Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2014 - The Year of The Body

Dragon: Qi .. primordial force [Heavenly Dragon] .. beginning .. energy
Snake: Sperm .. spinal column .. pineal gland .. mind (karma) .. transform
Horse: The body .. movement .. physical experience .. the unexpected .. power

For 2014 I do not have to wait for the crossing of the Earth's rotation .. I already know what approaches through the mirror of reality. So, I must be getting stronger!

This is not only related to the approaching Chinese Lunar Year: 2014 Year of the Green Wood Horse. Although the Horse gives us clues about the powerful Geomantic energies involved in 2014.

We are not on a haphazard journey on Planet Earth .. life has structure!

I begin the western New Year with my garlic ginger and onion curry soup. The cat servants in Catland already began their one year detox in December (2013)... Because they always have to look super-cool and be ahead of the crowd .. and so things are looking good!

This is not only going to be a key physical year with physical challenges and breakthroughs .. but there may be effects on the Earth that create physical challenges and perhaps stimulate new ideas in science as people are either amazed or wonder: What was that?

When I say that the way ahead enters into a period of challenges to the human body (and maybe how we see the body) .. this also includes the effect the body has on the mind and how we see ourselves. I would imagine the body teaches us .. carries us (like a horse) and may be a signature for our physical well-being.

2014 - The Year of The Body
It is not just the physical body .. but is more important our relationship with the body. What relationship do we have to physical existence and the physical body? The spirit's relationship with mind is perhaps easier. Both the spirit and the mind are not restricted by physical reality. Mind and spirit have a lot in common. They share a source energy and can function together seamlessly.

Now comes a chance to really apply the teachings of Initiation. Why we are here!

Thousands of years ago around the time of building the pyramids all over the world and the creation of Egypt in its original form... Initiates had to find a way through the underground temple complex without any source of light and navigate the way (in the dark) to emerge back into the world. Once you achieved this the senses were operating on a much higher level. When you can navigate in the dark you can see in the light.

Having done the essential work in the Dragon and Snake years .. the Horse year can become the physical realization of the work you have done before. It is also an opportunity to apply the higher energies of the psyche to the physical realm and create balance. The horse represents freedom - movement and balance!

The horse is everything to do with carrying and supporting mankind. With the horse you have physical movement - migration - travel - trade and also war = chariots (power). The principle of the horse also applies to the motor car (horse power) and to trucks - transport - wealth (to own a horse was a sign of wealth).

On a rare level not so often seen in the physical world the horse can also represent magic (the unicorn) .. flight (Pegasus or the Heavenly flying horse) .. implying manifestation of the unexpected and the supernatural. In general the horse signifies the body - physical movement - carrying - transport and control.

The Chinese Green Wood Horse
The Year of the Wood Horse, begins at the time of the first New Moon - January 31, 2014.

I try to understand things for myself close to the source .. and so I began to read and study: Thomas Aylward - The Imperial Guide to Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology: The Only Authentic Translation from the Original Chinese:

‘The twelve emblematic animals of the zodiac are as follows: Branch-Zi is the extreme of yin. It is concealed in darkness. Since it covers its own tracks, the rat is taken to symbolize branch-Zi. Branch-Wu is the extreme of yang. It is clearly-manifest, strong, and vigorous. Since it gallops with great speed, the horse is taken to symbolize branch-Wu.

Wood (Wu Xing) - translated as tree is the growth stage of physical matter. Woods signatures are: Springtime - the East and the Planet Jupiter. Wood represents strength and flexibility. Although the growth of wood is associated with water .. wood is also the fuel from which a fire can burn. Like the horse .. wood is also a practical physical and essential material (commodity).

2014 represents Male Wood Horse: Wood represents the Sun rising in the East and the budding of plant life in Spring. Wood is related to tree or green = the green horse. Here we are drawn to the physical earth level and material existence.

The Heavenly Dragon is primordial force .. the beginning of life .. the power of force (Qi / energy). The Chinese Snake is the spine and the pineal gland (third-eye) .. the mind. Following the Dragon the Chinese Snake is the emerging of physical life (the sperm) and the forming of physical existence .. consciousness.

The Chinese horse has its presence on the ground and is a helper to man. The horse carries (supports) humans with his strength and also carries human development .. progress .. migrations as well as supporting thousands of years of trade and growth.

The Chinese Horse in Geomantic terms represents wealth. If you had horses you were wealthy. Every culture used horses or ponies. The horse was also a sign of power. Essential in war or protection. The horse carried the soldiers .. were essential to supplies and they pulled the chariots.

The horse represents everything to do with physical movement and speed.
Horses are fast .. flexible and strong.

An essential part of the Chinese Horse Year is how one holds and commands the reigns of one's life. Because the horse represents physical ability .. the body .. movement .. capability .. strength .. resources and real value.

The snake (psyche) can be used for deception of the intellect. The Emperor can claim he has twelve hundred horses when he does not have even one horse. The physical reality is primary in the Horse Year and not intellectual deception and lies. In its association with trade .. the Chinese Horse represents physical wealth .. commodities .. real physical value and real physical achievements.

In a Snake Year people might sit back and say: We are okay! We have reserves! The Emperor has twelve hundred horses. In a Horse Year it may be that the real physical horses are need by the people and when they reach out to use them they find out that the stables are empty.

Then the energy of the horse will be speed and panic .. sending the prices of horses sky high .. because everyone in the community realize that they now have to buy a horse. So, I am talking about essentials .. real practical physical down-to-earth essentials that you can touch. Like food .. utilities .. transport .. basic essentials of life.

The physical horse supports man - carries man - works with man - lends his strength to man - aids man - lives with man - has a direct relationship with man .. and this is a powerful physical relationship. From farming to trade the horse gets things done. Speed also plays a part in this as horses can plough a field faster than a man. The horse can run faster than a man. The horse carries the man.

In the modern world motor cars and trucks have replaced horsepower. The Geomantic signature also applies to cars - transport - travel - goods transport (trade). It could also apply to physical movement in International conflicts.

As the Chinese Horse is associated with Fire and the Horse is the strongest Fire animal in the Chinese Zodiac .. wood helps Fire to burn. This may call for caution .. as we build houses with wood and we use fire within the house to heat and cook. In my view the horse signature represents physical structures - physical strength and down-to-earth physical reality.

Perhaps the most important issue or aspect of the Horse Year are the reigns or direction. When the horse is wild then the horse decides its own direction. In association with man the horse is guided by the human. I imagine that 2014 also brings into focus the art of navigation and direction.

There are two reigns: Yin and yang! No matter what the direction the two reigns have to be in balance and the human being has to know which direction to lead the horse. The yin yang balance of the two reigns is gentleness as well as what Cesar Millan "The Dog Whisperer" calls: Calm and assertive energy.

Even if the rider directs the horse left right or to stop .. both reigns have to be relaxed yin and yang balance together. If you give two conflicting signals or you are tense .. there is no balance and you create conflict and uncertainty.

This is why I say 2014 is: The "Year of The Body".

The human spirit .. incarnate in the physical material body .. is experiencing a journey through life on Planet Earth. The rider being carried is the human spirit and the horse (the one doing the carrying) is the physical material human body. Add also that the human body has been designed like a Temple of Initiation. The Initiation of The Spirit inhabiting the physical body.

In the same way the horse has a relationship to humans .. the human body has a relationship to the spirit. The physical body serves the incarnate spirit. The physical body makes life possible. The body carries the spirit through physical existence from A to B.

However, the incarnate spirit is holding the reigns. It is not the physical body that decides where to go .. direction .. purpose .. it is the spirit that decides movement and direction. The physical body is directed by the spirit. The reigns or inner navigation compass is balance of yin and yang.

The other thing the body needs other than respect and appreciation is love. The body needs love - appreciation and respect from the incarnate spirit. From small children we are conditioned to relate to the outer world and not explore the inner world. The path to the INNER WORLD is the BODY!!

People love the trees and the flowers and the birds and the animals and the dogs and the cats and the mountains and the sea .. where beauty is outside. Within the spirit body relationship is everything you would get outside in Nature. So, when you combine a powerful relationship between body mind and spirit .. then the inner relationship transforms the outer relationships and the world.