Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Energy of Desire

Desire .. de sidere (Old French) .. From the stars
To Await What The Stars Bring
I woke up with this image in my mind of the triangle or pyramid representing "desire" .. meaning the world powered by sexual life force with OM representing harmony. Where desire is totally natural .. subtle .. beautiful and necessary part of all of life.

I first want to look at the energy of desire .. because it is not what we think it is! Natural energy of desire is like water bubbling up from a hidden source. From the moment we are born this energy of desire exists.

Desire is the invisible living energetic foundation behind everything we do in life. Not ego-self and not thought .. the totally misunderstood energy of desire is pure.

The pollution of self comes into our lives through what we manifest and build in terms of the physical world or how we respond inwardly to the challenge of "desire". That is not original energy source of desire! It is how we RESPOND...

The world is held together in harmony through energy of desire. By that I also mean the sub-atomic particles as well as molecules and physical matter. This mysterious and subtle energy manifests the same force of attraction in the germination of all seeds and in growth.

Seeds mean not only grass seeds, wheat, corn, flowers, plants and trees .. but seeds within humans, animals, fish, insects and birds! All living forms have this subtle but powerful energy of desire to grow...

Unseen Power of Desire
I can best show or share what I see through visual art. It is more difficult to convey this insight in words! The energy of desire is original source energy. It is like an eternal bubbling fountain of water that exists within us.

Energy of desire - as you see in the pictograph - does not exist in isolation. Desire is in direct relation / in relationship with primal forces that surround us and are our origins.

Sexual life force is more powerful than "sex".

Sex is a nano-dot of particle energy within the total living field of sexual life force. Sexual life force maintains our health, our immune system, our well being, our psyche, the physical body, integrity of mind and spirit...

There is sexual life force in mountains, in water, in plants, trees, clouds, animals .. in everything. Pure and simple! So, humans are not so unique .. but are part of the whole!

The energy of desire is like a power .. a power source.

The key is how we use that energy / power !!

Thought Is Not Desire
The ego-self / thought uses desire .. but thought is not desire. The human ego attaches itself to natural flow of desire and at that point the desire becomes thought without discipline or compassion. It is simply the manifestation of base physical ego.

The past religious and spititual traditions - still active today - was not to inquire into and understand desire (understand oneself) .. but to go beyond desire .. to overcome desire .. to isolate self from the temptations of the mundane world and be purified spiritually.

The unseen power / the inner force behind this traditional spiritual discipline is desire! The desire to be free .. the desire for discipline .. the desire to go beyond ego-self. This is what I try to show in the pictogram depicting balance of sexual life force, desire and compassion.

We do not realise that desire is a pure and essential fundamental force within all living creatures and used by every human being on Earth. All mankind has direct relationship with energy of desire. The key relationship is inside us.

Religious organisations depend on peoples desire to follow their teachings and be part of that journey. Otherwise, people would each seek their own way and not listen to teachers.

All human activity has the golden thread of desire running through each pursuit .. each action. But, the relationship is inside .. it is not outside as base ego-self .. relationship with desire lies within us.

Inner Relationship / Passion / Balance
I drew the pictogram in my mind before I drew it on paper .. where I saw the passage or portal at the center of the pyramid/triangle. I had to stop and consider: "What is this?"

Desire seen and unseen is in direct relationship with sexual life force and illumination / compassion. In this physical world we have direct relationship with desire where sexual life force is the mysterious foundation and compassion is the guide.

It is desire that touches us directly. We are always in direct relationship with desire... teaching us and showing us ourself. The portal at the center is INITIATION.

If we seek only the base reality, then that is our life. We are faced with base reality day after day until we die. Initiation is always at the level we choose until we choose differently.

Energy of desire gives us what we want .. and base reality is never satisfied .. ego-self always wants more. There you have first internal passage of Initiation. To move beyond the petty desires / relationship of base self.

As we question ourselves and change .. our relationship with desire changes. The inner energy of Initiation transforms. Our personal relationship with energy of desire is the key! The relationship is not outside! The relationship is within! We are experiencing relationship with ourselves!

Sexual force .. desire and cOM-passion are one.