Monday, July 30, 2012

Human Mind Is Part of Nature

I was fourteen / fifteen years old when I began reading the Teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti .. and he said: You are your own teacher and master... love the Earth you live on and love yourself...

As a young child I also remembered earlier lives on Earth .. and these earlier lives were all inside me now. These other life experiences were not outside of me .. this was not a theory or intellectual idea. These experiences were inside me like small fragile butterflies .. all with different wings and different colours .. different personalities and flight paths.

The Ancient Masters told me that the many "energy butterflies" converge inside the energy shell of a transitional spirit being to form "Buddha Consciousness" .. where the twelve butterflies merge into the thirteenth butterfly (you) to become one enlightened being.

The human mind is undivided part of Nature.

You [your mind] is part of Nature. You are Nature and Nature is you. That includes "Earth Changes". It does not matter who you are or where you are born... In the mind of Buddha, there is no higher elite and there is no lower mass of unrefined humans .. with their conflicts and struggles. All of mankind is ONE.

We generally live on Planet Earth as though we are needy, impoverished beggars. We struggle, we fear, we suffer and we lose confidence in ourselves .. because we do not know ourselves .. we struggle to survive and lose sight of our inner connection.

Terrible storms hit the surface of the Planet we live on. How many of us can trust to feel the love, even when our lives are in danger? How many of us would find the inner sensitivity to die with love if we die in a storm?

I almost died in a storm [more than one] .. I was almost swept out to sea .. I almost died as a child .. but something saved me from death in the moment disaster struck. In the future, one day, I will leave the Earth like all my brothers and sisters before me.

Why do we fear death? Where is the love?

We have been saying since 2003 that 2012 is not the end of life on Earth. That humans are part of Nature, we are part of the the Earth. Our bodies are made from water, minerals, elements, crystals, sub-atomic particles, electrons and basic matter. So are our minds and thoughts - formed from these elemental energies.

We are an undivided part of the Earth we live on.

If you are in danger, then feel the deeper part of the storm. If you are afraid, transcend the fear. If you are frozen, overcome your own resistance. If you are in turmoil, find peace. If the waters rage, say thank you and find gratitude. Enter the chaos and transform it from within.

Love is the most powerful force on Earth.

Love is not an abstract esoteric, fleeting, elusive, non-practical mirage.

In the trees, forests and plants is the real love. Inside birds, animals, fish and insects is the real love. All these creature innocently tolerate human ignorance that is destroying the Planet we live on. I have often saved many injured birds and they die peacefully .. gently .. without problems...

It is time we humans support Nature with our minds. This is simple to do. Through meditation we can transcend all suffering of the petty ego and we can extend our superior minds to enhance life of Earth.

The human brain is limited by ego / self / thought.

The Earth is Cosmic Mind formed as physical matter.

The human brain is elevated and transformed through compassionate connection to Universal Mind. Love can change the weather. Love can change the environment. Love can change the way we live on this Planet. Love can change who we are - lifetime after lifetime.

The love is not a fleeting esoteric non-realistic phenomenon...

You are love .. and you are real .. you are here .. active and part of life .. now!