Tuesday, October 15, 2013

& Energy Powered Down From The Heavens

The most important technological human re-volutionary developments
will come from the East...
Across Time & Space
Recently, I was talking with my friends from the future. You think I am kidding? Right? And they were showing me the technology of spirit-matter. That is not like free-energy / which does not exist :-) ... Not free-energy but FREQUENCY.

Everything in life is frequency!

In Winter it gets cold & that is a frequency. So, people create fire/heat & that is a frequency. Energy is frequency. You like to watch certain kind of films? That is a frequency... People are angry and divided .. people co-operate and show compassion .. those are frequencies! You use electricity from power-grid to use technology & that is all about frequency!

Materials you use to build structures are each their own frequency. Combine right materials in the right ways and you have free-flowing energy (frequencies).

My Friends From The Future
My friends from the future do not teach me about energy .. they teach me about frequency! You see .. day and night are one in terms of frequency. You do not need sunlight to create energy... In fact, you will gather more energy at night :-)

It is not energy you are collecting! It is frequency...

So, they teach me about electricity travelling through wires. You know !! Electrical current flows through wires (giant cables carrying "current" to your home .. hahaha :-)

If electrical flow is confined to flow THROUGH metal wires .. then why can it hit you like a sledge-hammer if you touch the live wire ?? Huh !!

Why cover the metal wire with INSULATION ??

Because the frequency current does not flow through wires .. but it SURROUNDS wires. Electrical frequency transfer follows same basic laws of Universe.. The same natural laws of energy from the heavens.

The energy-frequency transfer of power (electric) to each home has a "core expansive field" .. where the frequency/energy bleeds from the power grid at increasingly excessive rates.

The transfer energy / electrical bleed-rate is similar to flow of river / stream water .. where more water soaks into the surrounding landscape than flows downstream in form of a river.

So .. everyone says: Energy flows... No! It is frequency!!

The energy-frequency flows down the outside of key structures .. and it moves like water-flow out into the surrounding landscape. All you need to do is create natural flow .. and then you need "absorbers". Units / materials that can capture and store energy frequencies.

The human body captures and stores energy frequencies! Animals .. birds and trees capture and store energy frequency. This is not "free energy" it is natural qi-energy-frequency. Land .. grass .. water .. clouds .. mountains .. cells .. bones .. blood .. physical existence captures and stores energy-frequencies.

Across Space Time
Imagine your spirit travels on its journey .. using the path (life) across space-time !! You are the past, the present and the future! As one unique whole!

Perhaps you do not travel linear .. in a dull straight line! Perhaps your soul / spirit can travel through space-time in multi-dimensional layers. Similar to the Internet .. your spirit can access all levels and layers of time/space at any point in time.

In theory .. your spirit could have built the Gothic energy church from the "future" .. back into the "past" for you to discover its secrets NOW !!

I hope you are still with me :-)