Sunday, January 26, 2014

Zen Qi - Balancing Inner and Outer Bone

I came from nothing .. became something .. space supported me!

We make the mistake as physical beings to seek "physical support"...

When we humans enter physical reality we are all "servants of the force" .. and when the ego lives its life only for itself we lose essential Qi energy [life force]. When a soul gathers essential life force they feel inner compassion for those life forms who do not experience this balance of force!

I wanted to call this post: Deep Space Within the Bones...

My teachers show me that this deep space within the bones is the inner art of: Balancing Inner and Outer Bone .. where the non-physical space within the bone supports the material / physical reality of the bone and then the bone supports the entire physical body.

Let us say that the deep space within the bones is feminine and the hard bone structure is masculine. Where do the two meet? Where does feminine space and masculine form meet in 3D reality? Obviously they meet in the bone marrow!

Always you have to understand the yin and yang principle of balance .. the point where the hard and the soft meet. The point where space and matter meet. This principle is also manifest within the mind. The mind interacts with space .. the psyche .. the physical .. material. Bamboo is a perfect manifestation of this unifying principle within man.

Within empty space of the bones is the creative [feminine] and the bone marrow unifies the female formless principle with the male = physical material existence. If you observe the true female and the true male you will observe: Feminine [dreams / imagination] with male [physical structures and form].

Balancing Inner and Outer Bone
The form and the formless combine to create BALANCE .. in which healthy inner and outer states of being emerge .. like plants .. trees and seeds emerging from the soil. Where within each seed is a formless empty source and within the physical form is formless empty source. It is this source that moves our bodies and moves our minds.

So .. you have to go inside your own inner bone-space to find the inner connection to your essence .. balance .. form .. psyche .. mind .. movement .. existence and timelessness. You are your own Master .. lifetime after lifetime.

What connects you across the invisible bridge of time? LOVE ...

Love .. compassion connects you [the soul] across the invisible [yin space] bridge of time .. where yin is like a rainbow and where yang is the physical reality into which the beautiful rainbow manifests. To make this interaction clear .. you do not have a rainbow without mysterious and beautiful interactions with physical material life.

The deep-space within the bone is the unseen inner rainbow and the physical material bone is the body of the Earth. Yin and yang / male and female principles create matter and life. I am trying to share with you that this balance is NECESSARY for the existence of all physical life.

So .. perhaps the mind exists within empty space of the bones?

We all think that the mind travels through the nervous system from the SUPER BRAIN within the skull and this electrical connection of signals functions in similar ways to the physical electrical systems created by humans .. that requires TIME to send signals .. send signals .. send signals.

To test this out simply go [feel] inside your bones!

Just try to suck !! Suck within the bones ..
and you may feel a sense of enlightenment?

Deep space [yin] manifest within truth [yang] can be a pathless journey '-)