Sunday, January 19, 2014

One Bone Zen Qi

Bones are Source Qi .. a total revolution in science!
- Zen Qi [February 4 2028]
Chinese Earth Horse

One Bone Zen
The bamboo stick is a preview of my next post .. which is something I am learning or teaching myself. As bamboo and the human bones are similar Qi repositories or accumulators .. I use this to understand the principle of: One Bone Zen.

I call this: One Bone Zen Qi .. because this is the way I am taught over thousands of years. The principle is Time Travel Zen where past - present - future are now. This principle is that you exist now as a bridge connecting past and future where "The Now" is the key [Qi].

We think of ourselves as alone and isolated from time and space - where time is movement. In reality .. we are the bones of our existence across space-time. I will try to explain this!

The bones are hidden and yet they are absolutely essential to the existence of a human being. Without the structure of bones we humans would be like snakes or worms. But .. the bones are the least understood body parts of all the physical sciences. In terms of Zen Qi the bones are accumulators .. and everything in the human body grows from the bones.

The coming revolution in science will be the realisation that all functions of the body grow from the bones. It is not that the bones are bones and the muscles - tendons and organs are separate functioning systems. This is why I now go straight to the bones in my practice of Zen Qi.

Everything in the body is related. The physical body is a single functioning unit that effortlessly moves as one unified being. The blood is in harmony with the nerves .. the veins are in harmony with the muscles .. the organs are in harmony with the bones .. the tendons are in harmony with the glands. The physical body from the bones to the tissues are created from one primordial element that science has not yet discovered.

One Finger Zen
In theory .. I am here now bridging the future and the past. The artist leaves a signature across space and time that perhaps only they can read? Most probable is that a human being with artists brain can read art .. the signature language of art. For example, Morehei Ueshiba - the founder of AIKIDO was an artist! We understand and connect past - present - future through inner contact.

You start with one finger .. but essentially any bone in the body is the "One Finger" .. and you go inside the bone or you are aware of the bone. Over time the perception changes and becomes sharper as you practice to be aware of the bones. It is easy to be aware of the muscles .. but it is not so easy to really go inside the bones = into the bone marrow.

There is a form of squeezing the bones called "Iron Shirt" where one can squeeze the bones of entire body using the muscles and the tendons. But really .. the bones suck! I think - in a past life the Master said to me: "Your techniques suck!" In that moment I became enlightened. We carry with us the special skills we have (develop) lifetime after lifetime.

One becomes aware of any bone in the body. Go inside. Go all the way into the bone marrow and then with no physical movement suck inward = inside the bone. Even if you use one finger you feel the sucking inside every bone in the body. Even better than that .. you feel the sucking in every tendon .. every cell .. every organ and every muscle.

That is what I mean when I say that the whole body is one undivided unit.

This is why I like to work with bamboo. A few years ago I began to make my own Shakuhachi flutes from bamboo I got at the local hardware store. I taught myself how to make Shakuhachi from bamboo and how to play the flutes. More recently I was looking at early attempts that did not work so well and I had the idea that I could use these to exercise chi.

Much later I discovered wooden "Tai Chi Sticks" .. the Tai Chi stick form also called Tai Chi Bang Stick. So, I was totally amazed .. because I did not know this exists .. but I was teaching myself using bamboo. I prefer bamboo because like the bones bamboo is hollow. So, you have this connecting synergy between the bamboo and the bones of the entire body.

I get very excited and I think that I want to learn all these forms. At the same time something said to me: Learn one movement .. learn learn learn .. learn the next movement .. learn learn learn. Slowly put them together. This is why I call it: One Bone Zen.

You have the bone in your finger connected to all the other bones .. and the bone in your finger relies on all the other bones. It is the same with teaching yourself movement and form. You build the sequence like the bones of movement and you put them together so that each movement is connected to the other movements where all are one.

As you build the movement over time and practice .. there comes a point of "enlightenment" where you have connected all the movements within the body through practice and you do ONE MOVEMENT and the body experiences all the connected movements. I hope you are still with me !! Hahaha...

I understand this only through my body. I listen to the bones and they teach me. My body teaches me and now I am trying to put this into words .. but one can only understand this directly through the body. The physical body has its own language. The body does not communicate through words. I think this is why so many people today are not connected to their bodies .. people do not understand the intelligence of the body.

Time Travelling Zen
The way it happened is this: I love bamboo and I am teaching myself without knowledge .. and then the bamboo is teaching me and then the bones and the bamboo are teaching me. I feel the energy = the bamboo sucks. Then working with the bamboo the bones suck. Because .. the wordless intelligence of the body understands (and likes) the bamboo. THIS IS ENERGY !!

The Art of Time Travel: Let's say that in a past life I am working with bamboo and in a future life I am working with bamboo. We have two magnets on either side of me - both attracting me and pulling. I listen to the past and I begin to see .. to understand. I listen to the future and I begin to see .. to understand. I apply the principle in the NOW .. here in this moment and I become "the magnet".

Each one of us is our own Master across space-time even when we seem to make mistakes. You may ask .. who designs the synergy? We do! We master and design our own synergy. Also .. using TOOLS! We are in physical reality and humans use tools. One of my tools is bamboo.

Love connects! I always loved bamboo! Then .. I am working with bamboo which begins to create feelings where I just know things without knowing. This is why I call it the Zen of Time Travel. The bamboo exists over thousands of years and it is a tool used by mankind. If you love using that tool you remember .. you feel the love and something inside you wakens up. That is the ART of One Bone Zen Qi...