Friday, June 17, 2005

Earth Movement

North American West Coast

6.6 Off The Coast Of Northern California Depth 10 km (6.2 miles)
Thursday, June 16, 2005 at 10:21:42 PM = local time at epicenter

7.2 Off The Coast Of Northern California Depth 10 km (6.2 miles)
Tuesday, June 14, 2005 at 6:50:54 PM = local time at epicenter

I have been watching the build up of pressure running down the west coast of America and down the west coast of South America. There are key points on this map taking the strain of the plate movement. The pattern being the same as the one before the 9.3 quake in Sumatera that set off the Tsunami.

People should really be aware that we are approaching full moon on the 22nd of June. I don't think this is a co-incidence that the build up is happening in increasing moon, so close to the full moon. The movement is massive. You can see from the map above that the larger quakes are happening from Russia all the way down to South America, and all of them happening in the past few days.

I notice that at the same time the Sumatera fault line is also showing signs of stress. I would imagine any tipping would effect opposite sides of the plates. It does seem this is a pressure of movement effecting the whole earth. As though the planet is being squeezed, or moved around in ways we are yet to understand. I sense massive movement under the earth. Like breathing, in ancient times they may have called it "The breath of the Phoenix".

Earth Mother in bad labor. She gonna give birth to something great. She already in first labor hours... She be in great pain now... It be great Phoenix that gonna rise up again just like all times ago. He already here... He been forming for years now. He all ready to break out of Earth Mother’s womb... She gonna give up great Phoenix soon...” Phoenix Rising - Mary Summer Rain

Quetzelcoatl foretold that "In time, white men will come out of the eastern sea in great canoes with white wings like a big bird. The white men will be like a bird with two different kinds of feet. One foot will be that of a dove [Christianity], the other of an eagle [predator]. A few hundred years after the arrival of the first white men, other white men would arrive with both feet as a dove". Quetzelcoatl himself or his spirit would come in the form of a white dove at that time.

Crazy Horse ~ The Teton Sioux Chief Crazy Horse had a final vision in which "He saw his people being driven into spiritual darkness and poverty while the white people prospered in a material way all around them. But even in the darkest times, he saw that the eyes of a few of his people kept the light of dawn and the wisdom of the earth, which they passed on to some of their grandchildren. He saw the coming of automobiles and airplanes, and twice he saw the great darkness and heard the screams and explosions when millions of people died in two great world wars.

"But he saw, after the second great war passed, a time come when his people began to awaken, not all at once, but a few here and there, and then more and more, and he saw that they were dancing in a beautiful light of the Spirit World under the Sacred Tree even while still on Earth. Then he was amazed to see that dancing under the tree were representatives of all races who had become brothers, and he realized that the world would be made new again and in peace and harmony not just by his people, but by members of all races of mankind."

Native American Prophecy

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