Sunday, June 03, 2012

A Glimpse of The Future

It use to be in Ancient Celtic times, that children were born into the community with the gift of "second-sight". This only took place as a bridge to cross the decline of humanities seeing powers. Second-sight is the awakened Third Eye depicted in cultural art around the world.

Perhaps you think, I wish I could glimpse the future.

Well, the future is all around you!

Planet Earth is an interactive field, in which all creatures inhabiting the shared space are an undivided part of that living field. We humans are intimately connected (within the psychic field) to the birds, animals, trees, plants and insects. Add to that list: the soil, water, rain, air and minerals.

There is your past and future...

Over the last two thousand years, humans were programmed to see themselves and the world around them in a fragmented way. Mankind may as well be adrift, isolated in deep space, alone and lost in some formless void. In a world where people have little or no connection to the abundance of life around them.

Take Europe as one example...

From Spain and Portugal to Sweden and Finland, land rich areas in towns and cities where people could grow food - there is no co-operation. Land is held by the state as future expansion and building projects (land capital), paid by generations of tax payers. No-one is allowed to plant fruit trees or grow food.

Humans co-operate to build roads, cities and create economic prosperity .. but no one actually grows anything in this Europe wide desert. In fact, it is illegal for people living in towns and cities to plant even one tomato plant or one potato plant on some piece of ground at the side of the road.

That cultural insanity, goes all the way back to Roman times...

This no-grow disease is on-the-ground reality of every country in the world. Forget money, bonds, investments, banks, capital or the coming European Gold Bonds. Forget all that! In any emergency, in any disaster .. if you need to survive .. the physical Earth is your only resource.

Take the Germanic or Irish European Celts [back in history]... They grew their own food, they fished for salmon or trout in the streams, they hunted deer in the forests, they brewed their own beer (which was more a food than alcoholic beverage). The Celts built their own houses, built their own communities, defended those communities and they traded real in-your-hand resources.

The spread of the Roman Empire cut down and destroyed most of the forests of Europe. Then the Empire told the Gauls and the Celts .. grow food and pay taxes to Rome .. but slowly the disease spreads to become = you are not allowed to plant one single plant anywhere that is owned by the "State".

I will tell you what planting a few plants means to the surrounding community!

A few plants means beauty .. it means insects and grubs for the many varieties of birds .. it means energy that you helped create. Caring for plants and animals brings love into your heart. You give the love - but you also receive the love.

These so-called laws (against nature) deny you giving and receiving love! Receiving direct love from the Earth, from Nature, from the animals and birds and insects, who benefit from any attempts you make to interact with your local environment. This no-grow insanity exists all over the world.

Not for much longer !!

A Glimpse of The Future Together
The key-word is TOGETHER... Together has a wider meaning than simply mankind or human togetherness. Grow many varieties of plants, trees and herbs and birds benefit, mice and voles benefit, insects and butterflies benefit, wild animals benefit and organically the soil benefits.

A glimpse of the future reveals a totally new human relationship with the local earth. What is the local earth? It is that area of ground close to your living area. Even if the area is paved or concreted over, you can still grow food in grow bags or containers.

Top of The Pyramid
Before the fall of Atlantis, the top of the pyramid was SELFLESS compassion.

The men and women who represented the STAR (the light), acted like a prism .. where the wealth of society was shared by all. The original star [the capstone] was a selfless individual or male/female prism who existed to benefit mankind.

The geometry of the pyramid was the sacred geometrical structure in which all parts of the society were taught to grow. This was an inner growth as well as a growing of plants, trees, food, relationships, architecture and life.

The people who were skilled in architecture, served the community. The people who were skilled in agriculture, served the community. The people who were skilled in wealth, served the community. The people who were skilled in defense, served the community.

All aspects of "the pyramid" are equal and in balance.

Your house is not going to stand if one part of it is out of balance.

The coming change is not emerging out of the physical world. The coming change is emerging out of the psychic and spirit world. Because, we humans are psychic/spirit inhabiting the physical 3D world.

Walking through the desert landscapes of all the towns and cities of the world... A glimpse of the future revealed a society of trees and plants grown by caring and loving human beings .. A world of "Green Gold"!