Monday, January 06, 2014

Spirit Imagination: 2014 The Chinese Horse

The horse belongs to earth just as the dragon belongs to heaven. Its tireless roaming over the plains is taken as a symbol of the vast expanse of the earth.
The I Ching or Book of Changes
Richard Wilhelm

Secrets of The Chinese Horse
This is my artistic interpretation of the Chinese character for "horse".

I am using new artist pens on fine sketchpad paper: Secrets of The Chinese Horse!

I left out the down-stroke at the front because in my mind I wanted to capture the spirit of the horse. If I had added the down-stroke that would have made the figure of the horse physical.

There is something very important that is often overlooked when considering the physical strength of the horse .. and that is the SPIRIT of the horse! The mind of the horse is very unusual. Like dolphins horses are highly intelligent .. but like cats horses are having a strong sense of their own beauty and power. Like dolphins and cats horses have a close relationship with humans. Horses understand humans and co-operate with humans.

Spirit Imagination
Using imagination in powerful ways is not a "secret" .. but if you say something is a SECRET people sit up and listen .. and they want to know! The real meaning of the word "secret" is To Secrete .. SECRETION. In my own inner understanding secretion implies: To EXTRACT (from). Glands secrete .. "chemical" messages into the body! No .. not chemical but original life force messages '-)

Since I was a young child I could read and study: Richard Wilhelm - The I Ching or Book of Changes. I now have the Amazon Kindle edition on my ASUS FonePad .. where I can search the entire book for keywords! Horse produces 65 matches from: The I Ching or Book of Changes.

The winged horse is the symbol of the thoughts that transcend all limits of space and time.
The I Ching or Book of Changes
Richard Wilhelm

The secret of how the mind affects the physical body does not come directly from the I Ching Book of Changes .. the secret comes from my own awareness (journey) through time and space [where TIME is MOVEMENT]. The PAST .. the PRESENT and the FUTURE are NOW !!

People have to free the mind and realize or understand the most ancient navigation skills and inner knowing of the human ancestors on Earth. The ancients could navigate space and time with the power of their minds. All space and time within physical reality exists NOW...

The Chinese Horse not only represents the physical Earth manifestation of spirit and mind (psyche) on this Planet .. the horse also represents IMAGINATION and the power of the mind. This interpretation implies mystery and the manifestation of the impossible. In my interpretation - the Chinese Horse embodies the realm of the impossible .. the realm of the supernatural and man's relationship with the impossible. The horse can also belong to the mysterious unicorn.

Hexagram 17. SUI / Following
7. They (the heroes of old) tamed the ox and yoked the horse. Thus heavy loads could be transported and distant regions reached, for the benefit of the world. They probably took this from the hexagram of FOLLOWING.
The I Ching or Book of Changes
Richard Wilhelm

When I use the Kindle edition of: The Complete I Ching by Master Huang there are 45 matches in the search for "horse"...
The ancient Chinese originated in northern China, close to the Yellow Ground Plateau. They lived a nomadic life and were familiar with horses, observing herds living together. Among hundreds of horses there was always a leader, and the leader was always a male. Wherever the leading horse went, the herd of horses, male and female, followed. During war, male horses always ran in the front, all female horses followed behind.
The Complete I Ching
The Definitive Translation
by Taoist Master Alfred Huang

Are you waiting for The Secret? Physical material existence is transient and spirit energy is eternal. Physical existence grows from the ground of Zen Qi (primordial force) .. and the physical body (existence) naturally returns to its energetic state after the death (ending) of the physical / material organism. At the center - in balance - is the mind .. the psyche .. energy (the power of the spirit).

The secret of the Chinese Horse is physical TRANSFORMATION through IMAGINATION. The horse is a powerful - hooves on the earth - animal with a strong relationship to mankind over thousands of years. But! Even more powerful is the hidden aspect of the horse. The mind and spirit of the horse and how the horse uses its mind.

Within the horse is a powerful mind (psyche). Similar to cats the horse is aware of its beauty and supreme natural physical strength. Both horses and cats have a powerful relationship to humankind (over thousands of years). Just as the domestic dog is loyal and true .. the horse and the cat are aware of their natural effortless beauty and power.

This is the most important aspect of the psyche of the horse: The animal's awareness of its physical strength .. power and beauty. The psychic presence (awareness) of the horse extends all the way down the horses's face from the central third-eye gland to the nose of the horse. This effortless power then extends throughout the physical body of the horse.

The secret of the horse is awareness .. mind .. powerful psyche incarnate in physical form.

Since I was a child I taught myself (on my own) strange powers of the psyche and imagination. It was totally natural for me to swim like a dolphin deep into the oceans of active imagination! In physical reality I am not a good swimmer. I do not like deep water (beyond what I can stand up in with my feet on the ground). I taught myself to swim deep in the ocean with only my imagination.

Guess what! Swimming using your imagination affects the physical human body!

There is a form of YOGA where initiates use imagination to energize and build the physical attributes of the body! I was using and developing these techniques of physical body imagination since I was 15 / 16 years old. Although the imagination is effortless .. it is not EASY to do. This is a discipline of the highest kind!

I was not so interested in "yoga" .. and so I began to develop my own physical exercises based on the Martial Arts: Gichin Funakoshi and AIKIDO Master Morehei Ueshiba. If you are interested in "secrets" then that is my secret! I could affect my physical body through effortless imagination of Martial Arts exercises .. and my body responded.

This is where I combine my inner understanding of the Geomatic Chinese Horse signature with my own body-psyche signature. No one taught me this .. I taught myself from imagination. Just as the mind of the horse and the man riding the horse have to be one .. so the mind of the body and the incarnate spirit have to be one!

The White Horse Temple in Luoyang, (Henan) China - established in 68 AD under the patronage of Emperor Ming - is said to be the first Buddhist Temple in China. Sculptures honoring the two white horses who carried the Buddhist monks and the Buddhist scriptures stand at the entrance to the temple.

Here we see another example of higher mind manifestation associated with the horse.

All the cells of the human body reflect like mirrors signals or signatures from the mind. I discovered that my own state of mind or how I use my mind is not simply originating inside the skull .. inside the brain! The mind is the whole body. The mind is effortlessly reflected in the whole body.

I carry out a simple task we take for granted every day. I walk 10 / 15 minutes into town and as I am walking I imagine using my muscles more than mindlessly walking and not paying attention. My lungs start breathing more air after a few minutes as though I am carrying out a demanding task.

I walk in a natural tree path and I imagine I am running along sand at the seashore and I am running fast also in the shallow water of the tide. I am walking under the trees relaxed - seeing everything around me and at the same time I am imagining running across the sand .. water splashing .. and I am running fast. My lungs start breathing more air after a few minutes as though I am carrying out a demanding task.

Do not try this exercise as I describe .. because I have taught myself to be completely aware of everything around me and I do not lose focus or go into a dreamy state. At the same time I can be using my imagination to run across sand or run across side of a mountain. Most people when using imagination lose awareness of the world around them. I don't do that! I can be two places at once!

Although the Chinese Year of the Horse is about real physical attributes .. is about the physical body and the physical world around us .. it is also about relationship of mind and body. The key signature of this is that there is the physical horse and there is the rider (navigator). That relates to the power of spirit / imagination.

It can take 6 months to a year or two years to see and really appreciate the effects right imagination have on the physical body. Like the horse the energy effect on the physical body has duration and long term endurance. This work is not short attention span: "You can do XYZ in 7 days."

The horse implies strength - stamina - patience and long term endurance = it lasts.

Harmony of Balance
Although the challenge of 2014 is the balance of physical body (including trade and resources)... The harmony of balance is within the mind and how the mind affects the physical body and also effects the endurance of the body. The horse has a strong but flexible mind. The horse can adjust to circumstance. The horse has stamina beyond physical strength. There is something very special about the intelligence of a horse.

Most amazing of all is that the White Horse Temple survived until today through so much turbulent history. The harmony of balance has nothing to do with rational linear time .. the measurement of time .. thought. The horse is of superior strength to man and yet the horse serves man! The physical human body is designed to perfectly serve the spirit of man (the incarnate spirit). That is the mysterious harmony - the harmony of balance.