Saturday, June 09, 2012

A Future With Clear Windows

The world is in turmoil; but all around us nature is supporting us. The Earth, the Sun, the Galaxy, the Universe is supporting us now .. that is a fact! We actually have the support of the whole Universe! But let's stay with what is happening directly on this Planet...

Let me backtrack a little to explain why I have come to this realization that humans on Earth are supported by so many forces that show us we are truly blessed. Of course, the same applies to the trees, plants, animals, insects, birds and creatures of the seas.

The whole Universe supports us!

First .. the ego(self) is thought = self centered = self composed = self survival.

A lot of the problems we see on Earth today have been created by the inner dominance of the human ego: I AM .. I EXIST .. I DOMINATE .. I FEAR .. I HURT .. I WANT .. etc

In both males and females the human psyche is Asexual .. an Hermaphrodite. In the Tarot this is The Hierophant - the twin pillars. Also, for male and female alike, this is the ancient challenge of Initiation.

Jiddu Krishnamurti, at one of his Talks said something along the lines of: The male and female are different "physical" aspects of the same unique force .. the human psyche is neither male nor female. [This is how I understand what he said on that day...]

When one observes cats, herons, dolphins, pine trees, salmon, hawks .. humans .. the physical attributes are different; but the source is the same. Male and female are one and the same source!

The divided ego(self) has created various psychological power-structures based on sex. These ego-divisions apply to structure of society, banking, social behavior, social attitude, science, religions and politics.

I suspect, there exists: "Hierophant" spirit inhabiting physical duality .. where physical duality is one force and is not divided. Therefore, you see the animal world co-operating (male/female) to create a path into the future .. where the past, the present and the future are one!

Path of Initiation(s)
Within our current human world most people live in the world-of-thought, a "window of the past". By that, I mean that the human mind (thought/ego) creates much deeper "root-image" and not many "multiple images" (as imagined).

For example, a powerful fear or desire, a powerful sorrow or pleasure is fragmented by thought(ego) into individual images/experiences .. where all images form a maze or labyrinth = challenge of Initiation.

What do you think they were doing in Ancient Egypt?

The Art of Initiation was to discover "The Way" .. to discover freedom .. to move beyond ego... to merge with the One.

Future With Clear Windows
Imagine birth is similar to buying a new car, where the car windows are totally clear/clean. Where your inner and outer clarity of vision includes North, South, East and West...

As one drives through one's life (the vehicle/car), thought(ego) fills the windows of the car with images - with experiences - memories - fears - sorrows - attachments. Therefore, the clear view out of the windows becomes obscured by the recorded images-of-thought.

Thought - inside the physical brain - allocates associated areas where it places the recorded experiences.

As you journey through life, inside the physical 3D vehicle, the side-windows become full of various images/experiences .. the back windows become full of associated experiences .. and [more dangerous] the front/future area = where you are going window .. becomes full of many images and experiences of thought(ego).

If one is not careful, the forward looking window of the vehicle (into the future) becomes obscured by the many images of past experiences.. where one can no longer see ahead. Translated, this means that we loose our clarity/awareness. In current society this translates into greed, selfishness and fear .. leading to division and conflict.

Awareness is past, present and future as ONE.
Imagine something happens to you .. something that totally changes your life .. which can be anything! Today, I picked up a tiny small bird with beautiful grayish dark green and bright light green feathers. The bird had somehow died and I picked it up and placed it on the earth under a bush. The little bird's spirit-being had left its tiny fragile body behind.

What I am trying to say is that these events become part of our awareness BEYOND THOUGHT/EGO .. where the human spirit embodies the transition/initiation of the event(s) as pure informational Universal energy.

People caught in the past feed off the past = junk food reality.

The Aikido or Zen Master always turns or deflects the stagnant thought ego-force .. returning it to The Now. Where, "ego/experience .." is deflected back to... "The Now" .. awareness .. Who you are .. now! What you are .. now!