Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Probiotic Bones

This is a photograph of my latest invention .. that I explain in more detail in: Zen Qi Bone Air Spirit. The image also helps me to represent a basic physical alignment visually. The structure and softness of bamboo being very similar to the structure of the bones.

All I am doing here is to simply giving an account of an experience that I had .. and there is no intention to suggest that this relates in any way to other humans .. this is just me and my experience! But .. it was an interesting experience that led me to who I am today.

The bones are VERY important and they are very underrated. We superficially look at the bones in a structural sense. Which is typical of the ego-self. The bones are just there like the foundations of a house .. to support the self-image .. the ego-self. If the foundation of a house is not balanced then the beautiful house can fall down!

When I got sick and weak with Candida overgrowth and leaky gut .. it did not matter if I was putting on weight or I was almost skin and bones .. I was same weak and tired fat but the same weak and tired thin. This was not a normal tiredness I had ever experienced. It was a strange type of exhaustion that effected every part of my body. Except the bones!

This is why I use visual image of bamboo and dragon! The bamboo represents for me the one thing that kept me alive .. and that is the bones and the bone connection. We are talking about essential Qi in this respect. More than the flame of life (fire) .. but the Qi-force that creates fire .. and that is the dragon.

With leaky gut and Candida overgrowth everything in my body got effected except the bones. My organs were f#cked .. the brain experienced brain fog and many other weird symptoms .. the heart was misbehaving .. every gland in my body hurt as well as muscles and tendons. I seemed to age 10 years .. but it was not aging .. it was cellular and tissue dehydration. Beneficial probiotics hydrate and fungus-yeast dehydrates tissues in the body (including inner wall of the colon) !!

Probiotic Bones
I have describe all of this before in my One Body posts and so I am going to go straight to my theory. My theory of "probiotic bones" and perhaps bone marrow is an essential part of this also. With leaky gut I always felt like a walking bag of bones. The bone structure within my body seemed to be the only part of me that was working really well. It held me together.

Be aware that bones are the most connected part of the body where every bone is connected to every bone. If you stop to think about it: The interior design is beyond brilliant!! There was something I began to understand about the bones. Candida fungi - yeasts and bacteria do not break down bone structure after death .. or if they do it takes them a LOT LONGER than the breaking down of the tissues and organs.

The bones survive death and given the right conditions can survive for thousands of years as evidence of man's culture and earlier existence. Why is that? I noticed that the bones hold energy extremely well .. no matter how sick we are. The bones appear to be highly resistant to normal breakdown process carried out by fungi - yeasts and bacteria(s). Why is that? What is their secret?

I think .. hidden inside the bones is the most amazing science.

As I sit here today the only effective element I know that maintains healthy tissue and keeps the cellular unlocking fungus-yeasts and bacteria(s) at bay are beneficial probiotics. This is why I say: Probiotic Bones. This is why I also like to associate the bones with bamboo. In the right conditions bamboo is highly resistant to decay in a similar way to the bones.

Recently it was announced: World’s oldest times table found in bamboo strips.
Researchers from Tsinghua University in Beijing have discovered the world’s oldest decimal multiplication table on 21 strips of bamboo made around 305 B.C., during the Warring States period before Qin Shi Huang unified China as the first Emperor of the Qin Dynasty.

This means bamboo had to survive all this time for the "multiplication tables" to be found. Rarther than get excited about the bamboo .. researchers get excited about the fact this is the earliest example of human multiplication tables ...

Ancient Multiplication Tables Hidden In 2,500 Chinese Bamboo Strips! Wow! 2,500 bamboo strips survived 2,300 years! "The strips were all mixed up because the strings that used to tie each manuscript together to form a scroll had long decayed," said Li Junming, a historian and palaeographer at Tsinghua.

The bones of bamboo survived thousands of years to carry the surface information that the Ancient Chinese were using bamboo strips to write out multiplication tables. What gets me really excited is that THE BAMBOO SURVIVED...

It would appear that bones have a powerful ability to resist decay = the unlocking of physical matter through fungus - yeast - bacteria normally associated with death. Due to their hollow nature the bones are also extraordinary holders of energy (Qi). The bones not only accumulate energy .. but they HOLD energy and they maintain that coherence even when the rest of the body is sick.

There are claims that probiotics can improve bone density. For example .. probiotics improve bone density in animal study .. probiotics found to build healthy bones. Why are the bones so ready to absorb beneficial probiotics? I think there is a lot more too this and I think the secret treasure is hidden in the bones.

I noticed that as Candida overgrowth created havoc in the soft tissues of my body .. the bones maintained an essential harmony and in a way you could say they led me back to health! Just follow the bones *-) ...

I have a theory that probiotic density is linked to variations in physical structure where the definition of "probiotic" is an unknown. What I mean by this is that bone density is compact structure and the associated connective tissue .. joints .. tendons .. muscles .. veins .. organs .. glands .. nerves and brain(s) are variations of associated probiotic density. It is all growing and maintaining itself from the same primordial source.

You have the kidneys with associated functions .. and this structure is maintained by essential probiotics. Then you have the liver with associated functions .. and this structure is maintained by essential probiotics.

When those essential life-force probiotics get wiped out and are not there for the body .. that is the signal for fungus - yeast and bacteria to digest matter and unlock the cells. In my body (anyway) but maybe not in yours ?? If the bone density is rich in primoridal probiotics close to the source .. then that would account for their excellence in holding and accumulating Qi / life force.

In a similar way to the 2,300 year old bamboo strips .. you could say the hidden times table is locked away inside the bones. Working with bamboo helped me unlock that mystery .. because as I work with the bamboo Qi stick it also causes me to think and imagine and questions .. realisations come into my mind.

We are talking here about a high level "Spiritual Technology" that connects to the human mind!