Thursday, June 14, 2012

Live Love & Grow

When I was rooting Lemongrass and Ginger roots back in February, 2012 .. I did a lot of "research" and there was not that much information about these plants (at that time). There were one or two hardy plant lovers sharing what they know .. but there was not too much information as exists now...

Suddenly, there has been an explosion in growing Lemongrass and Ginger roots .. #-)

But, there is something no one can tell you about, and there is something no one can teach you. I was not looking for expert advice .. I was simply curious. Now I see a following trend, that has nothing to do with what YOU need to know about plants!

No one teaches me to grow Ginger - other than the Ginger roots. They are still teaching me - I learn something new every day. I bring Ginger roots home that are supposed to go onto my curried rice dish .. and these roots hide themselves, and weeks later I have a new planting issue.

No one has ever taught me how to plant plants other than the plants themselves...

When I was very young I started planting seeds in pots and in no time the empty plant-less house we lived in was full of plants growing everywhere. I was curious, and I was not afraid to make mistakes, that was because I did not have a clue what I was doing.

I was born with this instinct that Nature is my teacher, and I was born with this instinct that the plants teach us (and that is how we learn). When we make mistakes - we learn. Then we adjust and bit-by-bit we begin to understand what works and what does not work.

Although I have ideas how to improve and support plant growth - through observing and understanding nature - I can tell you one thing ... Plants respond to love and higher energies.

Before I say more about this totally underestimated and non-market/sell dynamics of growing plants and food .. I want to say that there are no "experts" about what to do best for planting and growing plants.

I'm sorry! But, all this add phosphor .. add nitrogen .. and whatever else is ?? You find out what it is for yourself !! Many layers of fungi balance the soils of the Earth since the beginning of life on Earth and Nature does the rest.

Live Love & Grow
The one thing you cannot buy and sell. The one thing you cannot manufacture. The one thing you cannot put into a bag and market. The one thing you cannot create artificially .. is LOVE.

Take my Ginger roots...

I don't know why Ginger loves me? I have to stop buying the roots, because they grow like crazy as soon as they come into my personal living space. For some strange reason I love them in return. This is the relationship plants form with you.

I don't do anything special with my Ginger roots... In fact, I do nothing!

I don't do any special soil .. I don't do nutrients .. I don't feed them .. there is no form of scientific expertise. There is only me and the plants. They wont stop growing.

There is one special factor in this human/plant relationship .. and that is love. Ginger plants love me and I love Ginger plants. I don't give them any special food. I simply put potting soil into any type of plastic container (because they are overrunning me) and I plant them.

That is what I mean about the scientific world of "experts". We are drowning in experts and yet our world is not capable of feeding all the children being born on this Earth. No matter how many experts we have.

In my mind this is because the people have to love the plants and the plants have to love the people. It is a mutual exchange of love and respect. We are the plants and the plants are us. They show us love, we show them love. It is a higher form of exchange.

In the image above there is a big fat Ginger root that I put on the soil, thinking that I would have to start a new planting pot... Today, I tried to pick up the root to plant it into a new container .. and it has rooted itself so deep into the soil that I will have to try and carefully dig it out - or maybe it is better that I leave it alone where it is.

Plant whatever plants love you and your will learn - the plants will teach you. This is the special relationship we need to cultivate with Nature. It does not matter if you make mistakes .. because that is part of learning.

I now have to watch this new self-rooted surface Ginger root and I will find out something from its self-determined growth. I will learn something new.

On this path of learning the plants have always taught me that they grow from "the love" .. and love is relationship at its highest level. In a way the plants choose us .. they respond to us .. they feel the love and inside that energy of love they teach us. Inside that energy - exchange of love - we learn.