Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ghosts of The Solstice

Although we have the Summer Solstice, 2012 .. our Ancestors .. the ghosts of the Solstice .. are strongest during the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter Equinox.

As a child it was normal for me to see the Ancestors and talk with them. In recent times I have become aware that the whole Earth is affected by the spirit-soul portal re-alignment during the Solstice(s).

It is like the four directions that hold physical reality in place and allow this reality to exist and continue. Take the theory of the ever expanding Universe. Nothing in Nature is ever expanding. Nature circles, moves in cycles, rotates, follows spirals.

Spring becomes Summer, Summer becomes Autumn, Autumn becomes Winter and Winter becomes Spring. The rotation of a Galaxy also has four doorways, four directions, four positions - over tens of thousands of years.

The English word ghost comes from the Germanic "Geist", which means spirit. Geist can also mean mind, psyche, soul, intellect. Not necessarily some dis-embodied dead spirit; but the implication is that awareness (intelligence) comes from the spirit - and the spirit inhabits physical reality, where the psyche, the mind, the psychic and intellect are the four directions within human form.

All our lives are orbiting the cycles of the Solstice - that effects trees, fish, animals, water, grass, insects and birds etc. In a strange way, you know where you are because of the passage of the Solstices.

The Ancient Egyptians considered that the soul and the spirit are re-united after death. I wonder if the Solstice Gateways offer a window of connection to the soul. I would imagine this is something like a compass, where spirit inhabiting physical reality can orientate. Because, why are we here? Lifetime after lifetime?

Lonely Isolation Self
Unfortunately, many of the people on this planet only think about themselves. People imagine or believe that they are down here on Earth alone and in total isolation ... nothing could be further from the truth.

Each person on this planet in the time they are here have an amazing back-up team who work tirelessly no-matter-what. Yes! That means all the bad-boys have tireless back-up teams even when they only live for themselves.

By back-up teams I mean Ancestors, spirits, ancient guidance older than the Earth [to name a few]. Add to that the fact that we came from the Stars .. apart from the fact that our physical bodies are made from the dust of Cosmos / the star dust of the Universe.

The ego-self only thinks about itself and its own problems, experiences, memories, sorrows, fears and attachments. Poor little self! How pathetic! The physical psyche is on auto-pilot and we just fit right into the seat.

The ego-self will always form the perfectly comfortable auto-pilot seat .. so that you never question the authority of the servant.

Designed to serve up all your weaknesses and threaten you with fear if you do not obey .. who would imagine that the inner ego-self is the door to Initiation and Illumination...

Lonely isolation = Self.

Therefore, four cycles open up a window to your soul - just to remind you. Just so you don't forget .. who you are. The cycles keep coming around and around, leaving us to take action and do the work for ourselves in the passages between the cycles.

Ghosts of The Solstice
One of the reasons humans do not like to be faced with the spirits of their ancestors or the mysterious spirit world, is because it puts us on the line to be something other than only out for ourselves.

We humans are not alone down here .. isolated .. shut out .. abandoned and left to fend for ourselves. I often see beautiful blue spirits, just filled with love, floating unseen above elderly people.

Maybe the person is old and feels very alone and isolated. They don't see the spirit watching over them; but the love reaches them in unseen ways. Imagine a world where people could see the love the Universe has for them .. that was the world of my Ancestors.

My Ancestors could see the world of spirit and they could communicate with their "support team", that I call: The Guidance. In the long passage between the Solstices people would have to do the work and apply themselves. That is what makes us strong.

We have the wrong idea about death. The physical world can come to an end; but the spirit world is the real reality. In a strange way, when we look out into the Universe, we are seeing the reflection of spirit world presence.

Science tries to capture those mysterious particles - because they do not yet realise that physical reality is born out of spirit. Our Universe was not CREATED [past tense]; but is being created now - in this moment.

Imagine a power so immense that it is creating the Universe, and yet we live inside the creation and do not detect this immense power. We are undisturbed by its presence.

Its power is only detected through the mind.

I think they call it compassion...