Friday, January 31, 2014

2014 Chinese New Year: Human Horse and Master

It is favorable to have a master, but at the same time to be a master of one's own nature. In other words, Mother Earth should respond to the function of Heaven and still be true to herself; then she can grow and nourish myriad beings.

The Complete I Ching:
The Definitive Translation
by Taoist Master Alfred Huang

As you can see I am really fascinated by the Year of the Green Horse .. probably because now we reach a powerful ground based Earth energy for physical realisation and manifestation. I imagine that each animal in Chinese Zodiac is relating to its own nature and interrelating with each of the five elements [in cycles] .. is a signature of human interaction to these Natural forces.

For example .. the Snake and the Horse are designated as being [within themselves] fire elements .. where each Horse year interacts with and is influenced by the cycles of the five elements: earth, water, fire, wood and metal.

In Chinese Five Element theory, Horse is in the Fire group. Horse month is in the middle of summer. Horse is the strongest Fire animal in 12 zodiacs. 2014 is year of Wooden Horse.
Chinese Fortune Calendar

In geomantic terms we have Horse [element fire] with 2014 wood element = fire and wood! This signifies power / energy .. as well as rapid movement. However the horse represents stability for humans and not fundamental change. The horse carries trade and exchange as well as supporting human evolution [migration].

Most important of all is the energetic / geomantic question of the nature of the horse in relation to the human being. The horse supports humans and also supports human society. In the past this was the actual horse and in today's world the car and transport vehicles have take over horse-power. Requiring burning energy [heat/fire] also signature of physical movement.

Higher mind issues subtly hidden behind the image of the horse is the MASTER.

Within this hidden concept of the Master is also the direction humanity took over the last 1,000 years away from the "divine physical" to teaching "base Physical" where the mind was enlightenment and the body was base matter. The physical human body was to be overcome in order to reach mind/brain enlightenment.

Human Horse and Master
When you observe a horse .. the horse responds to the human. In a sense the human is the horses master. In reality .. you do not have a Master without co-operation. Therefore .. there is something in the psyche of the horse that aligns itself to relationship with human beings.

Physically the horse is of superior strength to the human .. and yet the superior horse enters a balanced relationship with humans that has allowed human society to prosper and grow. The horse co-operates with the human mind and allows the human to be "the Master". If you think about this .. it is quite astonishing...

Next humans built the car .. which is a horse on wheels .. and in a similar way the car obeys the commands of the human driver. Now .. you may take this for granted in a car! But do not take it for granted! Car or horse we have to have compassion to respect all forms that help us to form and maintain our societies!

The most important factor challenging us today is this aspect of mind / psyche enlightenment at the expense of the physical body. The teachings of the last 1,000 years were for "physical purity" and going beyond the base-physical form to experience a higher form of spiritual enlightenment.

I don't think so !!

The physical horse embodies selfless co-operation .. how much more enlightened can you get that that? The horse is always teaching humans the true nature and it is up to us humans to waken up and enlighten ourselves to the true nature.

In this respect the Master of the Horse is the Master of Himself or the Master of Herself .. lifetime after lifetime. You Master the Horse .. you Master Yourself! You Master Yourself .. you Master the Horse! Physical reality is the X / the crossing-point where matter meets spirit.

Here we also have the idea of X where SPIRIT meets MATTER and where Spirit is riding / guiding the physical human form. Are the reigns directing the human physical form called PSYCHE ?? The Native Americans could direct a horse with their physical bodies and their legs / knees and with their minds.

When spirit is incarnate in physical human form the reigns = the signal for direction .. where the reigns have to be inner connection between physical mind and spirit consciousness. That direction can come through the psyche .. through the heart .. through divine intervention .. through compassion .. there are many ways the spirit can communicate with [the horse] .. the physical material human body.

How can "The Master" .. the higher mind of the spirit .. call the physical human body BASE ??

Physical matter is created out of spirit and yet human thought calls it BASE / LOWER. So .. look all around you at the base world that supports you and on which you rely for life. The grass .. the animals .. the birds .. the sea creatures .. the plants .. trees .. weeds .. insects .. flowers!

It is favorable to have a master, but at the same time to be a master of one's own nature. In other words, Mother Earth should respond to the function of Heaven and still be true to herself; then she can grow and nourish myriad beings.

How do you respond to the function of Heaven and still be true to yourself?

We have Alchemy on many levels challenging and teaching us in the Year of the Green Wood Horse. In my imagination the Horse signifies spirit in harmony with matter. In other words .. we humans do not have to OVERCOME physical matter .. but we are masters of matter in the same way we are masters of the horse.

A true Master has compassion for his relationship with space-time .. physical existence .. true love .. the physical art of living .. movement .. stillness .. navigating time and space .. relationship with the Planet(s) .. craftsmanship .. design .. building...

Enlightenment is inner navigation of the physical nature!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Probiotic Bones

This is a photograph of my latest invention .. that I explain in more detail in: Zen Qi Bone Air Spirit. The image also helps me to represent a basic physical alignment visually. The structure and softness of bamboo being very similar to the structure of the bones.

All I am doing here is to simply giving an account of an experience that I had .. and there is no intention to suggest that this relates in any way to other humans .. this is just me and my experience! But .. it was an interesting experience that led me to who I am today.

The bones are VERY important and they are very underrated. We superficially look at the bones in a structural sense. Which is typical of the ego-self. The bones are just there like the foundations of a house .. to support the self-image .. the ego-self. If the foundation of a house is not balanced then the beautiful house can fall down!

When I got sick and weak with Candida overgrowth and leaky gut .. it did not matter if I was putting on weight or I was almost skin and bones .. I was same weak and tired fat but the same weak and tired thin. This was not a normal tiredness I had ever experienced. It was a strange type of exhaustion that effected every part of my body. Except the bones!

This is why I use visual image of bamboo and dragon! The bamboo represents for me the one thing that kept me alive .. and that is the bones and the bone connection. We are talking about essential Qi in this respect. More than the flame of life (fire) .. but the Qi-force that creates fire .. and that is the dragon.

With leaky gut and Candida overgrowth everything in my body got effected except the bones. My organs were f#cked .. the brain experienced brain fog and many other weird symptoms .. the heart was misbehaving .. every gland in my body hurt as well as muscles and tendons. I seemed to age 10 years .. but it was not aging .. it was cellular and tissue dehydration. Beneficial probiotics hydrate and fungus-yeast dehydrates tissues in the body (including inner wall of the colon) !!

Probiotic Bones
I have describe all of this before in my One Body posts and so I am going to go straight to my theory. My theory of "probiotic bones" and perhaps bone marrow is an essential part of this also. With leaky gut I always felt like a walking bag of bones. The bone structure within my body seemed to be the only part of me that was working really well. It held me together.

Be aware that bones are the most connected part of the body where every bone is connected to every bone. If you stop to think about it: The interior design is beyond brilliant!! There was something I began to understand about the bones. Candida fungi - yeasts and bacteria do not break down bone structure after death .. or if they do it takes them a LOT LONGER than the breaking down of the tissues and organs.

The bones survive death and given the right conditions can survive for thousands of years as evidence of man's culture and earlier existence. Why is that? I noticed that the bones hold energy extremely well .. no matter how sick we are. The bones appear to be highly resistant to normal breakdown process carried out by fungi - yeasts and bacteria(s). Why is that? What is their secret?

I think .. hidden inside the bones is the most amazing science.

As I sit here today the only effective element I know that maintains healthy tissue and keeps the cellular unlocking fungus-yeasts and bacteria(s) at bay are beneficial probiotics. This is why I say: Probiotic Bones. This is why I also like to associate the bones with bamboo. In the right conditions bamboo is highly resistant to decay in a similar way to the bones.

Recently it was announced: World’s oldest times table found in bamboo strips.
Researchers from Tsinghua University in Beijing have discovered the world’s oldest decimal multiplication table on 21 strips of bamboo made around 305 B.C., during the Warring States period before Qin Shi Huang unified China as the first Emperor of the Qin Dynasty.

This means bamboo had to survive all this time for the "multiplication tables" to be found. Rarther than get excited about the bamboo .. researchers get excited about the fact this is the earliest example of human multiplication tables ...

Ancient Multiplication Tables Hidden In 2,500 Chinese Bamboo Strips! Wow! 2,500 bamboo strips survived 2,300 years! "The strips were all mixed up because the strings that used to tie each manuscript together to form a scroll had long decayed," said Li Junming, a historian and palaeographer at Tsinghua.

The bones of bamboo survived thousands of years to carry the surface information that the Ancient Chinese were using bamboo strips to write out multiplication tables. What gets me really excited is that THE BAMBOO SURVIVED...

It would appear that bones have a powerful ability to resist decay = the unlocking of physical matter through fungus - yeast - bacteria normally associated with death. Due to their hollow nature the bones are also extraordinary holders of energy (Qi). The bones not only accumulate energy .. but they HOLD energy and they maintain that coherence even when the rest of the body is sick.

There are claims that probiotics can improve bone density. For example .. probiotics improve bone density in animal study .. probiotics found to build healthy bones. Why are the bones so ready to absorb beneficial probiotics? I think there is a lot more too this and I think the secret treasure is hidden in the bones.

I noticed that as Candida overgrowth created havoc in the soft tissues of my body .. the bones maintained an essential harmony and in a way you could say they led me back to health! Just follow the bones *-) ...

I have a theory that probiotic density is linked to variations in physical structure where the definition of "probiotic" is an unknown. What I mean by this is that bone density is compact structure and the associated connective tissue .. joints .. tendons .. muscles .. veins .. organs .. glands .. nerves and brain(s) are variations of associated probiotic density. It is all growing and maintaining itself from the same primordial source.

You have the kidneys with associated functions .. and this structure is maintained by essential probiotics. Then you have the liver with associated functions .. and this structure is maintained by essential probiotics.

When those essential life-force probiotics get wiped out and are not there for the body .. that is the signal for fungus - yeast and bacteria to digest matter and unlock the cells. In my body (anyway) but maybe not in yours ?? If the bone density is rich in primoridal probiotics close to the source .. then that would account for their excellence in holding and accumulating Qi / life force.

In a similar way to the 2,300 year old bamboo strips .. you could say the hidden times table is locked away inside the bones. Working with bamboo helped me unlock that mystery .. because as I work with the bamboo Qi stick it also causes me to think and imagine and questions .. realisations come into my mind.

We are talking here about a high level "Spiritual Technology" that connects to the human mind!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

2014 - The Manifest Spirit [Bones]

In earlier posts I outlined my own understanding of interchanging interrelated cycles of Dragon [pure Qi] .. Snake [glands / consciousness] and the Horse [physical body] physical material existence. As the energies of the Chinese Wood Horse approach us .. and we enter that progressive field .. the dynamics of the horse also reveal: Spirit manifest in Matter.

It also became clear that both male and female consist of the same balance of yin and yang .. the soft [formless space] within the physical bones .. and the [hard] bone both supporting the body. The male and female forms are supported by exact balance of yin and yang. It makes no sense for there to be conflict between men and women .. because they are one and the same!

2014 - The Manifest Spirit
Then my energy teachers teach me that all conflict is with oneself. We may project the inner conflict out into the world and attempt to struggle with other people and the world around us. The conflict .. the opposing force .. is always with myself. When I am in state of conflict I am not seeing the world around me .. all I am seeing is dark field of my own inner state. I am hitting against my own inner wall.

I could be wrong .. but I feel the energy of the Wood Horse is going to challenge this inner movement .. this inner wind to teach people the consequences of real physical karma or to teach inner balance and ending of illusion that conflict exists outside of me .. outside of who I am.

If we try to resolve inner conflicts through movement in the outer world .. our actions will not resolve the conflict. This also applies to society .. communities and countries. The spirit of the horse shows us that there is ONE life-energy resource within the physical human form. Then we have the spirit incarnate within physical body - where the spirit is holding the direction [the reigns].

We humans can use [direct] energy into conflict or we can direct energy into practical solutions. In the Year of the Horse the solutions are not going to be clever intellect and slight of hand .. casino games. A casino supplies nothing real .. nothing substantial to the community. Casino is a mind game for the intellect played with pieces of paper.

When events demand that we humans discover real solutions .. the path ahead creates the future we inherit from our actions [when faced with a challenge]. In reality, life on Earth is an Initiation of the incarnate spirit lifetime after lifetime. The challenge is not OUTSIDE of ourselves .. the challenge is INSIDE and it demands real world physical response.

The danger of that is the fact that the Horse also represents resolution of conflict through war. That can be individual person to person conflict or it can be community conflict .. or International conflict. If we choose conflict who do you think we hurt? We hurt ourselves!

Deep Inside The Bones
We think of the bones as passive force and muscles and tendons as active force. You move your arm and it is the elasticity of the muscles that move the arm and that hold force. Then there is the age old question of the life force .. the spirit and where does the spirit manifest?

What if the spirit manifests within the bones [usually seen as the most unlikely place] .. and the psyche of the spirit moves the body directly through the bones .. of which the physical movement of muscles and tendons are a response to the almost paranormal force interacting directly with the inner skeletal structure.

Of all the animals on Earth the Horse represents skeletal prowess .. physical strength .. movement and power.

The bones are the spirit of the body and incarnate spirit is the invisible bones of the whole complete physical structure. The physical human form is the bones. Take away the energy [spirit] from the body and the whole structure collapses. The karmic life force interaction between body and mind has to be happening right at the deepest source. In physical form that is the skeletal structure.

The ego .. the self image .. easily forms around and identifies itself with the outer form of skin and outer physical features. I am sure all of you have noticed that THOUGHT .. the ego .. really does not like the bones / the skeleton.

When I was being guided to literally become the skeleton inside me .. I was very uncomfortable with that. It was not an intellectual... "Oh! No!" It was a deep felt nervousness and association with death. After many months of getting to know my bones I have found LIFE !!

So, what is fear? Does thought use fear to keep us away from "enlightenment" .. ending of ego? If we accept fear then we stay at base level .. the level we feel happiest with at that moment. The incarnate spirit gives its life over to auto-pilot programmed thought. Just sit in the back of the plane and have a nice meal and enjoy the flight!

One thing I discovered is that ego-self appears unable to connect and manifest out of the bones. It appears that the ego does not have anything to get hold of and create an image from. Everything goes quiet inside when one begins to seriously work with the bones as a source of spiritual awareness.

This may also be why I really love bamboo! We can appreciate and be in awe looking at a beautiful oak tree .. mountain pine .. a giant beech tree .. but bamboo? People may think all those bamboo sticks pretty much look the same. This is similar situation to the bones. There is not much in bamboo to get attached to.

In a powerful way bamboo perfectly reflects the power of Zen .. in its uncomplicated simplicity and ability to give way even though its structure is hard. So, bamboo also represents the yielding [soft] and physical strength [hard]. It is the same with the bones.

The real Masters were moving their bones!

Zen Qi - Balancing Inner and Outer Bone

I came from nothing .. became something .. space supported me!

We make the mistake as physical beings to seek "physical support"...

When we humans enter physical reality we are all "servants of the force" .. and when the ego lives its life only for itself we lose essential Qi energy [life force]. When a soul gathers essential life force they feel inner compassion for those life forms who do not experience this balance of force!

I wanted to call this post: Deep Space Within the Bones...

My teachers show me that this deep space within the bones is the inner art of: Balancing Inner and Outer Bone .. where the non-physical space within the bone supports the material / physical reality of the bone and then the bone supports the entire physical body.

Let us say that the deep space within the bones is feminine and the hard bone structure is masculine. Where do the two meet? Where does feminine space and masculine form meet in 3D reality? Obviously they meet in the bone marrow!

Always you have to understand the yin and yang principle of balance .. the point where the hard and the soft meet. The point where space and matter meet. This principle is also manifest within the mind. The mind interacts with space .. the psyche .. the physical .. material. Bamboo is a perfect manifestation of this unifying principle within man.

Within empty space of the bones is the creative [feminine] and the bone marrow unifies the female formless principle with the male = physical material existence. If you observe the true female and the true male you will observe: Feminine [dreams / imagination] with male [physical structures and form].

Balancing Inner and Outer Bone
The form and the formless combine to create BALANCE .. in which healthy inner and outer states of being emerge .. like plants .. trees and seeds emerging from the soil. Where within each seed is a formless empty source and within the physical form is formless empty source. It is this source that moves our bodies and moves our minds.

So .. you have to go inside your own inner bone-space to find the inner connection to your essence .. balance .. form .. psyche .. mind .. movement .. existence and timelessness. You are your own Master .. lifetime after lifetime.

What connects you across the invisible bridge of time? LOVE ...

Love .. compassion connects you [the soul] across the invisible [yin space] bridge of time .. where yin is like a rainbow and where yang is the physical reality into which the beautiful rainbow manifests. To make this interaction clear .. you do not have a rainbow without mysterious and beautiful interactions with physical material life.

The deep-space within the bone is the unseen inner rainbow and the physical material bone is the body of the Earth. Yin and yang / male and female principles create matter and life. I am trying to share with you that this balance is NECESSARY for the existence of all physical life.

So .. perhaps the mind exists within empty space of the bones?

We all think that the mind travels through the nervous system from the SUPER BRAIN within the skull and this electrical connection of signals functions in similar ways to the physical electrical systems created by humans .. that requires TIME to send signals .. send signals .. send signals.

To test this out simply go [feel] inside your bones!

Just try to suck !! Suck within the bones ..
and you may feel a sense of enlightenment?

Deep space [yin] manifest within truth [yang] can be a pathless journey '-)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Zen Qi - The Formless Form

First you learn the form .. then learn to be formless.

Chi Bone Without Form
I wanted to call this post: Bone Qi Bamboo Form .. but as I research and begin to understand what is the form and what is the formless .. my body speaks to me and shows me "The formless Form".

Hard-core traditional chi-form practitioners would be better not to read any further .. as I do not want to upset or insult anyone.

At the same time [between friends] .. most chi forms sort of out-there are literally "out there" in terms of loss of root interpretations of the forms. I hope some of you are still with me .. as I try to be diplomatic '-)

I think each person learns at their own level at any specific time .. but I [personally] was taught to go beyond my own level .. and this I call the Formless Form. I now understand there is the hard [yang] form and the formless [yin] empty space .. and both of these combine to create physical reality.

In the composite photograph you see the hard [yang] physical bamboo structure you can touch .. and within the bamboo is the soft hollow formless [yin] that you cannot touch physically - but you can touch with your mind / energy / Qi.

In this life I was always crazy to learn traditional forms .. and something always said to me = no-no whatever you do just avoid learning these physical forms. Which upset me no end! But .. I trusted this mysterious guidance and I decided a lifetime on Earth to find out why this is not so much of a problem!

Bamboo No-Form Stick
Here you see the rough edge cut of the 37cm x 3cm piece of bamboo and the sanded down edge using medium sand paper and later fine sand paper to smooth off the whole surface.

I later discovered that there are different styles of bamboo chi-stick forms .. and there are different sizes and different thickness of bamboo stick chi! I will simply share with you what I am doing myself .. just because I love bamboo!

At first I cut a shorter 32cm x 3.5cm bamboo Qi stick [without knowing anything about chi forms or sticks]. Later I cut a larger slightly thinner bamboo style Qi stick that is supposed to be the length from tip of the fingers to the elbow.

As you see I try to cut the bamboo on the joint (where possible) and then I use medium sand paper to soften the surface followed by fine sand paper to create smooth surface similar to bone. I then treat the bamboo with olive oil .. which soaks in to create a soft fine surface texture.

The thinner bamboo that I tested .. I cut in two forms .. the longer finger to elbow 37cm x 3cm and later I cut a shorter form of 30cm x 3cm .. which I prefer. I prefer the shorter form! Be aware that I know NOTHING about form and technique and I am simply doing this from awareness of body and inner feeling.

The Formless Form
There are teachers who perfected the form of Zen Qi and later these same teachers were able to apply and practice the Formless Form of Zen Qi. At the same time the teachers of balance work in-the-same-moment with physical form and the formless .. in which the yin and the yang are one.

In my mind human bones and bamboo perfectly represent the form and the formless. In other words bones and bamboo most perfectly represent the Formless Form!

You have the physical structure of bamboo and within the bamboo you have the unknown .. the formless .. the unseen .. the mystery. In yin-yang balance the formless supports the physical form just as the physical form supports the formless.

The controversial aspect of my work is PASSION! Let's say you create your own short-cut bamboo Qi stick and you hold the bamboo in your hands. You have physical form and within the hollow you have [hold] the formless.

One also has to have a sense of humor '-)

One moves the bamboo .. moves .. moves .. moves .. but where is the PASSION?

I tested it out myself and I discover that it is the PASSION that connects that which has form and that which is formless. We have three forces: Matter [physical] .. the formless [space] and passion [psyche / Qi / energy].

All three forces are connected! THE QI IS THE PASSION !!

Here I am and I know NOTHING .. I just test things out for myself. How else do you learn? Always test out and work with and find your own passion. If you love to find balance of the art of movement .. then do not simply MOVE YOUR BODY .. but .. combine form .. the formless through Qi [passion]. It is energy [inner Qi] that combines physical and non-physical dimensions.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

One Bone Zen Qi

Bones are Source Qi .. a total revolution in science!
- Zen Qi [February 4 2028]
Chinese Earth Horse

One Bone Zen
The bamboo stick is a preview of my next post .. which is something I am learning or teaching myself. As bamboo and the human bones are similar Qi repositories or accumulators .. I use this to understand the principle of: One Bone Zen.

I call this: One Bone Zen Qi .. because this is the way I am taught over thousands of years. The principle is Time Travel Zen where past - present - future are now. This principle is that you exist now as a bridge connecting past and future where "The Now" is the key [Qi].

We think of ourselves as alone and isolated from time and space - where time is movement. In reality .. we are the bones of our existence across space-time. I will try to explain this!

The bones are hidden and yet they are absolutely essential to the existence of a human being. Without the structure of bones we humans would be like snakes or worms. But .. the bones are the least understood body parts of all the physical sciences. In terms of Zen Qi the bones are accumulators .. and everything in the human body grows from the bones.

The coming revolution in science will be the realisation that all functions of the body grow from the bones. It is not that the bones are bones and the muscles - tendons and organs are separate functioning systems. This is why I now go straight to the bones in my practice of Zen Qi.

Everything in the body is related. The physical body is a single functioning unit that effortlessly moves as one unified being. The blood is in harmony with the nerves .. the veins are in harmony with the muscles .. the organs are in harmony with the bones .. the tendons are in harmony with the glands. The physical body from the bones to the tissues are created from one primordial element that science has not yet discovered.

One Finger Zen
In theory .. I am here now bridging the future and the past. The artist leaves a signature across space and time that perhaps only they can read? Most probable is that a human being with artists brain can read art .. the signature language of art. For example, Morehei Ueshiba - the founder of AIKIDO was an artist! We understand and connect past - present - future through inner contact.

You start with one finger .. but essentially any bone in the body is the "One Finger" .. and you go inside the bone or you are aware of the bone. Over time the perception changes and becomes sharper as you practice to be aware of the bones. It is easy to be aware of the muscles .. but it is not so easy to really go inside the bones = into the bone marrow.

There is a form of squeezing the bones called "Iron Shirt" where one can squeeze the bones of entire body using the muscles and the tendons. But really .. the bones suck! I think - in a past life the Master said to me: "Your techniques suck!" In that moment I became enlightened. We carry with us the special skills we have (develop) lifetime after lifetime.

One becomes aware of any bone in the body. Go inside. Go all the way into the bone marrow and then with no physical movement suck inward = inside the bone. Even if you use one finger you feel the sucking inside every bone in the body. Even better than that .. you feel the sucking in every tendon .. every cell .. every organ and every muscle.

That is what I mean when I say that the whole body is one undivided unit.

This is why I like to work with bamboo. A few years ago I began to make my own Shakuhachi flutes from bamboo I got at the local hardware store. I taught myself how to make Shakuhachi from bamboo and how to play the flutes. More recently I was looking at early attempts that did not work so well and I had the idea that I could use these to exercise chi.

Much later I discovered wooden "Tai Chi Sticks" .. the Tai Chi stick form also called Tai Chi Bang Stick. So, I was totally amazed .. because I did not know this exists .. but I was teaching myself using bamboo. I prefer bamboo because like the bones bamboo is hollow. So, you have this connecting synergy between the bamboo and the bones of the entire body.

I get very excited and I think that I want to learn all these forms. At the same time something said to me: Learn one movement .. learn learn learn .. learn the next movement .. learn learn learn. Slowly put them together. This is why I call it: One Bone Zen.

You have the bone in your finger connected to all the other bones .. and the bone in your finger relies on all the other bones. It is the same with teaching yourself movement and form. You build the sequence like the bones of movement and you put them together so that each movement is connected to the other movements where all are one.

As you build the movement over time and practice .. there comes a point of "enlightenment" where you have connected all the movements within the body through practice and you do ONE MOVEMENT and the body experiences all the connected movements. I hope you are still with me !! Hahaha...

I understand this only through my body. I listen to the bones and they teach me. My body teaches me and now I am trying to put this into words .. but one can only understand this directly through the body. The physical body has its own language. The body does not communicate through words. I think this is why so many people today are not connected to their bodies .. people do not understand the intelligence of the body.

Time Travelling Zen
The way it happened is this: I love bamboo and I am teaching myself without knowledge .. and then the bamboo is teaching me and then the bones and the bamboo are teaching me. I feel the energy = the bamboo sucks. Then working with the bamboo the bones suck. Because .. the wordless intelligence of the body understands (and likes) the bamboo. THIS IS ENERGY !!

The Art of Time Travel: Let's say that in a past life I am working with bamboo and in a future life I am working with bamboo. We have two magnets on either side of me - both attracting me and pulling. I listen to the past and I begin to see .. to understand. I listen to the future and I begin to see .. to understand. I apply the principle in the NOW .. here in this moment and I become "the magnet".

Each one of us is our own Master across space-time even when we seem to make mistakes. You may ask .. who designs the synergy? We do! We master and design our own synergy. Also .. using TOOLS! We are in physical reality and humans use tools. One of my tools is bamboo.

Love connects! I always loved bamboo! Then .. I am working with bamboo which begins to create feelings where I just know things without knowing. This is why I call it the Zen of Time Travel. The bamboo exists over thousands of years and it is a tool used by mankind. If you love using that tool you remember .. you feel the love and something inside you wakens up. That is the ART of One Bone Zen Qi...

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Can The Physical Body Heal Itself?

I came upon this 18 minute Ted Talk video .. by accident .. while researching other things on YouTube. At the same time I found this information highly interesting .. because through my whole life I always trust my body. I was born into this body and we will face death together. I am always aware how the body serves me in LIFE .. giving everything it has to keep me alive.

There was one time a few years ago I got such a bad "Flu Virus" .. I was a bag of bones (that is how it felt) hanging on a thread. I thanked my body from my heart and I had nothing to complain. Rather than think: This sucks... From the pain in the tendons and muscles = I showed deep gratitude and compassion.

For the first time in my life I was aware just how loyal the physical body is and how the body never gives up until the last breath. I - my mind - was in doubt if I would waken up the next morning... But the physical body WAS NOT in doubt. The body intelligence has a mysterious wisdom of its own.

So, I hope this video makes sense in the context of our relationship to the energy of the 2014 Chinese Year of the Green Horse! Oh! And I did wake up the next morning .. knowing the true meaning of compassion. The compassion the body feels for the Incarnate Spirit Being = YOU!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mystery of The Unknown: 2014 Wood Horse!

In a time before time, all was chaos. Out of chaos evolved space and time. Space and time produced vital breath (qi). Vital breath separated; that which was clear and bright arose and first formed heaven, after which the congealing of that which was heavy and muddled formed earth.

Heaven and earth produced yang and yin. Yang and yin produced the four seasons. The four seasons produced the myriad things (i.e. all things on earth).

The hot vital breath of yang gathered to produce fire. The essence of fire became the sun. The cold vital breath of yin gathered to produce water. The essence of water became the moon. The remainder of the essences of sun and moon produced the stars. Heaven received the sun, moon, stars, and planets. Earth received rain, floods, dust, and dirt.

Thomas Aylward
The Imperial Guide to Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology:
The Only Authentic Translation from the Original Chinese

It is rare for me to be awake at night beyond 10 PM or 11 PM .. because I love my sleep .. and this is a post I do not want to make !! If you type "fire" into the Kindle search for: The Imperial Guide to Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology .. you get 100 connections (references) to fire.

In: 2014 - The Year of The Body I wrote ...
As the Chinese Horse is associated with Fire and the Horse is the strongest Fire animal in the Chinese Zodiac .. wood helps Fire to burn. This may call for caution .. as we build houses with wood and we use fire within the house to heat and cook. In my view the horse signature represents physical structures - physical strength and down-to-earth physical reality.

I have no idea where that came from as I am not an Astrologer and I have not studied Chinese Astrology .. and so I know nothing! Other than .. perhaps .. some ancient inner soul connection teaches me or shows me things that I do not know or understand.

The Chinese - 2013 Snake / 2014 Horse Transition
In the early hours of the morning in Yunnan Province, China .. a fire destroyed most of the ancient Tibetan town of Dukezong in "Shangri La". The blaze destroyed hundreds of buildings in the ancient 1,300-year-old settlement of traditional wooden homes. Dukezong is an ancient Tibetan neighborhood of two to three story wooden buildings of narrow, cobble-stoned streets - with 5,000 permanent residents.

Some people may think: The 2014 Year of The Chinese Wood / Fire Horse only begins on the New Moon - January 31, 2014. So, for those of you who study the ancient Geomantic EARTH SCIENCES of the ancients .. pay attention and consider this: The transition of the Fire Snake to the Fire Horse is a volatile (and dangerous time) building strange Qi (Earth) Energy...

As the Snake energies exchange and transition into the Geomantic Horse energies there is (or there can be) highly volatile exchange of force like two magnets squeezing together! This exchange may depend on the nature of the transition between the five elements [wood - fire - earth - metal - water].

You essentially have Snake (2013) .. where the snake is a fire element .. meeting the Chinese Horse [also a fire element] .. and a powerful exchange of energy as the 2013 Chinese Snake transitions into the 2014 Chinese Horse Year. The wind was the element carrying the fire through all the wooden house structures of this 1,300 year old architecture high in the mountains.

I always observe Nature .. as well as observing EVENTS.

There is an ancient saying in Celtic wisdom known as - The Sorrow of The Seer. This translates as seeing events you do not want to see .. but they come to you anyway .. regardless. The seer has to internally balance the SEEING with yin / yang balance of awareness that Jiddu Krishnamurti called "what is". Life is what it is .. flowing like water.

In an enlightened society human beings would be guided or taught to be aware of "what is" and effortlessly move with the flow. Be aware of the flow. Adapt to the flow and be part of the flow. This is what the Invisible Beings always taught me since I was a child.

At the same time one has compassion for people and worlds in TRANSITION.

Mystery of The Unknown: 2014 Wood Horse!
I have to admit .. this is not a good sign! At the same time we humans live on a Planet that has seen tens of thousands and millions of years of change and transformation(s). So .. rather than dwell on the not so good nature of this Earth energy Geomantic sign .. I will move ahead to the more subtle nature of this fire = transforming energy.

Potentially .. we have come to the end of an era and are entering a long period of transforming energies on Earth. Out of the fire the Phoenix is born = ending and re-birth .. the beginning of something new.

I could be wrong .. but the way I see it we have these two incompatible forces: The OLD world and the NEW co-existing in a way that is without harmony. The streets of the old town in Yunnan were too narrow to get the firefighting trucks in to the fire. There was not enough water locally to extinguish the fire once it raged out of control. The town had only one water tank of 800 tons of water.

The sign that is not so good for those of us who value culture is that "the new" destroyed "the old" in the sense that the area was catering to tourists and not to a general traditional insulated life. They were using gas - creating a number of explosions as the fire raged out of control. Gas tanks were removed from restaurants to prevent further explosions once the fire was under control.

Here you have the incompatibility between the old and the new. These ancient buildings were not built to accommodate the way we power our world today. In terms of the down-to-earth physical horse energy the town will have to be re-built. I would also say we have reached the end of something. The end of a world that partially lasted until today and is now disappearing. Not only the end of a way of life .. but the end of a mind-set a particular way of using the mind that is also incompatible with this rapidly changing world.

Key events (that affect us physically) have a signature. Certain events have a written code .. a code written in energy. People could once read those signatures and understand. I do not think that the signature is showing only that the modern way of living does not fit into the more ancient structures. The signature is also showing us that the modern world is replacing the old world completely.

The world you see around you today will be radically different within the next 500 to 1,000 years from now. Not only in the sense that progress replaces the old world .. but that progress effectively destroys the old world as we change and adapt.

There is one other clear sign in this event .. the most essential sign and the key to understanding the mystery of the unknown. No one was hurt in the fire. The one thing that was left is the people. The physical world around us changes and the people remain to continue their journey into the new .. into the unknown!

In a way it really does not matter that the old world dies or that the structures of the old world are destroyed .. because the important factor is: PEOPLE .. human beings .. mankind .. the human spirit and the reason for this physical journey on Earth. There you have the real signature of change and transformation.

The most important factor of life on Earth is what is inside us .. who we are .. what we think .. how we apply ourselves and how we meet the challenges facing us and adapt. Humans cling to old rigid structures that limits them and limits their scope and potential. If my ancestors were living today the way they lived 1,000 years ago .. I would not be sitting here writing on a computer!

It is not the event in itself .. but what we humans make of the event(s).

The Snake [karmic] & Horse [physical]
The way I read this is that in January 2014 you have the energies of the Chinese Snake [karmic] mixing with the energies of the Chinese Horse [physical / material] where powerful events signal a change in our world. This will effect the whole world and especially the West. The West took everything from Tibet in terms of religion .. secret codes .. encoded art and meaning. The umbilical cord stretches from Tibet out into the western world.

THAT transformation and ending is going to effect everything connected with that influence. The connection to Tibet and the secret meaning(s) and use of power through secrets [secretions] was not a modern influence. The ancient Celtic world (cultures) across Europe before the Romans had connections (origins) from Tibet. Going back further .. it could be said that mysterious Atlantis gave birth to or influenced Tibet and Tibet affected the rest of the world.

Some people may not like what I am going to write next! For the new to begin (germinate) and take root .. the old has to end. This transition has been going on for tens of thousands of years in human cultures and societies. It is not human beings who decide something has to end .. because human beings cling desperately to the past and to what they KNOW [even if they do not understand that KNOWLEDGE].

For example, the political systems around the world are all based on the distant past and a system that no longer functions in a rapidly changing world. The world around us is changing faster than we can keep up with those changes. By that I also mean volcanoes, eruptions, earthquakes, Sun Flares... The physical Earth we live on is not "stable". The Planet's geological history is more challenging than we have experienced over the last 300 years.

As the old dies .. humans are left to find the "solutions" .. adapt and create a new world.

Now! Truly advanced thinkers or visionaries can already apply their skills and power to adapt to these changing energies that are not coming from us .. but are coming towards us over the next 500 years and challenging mankind physically as well as inwardly. This is the fundamental primordial Qi that knows nothing of TIME and PROGRESSION. The physical tradition does not matter .. it is what lies inside the human being that matters.

In a way you could call this Time Travelling Zen.

The Time Traveller adjust to the energy of the times using primordial force beyond space and time. It is not the physical tradition that embodies Zen .. it is Zen that embodies Zen lifetime after lifetime and beyond. The one key signature that I see as we approach the energies of the Horse is that the HUMAN BEING is the KEY! I think that is very important!

Monday, January 06, 2014

Spirit Imagination: 2014 The Chinese Horse

The horse belongs to earth just as the dragon belongs to heaven. Its tireless roaming over the plains is taken as a symbol of the vast expanse of the earth.
The I Ching or Book of Changes
Richard Wilhelm

Secrets of The Chinese Horse
This is my artistic interpretation of the Chinese character for "horse".

I am using new artist pens on fine sketchpad paper: Secrets of The Chinese Horse!

I left out the down-stroke at the front because in my mind I wanted to capture the spirit of the horse. If I had added the down-stroke that would have made the figure of the horse physical.

There is something very important that is often overlooked when considering the physical strength of the horse .. and that is the SPIRIT of the horse! The mind of the horse is very unusual. Like dolphins horses are highly intelligent .. but like cats horses are having a strong sense of their own beauty and power. Like dolphins and cats horses have a close relationship with humans. Horses understand humans and co-operate with humans.

Spirit Imagination
Using imagination in powerful ways is not a "secret" .. but if you say something is a SECRET people sit up and listen .. and they want to know! The real meaning of the word "secret" is To Secrete .. SECRETION. In my own inner understanding secretion implies: To EXTRACT (from). Glands secrete .. "chemical" messages into the body! No .. not chemical but original life force messages '-)

Since I was a young child I could read and study: Richard Wilhelm - The I Ching or Book of Changes. I now have the Amazon Kindle edition on my ASUS FonePad .. where I can search the entire book for keywords! Horse produces 65 matches from: The I Ching or Book of Changes.

The winged horse is the symbol of the thoughts that transcend all limits of space and time.
The I Ching or Book of Changes
Richard Wilhelm

The secret of how the mind affects the physical body does not come directly from the I Ching Book of Changes .. the secret comes from my own awareness (journey) through time and space [where TIME is MOVEMENT]. The PAST .. the PRESENT and the FUTURE are NOW !!

People have to free the mind and realize or understand the most ancient navigation skills and inner knowing of the human ancestors on Earth. The ancients could navigate space and time with the power of their minds. All space and time within physical reality exists NOW...

The Chinese Horse not only represents the physical Earth manifestation of spirit and mind (psyche) on this Planet .. the horse also represents IMAGINATION and the power of the mind. This interpretation implies mystery and the manifestation of the impossible. In my interpretation - the Chinese Horse embodies the realm of the impossible .. the realm of the supernatural and man's relationship with the impossible. The horse can also belong to the mysterious unicorn.

Hexagram 17. SUI / Following
7. They (the heroes of old) tamed the ox and yoked the horse. Thus heavy loads could be transported and distant regions reached, for the benefit of the world. They probably took this from the hexagram of FOLLOWING.
The I Ching or Book of Changes
Richard Wilhelm

When I use the Kindle edition of: The Complete I Ching by Master Huang there are 45 matches in the search for "horse"...
The ancient Chinese originated in northern China, close to the Yellow Ground Plateau. They lived a nomadic life and were familiar with horses, observing herds living together. Among hundreds of horses there was always a leader, and the leader was always a male. Wherever the leading horse went, the herd of horses, male and female, followed. During war, male horses always ran in the front, all female horses followed behind.
The Complete I Ching
The Definitive Translation
by Taoist Master Alfred Huang

Are you waiting for The Secret? Physical material existence is transient and spirit energy is eternal. Physical existence grows from the ground of Zen Qi (primordial force) .. and the physical body (existence) naturally returns to its energetic state after the death (ending) of the physical / material organism. At the center - in balance - is the mind .. the psyche .. energy (the power of the spirit).

The secret of the Chinese Horse is physical TRANSFORMATION through IMAGINATION. The horse is a powerful - hooves on the earth - animal with a strong relationship to mankind over thousands of years. But! Even more powerful is the hidden aspect of the horse. The mind and spirit of the horse and how the horse uses its mind.

Within the horse is a powerful mind (psyche). Similar to cats the horse is aware of its beauty and supreme natural physical strength. Both horses and cats have a powerful relationship to humankind (over thousands of years). Just as the domestic dog is loyal and true .. the horse and the cat are aware of their natural effortless beauty and power.

This is the most important aspect of the psyche of the horse: The animal's awareness of its physical strength .. power and beauty. The psychic presence (awareness) of the horse extends all the way down the horses's face from the central third-eye gland to the nose of the horse. This effortless power then extends throughout the physical body of the horse.

The secret of the horse is awareness .. mind .. powerful psyche incarnate in physical form.

Since I was a child I taught myself (on my own) strange powers of the psyche and imagination. It was totally natural for me to swim like a dolphin deep into the oceans of active imagination! In physical reality I am not a good swimmer. I do not like deep water (beyond what I can stand up in with my feet on the ground). I taught myself to swim deep in the ocean with only my imagination.

Guess what! Swimming using your imagination affects the physical human body!

There is a form of YOGA where initiates use imagination to energize and build the physical attributes of the body! I was using and developing these techniques of physical body imagination since I was 15 / 16 years old. Although the imagination is effortless .. it is not EASY to do. This is a discipline of the highest kind!

I was not so interested in "yoga" .. and so I began to develop my own physical exercises based on the Martial Arts: Gichin Funakoshi and AIKIDO Master Morehei Ueshiba. If you are interested in "secrets" then that is my secret! I could affect my physical body through effortless imagination of Martial Arts exercises .. and my body responded.

This is where I combine my inner understanding of the Geomatic Chinese Horse signature with my own body-psyche signature. No one taught me this .. I taught myself from imagination. Just as the mind of the horse and the man riding the horse have to be one .. so the mind of the body and the incarnate spirit have to be one!

The White Horse Temple in Luoyang, (Henan) China - established in 68 AD under the patronage of Emperor Ming - is said to be the first Buddhist Temple in China. Sculptures honoring the two white horses who carried the Buddhist monks and the Buddhist scriptures stand at the entrance to the temple.

Here we see another example of higher mind manifestation associated with the horse.

All the cells of the human body reflect like mirrors signals or signatures from the mind. I discovered that my own state of mind or how I use my mind is not simply originating inside the skull .. inside the brain! The mind is the whole body. The mind is effortlessly reflected in the whole body.

I carry out a simple task we take for granted every day. I walk 10 / 15 minutes into town and as I am walking I imagine using my muscles more than mindlessly walking and not paying attention. My lungs start breathing more air after a few minutes as though I am carrying out a demanding task.

I walk in a natural tree path and I imagine I am running along sand at the seashore and I am running fast also in the shallow water of the tide. I am walking under the trees relaxed - seeing everything around me and at the same time I am imagining running across the sand .. water splashing .. and I am running fast. My lungs start breathing more air after a few minutes as though I am carrying out a demanding task.

Do not try this exercise as I describe .. because I have taught myself to be completely aware of everything around me and I do not lose focus or go into a dreamy state. At the same time I can be using my imagination to run across sand or run across side of a mountain. Most people when using imagination lose awareness of the world around them. I don't do that! I can be two places at once!

Although the Chinese Year of the Horse is about real physical attributes .. is about the physical body and the physical world around us .. it is also about relationship of mind and body. The key signature of this is that there is the physical horse and there is the rider (navigator). That relates to the power of spirit / imagination.

It can take 6 months to a year or two years to see and really appreciate the effects right imagination have on the physical body. Like the horse the energy effect on the physical body has duration and long term endurance. This work is not short attention span: "You can do XYZ in 7 days."

The horse implies strength - stamina - patience and long term endurance = it lasts.

Harmony of Balance
Although the challenge of 2014 is the balance of physical body (including trade and resources)... The harmony of balance is within the mind and how the mind affects the physical body and also effects the endurance of the body. The horse has a strong but flexible mind. The horse can adjust to circumstance. The horse has stamina beyond physical strength. There is something very special about the intelligence of a horse.

Most amazing of all is that the White Horse Temple survived until today through so much turbulent history. The harmony of balance has nothing to do with rational linear time .. the measurement of time .. thought. The horse is of superior strength to man and yet the horse serves man! The physical human body is designed to perfectly serve the spirit of man (the incarnate spirit). That is the mysterious harmony - the harmony of balance.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2014 - The Year of The Body

Dragon: Qi .. primordial force [Heavenly Dragon] .. beginning .. energy
Snake: Sperm .. spinal column .. pineal gland .. mind (karma) .. transform
Horse: The body .. movement .. physical experience .. the unexpected .. power

For 2014 I do not have to wait for the crossing of the Earth's rotation .. I already know what approaches through the mirror of reality. So, I must be getting stronger!

This is not only related to the approaching Chinese Lunar Year: 2014 Year of the Green Wood Horse. Although the Horse gives us clues about the powerful Geomantic energies involved in 2014.

We are not on a haphazard journey on Planet Earth .. life has structure!

I begin the western New Year with my garlic ginger and onion curry soup. The cat servants in Catland already began their one year detox in December (2013)... Because they always have to look super-cool and be ahead of the crowd .. and so things are looking good!

This is not only going to be a key physical year with physical challenges and breakthroughs .. but there may be effects on the Earth that create physical challenges and perhaps stimulate new ideas in science as people are either amazed or wonder: What was that?

When I say that the way ahead enters into a period of challenges to the human body (and maybe how we see the body) .. this also includes the effect the body has on the mind and how we see ourselves. I would imagine the body teaches us .. carries us (like a horse) and may be a signature for our physical well-being.

2014 - The Year of The Body
It is not just the physical body .. but is more important our relationship with the body. What relationship do we have to physical existence and the physical body? The spirit's relationship with mind is perhaps easier. Both the spirit and the mind are not restricted by physical reality. Mind and spirit have a lot in common. They share a source energy and can function together seamlessly.

Now comes a chance to really apply the teachings of Initiation. Why we are here!

Thousands of years ago around the time of building the pyramids all over the world and the creation of Egypt in its original form... Initiates had to find a way through the underground temple complex without any source of light and navigate the way (in the dark) to emerge back into the world. Once you achieved this the senses were operating on a much higher level. When you can navigate in the dark you can see in the light.

Having done the essential work in the Dragon and Snake years .. the Horse year can become the physical realization of the work you have done before. It is also an opportunity to apply the higher energies of the psyche to the physical realm and create balance. The horse represents freedom - movement and balance!

The horse is everything to do with carrying and supporting mankind. With the horse you have physical movement - migration - travel - trade and also war = chariots (power). The principle of the horse also applies to the motor car (horse power) and to trucks - transport - wealth (to own a horse was a sign of wealth).

On a rare level not so often seen in the physical world the horse can also represent magic (the unicorn) .. flight (Pegasus or the Heavenly flying horse) .. implying manifestation of the unexpected and the supernatural. In general the horse signifies the body - physical movement - carrying - transport and control.

The Chinese Green Wood Horse
The Year of the Wood Horse, begins at the time of the first New Moon - January 31, 2014.

I try to understand things for myself close to the source .. and so I began to read and study: Thomas Aylward - The Imperial Guide to Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology: The Only Authentic Translation from the Original Chinese:

‘The twelve emblematic animals of the zodiac are as follows: Branch-Zi is the extreme of yin. It is concealed in darkness. Since it covers its own tracks, the rat is taken to symbolize branch-Zi. Branch-Wu is the extreme of yang. It is clearly-manifest, strong, and vigorous. Since it gallops with great speed, the horse is taken to symbolize branch-Wu.

Wood (Wu Xing) - translated as tree is the growth stage of physical matter. Woods signatures are: Springtime - the East and the Planet Jupiter. Wood represents strength and flexibility. Although the growth of wood is associated with water .. wood is also the fuel from which a fire can burn. Like the horse .. wood is also a practical physical and essential material (commodity).

2014 represents Male Wood Horse: Wood represents the Sun rising in the East and the budding of plant life in Spring. Wood is related to tree or green = the green horse. Here we are drawn to the physical earth level and material existence.

The Heavenly Dragon is primordial force .. the beginning of life .. the power of force (Qi / energy). The Chinese Snake is the spine and the pineal gland (third-eye) .. the mind. Following the Dragon the Chinese Snake is the emerging of physical life (the sperm) and the forming of physical existence .. consciousness.

The Chinese horse has its presence on the ground and is a helper to man. The horse carries (supports) humans with his strength and also carries human development .. progress .. migrations as well as supporting thousands of years of trade and growth.

The Chinese Horse in Geomantic terms represents wealth. If you had horses you were wealthy. Every culture used horses or ponies. The horse was also a sign of power. Essential in war or protection. The horse carried the soldiers .. were essential to supplies and they pulled the chariots.

The horse represents everything to do with physical movement and speed.
Horses are fast .. flexible and strong.

An essential part of the Chinese Horse Year is how one holds and commands the reigns of one's life. Because the horse represents physical ability .. the body .. movement .. capability .. strength .. resources and real value.

The snake (psyche) can be used for deception of the intellect. The Emperor can claim he has twelve hundred horses when he does not have even one horse. The physical reality is primary in the Horse Year and not intellectual deception and lies. In its association with trade .. the Chinese Horse represents physical wealth .. commodities .. real physical value and real physical achievements.

In a Snake Year people might sit back and say: We are okay! We have reserves! The Emperor has twelve hundred horses. In a Horse Year it may be that the real physical horses are need by the people and when they reach out to use them they find out that the stables are empty.

Then the energy of the horse will be speed and panic .. sending the prices of horses sky high .. because everyone in the community realize that they now have to buy a horse. So, I am talking about essentials .. real practical physical down-to-earth essentials that you can touch. Like food .. utilities .. transport .. basic essentials of life.

The physical horse supports man - carries man - works with man - lends his strength to man - aids man - lives with man - has a direct relationship with man .. and this is a powerful physical relationship. From farming to trade the horse gets things done. Speed also plays a part in this as horses can plough a field faster than a man. The horse can run faster than a man. The horse carries the man.

In the modern world motor cars and trucks have replaced horsepower. The Geomantic signature also applies to cars - transport - travel - goods transport (trade). It could also apply to physical movement in International conflicts.

As the Chinese Horse is associated with Fire and the Horse is the strongest Fire animal in the Chinese Zodiac .. wood helps Fire to burn. This may call for caution .. as we build houses with wood and we use fire within the house to heat and cook. In my view the horse signature represents physical structures - physical strength and down-to-earth physical reality.

Perhaps the most important issue or aspect of the Horse Year are the reigns or direction. When the horse is wild then the horse decides its own direction. In association with man the horse is guided by the human. I imagine that 2014 also brings into focus the art of navigation and direction.

There are two reigns: Yin and yang! No matter what the direction the two reigns have to be in balance and the human being has to know which direction to lead the horse. The yin yang balance of the two reigns is gentleness as well as what Cesar Millan "The Dog Whisperer" calls: Calm and assertive energy.

Even if the rider directs the horse left right or to stop .. both reigns have to be relaxed yin and yang balance together. If you give two conflicting signals or you are tense .. there is no balance and you create conflict and uncertainty.

This is why I say 2014 is: The "Year of The Body".

The human spirit .. incarnate in the physical material body .. is experiencing a journey through life on Planet Earth. The rider being carried is the human spirit and the horse (the one doing the carrying) is the physical material human body. Add also that the human body has been designed like a Temple of Initiation. The Initiation of The Spirit inhabiting the physical body.

In the same way the horse has a relationship to humans .. the human body has a relationship to the spirit. The physical body serves the incarnate spirit. The physical body makes life possible. The body carries the spirit through physical existence from A to B.

However, the incarnate spirit is holding the reigns. It is not the physical body that decides where to go .. direction .. purpose .. it is the spirit that decides movement and direction. The physical body is directed by the spirit. The reigns or inner navigation compass is balance of yin and yang.

The other thing the body needs other than respect and appreciation is love. The body needs love - appreciation and respect from the incarnate spirit. From small children we are conditioned to relate to the outer world and not explore the inner world. The path to the INNER WORLD is the BODY!!

People love the trees and the flowers and the birds and the animals and the dogs and the cats and the mountains and the sea .. where beauty is outside. Within the spirit body relationship is everything you would get outside in Nature. So, when you combine a powerful relationship between body mind and spirit .. then the inner relationship transforms the outer relationships and the world.