Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Galactic Variations In Universal Temperatures

Here on the ground - on Planet Earth - many of us are feeling the heat as temperatures rise. In direct sunlight, on a hot day (let's say 36°C), there is a feeling of an increase in intensity of the Sun's radiation levels.

It is not simply that the air is warmer or the temperatures are warmer; but the feeling is of an intense radiation that is affecting everything on the Planet. These climatic changes also influence Venus, Mars and other Planets in the Solar System.

I was thinking that there is a possibility the whole Earth was once covered in water and that may be why human beings began their lives in the Oceans of Earth. If I am getting close to the truth, then monkeys arrived on Earth after Ocean living humans = The Sea Humans.

In my imagination, this is why the dolphins and the whales love us and communicate with us .. because they remember - their memories go way back. They know who we are. I suspect these highly intelligent creatures also feel compassion for us humans - because we got lost somewhere between the Oceans and the Land.

With the potential for gravitational variations in the Earth's sea levels across the globe .. I don't think it is a simple question of: What would happen if the Polar ice-caps melted tomorrow. Ice at the Northern and Southern Poles mainly affects the Earth's weather as well as temperatures and sea levels.

Galactic Variations In Universal Temperatures
The Earth, the Sun and the Solar System are not in isolation. They are part of a vast and complex orbiting Galaxy, within an orbiting Universe. The question is... Is there a universal temperature or are there variations in temperature (radiation) out there in the Universe?

If the Milky Way Galaxy, the Sun and our Solar System are orbiting through variations in universal temperature/radiation out there in the vast matrix of Space ... then, the question is obvious. The potential exists for variations in the local Universe to change life on Earth.

Does the Milky Way Galaxy have a uniform temperature? Does the Universe have a uniform radiation background?

Scientists call the background force "dark matter", because they cannot see it. It is possible that Stars and Planets move together through a structured medium that has form, depth-of-field and that has variations in density as well as variations in temperature. I imagine the background force is probably moving in waves - just like the sea.

The Universe probably has warm currents and cold currents circulating together like the Ocean currents on Earth. The Sun is drawing energy from the surrounding Universe and converting this energy into life. The Sun then feeds our Solar System this energy life force.

Natural and sometimes dramatic or sudden changes in the Earth's temperatures affect all life on Earth .. in long and short cycles. I guess, those cycles are determined by "The Universe".

Our journey through different variations in the galactic field would be mirrored in the structure of the Planet. The Planets of the Solar System nourish themselves from the background radiations in Space. The Planets are cosmic fish living in and swimming through an Ocean-of-Cosmos.

I would imagine that if you can read the local background signature - then you can understand the past, present and the approaching future. After all, we humans depend on the resources of the Earth for our existence and survival. Why does any of this matter? Because, we came from the Stars...