Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Transforming Forces From The Future

Imagine you are one rainbow prism aspect of your complete past, combined with who you are now and who you are in the future .. and you are deeply connected to the deeper aspects of you own self in mysterious ways.

The "mysterious" part is simple .. the mystery protects us from messing up our own continuum when we don't know what we are doing. The mystery also protects against nefarious planetary hierarchies messing with the background Operating system of Cosmos.

You could say that the mysterious Universal life-system that was created to maintain physical life is accessed on a deeply personal level. I would say that is Soul level access to prevent us from doing serious damage to our unique signatures.

If our current time-line was the worst possible future, then I do not think that I would be experiencing this information as we now enter the next level of our quantum century, observed through the cycles of the Stars and positions of the Plants.

On January 1, 2012 I wrote: The Weather Is King
The year 2012 is not the end of the world .. but it could be the end of humans "ruling the world". Human dominance over all things on the Earth is about to end.

The weather is king, because it is going to challenge humans and change humans all over the Earth. One aspect of this is our ability to adapt to change. We have to adapt to meet the challenge that lies ahead. The shifts in weather are going to challenge the belief that man is the dominant ruler of all the animals and that we can do what we want with no thought of the consequences.
The reason I wrote this .. is because I "saw it" .. I listened to Nature, I was very quiet, feeling the energy of this world. We humans live inside the energy of the Planet .. we are part of that energy .. part of the future.

The only thing on this Planet that totally challenges mankind is Nature .. the weather .. the climate .. disasters .. floods .. earthquakes and drought. When Nature .. Planet Earth .. changes weather cycles .. the white western alpha-male says, this is: MAN MADE.

I personally think that the white western alpha-male (who was apparently given dominance over all creatures on Earth) has a severe personality complex. He now thinks that his warped personality is capable of creating all the temperature and climate changes we see happening on this Planet .. and on Mars .. and on Jupiter .. and on Saturn...

From my own Celtic point of view I would say we humans are not causing it .. but that we are part of it. Planet Earth is communicating directly with our minds and our physical existence. The Planet is affecting us whether we want it or not. Taking that approach creates a totally different relationship to everything that is happening around us now and in the future.

Transforming Forces From The Future
The next thing that happened to change how I approach the future was a shift in information. I personally feel that this information comes to us from our own intimate connection to the past and to the future.

Our Ancestors survived (in the past) what we now face .. the force of Planetary change that is coming towards us and that is about to challenge us. Our future selves have also survived - emerged from the Alchemy of these transitional forces shaping our lives now in this era.

What connects all of us .. past, present and future? Our minds...

On a deeper level this is not really past, present and future .. but it is all related to the mind .. to the state of the mind .. to the energy within the mind and to the spirit of the mind.

If you imagined that you could talk with yourself from a past life and you could talk with yourself from a future life .. then what is your connection? Your mind is the connection.

What I am trying to communicate is that the physical events - event cycles - transforming the Earth .. are now pretty obvious, as we are sharing those events together .. even if they do not seem to directly impact us on a personal level. The Earth is being kind to us .. a flood here .. a drought there. It could be a lot worse than it is...

What do all these changes really challenge?

They challenge the depth and strength of our minds.