Sunday, January 26, 2014

2014 - The Manifest Spirit [Bones]

In earlier posts I outlined my own understanding of interchanging interrelated cycles of Dragon [pure Qi] .. Snake [glands / consciousness] and the Horse [physical body] physical material existence. As the energies of the Chinese Wood Horse approach us .. and we enter that progressive field .. the dynamics of the horse also reveal: Spirit manifest in Matter.

It also became clear that both male and female consist of the same balance of yin and yang .. the soft [formless space] within the physical bones .. and the [hard] bone both supporting the body. The male and female forms are supported by exact balance of yin and yang. It makes no sense for there to be conflict between men and women .. because they are one and the same!

2014 - The Manifest Spirit
Then my energy teachers teach me that all conflict is with oneself. We may project the inner conflict out into the world and attempt to struggle with other people and the world around us. The conflict .. the opposing force .. is always with myself. When I am in state of conflict I am not seeing the world around me .. all I am seeing is dark field of my own inner state. I am hitting against my own inner wall.

I could be wrong .. but I feel the energy of the Wood Horse is going to challenge this inner movement .. this inner wind to teach people the consequences of real physical karma or to teach inner balance and ending of illusion that conflict exists outside of me .. outside of who I am.

If we try to resolve inner conflicts through movement in the outer world .. our actions will not resolve the conflict. This also applies to society .. communities and countries. The spirit of the horse shows us that there is ONE life-energy resource within the physical human form. Then we have the spirit incarnate within physical body - where the spirit is holding the direction [the reigns].

We humans can use [direct] energy into conflict or we can direct energy into practical solutions. In the Year of the Horse the solutions are not going to be clever intellect and slight of hand .. casino games. A casino supplies nothing real .. nothing substantial to the community. Casino is a mind game for the intellect played with pieces of paper.

When events demand that we humans discover real solutions .. the path ahead creates the future we inherit from our actions [when faced with a challenge]. In reality, life on Earth is an Initiation of the incarnate spirit lifetime after lifetime. The challenge is not OUTSIDE of ourselves .. the challenge is INSIDE and it demands real world physical response.

The danger of that is the fact that the Horse also represents resolution of conflict through war. That can be individual person to person conflict or it can be community conflict .. or International conflict. If we choose conflict who do you think we hurt? We hurt ourselves!

Deep Inside The Bones
We think of the bones as passive force and muscles and tendons as active force. You move your arm and it is the elasticity of the muscles that move the arm and that hold force. Then there is the age old question of the life force .. the spirit and where does the spirit manifest?

What if the spirit manifests within the bones [usually seen as the most unlikely place] .. and the psyche of the spirit moves the body directly through the bones .. of which the physical movement of muscles and tendons are a response to the almost paranormal force interacting directly with the inner skeletal structure.

Of all the animals on Earth the Horse represents skeletal prowess .. physical strength .. movement and power.

The bones are the spirit of the body and incarnate spirit is the invisible bones of the whole complete physical structure. The physical human form is the bones. Take away the energy [spirit] from the body and the whole structure collapses. The karmic life force interaction between body and mind has to be happening right at the deepest source. In physical form that is the skeletal structure.

The ego .. the self image .. easily forms around and identifies itself with the outer form of skin and outer physical features. I am sure all of you have noticed that THOUGHT .. the ego .. really does not like the bones / the skeleton.

When I was being guided to literally become the skeleton inside me .. I was very uncomfortable with that. It was not an intellectual... "Oh! No!" It was a deep felt nervousness and association with death. After many months of getting to know my bones I have found LIFE !!

So, what is fear? Does thought use fear to keep us away from "enlightenment" .. ending of ego? If we accept fear then we stay at base level .. the level we feel happiest with at that moment. The incarnate spirit gives its life over to auto-pilot programmed thought. Just sit in the back of the plane and have a nice meal and enjoy the flight!

One thing I discovered is that ego-self appears unable to connect and manifest out of the bones. It appears that the ego does not have anything to get hold of and create an image from. Everything goes quiet inside when one begins to seriously work with the bones as a source of spiritual awareness.

This may also be why I really love bamboo! We can appreciate and be in awe looking at a beautiful oak tree .. mountain pine .. a giant beech tree .. but bamboo? People may think all those bamboo sticks pretty much look the same. This is similar situation to the bones. There is not much in bamboo to get attached to.

In a powerful way bamboo perfectly reflects the power of Zen .. in its uncomplicated simplicity and ability to give way even though its structure is hard. So, bamboo also represents the yielding [soft] and physical strength [hard]. It is the same with the bones.

The real Masters were moving their bones!