for oneself .. but there comes an awareness to benefit society and mankind as a whole. Essentially the fall from Mars initiated a general and ongoing loss of cohesive field resonance.

The art of Initiation was to train the incarnate spirit to develop senses beyond the mundane physical 3D form. The physical body does not perceive the supernatural [invisible worlds]. The egg shaped bio-field around the body does perceive and interact with other dimensions and the paranormal spheres.

When you get into a car and you drive from A to B the car [the vehicle] does not know where it is going. Even if you have GPS Navigation and you program the destination .. the car still does not know where it is going. The driver has to know where they are and where they are going!

The vehicle is the human body and the driver is the incarnate spirit...

The first drawing is my Mars mind [experience / awareness] and the second drawing is my Earth mind. Some may think the first drawing is more simplistic and the second drawing more complex. That the first drawing is easier and the second drawing more difficult. In reality it is the other way round.

That is why I write: Our Fall From Mars!

Egyptian hieroglyphics are not 'Egyptian' .. all that came later. They had no choice other than to adapt to new surroundings. Everything that came after just went straight downhill. People today do not even know how the Knights Templar built the stone Cathedrals. Earth humans are still falling [apart].

The Earth human Martian connection is of extreme importance to the future of mankind. The biggest secret is hidden inside us. The biggest secret is written in mysterious code on the walls of the Qi-energy shell surrounding the physical body. The bio-sphere is the field we live in and through that egg-shaped sphere we interact with reality on all levels.

If you take pens and paper and you draw anything on that paper .. lines .. squares .. anything. Those expressions are a reflection of you and no other human being can successfully reproduce the way you draw the style and the pressure you apply to the lines of the drawing. It is the same with the inner codes written on the energy wall shield that surrounds the physical body.