Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Galactic Variations In Universal Temperatures

Here on the ground - on Planet Earth - many of us are feeling the heat as temperatures rise. In direct sunlight, on a hot day (let's say 36°C), there is a feeling of an increase in intensity of the Sun's radiation levels.

It is not simply that the air is warmer or the temperatures are warmer; but the feeling is of an intense radiation that is affecting everything on the Planet. These climatic changes also influence Venus, Mars and other Planets in the Solar System.

I was thinking that there is a possibility the whole Earth was once covered in water and that may be why human beings began their lives in the Oceans of Earth. If I am getting close to the truth, then monkeys arrived on Earth after Ocean living humans = The Sea Humans.

In my imagination, this is why the dolphins and the whales love us and communicate with us .. because they remember - their memories go way back. They know who we are. I suspect these highly intelligent creatures also feel compassion for us humans - because we got lost somewhere between the Oceans and the Land.

With the potential for gravitational variations in the Earth's sea levels across the globe .. I don't think it is a simple question of: What would happen if the Polar ice-caps melted tomorrow. Ice at the Northern and Southern Poles mainly affects the Earth's weather as well as temperatures and sea levels.

Galactic Variations In Universal Temperatures
The Earth, the Sun and the Solar System are not in isolation. They are part of a vast and complex orbiting Galaxy, within an orbiting Universe. The question is... Is there a universal temperature or are there variations in temperature (radiation) out there in the Universe?

If the Milky Way Galaxy, the Sun and our Solar System are orbiting through variations in universal temperature/radiation out there in the vast matrix of Space ... then, the question is obvious. The potential exists for variations in the local Universe to change life on Earth.

Does the Milky Way Galaxy have a uniform temperature? Does the Universe have a uniform radiation background?

Scientists call the background force "dark matter", because they cannot see it. It is possible that Stars and Planets move together through a structured medium that has form, depth-of-field and that has variations in density as well as variations in temperature. I imagine the background force is probably moving in waves - just like the sea.

The Universe probably has warm currents and cold currents circulating together like the Ocean currents on Earth. The Sun is drawing energy from the surrounding Universe and converting this energy into life. The Sun then feeds our Solar System this energy life force.

Natural and sometimes dramatic or sudden changes in the Earth's temperatures affect all life on Earth .. in long and short cycles. I guess, those cycles are determined by "The Universe".

Our journey through different variations in the galactic field would be mirrored in the structure of the Planet. The Planets of the Solar System nourish themselves from the background radiations in Space. The Planets are cosmic fish living in and swimming through an Ocean-of-Cosmos.

I would imagine that if you can read the local background signature - then you can understand the past, present and the approaching future. After all, we humans depend on the resources of the Earth for our existence and survival. Why does any of this matter? Because, we came from the Stars...

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Karmic Red Thai Ginger

The beginning of 2012 took us through Mercury Retro - Mars Retro and Venus Retro .. where it was next to impossible for us to move forward into progressive action. But, in that time .. I discovered a profound connection with Nature.

The "key point" of my experiences became Grow Greens .. out of which I began to build on a life long experience of growing plants, planting trees, loving Nature and learning from the green creatures of the Earth.

In this image you see what I call "Red Thai Ginger" corms attached to the fibrous root of the parent Ginger root...

This is why I say: Listen to Nature .. be aware of Nature and learn from the parent Planet you live on.

If you don't have roots extending from the fresh new Ginger-corms then it is best to plant the new growth together with the fiber-parent-plant.

However, if you have fresh roots extending from the fresh Ginger corm base then you can plant the Ginger corm fruiting body into the soil - on its own - without the parent plant.

Here in this image you can see the rooting Ginger corm on its own ready to plant.

If the Ginger corms do not have these roots I would not remove the fresh growing corm from the fibrous root .. to plant them. I planted - what I call - Red Thai Ginger after three days of extended root growth.

My first Ginger-root container was simply the parent Ginger root with new Ginger corms attached to the roots, planted into compost soil. My second plant container was the self rooting Ginger corms separated from the fibrous parent root. My third container is the Red Thai Ginger root, which I also carefully removed from the parent root.

Karmic Red Thai Ginger
Karmic .. is my term for generations of human relationship with Nature .. lifetime after lifetime. Where, we humans are in direct relationship and are being taught by the Planet we live on, are being taught by the animals and plants, trees and resources we need and use everyday for our survival.

For example, the Ginger plants form a relationship with me. This is a "karmic relationship" that may have evolved over thousands of years [spirit years] .. where I understand the plants and the plants understands me = we have a good, natural symbiotic relationship.

In Computer Geek terms, one could say that the Ginger plant is a living software program on the natural operating system of Planet Earth. Let's say Ginger is Anti-Virus .. with hidden folders and ever expanding Quantum/Cosmic communications pathways.

The key Initiation programming is "love" or compassion .. empathy and psychic interconnection to the Planet we live on. This is the basic quantum interface through which plants, grasses, trees, fungi, animals, birds ... etc interact and communicate with the living system they all / we all inhabit.

Let's re-define "karmic"!!

Is Karma a living Interactive Cosmic Software .. where the incarnated spirit-being participants are taught by Cosmos lifetime after lifetime? So, what is the Interactive Software? It is Nature!

You can go onto your Computer and open folders, open Browsers, open programs and communicate Online .. but what about the living Operating Planetary System around you?

What about the trees and the birds .. the fungi and the insects .. the weather and the atmosphere .. the animals and the forests .. the seas, rivers and fish? Why did the Celtic Ancestors love and respect Nature?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Nature Nourishes Eternal Spirit

This all began with Thai Ginger...

In, Live Love & Grow I decide two containers of Ginger is more than enough. The growing Ginger roots teach me about this Earth, Nature and the Eternal Spirit.

Let's go back to the Thai Ginger and the love for the Planet we live on.

I walk into the store and I see this Ginger .. with beautiful red corms growing out of the Ginger roots. Usually, the Ginger comes from China and sometimes from Peru .. and those growing corms are light or dark green.

I think I must have been a Ginger farmer in a past life .. because this was love at first sight. Here comes planting container number three !! I chose the best Ginger corms and packed them into a plastic bag.

Over time the rooting Ginger has been teaching me, until I came to the point where I then planted them in containers. Usually, I would break them off and eat them raw, as they have many health benefits .. and I like the fresh taste as opposed to the more fibrous Ginger root.

I used the way of encouraging growth that the Ginger roots themselves taught me .. or showed me. This time, instead of taking two weeks to show root growth - the Ginger corms rooted in one day .. the day of the Summer Solstice.

I discovered that human intelligence is equal to observation plus inner spirit communication. Nature is always communicating with us. We humans have to pay attention and listen to Nature.

I decided to pack compost around my self rooting Ginger root from June 14 .. I use the brilliant: PicMonkey for my image formatting presentations.

Here you see how I carefully covered the self-rooting Ginger in compost - planted in a plastic container and the growth looks good. This Ginger root is not my new Thailand Ginger root... The Thai Ginger appeared in the store many days later.

This is where the Ginger roots taught me how Nature - Planet Earth - nourishes the Eternal Spirit. Lifetime after lifetime all spirits of the Earth / Cosmos incarnate into physical 3D reality. Where Spirit shares the experience of material existence.

I look at this Thai Ginger and the nature of this plant affects my mind, it affects my intelligence .. it interacts with me and awakens some deep inner knowing or experience.

What kind of experience?

The Earth is one .. Nature recognises us .. recognises our signature .. who we are and what we do for the Nature in physical reality. Translated, our spirit gives to and works with Nature inside physical reality .. or maybe people do not work with Nature ??

Here you can see the dark red Thai Ginger corms .. to be planted in a new container. This is why I say make a relationship with the plants.

Nature is our Guidance. Nature teaches us. Nature knows and recognises us. Our Spirits are born into physical reality on Earth and Universal intelligence of Nature knows who we are. What I am saying is that the love from these Ginger corms teaches me / my spirit - now. It is the same for all flowerings of Nature across the Earth and in the Oceans of the Earth.

This applies to who we are on Planet Earth in the Solar System of the Milky Way.

The same Cosmic Intelligence is fermenting across the whole Universe, across one Cosmos, in different Star Systems and in different Universes. In which, all life is One and in which all creatures are One...

The teachings are small and connect with you on a deeply personal level .. talking to your spirit .. talking to your soul .. on the most intimate level. On the deepest levels of being, Nature nourishes our Eternal Spirit.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ghosts of The Solstice

Although we have the Summer Solstice, 2012 .. our Ancestors .. the ghosts of the Solstice .. are strongest during the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter Equinox.

As a child it was normal for me to see the Ancestors and talk with them. In recent times I have become aware that the whole Earth is affected by the spirit-soul portal re-alignment during the Solstice(s).

It is like the four directions that hold physical reality in place and allow this reality to exist and continue. Take the theory of the ever expanding Universe. Nothing in Nature is ever expanding. Nature circles, moves in cycles, rotates, follows spirals.

Spring becomes Summer, Summer becomes Autumn, Autumn becomes Winter and Winter becomes Spring. The rotation of a Galaxy also has four doorways, four directions, four positions - over tens of thousands of years.

The English word ghost comes from the Germanic "Geist", which means spirit. Geist can also mean mind, psyche, soul, intellect. Not necessarily some dis-embodied dead spirit; but the implication is that awareness (intelligence) comes from the spirit - and the spirit inhabits physical reality, where the psyche, the mind, the psychic and intellect are the four directions within human form.

All our lives are orbiting the cycles of the Solstice - that effects trees, fish, animals, water, grass, insects and birds etc. In a strange way, you know where you are because of the passage of the Solstices.

The Ancient Egyptians considered that the soul and the spirit are re-united after death. I wonder if the Solstice Gateways offer a window of connection to the soul. I would imagine this is something like a compass, where spirit inhabiting physical reality can orientate. Because, why are we here? Lifetime after lifetime?

Lonely Isolation Self
Unfortunately, many of the people on this planet only think about themselves. People imagine or believe that they are down here on Earth alone and in total isolation ... nothing could be further from the truth.

Each person on this planet in the time they are here have an amazing back-up team who work tirelessly no-matter-what. Yes! That means all the bad-boys have tireless back-up teams even when they only live for themselves.

By back-up teams I mean Ancestors, spirits, ancient guidance older than the Earth [to name a few]. Add to that the fact that we came from the Stars .. apart from the fact that our physical bodies are made from the dust of Cosmos / the star dust of the Universe.

The ego-self only thinks about itself and its own problems, experiences, memories, sorrows, fears and attachments. Poor little self! How pathetic! The physical psyche is on auto-pilot and we just fit right into the seat.

The ego-self will always form the perfectly comfortable auto-pilot seat .. so that you never question the authority of the servant.

Designed to serve up all your weaknesses and threaten you with fear if you do not obey .. who would imagine that the inner ego-self is the door to Initiation and Illumination...

Lonely isolation = Self.

Therefore, four cycles open up a window to your soul - just to remind you. Just so you don't forget .. who you are. The cycles keep coming around and around, leaving us to take action and do the work for ourselves in the passages between the cycles.

Ghosts of The Solstice
One of the reasons humans do not like to be faced with the spirits of their ancestors or the mysterious spirit world, is because it puts us on the line to be something other than only out for ourselves.

We humans are not alone down here .. isolated .. shut out .. abandoned and left to fend for ourselves. I often see beautiful blue spirits, just filled with love, floating unseen above elderly people.

Maybe the person is old and feels very alone and isolated. They don't see the spirit watching over them; but the love reaches them in unseen ways. Imagine a world where people could see the love the Universe has for them .. that was the world of my Ancestors.

My Ancestors could see the world of spirit and they could communicate with their "support team", that I call: The Guidance. In the long passage between the Solstices people would have to do the work and apply themselves. That is what makes us strong.

We have the wrong idea about death. The physical world can come to an end; but the spirit world is the real reality. In a strange way, when we look out into the Universe, we are seeing the reflection of spirit world presence.

Science tries to capture those mysterious particles - because they do not yet realise that physical reality is born out of spirit. Our Universe was not CREATED [past tense]; but is being created now - in this moment.

Imagine a power so immense that it is creating the Universe, and yet we live inside the creation and do not detect this immense power. We are undisturbed by its presence.

Its power is only detected through the mind.

I think they call it compassion...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

福岡正信 自然農法家

Masanobu Fukuoka - The One Staw Revolution

Translation: Love nature .. understand nature .. love the plants!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Live Love & Grow

When I was rooting Lemongrass and Ginger roots back in February, 2012 .. I did a lot of "research" and there was not that much information about these plants (at that time). There were one or two hardy plant lovers sharing what they know .. but there was not too much information as exists now...

Suddenly, there has been an explosion in growing Lemongrass and Ginger roots .. #-)

But, there is something no one can tell you about, and there is something no one can teach you. I was not looking for expert advice .. I was simply curious. Now I see a following trend, that has nothing to do with what YOU need to know about plants!

No one teaches me to grow Ginger - other than the Ginger roots. They are still teaching me - I learn something new every day. I bring Ginger roots home that are supposed to go onto my curried rice dish .. and these roots hide themselves, and weeks later I have a new planting issue.

No one has ever taught me how to plant plants other than the plants themselves...

When I was very young I started planting seeds in pots and in no time the empty plant-less house we lived in was full of plants growing everywhere. I was curious, and I was not afraid to make mistakes, that was because I did not have a clue what I was doing.

I was born with this instinct that Nature is my teacher, and I was born with this instinct that the plants teach us (and that is how we learn). When we make mistakes - we learn. Then we adjust and bit-by-bit we begin to understand what works and what does not work.

Although I have ideas how to improve and support plant growth - through observing and understanding nature - I can tell you one thing ... Plants respond to love and higher energies.

Before I say more about this totally underestimated and non-market/sell dynamics of growing plants and food .. I want to say that there are no "experts" about what to do best for planting and growing plants.

I'm sorry! But, all this add phosphor .. add nitrogen .. and whatever else is ?? You find out what it is for yourself !! Many layers of fungi balance the soils of the Earth since the beginning of life on Earth and Nature does the rest.

Live Love & Grow
The one thing you cannot buy and sell. The one thing you cannot manufacture. The one thing you cannot put into a bag and market. The one thing you cannot create artificially .. is LOVE.

Take my Ginger roots...

I don't know why Ginger loves me? I have to stop buying the roots, because they grow like crazy as soon as they come into my personal living space. For some strange reason I love them in return. This is the relationship plants form with you.

I don't do anything special with my Ginger roots... In fact, I do nothing!

I don't do any special soil .. I don't do nutrients .. I don't feed them .. there is no form of scientific expertise. There is only me and the plants. They wont stop growing.

There is one special factor in this human/plant relationship .. and that is love. Ginger plants love me and I love Ginger plants. I don't give them any special food. I simply put potting soil into any type of plastic container (because they are overrunning me) and I plant them.

That is what I mean about the scientific world of "experts". We are drowning in experts and yet our world is not capable of feeding all the children being born on this Earth. No matter how many experts we have.

In my mind this is because the people have to love the plants and the plants have to love the people. It is a mutual exchange of love and respect. We are the plants and the plants are us. They show us love, we show them love. It is a higher form of exchange.

In the image above there is a big fat Ginger root that I put on the soil, thinking that I would have to start a new planting pot... Today, I tried to pick up the root to plant it into a new container .. and it has rooted itself so deep into the soil that I will have to try and carefully dig it out - or maybe it is better that I leave it alone where it is.

Plant whatever plants love you and your will learn - the plants will teach you. This is the special relationship we need to cultivate with Nature. It does not matter if you make mistakes .. because that is part of learning.

I now have to watch this new self-rooted surface Ginger root and I will find out something from its self-determined growth. I will learn something new.

On this path of learning the plants have always taught me that they grow from "the love" .. and love is relationship at its highest level. In a way the plants choose us .. they respond to us .. they feel the love and inside that energy of love they teach us. Inside that energy - exchange of love - we learn.

Monday, June 11, 2012

The "Big Bang" Banking Theory ...

Behind Europe's Debt Crisis .. Lurks Wall Street "....Greece isn’t the real problem. Nor is Ireland, Italy, Portugal, or Spain. The real problem is the financial system — centered on Wall Street. And we still haven’t solved it." - Robert Reich

As I said in my: Theory of The Universe, all creatures here on Planet Earth are supported by the Sun, the Solar System, the Galaxy and the entire Universe... and that includes Universal support of HUMANS [male & female].

I personally do not accept the "Big Bang Theory", but I find: Big Bang Banking to be a funny one... cos they destroy themselves in exponential explosive-greed!

I am more apt to consider that the Universe rotates within a TORUS .. and this is why the Galactic and Sun system(s) appear to move apart and expand. Just imagine that the Solar and Galactic system is turning [orbiting] within the endless rotations of a magnetic Torus .. and it may become clear to you that "expansion" is a rotational illusion.

Anyway, back to the "Big Bang" Banking System = Destruction/Explosion...

My theory is that the Universe is not a Big Bang phenomenon, but is a rotational magnetic phenomenon. My reasoning for this is observing NATURE. The basic - all around you Nature - that you too can observe!!

Look and pay attention to water .. to plants, grass, soil, clouds .. to air, moisture, everything that is around you.

On Earth, human societies are in complete chaos! Why are humans in chaos? Debt = Greed squared, where the amount of debt is created from exponential explosions of greed.

"Big Bang" Banking
Why would anyone want to create endless entanglements of debt? I mean .. Nature does not do this, and so why would humans behave in this way? All of Nature is EXCHANGE and not DEBT! Nutrient Exchange

In the natural world: plants, animals, fungi, tree roots, plant roots, insects, fish, air, oxygen, carbon-dioxide, minerals, atmospheric pressure, soil microbes, nutrients, particles and sub-atomic particles EXCHANGE... We live within a natural cosmic trading system of exchange.

Nature manifests what is needed for physical survival... and if Nature does not manifest it then there is no "exchange". For some reason, exchange of resources between humans has become an explosion in greed. How much more can humans eat? How many fish or animals can humans consume? How much financial wealth can humans accumulate? How many forests can humans destroy .. before you destroy yourself?

We humans rely on Nature for all our resources and for our collective well being. Not only physical clothing, heating and physical shelter .. but we depend on Nature for our psychological/psychic well being. In which, we experience the world around us .. the sky .. clouds .. rain .. mountains, rivers and oceans...

Plants and fungi share fair-trade underground market Beneath your feet, plants and fungi are exchanging nutrients in a marketplace where generosity is rewarded and cheating punished. The two kingdoms were known to exchange nutrients at root level – now, researchers have shown that they have evolved ways to enforce fair trading. - New Scientist

The real challenge that lies ahead for the world's economic societies, is not a banking crisis - but we are face to face with an out-of-control moral crisis.

"Economy is the basis of society. When the economy is stable, society develops. The ideal economy combines the spiritual and the material, and the best commodities to trade in are sincerity and love."
- Morihei Ueshiba [Founder of Aikido]

Saturday, June 09, 2012

A Future With Clear Windows

The world is in turmoil; but all around us nature is supporting us. The Earth, the Sun, the Galaxy, the Universe is supporting us now .. that is a fact! We actually have the support of the whole Universe! But let's stay with what is happening directly on this Planet...

Let me backtrack a little to explain why I have come to this realization that humans on Earth are supported by so many forces that show us we are truly blessed. Of course, the same applies to the trees, plants, animals, insects, birds and creatures of the seas.

The whole Universe supports us!

First .. the ego(self) is thought = self centered = self composed = self survival.

A lot of the problems we see on Earth today have been created by the inner dominance of the human ego: I AM .. I EXIST .. I DOMINATE .. I FEAR .. I HURT .. I WANT .. etc

In both males and females the human psyche is Asexual .. an Hermaphrodite. In the Tarot this is The Hierophant - the twin pillars. Also, for male and female alike, this is the ancient challenge of Initiation.

Jiddu Krishnamurti, at one of his Talks said something along the lines of: The male and female are different "physical" aspects of the same unique force .. the human psyche is neither male nor female. [This is how I understand what he said on that day...]

When one observes cats, herons, dolphins, pine trees, salmon, hawks .. humans .. the physical attributes are different; but the source is the same. Male and female are one and the same source!

The divided ego(self) has created various psychological power-structures based on sex. These ego-divisions apply to structure of society, banking, social behavior, social attitude, science, religions and politics.

I suspect, there exists: "Hierophant" spirit inhabiting physical duality .. where physical duality is one force and is not divided. Therefore, you see the animal world co-operating (male/female) to create a path into the future .. where the past, the present and the future are one!

Path of Initiation(s)
Within our current human world most people live in the world-of-thought, a "window of the past". By that, I mean that the human mind (thought/ego) creates much deeper "root-image" and not many "multiple images" (as imagined).

For example, a powerful fear or desire, a powerful sorrow or pleasure is fragmented by thought(ego) into individual images/experiences .. where all images form a maze or labyrinth = challenge of Initiation.

What do you think they were doing in Ancient Egypt?

The Art of Initiation was to discover "The Way" .. to discover freedom .. to move beyond ego... to merge with the One.

Future With Clear Windows
Imagine birth is similar to buying a new car, where the car windows are totally clear/clean. Where your inner and outer clarity of vision includes North, South, East and West...

As one drives through one's life (the vehicle/car), thought(ego) fills the windows of the car with images - with experiences - memories - fears - sorrows - attachments. Therefore, the clear view out of the windows becomes obscured by the recorded images-of-thought.

Thought - inside the physical brain - allocates associated areas where it places the recorded experiences.

As you journey through life, inside the physical 3D vehicle, the side-windows become full of various images/experiences .. the back windows become full of associated experiences .. and [more dangerous] the front/future area = where you are going window .. becomes full of many images and experiences of thought(ego).

If one is not careful, the forward looking window of the vehicle (into the future) becomes obscured by the many images of past experiences.. where one can no longer see ahead. Translated, this means that we loose our clarity/awareness. In current society this translates into greed, selfishness and fear .. leading to division and conflict.

Awareness is past, present and future as ONE.
Imagine something happens to you .. something that totally changes your life .. which can be anything! Today, I picked up a tiny small bird with beautiful grayish dark green and bright light green feathers. The bird had somehow died and I picked it up and placed it on the earth under a bush. The little bird's spirit-being had left its tiny fragile body behind.

What I am trying to say is that these events become part of our awareness BEYOND THOUGHT/EGO .. where the human spirit embodies the transition/initiation of the event(s) as pure informational Universal energy.

People caught in the past feed off the past = junk food reality.

The Aikido or Zen Master always turns or deflects the stagnant thought ego-force .. returning it to The Now. Where, "ego/experience .." is deflected back to... "The Now" .. awareness .. Who you are .. now! What you are .. now!

Sunday, June 03, 2012

A Glimpse of The Future

It use to be in Ancient Celtic times, that children were born into the community with the gift of "second-sight". This only took place as a bridge to cross the decline of humanities seeing powers. Second-sight is the awakened Third Eye depicted in cultural art around the world.

Perhaps you think, I wish I could glimpse the future.

Well, the future is all around you!

Planet Earth is an interactive field, in which all creatures inhabiting the shared space are an undivided part of that living field. We humans are intimately connected (within the psychic field) to the birds, animals, trees, plants and insects. Add to that list: the soil, water, rain, air and minerals.

There is your past and future...

Over the last two thousand years, humans were programmed to see themselves and the world around them in a fragmented way. Mankind may as well be adrift, isolated in deep space, alone and lost in some formless void. In a world where people have little or no connection to the abundance of life around them.

Take Europe as one example...

From Spain and Portugal to Sweden and Finland, land rich areas in towns and cities where people could grow food - there is no co-operation. Land is held by the state as future expansion and building projects (land capital), paid by generations of tax payers. No-one is allowed to plant fruit trees or grow food.

Humans co-operate to build roads, cities and create economic prosperity .. but no one actually grows anything in this Europe wide desert. In fact, it is illegal for people living in towns and cities to plant even one tomato plant or one potato plant on some piece of ground at the side of the road.

That cultural insanity, goes all the way back to Roman times...

This no-grow disease is on-the-ground reality of every country in the world. Forget money, bonds, investments, banks, capital or the coming European Gold Bonds. Forget all that! In any emergency, in any disaster .. if you need to survive .. the physical Earth is your only resource.

Take the Germanic or Irish European Celts [back in history]... They grew their own food, they fished for salmon or trout in the streams, they hunted deer in the forests, they brewed their own beer (which was more a food than alcoholic beverage). The Celts built their own houses, built their own communities, defended those communities and they traded real in-your-hand resources.

The spread of the Roman Empire cut down and destroyed most of the forests of Europe. Then the Empire told the Gauls and the Celts .. grow food and pay taxes to Rome .. but slowly the disease spreads to become = you are not allowed to plant one single plant anywhere that is owned by the "State".

I will tell you what planting a few plants means to the surrounding community!

A few plants means beauty .. it means insects and grubs for the many varieties of birds .. it means energy that you helped create. Caring for plants and animals brings love into your heart. You give the love - but you also receive the love.

These so-called laws (against nature) deny you giving and receiving love! Receiving direct love from the Earth, from Nature, from the animals and birds and insects, who benefit from any attempts you make to interact with your local environment. This no-grow insanity exists all over the world.

Not for much longer !!

A Glimpse of The Future Together
The key-word is TOGETHER... Together has a wider meaning than simply mankind or human togetherness. Grow many varieties of plants, trees and herbs and birds benefit, mice and voles benefit, insects and butterflies benefit, wild animals benefit and organically the soil benefits.

A glimpse of the future reveals a totally new human relationship with the local earth. What is the local earth? It is that area of ground close to your living area. Even if the area is paved or concreted over, you can still grow food in grow bags or containers.

Top of The Pyramid
Before the fall of Atlantis, the top of the pyramid was SELFLESS compassion.

The men and women who represented the STAR (the light), acted like a prism .. where the wealth of society was shared by all. The original star [the capstone] was a selfless individual or male/female prism who existed to benefit mankind.

The geometry of the pyramid was the sacred geometrical structure in which all parts of the society were taught to grow. This was an inner growth as well as a growing of plants, trees, food, relationships, architecture and life.

The people who were skilled in architecture, served the community. The people who were skilled in agriculture, served the community. The people who were skilled in wealth, served the community. The people who were skilled in defense, served the community.

All aspects of "the pyramid" are equal and in balance.

Your house is not going to stand if one part of it is out of balance.

The coming change is not emerging out of the physical world. The coming change is emerging out of the psychic and spirit world. Because, we humans are psychic/spirit inhabiting the physical 3D world.

Walking through the desert landscapes of all the towns and cities of the world... A glimpse of the future revealed a society of trees and plants grown by caring and loving human beings .. A world of "Green Gold"!