Saturday, July 07, 2012

Protect Yourself With Compassion

It may seem there is a lot of fear and anxiety in the world pulling everyone under .. but this fear is because we humans - on a spiritual level - are crowded around a spiritual doorway / passageway - not going through to the other side. The inner transition from dense physical reality to the union [root: we are one] of the physical world and the spirit worlds is happening now.

One could imagine that in our timeline we are currently driving our super technology elite expensive cars on mud roads full of potholes, mud roads that have been flooded and washed away ahead of us. No matter how much you pay for the car .. Nature is more powerful than you and your technologies.

Driving a car is symbolic of the movement of all human beings into "The Future" .. we drive or move step-by-step into the path ahead of us. No matter what is our social status - each human being is moving together with all brothers and sisters.

In the present world we live in today, we imagine that we have superior technologies to those of the past. However, this may not be the case. In the future the "superior technology" is the Tao of The Human Mind.

You don't have to wait - like frozen in time - to understand that the human mind is superior to all technologies. You can discover it now .. for yourself .. in this moment .. without mudslides and potholes along The Way.

Compassion is the science of Nature!

Alchemy of Transition
Learn and apply the "Science of Nature" orginally called: Alchemy. The Alchemist is the Spirit, where base metals are the physical incarnations. The transformation of base metals [lead into gold] - is the Spirit's transformation of its own physical incarnation(s).

The Passageway is the path of transmutation. The furnace is the Heart. The Alchemy of transmutation takes place in the mind. The ego-self is fear and therefore, ego sits frozen at the inner transitional doorway lifetime after lifetime.

Protect Yourself With Compassion
We lost the deeper understanding that compassion is protecting the spirit that inhabits the physical body. Either the mind is in a primitive state and we respond to situations feeling resentment or hatred, which affects us directly. Or we feel inwardly this compassion and it protects us on a higher level.

Resentment is like a radio frequency that connects us to lower frequencies. It does not matter what radio station you tune into .. fear, sorrow, hurt .. they all connect back to a noise of a lower frequency that feeds the fear and anxiety.

It is not easy to understand compassion.

The Master of Aikido, Morehei Ueshiba understood compassion. At the same he was not a man you could throw around. In, The Art of Peace, he wrote: "No matter how heavily armed your opponent is, you can use the Art of Peace to disarm him (or her). When someone comes in anger, greet him with a smile. That is the highest kind of Martial Art.

One could say that compassion is the Art of not losing One's Balance.

For two thousand years the world has been conditioned to worship the external - that which is outside oneself. This is why you see so much greed and everyone out for themselves. The mass of humanity have gone down that road.

Compassion questions that road .. and asks: Is this really the Way to go?

Compassion is not only that you see the birds and the animals and you feel this love where you respect these creatures and understand them .. or where you feel love for your fellow human beings. People are soon going to realise, compassion is as essential to our well-being as food, water and air.

The biggest change that lies ahead is compassion.

Many times in my life things have fallen apart around me and a sort of twilight zone appears where you know you have to make a decision. It is like standing on a plateau observing the expanse of your own life. Either you are going to go indulge in the lower levels of feeling sorry for yourself - self-pity with all its associated feelings .. or you know you have to turn away from that path and go your own way.

The inner world creates the outer world.

Perhaps compassion is taking responsibility for one's own inner state of mind.