Friday, June 22, 2012

Nature Nourishes Eternal Spirit

This all began with Thai Ginger...

In, Live Love & Grow I decide two containers of Ginger is more than enough. The growing Ginger roots teach me about this Earth, Nature and the Eternal Spirit.

Let's go back to the Thai Ginger and the love for the Planet we live on.

I walk into the store and I see this Ginger .. with beautiful red corms growing out of the Ginger roots. Usually, the Ginger comes from China and sometimes from Peru .. and those growing corms are light or dark green.

I think I must have been a Ginger farmer in a past life .. because this was love at first sight. Here comes planting container number three !! I chose the best Ginger corms and packed them into a plastic bag.

Over time the rooting Ginger has been teaching me, until I came to the point where I then planted them in containers. Usually, I would break them off and eat them raw, as they have many health benefits .. and I like the fresh taste as opposed to the more fibrous Ginger root.

I used the way of encouraging growth that the Ginger roots themselves taught me .. or showed me. This time, instead of taking two weeks to show root growth - the Ginger corms rooted in one day .. the day of the Summer Solstice.

I discovered that human intelligence is equal to observation plus inner spirit communication. Nature is always communicating with us. We humans have to pay attention and listen to Nature.

I decided to pack compost around my self rooting Ginger root from June 14 .. I use the brilliant: PicMonkey for my image formatting presentations.

Here you see how I carefully covered the self-rooting Ginger in compost - planted in a plastic container and the growth looks good. This Ginger root is not my new Thailand Ginger root... The Thai Ginger appeared in the store many days later.

This is where the Ginger roots taught me how Nature - Planet Earth - nourishes the Eternal Spirit. Lifetime after lifetime all spirits of the Earth / Cosmos incarnate into physical 3D reality. Where Spirit shares the experience of material existence.

I look at this Thai Ginger and the nature of this plant affects my mind, it affects my intelligence .. it interacts with me and awakens some deep inner knowing or experience.

What kind of experience?

The Earth is one .. Nature recognises us .. recognises our signature .. who we are and what we do for the Nature in physical reality. Translated, our spirit gives to and works with Nature inside physical reality .. or maybe people do not work with Nature ??

Here you can see the dark red Thai Ginger corms .. to be planted in a new container. This is why I say make a relationship with the plants.

Nature is our Guidance. Nature teaches us. Nature knows and recognises us. Our Spirits are born into physical reality on Earth and Universal intelligence of Nature knows who we are. What I am saying is that the love from these Ginger corms teaches me / my spirit - now. It is the same for all flowerings of Nature across the Earth and in the Oceans of the Earth.

This applies to who we are on Planet Earth in the Solar System of the Milky Way.

The same Cosmic Intelligence is fermenting across the whole Universe, across one Cosmos, in different Star Systems and in different Universes. In which, all life is One and in which all creatures are One...

The teachings are small and connect with you on a deeply personal level .. talking to your spirit .. talking to your soul .. on the most intimate level. On the deepest levels of being, Nature nourishes our Eternal Spirit.