Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Nodes! The Spirit Glands!

Quantum Nodes
Node O.E. cnotta –‘knot’, intertwining ropes or cords. A node is a networking. In communication networks a node is a connection point. Computer network nodes are a hub, bridge or switch. A node is a localised swelling, for example a gland.

Throughout the universe transit stems branch out, connect and reconnect through primary and secondary nodes.

Zen Su - Crystal Tor

Spirit Glands
I wrote Crystal Tor in 2010 and published in 2011 .. and now in Mercury Retro 2013 I am seeing these visions again / visual packets of information once more relating to "nodes". That means the human brain, glands and nodes forming one continuous network throughout the body .. spirit .. mind.

At the time of Crystal Tor I saw the information visually .. like a film or Remote Seeing .. and I had to describe this .. put this into words in a way that makes sense.

I could see many realities .. past, present and future connected through nodes. Sort of like a spirit incarnation network with the central hub being the soul where time travel is the soul/spirit's journey through dimensional space.

I did not really understand - at the time - what I was doing! But now I kind of understand as the visual dimensions visted me again and have gone one step further. This is what this post is about!

This morning I was shown the connection between the human brain .. the incarnate spirit .. the mind and glands / nodes... And I suddenly realised this is what I had been shown writing the second part of Crystal Tor: Naviga^Tor / Quantum Nodes .. and I will explain this here.

Basically .. key glands throughout the body are "brains". One could say tiny brains .. but they are not tiny - they are small but very powerful. Essentially, you have these extremely intelligent and powerful brains all over your body synchronising with the skull brain AND with the incarnate spirit and the mind.

... I call them "spirit glands" !!

Dark Light...
It is now October, 2013 and I have no idea what I wrote in 2010. The information came to me like a work of art and then .. I forget it.

But! It all came back new - in Mercury Retrograde - where together with the spirit nodes there was "dark light" or "dark energy".

This was a visual code or packet of information. So, I went back to check the PDF file and it was all there :-) ... Primary nodes and dark light!

Essentially, people think that the brain in the skull tells the rest of the body what to do using electrical impulses moving through the nervous system .. hahahaha!! And .. there is only one brain .. right? WRONG!

Briefly .. as this is very complex in its overall simplicity. The prostate gland - for example - is a brain. It is just that in terms of "modern science" this key gland is not in a form western science recognises as "a brain".

Key glands in the male and female human body act as nodes together with the brain in the skull using dark energy or dark light to co-ordinate and communicate instantaneously throughout the body .. inluding co-ordination of spirit/mind.

When one gland has a problem .. the whole body has a problem .. and the key glands effected may not be the source of the problem but are the warning signal. Here we enter into the realms of Traditional Chinese Medicine!

The glands and the brain in the skull synchronise and communicate using an unseen and undetected (almost supernatural) dark light. This is why faster than the speed of light has not been detected .. although it exists.

Bright light when bouncing off and caught in the light-matrix (sunlight / daylight) exhibits restrictions we can measure and call the speed-of-light .. where modern science claims the speed of light is a constant. Yeh! Sure! Visible light!

It is the same within the physical body .. where science detect and measure light / electrical impulses in the brain and nervous system. But, those measurements are only visible impulses based on a limited capacity to measure light-pulse movement within the physical body. Duh!

However, there is a cross pattern dark energy matrix used by the glands and brain in the skull where key glands make decisions and instantly send the information to the brain in the skull. Are you still with me? Hahahaha ...

I have to write this in more detail. What I do now is a rough sketch. It is the same process with the Earth .. daylight .. orbit and nightime. On the night side of the Earth during rotation there is dark energy or dark light = not total darkness...

Blood Is Dark Energy
The activtion of visible light on the side of the Earth directly facing the Sun also has its counterpart of non-visible light on the night side of the Planet. The night side of Earth is not in total darkness! The energy of the Sun folds around the Earth creating a tadpole like tail that rotates in a constantly moving spiral. This phenomenon creates dark light / dark energy.

Blood spirals through the veins in a similar way!

As a rough sketch .. the glands play a major key role in inter-body contact, communication and movement. Similar to the Sun .. the glands interface between spirit, energy and mind (brain functions). The design of the glands is so highly intelligent that science has no clue as to the multi-level functions (plural) of the glands.

Your brain is not just inside the skull!! The superior brain exists all over the body and the glands play a major role in decision making .. activation and slowdown / rest.

It is easy to be aware of .. study and understand the functions of the brain in the skull. It is almost impossible to understand the hidden body-brain intelligence within the glands.

The glands in the breasts of a woman are totally high-tech and extremely important. This is a highly advanced spiritual technology. The prostate gland in men is totally high-tech and extremely important.

A lot of the glands in men and women are similar .. but there are also differences .. and those key differences are of extreme importance. Those key glands are highly advanced key nodes that not only make males male and females female .. but they define how the incarnate spirit interacts with the body.

The brain in the skull is so large and so complex that it is obvious focus of the human mind in studying behavior. However, the glands are highly refined and simple nano-brains .. it is extremely hard to even begin to understand the brain within the gland!

I give you a clue... Dark light quantum holograph :-)

It will take 200 / 300 years for science to begin to partially understand this hidden brain in mankind. Our whole way of thinking is a one way dialogue with life. Each one takes their central stand .. central view .. and the dialogue with life is one way. It is flat linear dialogue.

Just imagine all the glands in your body communicating and hearing at once. Sending signals and receiving signals with total uncomplicated ease. Energetic .. physical (matter) and psychic (mind). Intelligence .. hidden in plain sight!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Two Levels of Being

I left the sanctuary .. to find the sanctuary within.

The Inner Sanctuary
I had already planned my life as a small child... I was going to live alone in the Highlands close to the sea .. as far away from human civilisation as I could get! And! Close to the source and the spirit ancestors .. guides .. teachers. That was my sanctuary: The mysterious spirit world of Nature .. mountains, rivers and streams .. the sea and the sky!

This drawing is a rough first sketch of what happened to my plans, passions and desires. I had found the perfect place .. the perfect sanctuary .. where I felt at home within the untouched uncorrupted power of the spirit world. A place where the ancestors and the invisible worlds touched the physical Earth - our world.

I knew from an early age I had to work on myself. I had done it many times before, in other lives. At school I would silently practice inner gazing .. magnified seeing and projected astral travel. At night I would waken up in two places at once. My body was lying on the bed and I was lying in the garden under the trees. Both forms were awake and aware. I was 12/13/14 years old when this was happening.

I had a strong mind and I taught myself discipline of the mind. I was preparing myself for an even greater .. more arduous journey. My self created sanctuary in the mountains as far away from human distraction as I could get. This was my singular passion .. my singular desire .. my future! My search for inner balance!

However, I was eventually to learn the strange duality of passion and desire. When in balance - within the human being - passion and desire are one unified force. They are the forces .. the work of art .. that draw the coloured lines onto our spirit and into our lives.

I saw through my studies .. still only practicing altered awareness .. inner seeing .. inner spiritual discipline and inner observation - when at 23 years old I decided I had done enough. It was time to use my skills to establish a sanctuary in the wilderness and leave the world behind.

I travelled into the mountains alone to see the way ahead and ask for guidance. I had no other interest in life other than to carry out this task and live close to that which I desired most of all. This had been my single minded passion since I was a young child. Now was the time to do it ...

Telling this story is the only way to visually show you in words the strange duality of desire and the strange duality of passion. Not only is there duality in man and woman .. male and female .. but there is duality mirrored / reflected inside us.

According to our character each of us manifest various balance between yin and yang / male and female .. but no matter what the variations it is always balanced. What I mean by that is that we are who we are at the level of our being at any point in our life / development. If balance did not exist in all forms then we could not transform .. change or progress!

Balance is always the key, even when it is unseen / hidden!

Duality of Passion and Desire
I was three days in the mountains seeking guidance and on the third day the silence was broken. A powerful presence descended into the valley. This powerful presence filled the whole valley with a crushing intensity. This was my first lesson in the hidden duality of desire and the two levels of being. I was to leave the mountains .. leave the valley .. never to return! And I was to find that which I desired most within myself!

I left the valley .. I left the mountains .. and I never looked back! Over the next twenty years I discovered the inner sanctuary while living inside the distracted world of man. If I had turned away from this vision there would be no art .. no videos and no blog... I would not be here!

This is to show the mystery of desire and its strange duality.

I lived my passion .. I lived my vision .. but not far away in my isolated mountain sanctuary. The energy and presence of the mountains was inside me .. and THAT is why I could feel their presence so strongly .. transforming my inner being .. my mind .. psyche .. heart! Life is a mirror!

The Nature of Desire
The energy of desire is part of life. To see the beauty of the world we live in .. to look at the sky .. the stars .. life is extraordinary and those moments of magnetic contact with all aspects of our world is natural connection.

Immature ego-self comes in thinking "I want that..." "I want this..." I want that..." Never satisfied .. always wanting. And that is one level of relationship with desire.

We have other levels! The man or woman who goes into isolation and says: I want to overcome desire... The energy of desire in direct relationship with us says: Okay! Let's do it! Let's overcome desire!

I am trying to show that desire is like a magnetic mirror or a magnetic window serving us and endlessly giving us what we want. However, the strange duality of desire also manifests in consequences. Therefore, the energy of desire takes the form of what we seek and at the same time there is unseen portal of initiation teaching us about ourselves.

In my case I was shown my own selfishness in a private review of my desire to go hide from the world and seek my own "enlightenment". I was also shown to follow or enter into direct relationship with the energy. Don't think! Do it!

So, seeing is incredibly important when interacting with the energy of desire. Passion is also part of this mysterious teaching. The energy mirrors us .. showing us ourselves. One has to pay attention and observe .. not have lazy mind .. always thinking .. wanting .. chattering. We have to learn to listen .. be attentive and have a quiet mind.

Passion is the energy of awareness .. energy of seeing!

Slightly more refined :-) 
When we have the passion we see ourselves from within in the mysterious energy dance / relationship with desire. I cannot explain this in words .. but I have drawn it in the picture above! That is the first drawing and so it is a bit of a rough sketch.

What I am trying to convey is that when humans mindlessly run after every want and desire physically and psychologically they become exhausted and empty. Like driving a car endlessly until there is no fuel (energy) left in the tank.

That is the duality of desire: Action and consequences.

The magnetic mirror of desire .. in direct reltionship with humans .. is always testing out and showing us where we are. And on base level physical reality it is like a carrot on a stick in front of the donkey! The base human keeps going after the carrot!

There are other more powerful levels to relationship with energy of desire .. this involves passion! Then the mirror becomes a window or portal where the guidance / the outer journey or path takes place within us.

The outer journey and the inner journey become one.

You waken up in two places at once !! Hahahahaha

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Energy of Desire

Desire .. de sidere (Old French) .. From the stars
To Await What The Stars Bring
I woke up with this image in my mind of the triangle or pyramid representing "desire" .. meaning the world powered by sexual life force with OM representing harmony. Where desire is totally natural .. subtle .. beautiful and necessary part of all of life.

I first want to look at the energy of desire .. because it is not what we think it is! Natural energy of desire is like water bubbling up from a hidden source. From the moment we are born this energy of desire exists.

Desire is the invisible living energetic foundation behind everything we do in life. Not ego-self and not thought .. the totally misunderstood energy of desire is pure.

The pollution of self comes into our lives through what we manifest and build in terms of the physical world or how we respond inwardly to the challenge of "desire". That is not original energy source of desire! It is how we RESPOND...

The world is held together in harmony through energy of desire. By that I also mean the sub-atomic particles as well as molecules and physical matter. This mysterious and subtle energy manifests the same force of attraction in the germination of all seeds and in growth.

Seeds mean not only grass seeds, wheat, corn, flowers, plants and trees .. but seeds within humans, animals, fish, insects and birds! All living forms have this subtle but powerful energy of desire to grow...

Unseen Power of Desire
I can best show or share what I see through visual art. It is more difficult to convey this insight in words! The energy of desire is original source energy. It is like an eternal bubbling fountain of water that exists within us.

Energy of desire - as you see in the pictograph - does not exist in isolation. Desire is in direct relation / in relationship with primal forces that surround us and are our origins.

Sexual life force is more powerful than "sex".

Sex is a nano-dot of particle energy within the total living field of sexual life force. Sexual life force maintains our health, our immune system, our well being, our psyche, the physical body, integrity of mind and spirit...

There is sexual life force in mountains, in water, in plants, trees, clouds, animals .. in everything. Pure and simple! So, humans are not so unique .. but are part of the whole!

The energy of desire is like a power .. a power source.

The key is how we use that energy / power !!

Thought Is Not Desire
The ego-self / thought uses desire .. but thought is not desire. The human ego attaches itself to natural flow of desire and at that point the desire becomes thought without discipline or compassion. It is simply the manifestation of base physical ego.

The past religious and spititual traditions - still active today - was not to inquire into and understand desire (understand oneself) .. but to go beyond desire .. to overcome desire .. to isolate self from the temptations of the mundane world and be purified spiritually.

The unseen power / the inner force behind this traditional spiritual discipline is desire! The desire to be free .. the desire for discipline .. the desire to go beyond ego-self. This is what I try to show in the pictogram depicting balance of sexual life force, desire and compassion.

We do not realise that desire is a pure and essential fundamental force within all living creatures and used by every human being on Earth. All mankind has direct relationship with energy of desire. The key relationship is inside us.

Religious organisations depend on peoples desire to follow their teachings and be part of that journey. Otherwise, people would each seek their own way and not listen to teachers.

All human activity has the golden thread of desire running through each pursuit .. each action. But, the relationship is inside .. it is not outside as base ego-self .. relationship with desire lies within us.

Inner Relationship / Passion / Balance
I drew the pictogram in my mind before I drew it on paper .. where I saw the passage or portal at the center of the pyramid/triangle. I had to stop and consider: "What is this?"

Desire seen and unseen is in direct relationship with sexual life force and illumination / compassion. In this physical world we have direct relationship with desire where sexual life force is the mysterious foundation and compassion is the guide.

It is desire that touches us directly. We are always in direct relationship with desire... teaching us and showing us ourself. The portal at the center is INITIATION.

If we seek only the base reality, then that is our life. We are faced with base reality day after day until we die. Initiation is always at the level we choose until we choose differently.

Energy of desire gives us what we want .. and base reality is never satisfied .. ego-self always wants more. There you have first internal passage of Initiation. To move beyond the petty desires / relationship of base self.

As we question ourselves and change .. our relationship with desire changes. The inner energy of Initiation transforms. Our personal relationship with energy of desire is the key! The relationship is not outside! The relationship is within! We are experiencing relationship with ourselves!

Sexual force .. desire and cOM-passion are one.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

All Human Activity Is Energy

All monetary activity is an exchange of energy.

The biggest mistake made by western countries over the last thousand or so years has been to lack any kind of fundamental understanding as to the nature of energy.

As the world turns in the eternal yin yang balance .. the dragon energies of the East are rising after thousands of years of "decline". But, by decline I do not mean misfortune or going down. I mean a withdrawal of energies as the powers of the West increased over the same period.

As a result all people in the East became more "western" .. more materialistic .. more egocentric .. because this shift in energy affected the whole world .. the whole planet.

My earlier Asia / Atlan posts were to show that there was a fundamental understanding of energy in the West and that the builders left their signatures across the western landscape for their children of the future.

Masters of Energy In Matter
The first thing western science lacks is the understanding of energy in matter .. and that is why everyone depends on oil, gas and coal to power human activities such as growing food, transport and trade.

We live in an energy Universe that is dependant on energy for all material processes such as: Suns .. Galaxies ..Planets .. density .. movement .. air .. clouds .. water. So, rock may seem solid - but in reality rock is a contained energy matrix .. and is a highly effecient energy container!

This is why energy - like water - can flow inside physical structures (and soak into them) as well as flowing around the external structures.

For example, your physical body is interacting with and absorbing energy 24/24 .. and when the body can no longer do this / absorb and contain the energy then the incarnate spirit leaves.

Spirit is eternal .. but matter cannot exist without energy.

Dark Energy
Dark energy is more matter friendly power source than light-particles. So, look at and study the night to understand this. And as an interesting side note it is interesting that both crude oil and coal are dark .. black !! These ancient energy resources have provided humans with abundance of energy / fuel.

In comparison, nuclear fuel and solar panels are almost a waste of energy to produce. If some analytical genius took time to deeply analyse what it takes to produce nuclear and solar power in relation to energy produced .. including materials .. building and human energy - then I am sure the effort would be in minus.

You may say that the Sun provides energy?
No! The Sun provides life...

There is a perceivable difference between energy .. matter and life. The human body needs energy, and at the same time it is alive. Planet Earth needs energy, and at the same time the Planet is alive. Water is a source of energy, and at the same time water is alive.

There is no co-incidence to the fact that coal and crude oil are dark and are such a good source of value in producing power. On the other hand solar panels bleed more light than they produce energy.

Collecting energy (power) using flat solar panels is like trying to collect rainwater using a flat panel. Like water the energy (light) pours around the solar panel .. and the leprechauns are laughing :-)

The human eye is a powerful collector of light .. and acts as a highly efficient containment vessel .. because if the eye could not contain the light there would be no physical sight. What colour is the pupil? Dark! Black! Like looking into the Universe!

Dark matter and dark energy are more efficient sources of power / energy .. containment and transformation. You see, we humans also have to transform the energy into usable frequencies. Dark Universe is energy frequency transformer.

All human activity is based on energy .. including trade .. financial markets .. exchange .. resources and exchange of money. It is not that money is energy. It is the other way round! Energy is money!

All material processes require energy. Production is human energy intensive: Growing food .. farming .. clothes .. building .. travelling .. exchanging goods and services.

The banking sector feed off and totally depend upon energy .. and the exchange of human energy in the real material world. But the banking sector became removed from the real world .. sort of like the King of France or a Pope in the Middle Ages.

In very ancient times the "king" or "emperor" was a servant, there to serve the whole society. Same with money exchanges and trade... To serve the greater whole and healthy society makes one healthy!

People will begin to realise that energy is key .. and that trade is a product of energy and everything else in life depends on energy. So, energy becomes a key factor in our lives. We do not focus on base matter / materials .. but we pay attention and are grateful for a key (Qi) fundamental essential factor that connects all our lives.

When these realisations became part of my life it was not during the day .. it was at night. The Sun had set and it was getting dark. I lay on the stone platform under the ancient stone wall of the Gothic church and could see the energy hidden in the darkness.

During the day light is hitting us all the time and it is hard to see. But in the darkness .. at night .. the mind becomes incredibly sensitive and can really start to see .. and to understand.

Humans are looking in the wrong places for renewable energy resources. The answers are right in front of us everywhere and even within our own bodies.

There is energy in matter and this is why energy frequencies can flow through matter. And metal wires are not the best conductors of frequency (energy) .. plants / plant matter is the most efficient conductor of frequency outside of stone and crystals. And if you want to go to "the root" .. well .. this is where the idea of wires originated!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

& Energy Powered Down From The Heavens

The most important technological human re-volutionary developments
will come from the East...
Across Time & Space
Recently, I was talking with my friends from the future. You think I am kidding? Right? And they were showing me the technology of spirit-matter. That is not like free-energy / which does not exist :-) ... Not free-energy but FREQUENCY.

Everything in life is frequency!

In Winter it gets cold & that is a frequency. So, people create fire/heat & that is a frequency. Energy is frequency. You like to watch certain kind of films? That is a frequency... People are angry and divided .. people co-operate and show compassion .. those are frequencies! You use electricity from power-grid to use technology & that is all about frequency!

Materials you use to build structures are each their own frequency. Combine right materials in the right ways and you have free-flowing energy (frequencies).

My Friends From The Future
My friends from the future do not teach me about energy .. they teach me about frequency! You see .. day and night are one in terms of frequency. You do not need sunlight to create energy... In fact, you will gather more energy at night :-)

It is not energy you are collecting! It is frequency...

So, they teach me about electricity travelling through wires. You know !! Electrical current flows through wires (giant cables carrying "current" to your home .. hahaha :-)

If electrical flow is confined to flow THROUGH metal wires .. then why can it hit you like a sledge-hammer if you touch the live wire ?? Huh !!

Why cover the metal wire with INSULATION ??

Because the frequency current does not flow through wires .. but it SURROUNDS wires. Electrical frequency transfer follows same basic laws of Universe.. The same natural laws of energy from the heavens.

The energy-frequency transfer of power (electric) to each home has a "core expansive field" .. where the frequency/energy bleeds from the power grid at increasingly excessive rates.

The transfer energy / electrical bleed-rate is similar to flow of river / stream water .. where more water soaks into the surrounding landscape than flows downstream in form of a river.

So .. everyone says: Energy flows... No! It is frequency!!

The energy-frequency flows down the outside of key structures .. and it moves like water-flow out into the surrounding landscape. All you need to do is create natural flow .. and then you need "absorbers". Units / materials that can capture and store energy frequencies.

The human body captures and stores energy frequencies! Animals .. birds and trees capture and store energy frequency. This is not "free energy" it is natural qi-energy-frequency. Land .. grass .. water .. clouds .. mountains .. cells .. bones .. blood .. physical existence captures and stores energy-frequencies.

Across Space Time
Imagine your spirit travels on its journey .. using the path (life) across space-time !! You are the past, the present and the future! As one unique whole!

Perhaps you do not travel linear .. in a dull straight line! Perhaps your soul / spirit can travel through space-time in multi-dimensional layers. Similar to the Internet .. your spirit can access all levels and layers of time/space at any point in time.

In theory .. your spirit could have built the Gothic energy church from the "future" .. back into the "past" for you to discover its secrets NOW !!

I hope you are still with me :-)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Kinetic Force Jing Qi

Kinetic = motion; from Greek - to set in motion / to move.

To Move Through Tall Doors
In man's ancient past .. there was a time when physical kinetic movement and inner force were one. They still are one - but our understanding of movement has moved down to physical base perspective.

In the East there are various practices of cultivating superior energy (jin / jing). A formless energy or force that appears to operate outside the laws of physical space-time. That appears superior to physical force.

Humans describe two forms of force or movement .. when there is only one force manifesting in all forms / kinetic force. That unseen undetectable force moves physical and spirit world (energy).

They describe types of movement in Martial Arts .. physical force = movement and a superior inner non-physical force: Jing ... But jing moves both mind (inner force) and it is also force behind physical movement of the body. It is just that the physical human body is limited in its frequency to adapt jing (hidden kinetic force). The mind is capable of moving with / adapting to manifest superior force.

In the ancient world the women were brilliant in using their minds and the men were brilliant in using their physical force. Again .. yin and yang balance .. in man and woman the physical meets with the deeper psyche / mind / energy flow.

When the foetus is forming inside the womb there is no physical form - but jing is moving division of the cells. Equally, jing moved / moves the sperm. In my mind jing is The Journey and movement is The Path (totality of our lives). But! Yin and yang .. are one!!

The journey and the path are one.

Kinetic / Movement
In earlier post I said there was a time when women were masters of "kinetic energy" or "kinetic force" and could overpower the superior physical strength of males / men.

I should add that women could use this inner force with ease and subtlety .. doing the least possible harm. However, perhaps the word "kinetic" is not so accurate in the way we understand motion today...

As long as it was balanced .. that worked for mankind.
Everyone assumes that physically strong men built and designed all the ancient structures of mankinds ancient past. You know! The women were at home cooking .. :-) Ha.. Ha.. Ha..

The Force / Jing or what I call Jing Qi .. has no superior and inferior form(s). Different forms or manifestations occur according to the frequency of the receiver. For example, mountains are awesome "receivers" .. the ocean is an awesome receiver (of Jingqi).

The reason I call this kinetic force Jingqi .. is because our Earth physical reality is based on duality .. and our spirits are inside physical reality. We are not floating around out in space !!

In order for Jing to interact with spirit and physical life there has to be Qi... And qi is energy! So you have spirit using energy to move physical body.

Jing Qi Is Love / Compassion
So .. there is a lot of love pouring into human beings! But energy of compassion does not have a big ego .. and so people do not notice it! When you feel the love it is not because you are suddenly overwhelmed by big expansive force...

When you feel the love it is because you become part of that force .. you become one with that force. Something inside you effortlessly becomes one with your journey .. the path. Jingqi - journey with the path!

That is to manifest Jing in physical world ...

Monday, October 07, 2013

The Key Is Energy

Everything in our lives is core primordial energy !!
The Qi is energy .. once you understand.

Once you understand that the key to everything in life is energy .. this frees you from the base illusion of physical matter! Everything you do .. everything you are is energy.

Your thoughts .. your actions .. your life .. your body .. preparing - eating and digesting food .. your activities .. when you sleep .. when you waken up requires energy!

Your sorrows and your fears use energy! Your joys and your balanced state of mind are founded on energy! Nothing exits without energy... Love is energy .. compassion is energy!

Why do we take energy for granted and only focus on the base physical reality? And why do we not show gratitude to this energy of life? The same mysterious energy that allows you to live in physical body on Earth is same energy in plants, in a growing tree, in growing wheat and growing rice...

It is the same energy in the animals .. birds .. fish and insects. The same energy powers the bees .. the flowers .. the grass .. the essential seaweed on the shores of the oceans.

It is the same energy that is in the Sun and Planets!

There you have the key to "free energy".

Countries Trade Energy
The whole fundamental behind world economies .. trade .. commodities and food IS ENERGY. You don't have anything in this life without energy! All markets .. all trade .. all economic human activities are based on energy. There are no markets .. there is no food to trade without energy !!

This one key factor behind all human activity is why the world will see Asia - dragon energy - rise to be the leading world power over the next thousand years... Because .. no one understands the core principles of energy better than China and the East.

I am not talking about coal .. gas and oil !!

You cannot grow anything without energy... It does not matter whether crops are ploughed using human with animals pulling the plough .. or whether the fields are sown no-till (Fukuoka) .. or whether tractors are powered with diesel fuel. It all requires energy of some kind.

It is the same with our daily lives.

The whole world ignores and is blind to this fact .. that the key to economies .. trade .. markets and our existence is ENERGY. Nothing exists without energy. Only once we understand this .. and appreciate it .. will we change our relationship to this energy.

The key words are "appreciate" and "gratitude".

Many people today talk about UFOs .. Unidentified Mysterious Objects .. Anti-Gravity .. Free Energy! But those UFOs are alive and aware. You go inside and the energy inside (that surrounds the craft) is aware of you! How about that to freak someone out??

When you have your own awareness it is not a problem.

This is very ancient philosophy originating in the East that has a very real and practical application in the physical world: Energy moves matter.

Also .. energy is aware!

So, when you eat that animal or that fish .. you had better be grateful. Same with the grains and the vegetables. Do not take for granted the energy that powers your world both inside you and outside of you.

So, you build up respectful relatonship with energy and energy will teach you. Because energy is aware... Both inside you and outside. This is the key to the future of mankind.

Free Energy?
It is popular today to talk about "free energy" and "anti gravity" .. but what no one realises are the materials required to hold that energy in a usable form similar to the human body.

The material has to be "alive" :-)

Sure! Free energy is all around you .. but there is just one thing! People talk about Nikola Tesla and his achievements .. but Tesla's experiments transmitting wireless energy was mostly out of control .. blowing out circuits and electrifying the ground for miles around.

The reason it was out of control? Materials!

It is not about generating free-energy .. but about containing that energy in a usable and safe manner. For that little trick humans need certain materials and an understanding of awareness.

You see .. when certain materials absorb free-energy they exhibit / eminate a feeling of awareness or a sense of awareness. Unless humanity changes their inner relatonship with the world ...

The materials will be more aware than the humans .. hahahaha!

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Dual Psyche Within Free Energy

We travelled back in time .. to share with our past selves ...
The psychic art of inner-energy transformation!

We Walk Through Tall Doors...
The most important factor to understand in developing free energy devices .. is the psychic factor. Balance of the psyche. The paranormal nature of free energy .. and the transformation of the human psyche in relation to this psychic force.

I was once invited - in a dream / astral dream - to observe problems a secrect area was having with newly developed anti-gravity mass transporter similar to a modern train.

This astral-dream took place many years ago...

I am not sure if the astral dream took place in this psychic time-zone .. or if it took place in future time-zone. You see, it is not well known to man today that all time-zones communicate with each other and are connected.

The past .. the present .. the future time-zones communicate as one organic / psychic whole. To understand this .. simply imagine various time-zones to be similar to the energy and cells inside your physical body.

Energy seamlessly connects all time and space across all dimensions. The physical connection is psychic field that upholds the fundamental integrity of every cell in the physical and energetic / astral body.

In the astral dream I was being asked to observe and understand problems they were having with free energy / anti-gravity human transporters... One of the problems .. in a series of problems .. was the human mind :-)

I wont go into details .. other than to say Wilhelm Reich's Orgone Energy and Tesla's discoveries .. in our present and chaotic world .. would have to be shielded from psychic disturbance in man ( ... and that is not possible).

I may write more about this? But .. this is a very complex area: Relationship between man .. the psyche of man .. energy .. the paranormal electrical-field and the astral / psychic. We all use the psychic every day! However, people are not aware of this factor. The psychic functions mostly on auto-pilot .. currently on Planet Earth.

In a nutshell .. the problem facing mankind is either you pay cash for base-level energy = coal .. gas .. oil .. bio-fuels! Or you transform inner psyche to level of free energy .. that is actually more complex than " base-level" energy :-)

Psychic Transformative Energy of Atlan Water Snake
Geomantic Chinese Water Snake - February 10, 2013 - January 30, 2014 .. in which there will be passing of comet ISON (the comet of the century) .. reaching its point closest to the Sun on November 28, 2013.

I have become aware of recent reports suggesting that comet ISON is "dying" or disintegrating ... But that is what sperm does as it unloads its paket of energy into the womb / egg .. Sun / Earth !! The sperm / comet .. dies .. only to be transformed .. reborn into a new form .. such is the duality of life and death :-)

All of you reading this post began life as a tiny little sperm swimming through and within a watery environment .. similar to a comet .. reaching perihelion .. the closest point to the Sun / Egg in the womb .. and why do astronomers call a comets closest point to the Sun: The comet .. "reaching its climax" ??? Duh !!!

"We know exactly when comet ISON will reach its climax .. @ 1:41 PM EST .. November 28, 2013... When the ice packed comet ISON ( = WATER !! ) .. reaches perihelion - the point closest to the Sun.

The point that I am trying to make is this: The duality of free-energy is human mind / psyche in eternity / phi symbol with energy of the Planet and Sun.

Our ancient ancestors knew this! They also knew + understood the dangers involved !! You can use the free-energy and you can also destroy yourselves with the free-energy...

The ancient geomantic Chinese Water Snake is about psychic and energetic transformation... Where the duality of free-energy is both within the psyche of man and is manifest outside = in the physical world...

Inner Transformation(s) ...
As above .. so below .. outer comets graze the Sun as sperm grazes the Sun/Egg within the womb ... The Universe is within us .. just as the whole Universe surrounds us !!

Always be thankful .. show gratitude.

The duality of Planetary "Free-Energy" is within you and is also without you... Without you (in English) also implies that free-energy exists "without you" = you are not an essential part in the existence of the free-flow-of-energy !?

The essential mystery key .. is that you are the:
Past .. Present and the Future !! As One :-) NOW