Monday, June 11, 2012

The "Big Bang" Banking Theory ...

Behind Europe's Debt Crisis .. Lurks Wall Street "....Greece isn’t the real problem. Nor is Ireland, Italy, Portugal, or Spain. The real problem is the financial system — centered on Wall Street. And we still haven’t solved it." - Robert Reich

As I said in my: Theory of The Universe, all creatures here on Planet Earth are supported by the Sun, the Solar System, the Galaxy and the entire Universe... and that includes Universal support of HUMANS [male & female].

I personally do not accept the "Big Bang Theory", but I find: Big Bang Banking to be a funny one... cos they destroy themselves in exponential explosive-greed!

I am more apt to consider that the Universe rotates within a TORUS .. and this is why the Galactic and Sun system(s) appear to move apart and expand. Just imagine that the Solar and Galactic system is turning [orbiting] within the endless rotations of a magnetic Torus .. and it may become clear to you that "expansion" is a rotational illusion.

Anyway, back to the "Big Bang" Banking System = Destruction/Explosion...

My theory is that the Universe is not a Big Bang phenomenon, but is a rotational magnetic phenomenon. My reasoning for this is observing NATURE. The basic - all around you Nature - that you too can observe!!

Look and pay attention to water .. to plants, grass, soil, clouds .. to air, moisture, everything that is around you.

On Earth, human societies are in complete chaos! Why are humans in chaos? Debt = Greed squared, where the amount of debt is created from exponential explosions of greed.

"Big Bang" Banking
Why would anyone want to create endless entanglements of debt? I mean .. Nature does not do this, and so why would humans behave in this way? All of Nature is EXCHANGE and not DEBT! Nutrient Exchange

In the natural world: plants, animals, fungi, tree roots, plant roots, insects, fish, air, oxygen, carbon-dioxide, minerals, atmospheric pressure, soil microbes, nutrients, particles and sub-atomic particles EXCHANGE... We live within a natural cosmic trading system of exchange.

Nature manifests what is needed for physical survival... and if Nature does not manifest it then there is no "exchange". For some reason, exchange of resources between humans has become an explosion in greed. How much more can humans eat? How many fish or animals can humans consume? How much financial wealth can humans accumulate? How many forests can humans destroy .. before you destroy yourself?

We humans rely on Nature for all our resources and for our collective well being. Not only physical clothing, heating and physical shelter .. but we depend on Nature for our psychological/psychic well being. In which, we experience the world around us .. the sky .. clouds .. rain .. mountains, rivers and oceans...

Plants and fungi share fair-trade underground market Beneath your feet, plants and fungi are exchanging nutrients in a marketplace where generosity is rewarded and cheating punished. The two kingdoms were known to exchange nutrients at root level – now, researchers have shown that they have evolved ways to enforce fair trading. - New Scientist

The real challenge that lies ahead for the world's economic societies, is not a banking crisis - but we are face to face with an out-of-control moral crisis.

"Economy is the basis of society. When the economy is stable, society develops. The ideal economy combines the spiritual and the material, and the best commodities to trade in are sincerity and love."
- Morihei Ueshiba [Founder of Aikido]