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Master Of The Aether

12-February-2004 - Larry Park

Science has taken a wrong turn in 1887 when Albert A. Michelson and Edward W. Morley conducted a famous experiment, called the Michelson-Morley Experiment. This wrong turn formed an errant foundation our current physics and science rests upon, starting from Albert Einstein (Einstein's Postulates & special theory of relativity) to modern day electromagnetic theory. This wrong turn will rock science to its foundation when realized. It will shatter theories and rewrite a century of books. Among the most devastating will be a crumbling of modern astrophysical theory on formation of our universe (big bang, age of, redshift, and more). Yet, an early scientist was acutely aware of this errant path, but considered it a blessing. Why? A quote:
"I am even grateful to Einstein and others because through their erroneous theories they lead mankind away from that dangerous path I followed." ”
Who is this scientist? It was Nikola Tesla, inventor of our current AC electrical power system. What does this have to do with earthquakes? This wrong turn has kept science from understanding a power which permeates our universe and is the power inside an earthquake. But this power is the fear Tesla expressed in 'dangerous path'. It is a fear that mankind will develop this power for the harm of mankind, rather than for the benefit of mankind.
This article is a bit lengthy and a little technical at times, please bear with me, there are a number of points to assemble here. But they are touched upon briefly.

Earthquakes are predictable
Now is the time where science needs to correct this wrong turn. Why? Too many people are suffering the tragedy of earthquakes in the world. These deaths may be averted. How? The earthquake energy starts hours to days before the ground shakes and is reliably detectable to give warning. Tesla accidentally stumbled across this effect in a resonance experiment, yet everyone has misinterpreted the real physics of what actually happened since today's science or understanding is based on this wrong turn. Earthquakes are predictable. Technology exists now that proves this and the real physics behind the earthquake. More on this further in article.

Science built foundation on 'sand'
Before explanation, let me state that a good part of science is based on proper observations and theory. Science assumes a solid foundation, such as an analogy of 'built upon rock'. However, if 'built upon sand' the foundation will shift and everything above could come crashing down. Already today, astrophysicists are searching for 'missing mass' in our universe, referred to as 'dark matter' as theories are having difficulty in explaining our universe and its formation. New Hubble space telescope discoveries have led to viewing galaxies far distant and beyond original land based telescope observations. This causes problems for light 'red shift' and original expanding universe theory (i.e. galaxy speeding away faster than light - how can we view its light if so). The Standard Model of particle physics has some serious problems - it cannot explain the 'dark energy' or 'dark matter' that astrophysicists are looking for. Theories are continually modified to account for a 'shifting' foundation. A foundation error can ripple throughout science.

'You are wrong, Mr. Einstein - ether does exist!'
Pretty powerful words. Again purported from Nikola Tesla's discovered manuscripts. It continues.

"They say much about the Einstein's theory now. According to Einstein the ether does not exist and many people agree with him. But it is a mistake in my opinion. Ether's opponents refer to the experiments of Maykelson - Morli [Michelson-Morley] who made attempts to detect the Earth's movement relative to the fixed-bed ether. These experiments failed, however it didn't mean the ether's non-existence. I always based as fact the existence of mechanical ether in my works and therefore I could achieve positive success." Nikola Tesla, [transcribed manuscript,(found in old fire-helmet as small manuscript book used as lining)].

Tesla knew of the existence of 'ether' or a 'medium' which the Michelson-Morley experiment tested to determine its existence as Tesla developed technology that interacted with the ether. The Michelson-Morley experiment didn't take into account a 'swirling' of the ether matching the earth's rotation. Einstein thus formed his famous Special theory of Relativity based on this erroneous indication of ether's non-existence. Tesla continues,

"What is the ether and why is it so difficult to detect it? I reflected on this matter for a seriously long time and here are the outcomes I have been led to: I think that all the contradictions about whether the ether exists or not are the result of wrong interpretation of ether's properties. The ether has always been presented as an aeroform environment [gaseous]. That was the essential mistake. The ether has a very strong density. It is known that of more dense a substance, the higher is the speed of wave propagation within it. When comparing acoustic speed in the air and the light speed I have drawn a conclusion that ether density is several thousand times higher than air density. It is not the ether that is aeroform [gaseous] but the material world is an aeroform to the ether!" Nikola Tesla

In other words, ether is a medium that permeates our entire universe but we don't see it like we see and feel objects in our world. Yet this ether is intensely linked to every atom in existence. An analogy is that ether exists as an intimate shadow to us and our world, but it is not directly observable. This intimate shadow is far denser than atoms in our world. This intimate shadow exists even in empty regions of space. It exists everywhere in our universe.

Is "Ether" God's Firmament?
Some think of it as a 'firmament' that our universe exists within. Tesla continues, "A good example for such an interaction becomes apparent in gravitation, which should rather be named, universal compression. I think the material bodies do not gravitate between each other but it is the ether that makes one material body to press to another."

"We wrongly call this phenomenon gravitation."

"We can also feel ether's reaction when sudden acceleration or braking."

"The stars, planets and all the universe appeared from the ether when some part of it, due to certain reasons, became less dense."

"It can be compared with formation of blebs [air bubbles] in boiling water although such a comparison is only rough. The ether tries to return itself to its initial state by compressing our world, but intrinsic electric charge within material the world substance obstructs this. It is similar to that when the water compresses blebs [air bubbles] filled with hot water steam. Until the steam does get cold the water is unable to compress the bleb. With time, having lost the intrinsic electric charge, our world will be compressed with the ether and is going to turn into ether."

"Having come out of the ether once - so it will go back into the ether." Nikola Tesla
Certainly, Tesla had a much different viewpoint than current scientific theory has today on matter formation. But Tesla was intimate with understanding of this 'medium' of ether and had time to investigate its effects in our world. His working understanding of ether led him to uniquely insightful realizations.

Other modern day scientists are re-discovering what Tesla understood. The staggering amount of energy in this 'ether' has scientists in awe. So much so that they speak of God. The interactive energy of the ether is known to science today as "Zero Point Energy" or ZPE.

"Question: I have been reading your article about Zero Point Energy, and I am fascinated by it. I was hoping you could elaborate on how in on cubic centimeter it contains more energy than all stars and space, that really baffles me."

"Setterfield: Thank you for the question. It lets me know there have been some misunderstandings, and I am happy for a chance to clear them up."

"The Zero Point Energy (ZPE) is indeed pervasive throughout the whole volume of space. Each cubic centimeter has the same amount of ZPE. It is an extremely large amount, but not quite as large as you seem to have been led to believe. Certainly, each cc [cubic centimeter] contains more energy than expended by all the stars in OUR GALAXY in a million years, but this is a 'few degrees' less than all the stars in space! How is this possible?"

"Think about a rubber band. Stretch it. Stretch it more. Until it is almost ready to break. You have just invested it with quite a bit of energy - all contained in that little bit of rubber."

"In the Bible, we read twelve times that God says He stretched the heavens. If this verb is correct, and I believe it is, then the entire fabric of space has been invested with energy past our ability to even imagine it. This is why each cc of space has such an enormous amount of energy in it. We cannot feel it because it is all around us and in us equally - and, besides, we're used to it! But it is there. The pressure of our atmosphere gives a good picture. You cannot feel fourteen pounds per square inch of pressure on your skin, but it is there. On the other hand, if that pressure were suddenly (or even slowly) released, you would literally explode. The same with the ZPE."

"I hope this helps. The energy itself is from God - from his action in stretching out the heavens."
Zero Point Energy in our universe becomes a mind boggling thought. For a cube about 1/3 an inch square is contained more energy than expended by ALL of the stars in OUR GALAXY in a million years!

Science 'goofed' on assuming ether is non-existent
Another 'goof' in science is that since ether didn't exist (Michelson-Morley experiment interpretation) is that this pesky term in Maxwell's equations could be fudged - or assumed to be zero. Scientist Oliver Heaviside didn't like the increasing complexity in solving equations in the full equation forms. By assuming this term 'non-physical' it allowed the simplification of equations and thus working with them. Turns out, this pesky term is not zero at all and is real. Oops.

What does this mean? It means that science has missed the fact of existence of this term. It means that this term implies an ability to interact with Scalar Field Effects - or Scalar waves. Tesla knew of these. He called them Longitudinal waves. And what does Longitudinal waves propagate within? A medium or the 'ether'.

How does Scalar Field Effects, Ether, and Zero Point Energy tie together? It means that the tremendous energy of ZPE can manifest in our world in a synchronized way. The earthquake. (for description of scalar waves see prior articles).

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Our Changing World

Late-night mystery:
Dozens of readers from across Israel told Ynet about unusually loud “explosions” and tremors throughout the night, but attempts to shed light on the source of the blasts has been met with uncertainty.
October 28 - Y Net

Double Mystery:
Just three weeks after dozens of readers from across Israel told Ynet about unusually loud booms and tremors throughout the night, residents again reported hearing loud boom-like sounds in different parts of the country Tuesday, mainly in coastal regions, claiming their homes shook as a result. November 22 - Y Net

During the December 26, 2004 Earthquake off Sumatra, mysterious "sky booms" were heard in Sumatra a week before the quake.

What is an ‘Earthquake Boom’?

Earthquake Boom is a very loud, deep sounding explosion, which emanates from the earth. If directly above emanation, directional determination may be difficult as sound is not from a distinct direction as it is from a wide area of earth’s surface. It is a higher frequency audio form of the traditional shaking earthquake even though current seismographs cannot ‘see’ or ‘record’ them. Scalar devices are able to clearly ‘see’ these events along with the rest of the earthquake ‘family’ of earth-generated events such as the ‘silent’ or ‘slow’ earthquake. Another relative to the ‘family’ is the earth ‘lurch’ and a ‘fast version of slow’ earthquake – these yet to be discovered by mainstream science.

These loud explosions have been witnessed by many over the years. They also accompany traditional earthquakes as these are part of the mix of seismic activity (earthquake & earthquake boom).City residents of Spokane Washington in the summer of 2001 experienced a classic series of explosions (earthquake booms) and earthquakes in a flurry of shallow earthquake swarms. Seismologists were unable to record these booming events on seismographs. Terra Research

Bandar Abbas - Iran: A powerful earthquake has hit southern Iran, killing at least 10 people, injuring dozens more and damaging several villages, officials say. The 6.1-magnitude quake struck Qeshm island, home to 120,000 people, and the city of Bandar Abbas, state media said. BBC

Mystery Booms from 2004 - A loud explosion which sent residents running for cover has been heard in Wales for the second time in less than a week. Windows and homes shook in areas of Denbighshire and Conwy at around 17.50BST on Tuesday. North Wales Police received calls from worried residents who thought there had been an earthquake.

Glenn Ford, a seismologist with the British Geological Survey in Edinburgh, said they had had no signals "consistent with an earthquake in the area". The small earthquakes are very similar to effects observed by sonic booms," he said. BBC News

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The Swallow & The Creator

Flying On The Edge Of Reality

The migrating birds were arriving at Lake Geneva. Flocks of Geese had already flown across the water the day before, and rare ducks were feeding along the edge of the lake. The Swallows had arrived and were gliding around the tower with ease. It was early in the morning and the day had begun without a cloud in the sky. We were talking in the kitchen overlooking the balcony and suddenly a small bird fluttered down in front of the window.

The Swallow had not hit the glass and it had not hit the balcony or it would have fallen on the other side. The bird simply arrived unable to fly and eventually unable to move. The Swallow fluttered around helplessly and then lay exhausted against the balcony wall, it looked up as though asking for help.

To be honest I thought that the small animal had no chance of recovery.

I went out expecting the Swallow to struggle, but the tiny bird did not move as I carefully picked it up in both hands. The birds heart was beating so fast its whole body shook, and yet as I sent energy through my hands into its body the small bird calmed down.

Its wings seemed to be paralysed and its feet were curled up under its body. The bird could only move its head and its eyes. I held the bird and Michael put his finger gently on its tiny head. I could feel him praying as he sent energy into the tiny Swallow. After that the bird turned its head to watch him. Wherever Michael walked the Swallow turned to look at him. The love coming from this small bird cannot be described, I could see our world though the eyes of the Swallow - our small visitor from the skies.

I did not have to close my hands on the wings, the bird lay very still and seemed to be at home with us. I simply held it in my open hands and began to send healing energy into its body. The Swallow closed its eyes. I prayed to the Creator to give the Swallow the strength to fly again, I asked the Creator to send life into the body of the bird he had created. I removed stagnant sick energy from within the Swallow and I energised the inner energy field.

After some time the Swallow was able to move its wings, and then it was able to move its feet and it stood on my fingers. I asked the mountains to send healing energy into the bird. At this point the Swallow could move and was vibrating its wings and looking around.

The tiny bird waited for Michael to come back into the room and saying "goodbye" it shot faster than the eye can move out back again into the skies above. We could not determine whether the bird would be able to fly again; but within our prayers was a deep understanding of the oneness of being humans share with the earth and all creatures upon the earth. There comes a point where your life is indivisible from the life of all creatures, and your death is indivisible from the death of all creatures.

I have always loved the Crop Circle: The Swallows. These tiny birds will keep flying in the most powerful storms. They are truly masters of the skies. When you hold one in your hands they are so light it is hardly possible that they can navigate the winds above, and yet they do. When these birds take flight they embody the power of the skies. Their wings are designed with a perfect knowledge of wind and flight. 

Who created the wind and who created the wing, and who created the flight? Religions talk about "God", and yet to understand God you have to understand the dynamics of nature, the geometry of mountains, the nature of water, wind and air. 

To touch God you have to touch the perfect balance of the feather that repels water and hovers on air. That the wing understands the nature of water and air is the key to God and the purpose of life. Swallows in the corn fields leaves us a clue to our own existence, if we care to stop and listen ...

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Copperheads & The Trail Of Tears

Most of my life I have observed a strange association between the behaviour of animals, sea creatures and birds that relate in an intimate way to events in our world. Not only obvious signs where animals sense the danger of earthquakes or approaching storms, but signs where nature seems to talk to us directly from the invisible world. These deeper signs are more complex and they speak a very ancient direct language, a sign language that is understood through the heart and less through the rational mind.
Take, for example, the latest unusual and therefore attention catching behaviour of Copperhead snakes in Littlerock Arkansas. Nearly 100 Copperhead snakes are using the Cedar tree as a place of gathering ... The snakes began to swarm in the back yard of Arkansas, resident, Chuck Miller.
He knew it was too early for the Copperheads to swarm plus he'd never seen so many snakes together before. Copperheads don't usually move into groups, or "aggregates," until late September to October for hibernation. Unusual Summer Swarm of Arkansas Copperheads
The actual behaviour of the snakes is even more interesting. The snakes are gathering mainly around a large cedar tree:
"The snakes tend, as they move toward the cedar tree, they have been exhibiting unusual behavior which has not been described before in copperheads. They raise their heads and it looks like they are sniffing the air. Then they go down to the surface of the ground and rub the sides of their heads against the soil and then move up into the air again, like they are trying to sense something. They do this around the cedar tree. Afterward, they move off in almost a direct line up to the top of the ridge."
The most obvious questions have been do the Copperheads sense an approaching earthquake, as snakes are sensitive to vibration or an extremely severe and unusual change in the weather? However, look at the above description of their behaviour around the tree.
Trail of Tears, one of Illinois' state forests, is situated in western Union County, five miles northwest of Jonesboro and 20 miles south of Murphysboro. Just over 5,000 acres are within the State Forest. Two species of poisonous snakes, timber rattlesnakes and northern copperheads, occur here.
The area was used extensively by prehistoric Native Americans. Individuals and small groups hunted game or gathered nuts within the Ozarks, but established their settlements closer to the Mississippi River or Clear Creek. Chert was mined (for making tools) at Iron Mountain, east of the Forest.
As settlers of European descent entered (around 1803), Native Americans were pushed south and west. In 1838-39 the Cherokee, Creek, and Chickasaw nations were forced by the U.S. Army to move from the southeast to reservations in Oklahoma Territory. They overwintered at makeshift camps 4 miles south of the Forest's southern boundary. Bitter cold and starvation claimed hundreds of lives. The cruel trek came to be known as the "Trail of Tears." The State Forest's name memorializes the tragic event.
Arkansas is one of the four routes on which the Cherokee Indians were forced to walk "The Trail Of Tears" from Georgia to Oklahoma. There is more. Not only does the history of the area stretching from Illinios to Arkansas meet with the brutal treatment of the Cherokee, but another story emerges that relates directly to events in the USA today.
The Copperheads Anti War Movement - 1863
Not every person living in the North during the Civil War favored making war against the Confederacy. Such persons came to be identified as Copperheads. Often affiliated with the Democratic party and residing in the Midwest, Copperheads favored a negotiated peace settlement that would allow the South to leave the Union. Some of them were arbitrarily thrown into jail without proper habeas corpus proceedings after publicly advocating their views.
By 1863, America's northern states and southern states had been fighting a bitter, bloody civil war for two years.
Both sides felt the pressure of the costly struggle. The south was beginning to suffer from a lack of supplies and men for its armies. The north was beginning to suffer from a lack of fighting spirit. Many Americans in northern states did not support the war policies of Union President Abraham Lincoln. Some said openly that they did not care who won the war. They just wanted to be left alone.
Coal miners in Pennsylvania protested against a law drafting men into the Union army. They rioted and attacked officials who tried to take them. Soldiers were sent to Pennsylvania to put down the riots. Farmers in Ohio also protested. They refused to be drafted.
The law said a man who was drafted could stay out of the army by doing one of two things. He could pay the government three hundred dollars. Or he could pay another man to serve in his place. If a drafted man could not do either thing, then he must join the army or be shot as a deserter.
In the wartime economy of the north, prices were rising much faster than wages. Even a man with a good job had a difficult time feeding his family. It was impossible for him to pay the government three hundred dollars or pay someone else to serve for him in the army.
Poor men protested against the law. They said it was unfair. "It's a rich man's war," they cried, "but a poor man's fight. The rich man's money against the poor man's blood."
The leaders of the anti-war movement in the north were members of the opposition Democratic Party. They wore on their coats a copper penny showing the head of a native American Indian. This gave them the name "Copperheads. " One important Copperhead was a former congressman from Ohio, Clement Vallandigham.

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Seeing With The Ears

Hearing With The Eyes
Light is so incredibly important because our eyes have become the dominant reality. Because of this we have talked for the past 3,000 years about "the light", seeing the light, knowing the light, entering the light. And yet we have not done it. Talking is ephemeral and has nothing to do with action. We talk about the light because we live only in our eyes. Because of this imbalance humans have built little boxes of flickering light, and they sit in front of these boxes worshiping their false reality... Socrates - The Cave Dwellers

No doubt Socrates foresaw the coming dominance of the eye brain, and those poor dwellers may just as well be sitting in front of a box of flickering lights!

Sound is a vitally important part of our sacred dream, and yet we look but do not see. We do not see because we do not hear. The harmonics of light are encoded as sound. If you do not use your eyes to hear, then you will not listen. If you do not listen, then you will not see the light. The truth has been hidden from you only because you do not hear the truth. Truth is a sound encoded in light. If you do not hear the sound you will not see the light. Light is a harmonic, and sound is the harmony that gives form to light. With your eyes you are hearing sound in the form of light, which is why the controllers feed you pictures that flicker to fill your brain with dis-harmony.

Have you noticed how the "religious books" on earth are filled with violence? Out of that violence they developed the violent boxes of light. Day and night it saturates into your brain, because your brain has to sort out the disorder while you sleep. This is the reason the beings of light advised me to avoid those programming stations, and for over 25 years I have not looked at a dis-resonance box ... I have looked at the stars instead!

Neruda Interviews - Interview 1

Sarah: "But why can't we get even partial truths about this picture of reality -- about ETs and the Federation? Someone, the media or government or someone else is keeping this information from us. Like the story you were telling me about the Martians. If this is true and Clinton knows about this, why aren't we being told?"

Dr. Neruda: "There's a cynical part of me that would say something like -- why do you watch six hours of television every day? Why do you feed your minds exclusively with the opinions of others? Why do you trust your politicians? Why do you trust your governments? Why do you support the destruction of your ecosystems and the companies and governments that perpetrate this destruction?

"You see, because the whole of humanity allows these things to occur, the wool is pulled over your eyes and it's easy to ration information and direct your attention to mundane affairs like the weather and Hollywood."

Sarah: "That's fine for you to say -- someone who's IQ can't be charted. But for those of us with average intelligence, what are we supposed to do differently that would give us access to this information -- to this larger reality?"

Dr. Neruda: "I don't know. I honestly don't know. I don't pretend to have the answers. But somehow humans need to be more demanding of their governments and even the media. Because the media is a big part of this manipulation, though they're not aware of how they've become pawns of the information cover-up.

"The truth of the matter is that no one entity is to blame. Elitists have always existed since the dawn of man. There have always been those who had more aggression and power and would dominate the weaker of the species. This is the fundamental structure that has bred this condition of information cover-up, and it happens in every sector of society, including religion, government, military, science, academia, and business.

"No one created this playing field to be level and equal for all. It was designed to enable free will and reality selection based on individual preferences. And for those who have the mental capacity to probe into these secrets behind the secrets behind the secrets, they usually find pieces of this larger reality -- as you put it. It's not entirely hidden -- there are books and individuals and even prophesies that corroborate much of what I've spoken of here tonight. And these are readily available to anyone who wants to understand this larger universe in which we live.

"So, to answer your question: 'what are we supposed to do differently?' I would read and study. I would invest time learning about this larger universe and turn off the television and disconnect from the media. That's what I would do."

"Maybe this is a good place to wrap things up. Unless you have anything else you'd like to add."

Dr. Neruda: "Only one thing, and that is that if anyone ever reads this interview, please do so with an empty mind. If you bring a mind full of learning and education and opinion, you'll find so much to argue with in what I've said that you'll not hear anything. And I'm not interested in arguing with anyone. I'm not even that interested in convincing anyone of what I've said. My life will go on even if no one believes me.

"The WingMakers have built a time capsule of their culture and it's magnificent. I wish I could take people to the original site so they could stand before each of the twenty-three chambers and witness these wall paintings in person. If you were to do this, you would understand that art can be a portal that transports the soul to a different dimension. There is a certain energy that these paintings have that can't be translated in mere photographs. You really need to stand inside these chambers and feel the purposeful nature of this time capsule.

Wingmakers - Neruda Interwiew I

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Panther Across The Sky

Tecumseh and the New Madrid Earthquake
by David Yarrow

"The story you are about to be told is true...." Indeed, the three responses to this topic are excerpts taken from "The Frontiersmen," an authentic historical novel describing how the white man took the Ohio Valley and Kentucky from the Indians. The events they describe are also recorded in several other authentic historical novels, one of which is the biography of Tecumseh entitled "Panther-Across-the-Sky," which, unfortunately, I've not had the opportunity to read yet.

When I studied Earth Science, I learned about the New Madrid earthquake -- the most violent and destructive tremor ever to strike North America in recorded history. Centered in New Madrid, Illinois, where the Ohio and Missouri rivers meet the Mississippi, this massive quake severely shook the entire eastern half of the continent. Chimneys fell all the way up in Maine from this one. And it wasn't merely a single quake, but a series of them spanning a period of four months.

The New Madrid quake is especially intriguing not only because of its unparalleled power, but also because it occurred in an area which is normally devoid of tectonic activity, including earthquakes. The implication is that this monster quake originated far deeper in the North American crust than is usual for an earthquake."

However, what I was never was taught by either Earth Science of American History is that Tecumseh didn't merely predicted the New Madrid earthquake. In truth, Tecumseh didn't merely "predict" this tectonic event, he actually "prophesied" this greatest earthquake ever to hit the continent. Tecumseh's prophecy was given many months in advance of the quake, and was accurate down to the very day it occurred. One of the odd enigmas of truth hidden under the veneer of American History is that this quake was actually his signal to the Indians of North America to unite in an army and drive the invading, land stealing whites off the continent.

This true story reveals a hidden dimension to American History and Geology which shakes not only the earth, but our very rational conceptions of the relationship between Science and Spirit, between Geology and Gaia. This is what I call "Herstory," and it is covered up because it forces us to confront certain political, racial and spiritual realities that are embarrassingly inconsistent with official dogmas. Yet, any thoughtful person must give a long pause to contemplate the implications of this untold tale.

Monday, December 16, 1811
At 2:30 A.M. the earth shook.

In the south of Canada, in the villages of the Iroquois, Ottawa, Chippewa and Huron, it came as a deep and terrifying rumble. Creek banks caved in and huge trees toppled in a continuous crash of snapping branches.

In all of the Great Lakes, but especially Lake Michigan and Lake Erie, the waters danced and great waves broke erratically on the shores, though there was no wind.

In the western plains, there was a fierce grinding sound and a shuddering, which jarred the bones and set teeth on edge. Earthen vessels split apart and great herds of bison staggered to their feet and stampeded in abject panic.

To the south and west, tremendous boulders broke loose on hills and cut swaths through the trees and brush to the bottoms. Rapidly running streams stopped and eddied, and some of them abruptly went dry and the fish that had lived in them flopped away their lives on the muddy or rocky beds.

To the south, whole forests fell in incredible tangles. New streams sprang up where none had been before. In the Upper Creek village of Tuckabatchee, every dwelling shuddered and shook, and then collapsed upon itself and its inhabitants.

To the south and east, palm trees lashed about like whips, and lakes emptied of their waters, while ponds appeared in huge declivities which suddenly dented the surface of the earth.

All over the land, birds were roused from their roosting places with scream of fright and flapping wings. Cattle bellowed and kicked, lost their footing, and were thrown to the ground where they rolled about, unable to regain their balance.

In Kentucky, Tennessee and the Indiana Territory, settlers were thrown from their beds, heard the timbers of their cabins wrench apart, and watched the bricks crumble into heaps of debris masked in choking clouds of dust. Bridges snapped and tumbled into rivers and creeks. Glass shattered, fences and barns collapsed and fires broke out. Along steep ravines, the cliff side slipped and filled their chasms, and the country was blanketing with a deafening roar.

In the center of all this, in that area where the Ohio River meets the Mississippi, where Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri, and Illinois come together, fantastic splits appeared in the ground and huge tracts of land were swallowed up. A few miles from the Mississippi, near the Kentucky-Tennessee border, a monstrous section of ground sank as if some gigantic foot had stepped on the soft earth and mashed it down. Water gushed forth in fantastic volume and the depression became filled and turned into a large lake, to become known as Reelfoot Lake.

The whole midsection of the Mississippi writhed and heaved and tremendous bluffs toppled into the muddy waters. Entire sections of land were inundated, and others that had been riverbed were left high in the air. The Mississippi itself turned and flowed backwards for a time. It swirled and eddied, hissed and gurgled, and at length, when it settled down, the face of the land had changed. New Madrid was destroyed and the tens of thousands of acres of land, including virtually all that was owned by Simon Kenton, vanished forever; that which remained was ugly and austere.

Such was the great sign of Tecumseh.

This was the earthquake which occurred where no tremor had ever been recorded before; where there was no scientific explanation for such a thing happening; where no one could possibly have anticipated or predicted that an earthquake could happen. No one except Tecumseh.

And though they were only a small percentage of those who had pledged themselves to do so, nevertheless quite a number of warriors of various tribes gathered up their weapons and set out at once to join the amazing Shawnee chief near Detroit.

Wednesday, April 1, 1812
The earthquake of December 16 was only a starter. It lasted, intermittently, for two terror-filled days; and at the end of that time, the atmosphere was so choked with dust and smoke that for a week afterwards the sun shone sickly reddish-bronze through an ugly haze.

The second earthquake struck on January 23, and the third hit four days later. And finally, on February 13, came the last and worst of them -- a hideous grinding and snapping which last for only an hour, but caused about as much damage as the other three combined.
Tecumseh Prophecy

Friday, June 17, 2005

Earth Movement

North American West Coast

6.6 Off The Coast Of Northern California Depth 10 km (6.2 miles)
Thursday, June 16, 2005 at 10:21:42 PM = local time at epicenter

7.2 Off The Coast Of Northern California Depth 10 km (6.2 miles)
Tuesday, June 14, 2005 at 6:50:54 PM = local time at epicenter

I have been watching the build up of pressure running down the west coast of America and down the west coast of South America. There are key points on this map taking the strain of the plate movement. The pattern being the same as the one before the 9.3 quake in Sumatera that set off the Tsunami.

People should really be aware that we are approaching full moon on the 22nd of June. I don't think this is a co-incidence that the build up is happening in increasing moon, so close to the full moon. The movement is massive. You can see from the map above that the larger quakes are happening from Russia all the way down to South America, and all of them happening in the past few days.

I notice that at the same time the Sumatera fault line is also showing signs of stress. I would imagine any tipping would effect opposite sides of the plates. It does seem this is a pressure of movement effecting the whole earth. As though the planet is being squeezed, or moved around in ways we are yet to understand. I sense massive movement under the earth. Like breathing, in ancient times they may have called it "The breath of the Phoenix".

Earth Mother in bad labor. She gonna give birth to something great. She already in first labor hours... She be in great pain now... It be great Phoenix that gonna rise up again just like all times ago. He already here... He been forming for years now. He all ready to break out of Earth Mother’s womb... She gonna give up great Phoenix soon...” Phoenix Rising - Mary Summer Rain

Quetzelcoatl foretold that "In time, white men will come out of the eastern sea in great canoes with white wings like a big bird. The white men will be like a bird with two different kinds of feet. One foot will be that of a dove [Christianity], the other of an eagle [predator]. A few hundred years after the arrival of the first white men, other white men would arrive with both feet as a dove". Quetzelcoatl himself or his spirit would come in the form of a white dove at that time.

Crazy Horse ~ The Teton Sioux Chief Crazy Horse had a final vision in which "He saw his people being driven into spiritual darkness and poverty while the white people prospered in a material way all around them. But even in the darkest times, he saw that the eyes of a few of his people kept the light of dawn and the wisdom of the earth, which they passed on to some of their grandchildren. He saw the coming of automobiles and airplanes, and twice he saw the great darkness and heard the screams and explosions when millions of people died in two great world wars.

"But he saw, after the second great war passed, a time come when his people began to awaken, not all at once, but a few here and there, and then more and more, and he saw that they were dancing in a beautiful light of the Spirit World under the Sacred Tree even while still on Earth. Then he was amazed to see that dancing under the tree were representatives of all races who had become brothers, and he realized that the world would be made new again and in peace and harmony not just by his people, but by members of all races of mankind."

Native American Prophecy

Friday, May 20, 2005

Losing The Amazon

The Independent - 20 may 2005
400,000 The number of landless peasants in Brazil.
750 The number of tree species in a 16 sq mile slice of Amazon forest. In the same area there are also 125 species of mammals, 400 species of birds and 100 species of reptiles.
4 billion The tonnage of wood the paper industry will be consuming annually by 2020 if it keeps up its current rate of production.
5,600 The acreage of rainforest destroyed to establish one pulpwood plant, which then consumes 2,000 tons of wood every day producing the electricity needed to run the factory.
22 The percentage of Brazil's population that lives below the poverty line.
10 million The number of unemployed Brazilians, out of a labour market of 89 million.
40-50 The estimated number of years that the rainforest will survive if deforestation continues at its current rate.
2.7 million Acres of rainforest are destroyed in Brazil every year.
33 The percentage of the world's remaining rainforests that are found in Brazil.
17.3 per cent of the Amazon rainforest has been destroyed.
137 Plant and animal species become extinct every day as a result of rainforest depletion.
1 A single Amazonian tree harbours as many species of ants as the entire British Isles.
40 The percentage of its annual income Brazil spends repaying its loans.
20 million people call the Amazon basin home, including 400 indigenous groups.
70 per cent of all logged timber ends up as unusable fragments or sawdust.
50 per cent of all the world's forests have disappeared.
1 million tons of wood are needed to produce enough charcoal to power a single Brazilian steel mill.
100 million hectares of land, or 20 per cent of the entire Amazon region, is held illegally according to the Brazilian government.
The Rape Of The Rainforest...
It is stark. It is scarcely believable. But the ruthless obliteration of the Amazon rainforest continues at a headlong rate new figures reveal - and today we reveal the man who more than any other represents the forces making it happen.
He is Blairo Maggi, the millionaire farmer and uncompromising politician presiding over the Brazilian boom in soya bean production. He is known in Brazil as O Rei da Soja - the King of Soy.
Brazilian environmentalists are calling him something else - the King of Deforestation. For the soya boom, feeding a seemingly insatiable world market for soya beans as cattle feed, is now the main driver of rainforest destruction.
Figures show that last year the rate of forest clearance in the Amazon was the second highest on record as the soy boom completed its third year. An area of more than 10,000 square miles - nearly the size of Belgium - was cut down, with half the destruction in the state of Mato Grosso, where Mr Maggi, whose Maggi Group farming business is the world's biggest soya bean producer, also happens to be the state governor.
Mr Maggi sheds no tears over lost trees. In 2003, his first year as governor, the rate of deforestation in Mato Grosso more than doubled.
In an interview last year he said: "To me, a 40 per cent increase in deforestation doesn't mean anything at all, and I don't feel the slightest guilt over what we are doing here. We are talking about an area larger than Europe that has barely been touched, so there is nothing at all to get worried about."
Many people violently disagree. The survival of the Amazon forest, which sprawls over 4.1 million sq km (1.6 million sq miles) and covers more than half of Brazil's land area, may be the key to the survival of the planet. The jungle is sometimes called the world's "lung" because its trees produce much of the world's oxygen. It is thought nearly 20 per cent of it has already been destroyed by legal and illegal logging, and clearance for cattle ranching. But the soya boom has dramatically stepped up the pace of destruction.
It began on the back of the BSE crisis in Britain, when the feed given to cattle suddenly became a matter of intense public concern. Cattle feed producers around the world switched to soya as an untainted source.
The boom was intensified by the fact that Brazil - in contrast to the US and Argentina - did not go down the GM route in its agriculture, so when most European countries went GM-free, it was from Brazil that they sought their soya bean supplies. Europe now imports 65 per cent of its soya from Brazil. A further impetus to the boom is coming from China, whose emerging middle class wants to eat more and more meat - so the demand for animal feed is soaring.
The soya boom is bitterly criticised by environmentalists. "It is turning the rainforest into cattle feed. It is gross," said John Sauven, head of the rainforest campaign for Greenpeace UK.
It first showed up in the deforestation figures in 2003, when after falling or staying steady for eight years, the rate of destruction leapt by 40 per cent in a single year, from 18,170 sq km to 25,500 sq km.
Since then the rate has stayed at its new high level, with 24,597 sq km cut down the next year, and, as the figures released yesterday by the Brazilian environment ministry showed, from satellite photos and other data, no less than 26,130 sq km of rainforest was cut down in the 12 months to August 2004. This was a further leap of 6 per cent on the year before and caused immense dismay, not least because President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva's government adopted an action plan last year to protect the Amazon. The Environment Minister, Marina Silva, who is from the Amazon state of Acre, said the figure was high, but promised the country would "work to fight this in a structured way, with lasting and effective action, involving all sectors".
Greenpeace's Amazon co-ordinator Paulo Adario said the scale of the destruction was a tragedy, and showed that deforestation was "not a priority for the Lula government".
Mr Maggi, whose company grossed $600m last year, does not see the future as one of restricted soya plantings. He has called for a tripling of the amount of land planted with soybeans during the next decade in Mato Grosso, and his company announced last year that it intended to double the area it has in production.
How demand for soya drives the destruction
The production of soya beans is now a vital industry for Brazil. Agribusiness is the country's number one export earner, and soya is the principal commodity. The current government under President Lula actively promotes soya export as a means to earn foreign exchange for debt payments.
From the 1960s, the Brazilian government promoted soya cultivation so Brazil could become self sufficient in vegetable oils. Soya was increasingly planted on large-scale, fully mechanised farms in the south and the states on the Atlantic coast.
In the past, some agro-engineers believed soya would never threaten the rainforest, because of climatic limitations and soil conditions. Soya was thought to be "as adaptable to conditions of the tropical climate as a panda bear to the African savannah".
However, the development of new varieties has enabled the rapid expansion of soya plantations north, into the tropical states where the rainforest is situated.
Between 1995 and 2004, the area cultivated with soya increased by 77 per cent in the centre-west, with Mato Grosso becoming the single biggest producer. Now soya is rapidly advancing from all sides toward the heartland of the Amazon, fuelling massive deforestation.
Two companies dominate Brazil's soya business. Gruppo Maggi, owned by Blairo Maggi, Mato Grosso's governor, is considered to be the world's largest individual soya producer. The number one soy-exporter is the giant US grains business, Cargill. Michael McCarthy

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Antarctica - The Last Refuge

A place of wonder and infinite possibilities.
Home to nearly 70% of the worlds freshwater.
A place that nobody owns.
It comprises 10 percent of the worlds area and has never known war.

The one place in the world that we have the opportunity to keep pristine, an entire continent that can still be protected from the negative effects of human use. Mission Antarctica

Antarctica Melting Fast

The worst fears of environmentalists are coming true:
Scientists have issued a new warning about the effects of climate change on Antarctica, saying that more than 200 glaciers are melting because of unusually high temperatures. Using aerial photos dating back to the 1940s and more recent satellite images, scientists from the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) have discovered just how much these ice shelves have melted over the last 50 years, as temperatures have risen by around 3½ degrees F.

In a study published in the respected journal Science, these researchers explain that until the mid-1950s, most of the glaciers got bigger. During the decade after that, most of them were stable, but since then, they've been shrinking. During the past five years, the pace of this shrinkage has accelerated. But climate change may not be the only cause of this mass meltdown, which healted during the 1980s, despite continuing warming. Other important reasons for the melt could include warming ocean temperatures, which may also be caused by global warming, but scientists haven't yet figured out exactly how this works. Unknown Country

NOVA: Warnings From The Ice
Originally broadcast on April 21, 1998. Over the last half-century, the coastal ice on the Antarctic Peninsula has been gradually disappearing. Scientists are beginning to wonder if we are on the verge of a great flood that may consume the world's coastlines. In the program, a group of scientists heads south to Antarctica in the race to answer questions and heed the warnings from the ice.

Mission Antartica

Florida USA
If West sheet melted (17 foot rise)

Warnings From The Ice: Water World What would happen to the world's coastlines if the West Antarctic Ice Sheet melted, raising global sea levels by as much as 20 feet? Some scientists say a collapse is inevitable, possibly even imminent.

While you're at it, check out the same stretch of coast 20,000 years ago. It was the height of the Ice Age, when sea levels were 400 feet lower than today, and there was a lot more land to go around.

Finally, have a look at what would be lost if the East Antarctic Ice Sheet were to melt. No one believes this monstrous dome will disintegrate anytime soon. But if it did, it would raise seas around the world by as much as 200 feet. (To play it safe, these images depict a conservative rise of 170 feet.)

Friday, May 06, 2005

Intelligent Earthquakes

The frequency and the spread of earthquakes on the West coast of America are increasing rapidly. Back and forward the signals go, as though the earth has all the time in the universe. Slowly, with each passing - from one side of the earth to the other - stronger patterns emerge. For example, how the South American quakes mirror (at an angle) the Indonesian quakes on the other side of the planet.

I have watched this phenomenon for many months, and the build-up is agonisingly slow in human terms. Patterns are dotted across Alaska and California, then they seem to recede. The next time they come back the magnitudes are slightly larger. Now and then a much larger quake bounces off inland, or in the above case, South of Panama. Then the build-up of small beaded patterns resumes, and the whole cycle repeates itself.

The Indonesian waters seem to be the trigger point for the whole planet, but they are not the only areas to be effected by larger than usual earthquakes. Northern Sumatera, may be the lever, but the whole earth is being effected. Larger quakes will not confine themselves to Indonesia alone.

Monday, May 02, 2005

For The Swallows

It is now the 2nd of May 2005, and I can suggest that you observe carefully how the weather "feels" in your body and not simply how you feel about the weather. Because, the same thing is happening in 2005 as of today. The sky was clear in Southern Germany, the sun was incredibly hot. As the sun was setting the same "heat trap" effect began as in 2003. The heat increases and the body begins to sweat. As the sun moves below the horizon the heat density increases. It is bizzare!

Once more the number of Swallows seems to have decreased. By May there was always a good flock of Swallows in the sky. This year I have two Swallows who have appeared. These small signs signal big changes in our climate. Today the Swallows, tomorrow mankind!

A First-Hand Glimpse of Hell in Europe -- 13-Aug-2003

Let me share with you my observations of what is happening here in Europe, at least in middle Germany. The media reports lower temperatures than we have here every day, so you can add 5 degrees to anything you read. I think they have their official weather stations underground or inside caves. There is a very dry hot wind blowing, similar to what one would experience in the Sahara. Late at night and in the early hours of the morning the air remains incredibly warm. The walls of our houses are like ovens at night, and in the morning, the sun is burning hot. There is hardly any temperature change over a 24 hour period. It is simply hot all the time.

The leaves on trees and plants are dark brown. The wheat was half its usual height. The parks are empty. There are swallows that I watch each year, and when they arrived this spring, their numbers were half of what they were in previous years. Every year I've watched them flying in circles until late evening, but for many days there hasn't been a single swallow in the sky. I hope they haven't died. It just occurred to me that in England there was a large "swallow" crop circle recently. These are all small changes that seem like nothing to most people, but I know they are bad signs.

It's almost as though something is talking to us—the Sun? the Planet? Nature? I'm not sure. But people are very quiet. We are all behaving in the same way, as if whatever we need to survive this has been denied us. We're sitting right in the middle of the battlefield without protection.
In the past, we enjoyed a long period of stable weather that allowed excessive abundance and growth. In the background, there is a strange feeling that we haven't used this abundance well. In mid-June, when I already thought it was hot here, I went for a walk in the evening. For the first time in my life I became aware that all the trees were radiating sound. In fact everything in nature was creating this sound, which felt like a harmonic. I felt utterly ashamed of who we are as a species. Behind this harmonic I could feel an intense love, and also a sadness, because somehow we have failed.

If we don't get rain soon, how will animals make it through the coming winter? All types of grass are completely dried out, even in the surrounding woodlands. It must be incredibly hard for the deer. I read yesterday that the French Government deny this is a serious crisis, and yet they are allowing the nuclear power stations to pour water into rivers at higher temperatures than is usually allowed, which will kill all the fish. The Swiss have decided it's better to cut the output of the power plants than put hotter water into their rivers.

Where I live, they spray a lot of what look like chemtrails across the sky. In past years, it did seem to get cooler when the sky was filled with these spreading thin white clouds, but this is no longer the case. The sun seems to sit up there as the rightful ruler of the skies and those trails are not spreading the way they used to, as if there’s a total lack of moisture or water vapor. From here, it looks like the long trails are drying up as soon as they are sprayed.

Today the unrelenting, burning sun still beats down, almost as if there is a hole in the sky and some vital protection has vanished. The strangest thing of all happens late at night, when the sun goes down and the night becomes dark. The air almost begins to cool, but then the intense heat reappears. This heat is just as intense as the hottest part of the day, but it's in the middle of the night. This has become worse since the beginning of August.

I think if humans want to play a game of tennis against nature they are about to lose.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Weather Wars

Chemtrails -- The Genesis of Project Cloverleaf

Scott Stevens -- I received the following email on the 18th of April as it was forwarded to me from someone who may have answered several questions I have had about the incorporation of the civilian air fleet into a portion of this atmospheric project.

My questions have been: The weight and volume of the chemical mixture delivered while in flight including the delivery mechanism? How much of a financial burden is it to carry this extra weight aloft with each flight? How is the plumbing kept 'hidden' from the many mechanics. Who does and how are the tanks refilled? Read on: Did An Airline Mechanic Stumble Upon The Truth?

SIPL April 17 2005

For reasons you will understand as you read this I can not divulge my identity.

I am an aircraft mechanic for a major airline. I work at one of our maintenance bases located at a large airport. I have discovered some information that I think you will find important.

First, I should tell you something about the "pecking order" among mechanics. It is important to my story and to the cause to which you have dedicated yourself.

Mechanics want to work on three things. The avionics, the engines, or the flight controls. The mechanics that work on these systems are considered at the top of the "pecking order".

Next come the mechanics that work on the hydraulics and air conditioning systems.

Then come the ones who work on the galley and other non-essential systems. But at the very bottom of the list are the mechanics that work on the waste disposal systems.

No mechanic wants to work on the pumps, tanks, and pipes that are used to store the waste from the lavatories. But at every airport where I have worked there are always 2 or 3 mechanics that volunteer to work on the lavatory systems.

The other mechanics are happy to let them do it. Because of this you will have only 2 or 3 mechanics that work on these systems at any one airport. No one pays much attention to these guys and no mechanic socializes with another mechanic who only works on the waste systems. Fact is, I had never even thought much about this situation until last month. Like most airlines we have reciprocal agreements with the other airlines that fly into this airport. If they have a problem with a plane one of our mechanics will take care of it.

Likewise, if one of our planes has a problem at an airport where the other airline has a maintenance base, they will fix our plane.

One day last month I was called out from our base to work on a plane for another airline. When I got the call the dispatcher did not know what the problem was. When I got to the plane I found out that the problem was in waste disposal system. There was nothing for me to do but to crawl in and fix the problem.

When I got into the bay I realized that something was not right. There were more tanks, pumps, and pipes then should have been there. At first I assumed that the waste disposal system had been changed. It had been about 10 years since I had worked on this particular model of aircraft.

As I tried to find the problem I quickly realized the extra piping and tanks were not connected to the waste disposal system, at all. I had just discovered this when another mechanic from my company showed up. It was one of the mechanics who usually works on this particular type of plane, and I happily turned the job over to him.

As I was leaving I asked him about the extra equipment. He told me to "worry about my end of the plane and let him worry about his end!"

The next day I was on the company computer to look up a wiring schematic. While I was there I decided to look up the extra equipment I had found. To my amazement the manuals did not show any of the extra equipment I had seen with my own eyes the day before. I even tied in to the manufacturer files and still found nothing. Now I was really determined to find out what that equipment did.

The next week we had three of our planes in our main hanger for periodic inspection. There are mechanics crawling all over a plane during these inspections. I had just finished my shift and I decided to have a look at the waste system on one of our planes. With all the mechanics around I figured that no one would notice an extra one on the plane.

Sure enough, the plane I choose had the extra equipment! I began to trace the system of pipes, pumps, and tanks. I found what appeared to be the control unit for the system. It was a standard looking avionics control box but it had no markings of any kind.

I could trace the control wires from the box to the pumps and valves but there were no control circuits coming into the unit. The only wires coming into the unit was a power connection to the aircraft's main power bus.

The system had 1 large tank and 2 smaller tanks. It was hard to tell in the cramped compartment, but it looked like the large tank could hold about 50 gallons. The tanks were connected to a fill and drain valve that passed through the fuselage just behind the drain valve for the waste system.

When I had a chance to look for this connection under the plane I found it cunningly hidden behind a panel under the panel used to access the waste drain. I began to trace the piping from the pumps. These pipes lead to a network of small pipes that ended in the trailing edges of the wings and horizontal stabilizers.

If you look closely at the wings of a large airplane you will see a set of wires, about the size of your finger, extending from the trailing edge of the wing surfaces. These are the static discharge wicks. They are used to dissipate the static electric charge that builds up on a plane in flight.

I discovered that the pipes from this mystery system lead to every 1 out of 3 of these static discharge wicks. These wicks had been "hollowed out" to allow whatever flows through these pipes to be discharged through the fake wicks.

It was while I was on the wing that one of the managers spotted me. He ordered me out of the hanger telling me that my shift was over and I had not been authorized any overtime.

The next couple of days were very busy and I had no time to continue my investigation. Late one afternoon, two days after my discovery, I was called to replace an engine temperature sensor on a plane due to take off in two hours. I finished the job and turned in the paperwork.

About 30 minutes later I was paged to see the General Manager. When I went in his office I found that our union rep and two others who I did not know were waiting on me. He told me that a serious problem had been discovered. He said that I was being written up and suspended for turning in false paperwork.

He handed me a disciplinary form stating that I had turned in false paperwork on the engine temperature sensor I had installed a few hours before. I was floored and began to protest. I told them that this was ridiculous and that I had done this work.

The union rep spoke up at this point and recommended that we take a look at the plane to see if we could straighten it all out. I then asked who the other two men were. The GM told me that they were airline safety inspectors but would not give me their names.

We proceeded to the plane, which should have been in the air but was parked on our maintenance ramp. We opened the engine cowling and the union rep pulled the sensor. He checked the serial number and told everyone that it was the old instrument. We then went to the parts bay and went back into the racks.

The union rep checked my report and pulled from the rack a sealed box. He opened the box and pulled out the engine temperature sensor with the serial number of the one I had installed. I was told that I was suspended for a week without pay and to leave immediately.

I sat at home the first day of my suspension wondering what the hell had happened to me. That evening I received a phone call. The voice told me "Now you know what happens to mechanics who poke around in things they shouldn't. The next time you start working on systems that are no concern of yours you will lose your job! As it is, I'm feeling generous, I believe that you'll be able to go back to work soon." CLICK.

Again, I had to pick myself from off the floor. As my mind raced, it was at this moment that I made the connection that what had happened to me must have been directly connected to my tracing the "mysterious" piping.

The next morning the General Manager called me. He said that due to my past excellent employment record that the suspension had been reduced to one day and that I should report back to work immediately. The only thing I could think of was "what are they trying to hide" and "who are 'THEY'"!

That day at work went by as if nothing had happened. None of the other mechanics mentioned the suspension and my union rep told me not to talk about it. That night I logged onto the Internet to try to find some answers.

I don't remember now how I got there but I came across a site that talked about chemically-laced contrails.

That's when it all came together. But the next morning at work I found a note inside my locked locker. It said, "Curiosity killed the cat. Don't be looking at Internet sites that are no concern of yours."

Well that's it. Now I know 'THEY' are watching me.

While I don't know what THEY are spraying, I can tell you how they are doing it. I figure they are using the "honey trucks". These are the trucks that empty the waste from the lavatory waste tanks.

The airports usually contract out this job and nobody goes near these trucks. Who wants to stand next a truck full of sh--. While these guys are emptying the waste tanks, it makes sense that they could easily be filling the tanks of the spray system.

They know the planes flight path so they probably program the control unit to start spraying some amount of time after the plane reaches a certain altitude. The spray nozzles in the fake static wicks are so small that no one in the plane would see a thing.

God help us all.

-- A concerned citizen

Copyright © Scott Stevens and

Friday, April 29, 2005

Guardians Of The Earth

My ancestors came from the Highlands of Scotland. Driven from the land they loved, these people either had to sail to America (and kill the Native Americans), or remain in lowland areas of Scotland. I was born in a coastal town on the West coast of Scotland with an ability to see the ancient world. The world I was born into never seemed real to me, more like a bad nightmare out of which I was waiting to waken up.

People once lived close to the land and close to the earth, and it was good for them because the land gave them power. All across the world a new force drove the native people from the land and into towns and cities. Disconnected from the land people began to lose sight of the value of life. Society now lives out its life through drug prescriptions, alcoholism and television (among other addictions).

Today the human being seems only to exist for "more" and "greater", all of it based on materialism and the desire to have as much as one can get in this life. Petrolium seems to have been a curse that has destroyed most of the planet within the last 100 years or less. People can travel further and easier, farm greater areas of land, fish larger areas of the ocean, fish greater amounts and faster ... Without petrolium this unrestrained growth could not have taken place.

Children have become a commodity. What are you going to have and how successful will it be? Genetically engineered geniuses are on their way, together with the genetically modified grains and seeds. It never seems to end!

Now the Albatrosses are dying out, and the fishing vessels are depleting the fish, dolphins and whales in the great oceans. Petrolium driven fishing tankers allow many more fish to be killed, destroying dolphins, whales, porpoises and birds along the way. This is no longer a way of life, it is an industry. People are no longer thankful, or stop to be grateful for what they have. People have no sense to thank the earth for any of the resources they receive. These riches are taken for granted and more is not enough.

Personally I am thankful to nature, even as this stinking death of petrolium fires the engines of our destruction. Humans take every resource and use it to fire their greed, their insensitivity, their dissatisfaction and their loneliness. Killing is a thoughless act and the more we kill the better. What is a 60 year old Albatross to the men pulling in the catch? What good will the money be when the food runs out?

I see this same insanity on the Internet. The worldwide web used to be a place for exploration and discussion, searching for answers and communicating something of value. In the beginning it was unsophisticated, plaster and paint, do it yourself and hope it works kind of experimentation. I could type a search into Google Search Engine and come up with a number of sites discussing anything from UFO's to Gardening.

Now the search engines are full of long strings of hooks, fishing for money. High powered firms float along, trailing their hooks behind them, looking to catch more Dollars, Euro's or Yen. You are bombarded with Ads, commercial sites, special offers, magnetic attractions and more. If I had money I would create a special "non commercial" Server, where people could surf and learn in Utopian seas with dolphins and whales untouched, and the Albatrosses flying without pain.

Around the world the Native People took what they needed, said thank you to the earth, and left the rest with a blessing. The hunters were not renound for the largest number of kills. The hunters learned to maintain a balance, and to honour their guardianship of the earth. The creatures who fed the communities were to be respected, as was the earth itself. The sun gives light and warmth, and the earth gives abundance of life.

I watch the same insanity driven by the ego and loss of soul spreading across the world wide web. Who has the most billion hits on their web pages? How do you optimise for more? Who is the biggest and the best, the richest? It is no different than the fishing practices killing the dolphins in pair trawling, or the mile long lines dragging the Albatross under to its death. It is the same mentality, the same disease, the same psyche.

We are a world community sitting around one fire. We share the same resources and we live one life. The quality of the light spreading from the fire is the psyche, the thoughts men have and how they act on those thoughts. It is a question of whether the collective mind of man is quiet, attentive and observing, learning ... or is the mind restless, divided, talking to itself and inwardly disturbed? If the mind is noisy it cannot learn. If the collective mind is constantly in pursuit of something it cannot respond to life in a balanced way.

I attended the Krishnamurti talks at Brockwood Park for many years until his death. Jiddu Krishnamurti was a charasmatic man. He could easily have attracted millions of people; but he did not want it. He insisted that the talks not be advertised. He was not a guru and he did not want followers. I watched how he moved between the worlds, and how he worked throughout his life from another level.

In all the noise and demands to get more, to be number one, to find as much as you can, as fast as you can ... something essential gets lost. One of my favorite websites: The Wingmakers, does not have this mega ranking ideology behind them. They don't want it either. As this obsession for more is mainly going in the wrong direction. We humans need quality and sharing. We need intimacy and friendship. Love and respect. We need to find a bond of basic human values and cherish that gift.

The Scottish word "tryst" meant: A meeting place. That is a place where people can allow themselves to come together without any sense of harm. Once you pass through that doorway there has to be something beyond trust. That something is love. Only when there is love will the tryst be honoured. If there is no love within the heart then all kinds of betrayal, conflict and petty division will surface. This is the state we live in today - wars without end.

We have forgotten to be grateful for the small things, and to know grace and humility for that which we receive in this earth journey. The human race does not need volume, it needs character, intelligent cooperation and deeper values. Small communities will be able to create this sense of oneness and cooperation, from which all mankind will benefit. We do not need larger institutions, we need smaller ones. We do not need central control, we need to be answerable ourselves, to be able to respond to problems and to create our own solutions.

If you catch one fish and that fish feeds you then what more do you need? If you have 10 visitors who share enlightenment ... and those ten each have ten to share ... and the numbers remain small but the effect is shared for the benefit of all mankind... What more do we need?

When we observe nature. Do millions of birds gather or flock in one area? Of course not! If they did they would starve as there is not enough food in a small space to feed them all. Do millions of fish gather in one small part of the sea? Why then do humans do it? The larger the number and the smaller the space, the less there is for you!

Who Will Save The Albatross?

Massacred by commercial fishing, our most magical and magnificent birds now face extinction. As Ellen McArthur launches a campaign to save them, Michael McCarthy explains what makes the glorious albatross the king of the skies.

Ed Caesar - 28 April 2005 - It stirs the imagination more than any other bird. Eagles may be majestic, falcons may be dashing and kingfishers may be exquisite, but nothing quite sparks our sense of wonder like the albatross.

Even for those of us who have never seen one, and that's most of us, the great long-winged ocean wanderer floats through our subconscious as an icon of wildness and freedom. There is more: an air of deep mystery about it, as it emerges from nowhere, in the remotest corner of the sea, effortlessly follows your ship for hour upon hour, and disappears once again like a phantom. Where's it gone, when there isn't anywhere to go to?

Sailors used to think albatrosses were the souls of drowned men. Samuel Taylor Coleridge chiselled that superstitious awe into literary stone two hundred years ago in The Rime of The Ancient Mariner, the poem which fixed forever the mysterious, semi-magical nature of the bird in the British mind. Shoot an albatross like the mariner did, you read, and there will be terrible consequences.

No doubt about it, albatrosses are wondrous, albatrosses are utterly charismatic, albatrosses are very special creatures indeed. And they are being slaughtered. In a massacre of immense proportions, the birds are being killed in tens of thousands all across the Southern Ocean where most of them make their home. In less than 20 years, 19 of the 21 albatross species have gone from healthy populations to facing extinction.

The cause is a fishing method which has been used for centuries by native peoples, such as the Inuit of Greenland, without wrecking the environment, but which is suddenly being employed on a vast industrial scale, with catastrophic results.

Long-lining involves trailing out a line behind the fishing boat, set with many baited hooks. The lines can be eighty miles long, and on some lines the hooks can number ten thousand; and thousands of boats are doing it. It is now believed that across the oceans of the world, no less than a billion long-line hooks are baited every year. One billion tempting traps for seabirds, which swoop down to the pieces of squid or other bait still showing on or near the surface, are caught by the hook in the beak or throat, dragged under, and drowned.

There are simple and inexpensive measures that can be taken, with remarkably successful results. They include streamers attached to the long-line to scare the birds away, weighting the lines to make them sink faster, and setting the baits at night when the birds will not see them. The conservationists think such a task force is necessary because although an international treaty to protect the albatross was signed last year (ACAP - the Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels), and some countries such as Britain have already ratified it, many other fishing nations have not. And action is needed now.

"If we fail to save the albatross, it means that we will have failed to manage the oceans, and these are our greatest global commons," Euan Dunn said.

"They are now becoming an increasing source of food security around the world - people are more and more turning to the oceans to find the protein they need. Unless we can manage them and steward them in a sustainable way, our own worth as a species is greatly diminished."

The albatross: a lesson from literature?

Coleridge, as everyone knows, was one of the great Romantic poets; but what they may not know is that he was also an environmental visionary. In his best known work, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, published in its present form in 1817, we are told the story of an albatross, which follows a ship sent off course in bad weather, only to be shot by the ancient mariner of the title with a crossbow.

It becomes clear that the mariner's random act has brought a terrible evil upon the ship. The vessel is stuck in the doldrums, and the men start to thirst. When a ship is seen, sailing towards them even though there is not a breath of wind, it turns out to be a ghost ship. Death silently takes every sailor on the ancient mariner's ship, except the mariner himself. He alone will live on, to expiate his sin against Mother Nature.

Now consider the plight of the albatross in 2005.
More than 100,000 of these massive birds are killed every year by long-line fishing in the Southern Ocean, and environmentalists fear that some of the 21 types of albatross will become extinct soon if this practice continues unabated. The long-lines, up to 80 miles of hooks, are designed to catch swordfish and tuna, but the albatross, swooping to catch fish near the ocean surface, has become their unintended victim.

Consider, too, the simultaneous discovery that Swedish fishermen in the Baltic are suffering from low sperm counts and sperm motility, due to anxiety, depression, and the large numbers of fatty fish they eat. It would be foolish to directly attribute a decline in fishermen's ability to reproduce with the concurrent decline in albatross numbers, but there are some unnerving parallels between the plight of Coleridge's doomed ship and the plight of today's Swedish sailors.

Just as the ancient mariner's ship languishes, it is, pointedly, a lack of motility which is affecting our Baltic seafarers. The mariner's encounter with the female figure of 'Life in Death', too, carries heavily sexual Gothic overtones. His wish, in particular, that 'I too could die' carries the Shakespearian resonances of 'death' as 'orgasm' with it. And the less said about the Freudian resonances of the mariner killing the virginal white bird with his crossbow the better.

Spurious? Possibly. But, environmental visionary or not, Coleridge understood the balance that must be struck with the world around us. And the Ancient Mariner warns us - meddle with nature, and pretty soon it will meddle with you. The Independent

Sunday, April 03, 2005

A Great Storm

Inqua?: What if a giant storm suddenly appeared in the area and most of them got cut off?

Observer: They have the best technology watching for sudden weather changes.

Inqua?: But it may appear out of Hyperspace, right above their heads and give no warning.

Observer: And then what?

Inqua?: A bigger force drops on their heads and does to them what they are doing to the baby seals.

Observer: And what would this achieve?

Inqua?: They would learn.

Observer: By dying?

Inqua?: Aren't the seals dying?

Observer: Are they not supposed to learn in the here and now?

Inqua?: Clubbing baby seals to death? Perhaps death would teach them, a life for a life.

Observer: You mean the great dying?

Inqua?: I mean right now.

Observer: They are learning right now. The seals are teaching them.

Inqua?: What do you mean?

Observer: Have you not seen how the seals look up at the men as they get ready to strike?

Inqua?: Yes, it's complete innocence. Complete vulnerability. They radiate a powerful aura of love. I have seen that.

Observer: And the men kill them regardless, without mercy.

Inqua?: Yes! That's what I mean. They still don't stop.

Observer: So, you are saying something should stop them?

Inqua?: If I had the power I would certainly stop them.

Observer: But, you do have the power!

Inqua?: What do you mean?

Observer: What will you do about all the people who pay for the furs? Will you teach them a lesson too?

Inqua?: They are are as guilty as the killers! Yes, it all goes together.

Observer: Will you drop a great storm on their heads too?

Inqua?: I don't have to. It's coming. But I still don't understand.

Observer: Who do you think they are clubbing to death?

Inqua?: Themselves! each spike driven into the seals is the pain and hurt of an individual who is killing themselves.

Observer: So, They are at war with themselves.

Inqua?: I still don't get what you are saying?

Observer: Why are they doing it?

Inqua?: For money, for greed. They are the slaves of materialism.

Observer: And that is all they see and know.

Inqua?: Yes!

Observer: And what will they do when the skies clear?

Inqua?: Oh! Now I understand. It is not a big storm that presents the answer, it is the clearing of the situation. Yes, I understand.

Observer: Use your mind to clear the skies, and leave the other to take care of the surroundings.

Inqua?: Thank you!

- EarthStar -

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Mystery Of The Silver Rings

The young dolphin gives a quick flip of her head, and an undulating silver ring appears--as if by magic--in front of her. The ring is a solid, toroidal bubble two feet across--and yet it does not rise to the surface! It stands erect in the water like the rim of a magic mirror, or the doorway to an unseen dimension. For long seconds the dolphin regards its creation, from varying aspects and angles, with its vision and sonar. Seemingly making a judgement, the dolphin then quickly pulls a small silver donut from the larger structure, which collapses into small bubbles. She then "pushes" the donut, which stays just inches ahead of her rostrum, perhaps 20 feet over a period of up to 10 seconds. Then, stopping again, she regards the twisting ring for a last time and bites it--causing it to collapse into a thousand tiny bubbles which head--as they should--for the water's surface. After a few moments of reflection, she creates another.

This isn't fantasy, it's real. And it isn't magic, just marvelous. It is a rare dolphin behavior, and we first saw it in the play of two baby dolphins. It gives us a little more insight into the superb level of control dolphins can exercise on their water environment, and underscores the fact that we can still discover things about dolphins by simply watching them.

I first saw this behavior on one of my relatively rare trips out to the Delphis lab; the project's principle scientist Ken Marten said that "the two babies, Tinkerbell and Maui" had been doing it for a little while. My reaction: "Wow, neato. How the heck do they DO that? Try to get some photo and video shots of it. It sure is cool". Ken, along with Suchi Psarakos, Research Assistant and computer programmer, did indeed document the silver rings (although video and photos don't do the rings justice), and this has made it possible to both analyze the physics behind the phenomenon and to watch the dolphins do this trick in slow-motion.

As it turned out, small silver rings weren't the only toys the dolphins were making for themselves: some of the creations were as large as a basketball rim. And Tinkerbell proved able to create a silver helix, spiraling perhaps 20 feet long, that would spring into life in a fraction of a second and remain stable in the water as she swam past, observing it with sonar and vision. then--presto! she would grab a small silver ring from the helix to play with, while the rest of the helix degraded into bubbles which would belatedly "remember" to rise to the surface.

Creation of these rings by dolphins isn't new. (far from it--dolphins were probably blowing magnificent silver rings while our anscestors were hanging off tree limbs). It does seem to be a relatively rare behavior, though: it has been seen before only in a specific group of dolphins documented by Diana Reiss and Jan Ostman at Marine World. "The fact that ring-blowing is rare and that we have two babies doing it suggests that one baby learned it from the other", comments Ken Marten. "Whether it was a case of observational learning, or one "taught" the other, we don't know... but it'd sure be interesting to know."

The social situation also seems to affect ring-blowing: " The babies made them most intensely when they were the only two dolphins in the tank and when there was only one adult. The behavior stopped entirely when they were outnumbered by adults, " observed Suchi. "During one intense session with Tinkerbell there were often two or three rings visible in the tank at one time. She frequently swam over to me in an excited state, then went and made some more."

The reaction to our documentation of these rings has been universal--people are fascinated by them. Dr. Ken Norris, the world's leading expert on dolphins, had never seen it before. Robert Wolff of Apple Computer's Advanced Design Group made a "quicktime" movie of ring-blowing for display on Mac computers. Arthur C. Clarke, Earthtrust Advisory Board member, thought they were wonderful--but debated my offered contention that they might be the first "extraterrestrial art", pointing to interesting "artistic" achievements by other nonhuman animals.

For myself, I do consider these rings to be "art": the creation and observation of artifacts by a nonhuman mind, with no use other than entertainment and aesthetics. One must be constantly wary not to anthropomorphize the actions of other species--to treat them as though they were human. But after watching a dolphin create one of these kinetic sculptures--observe it from many angles--and then destroy it with a bite--it seems a long leap of logic to ascribe any other motive.

This can, and will, be debated... but the beauty of the rings is beyond debate. As evidence mounts for "self awareness" and other "intelligent" qualities in dolphins, I think that it must cause us again to ask the question: what are these creatures, that they spin silver lariats for the sheer joy of creation? And what sort of creatures are we, if we cannot appreciate and protect them?