Friday, January 31, 2014

2014 Chinese New Year: Human Horse and Master

It is favorable to have a master, but at the same time to be a master of one's own nature. In other words, Mother Earth should respond to the function of Heaven and still be true to herself; then she can grow and nourish myriad beings.

The Complete I Ching:
The Definitive Translation
by Taoist Master Alfred Huang

As you can see I am really fascinated by the Year of the Green Horse .. probably because now we reach a powerful ground based Earth energy for physical realisation and manifestation. I imagine that each animal in Chinese Zodiac is relating to its own nature and interrelating with each of the five elements [in cycles] .. is a signature of human interaction to these Natural forces.

For example .. the Snake and the Horse are designated as being [within themselves] fire elements .. where each Horse year interacts with and is influenced by the cycles of the five elements: earth, water, fire, wood and metal.

In Chinese Five Element theory, Horse is in the Fire group. Horse month is in the middle of summer. Horse is the strongest Fire animal in 12 zodiacs. 2014 is year of Wooden Horse.
Chinese Fortune Calendar

In geomantic terms we have Horse [element fire] with 2014 wood element = fire and wood! This signifies power / energy .. as well as rapid movement. However the horse represents stability for humans and not fundamental change. The horse carries trade and exchange as well as supporting human evolution [migration].

Most important of all is the energetic / geomantic question of the nature of the horse in relation to the human being. The horse supports humans and also supports human society. In the past this was the actual horse and in today's world the car and transport vehicles have take over horse-power. Requiring burning energy [heat/fire] also signature of physical movement.

Higher mind issues subtly hidden behind the image of the horse is the MASTER.

Within this hidden concept of the Master is also the direction humanity took over the last 1,000 years away from the "divine physical" to teaching "base Physical" where the mind was enlightenment and the body was base matter. The physical human body was to be overcome in order to reach mind/brain enlightenment.

Human Horse and Master
When you observe a horse .. the horse responds to the human. In a sense the human is the horses master. In reality .. you do not have a Master without co-operation. Therefore .. there is something in the psyche of the horse that aligns itself to relationship with human beings.

Physically the horse is of superior strength to the human .. and yet the superior horse enters a balanced relationship with humans that has allowed human society to prosper and grow. The horse co-operates with the human mind and allows the human to be "the Master". If you think about this .. it is quite astonishing...

Next humans built the car .. which is a horse on wheels .. and in a similar way the car obeys the commands of the human driver. Now .. you may take this for granted in a car! But do not take it for granted! Car or horse we have to have compassion to respect all forms that help us to form and maintain our societies!

The most important factor challenging us today is this aspect of mind / psyche enlightenment at the expense of the physical body. The teachings of the last 1,000 years were for "physical purity" and going beyond the base-physical form to experience a higher form of spiritual enlightenment.

I don't think so !!

The physical horse embodies selfless co-operation .. how much more enlightened can you get that that? The horse is always teaching humans the true nature and it is up to us humans to waken up and enlighten ourselves to the true nature.

In this respect the Master of the Horse is the Master of Himself or the Master of Herself .. lifetime after lifetime. You Master the Horse .. you Master Yourself! You Master Yourself .. you Master the Horse! Physical reality is the X / the crossing-point where matter meets spirit.

Here we also have the idea of X where SPIRIT meets MATTER and where Spirit is riding / guiding the physical human form. Are the reigns directing the human physical form called PSYCHE ?? The Native Americans could direct a horse with their physical bodies and their legs / knees and with their minds.

When spirit is incarnate in physical human form the reigns = the signal for direction .. where the reigns have to be inner connection between physical mind and spirit consciousness. That direction can come through the psyche .. through the heart .. through divine intervention .. through compassion .. there are many ways the spirit can communicate with [the horse] .. the physical material human body.

How can "The Master" .. the higher mind of the spirit .. call the physical human body BASE ??

Physical matter is created out of spirit and yet human thought calls it BASE / LOWER. So .. look all around you at the base world that supports you and on which you rely for life. The grass .. the animals .. the birds .. the sea creatures .. the plants .. trees .. weeds .. insects .. flowers!

It is favorable to have a master, but at the same time to be a master of one's own nature. In other words, Mother Earth should respond to the function of Heaven and still be true to herself; then she can grow and nourish myriad beings.

How do you respond to the function of Heaven and still be true to yourself?

We have Alchemy on many levels challenging and teaching us in the Year of the Green Wood Horse. In my imagination the Horse signifies spirit in harmony with matter. In other words .. we humans do not have to OVERCOME physical matter .. but we are masters of matter in the same way we are masters of the horse.

A true Master has compassion for his relationship with space-time .. physical existence .. true love .. the physical art of living .. movement .. stillness .. navigating time and space .. relationship with the Planet(s) .. craftsmanship .. design .. building...

Enlightenment is inner navigation of the physical nature!