Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Master In You ...

Why am I here?
To serve you ...

We are taught from an early age that love is a personal thing. We love what we want and we want what we love! Right! You get what you want .. and you love. You don't get what you want .. and .. you don't love!

The world around us teaches us to be selfish...

You are hurt? Then .. perhaps you are angry!
You suffer? Then .. perhaps you are afraid!
You feel pleasure? Then .. perhaps you want more?

It is all a form of conditioning of the base (lead) karmic root existence .. before your own inner self-created Initiation! So .. what is Initiation ??

Well! On the most fundamental level .. Initiation is you !! You in direct relationship with life. Where you decide to move beyond base (lead) self .. to find the master within!

Serve the base reality .. and you are base reality ...

The Master Within You
No one can teach you to connect to the Master Within ...
Only you can teach youself :-)

Inside you is a garden of reality .. a garden you have planted lifetime after lifetime! Where you are the gardener .. and you are the seeds / plants you have created. The Master is the garden and the garden is the Master!

We live in a self-created Universe...

Do not be afraid to be yourself!

Unique manifestation of inner power is direct connection with higher Universe .. out of which we are born. There is no intermediate (religious) connection between you and the entire Unverse.

The Master is within .. you!

Move beyond self to discover inner balance ...

Saturday, September 28, 2013

They Walk Through Tall Doors ...

The doors they walk through ..
are configured to .. the ratio of phi.

It was a a sunny warm day .. blue skies .. beautiful light.

I was relaxed .. cool .. focused :-)
Living in the now .. feeling good being in human form.
What could go wrong on a beautiful day like this ??

The rough tall stone house was perhaps built of the same volcanic stone as the Gothic church !! As you entered the first tall doorway .. a very large fireplace and old style oven .. sat in the right hand corner ..

I was trying to act super-cool and normal... What could go wrong in a building like this .. on such a beautiful peaceful afternoon?? I had completed my video work for the day and it was now my time-out! Right!

The high level energy hit me in the gut like a sledge-hammer! Well .. not exactly in the gut .. it hit me in the Solar Plexus. I hesitated .. trying to remain super-cool. I can figure this one out on my own .. without creating a scene .. hahahaha...

Just give me a break guys! This is my time-out! Right?

I casually go outside .. to see what lies beyond or behind the exterior wall... Nothing !! I go back inside .. I have to ask the people there .. here we go again :-)

The Irish American and the Swiss intelligence officer are watching me .. and laughing! Just wait .. you guys are toast !! But .. I have no options left .. I have to ask.

We Don't Walk Through Small Doors!
What is that? It's an oven! No .. what is behind the oven? And why does this farm house have such tall doors?

I was looking at the tall - thin - elegant doors .. twice the size of normal humans. Similar to ancient Egyptian or Mayan doorways .. when I saw Thoth standing inside the doorway.

Better not say anything .. I focused on the oven !!

Let us not talk about Thoth & Phi ...

As I was asking the owners of the house about the massive energy flow .. I was asking the Invisible Worlds: Why are the doors so tall ??

"We do not walk through small doors... " they replied.

The Doors of Phi
Tall elder world beings / tall other world beings .. smaller humans .. it is all relative .. all part of the whole! The power source? The ancient world .. the invisible world .. the ancestors .. other dimensions .. the masters!

Can Earth humans do whatever they want? No!

That is then the end of humanity...

On the Path together .. I leave behind clues!

You figure out the truth for yourself ...

... Then apply it !!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Free Energy At Birth

Desire never left me alone .. just to live my own life...
It never grew old with time .. it never lost it edge...
... A desire to free the world.

- ZenSu

Continuing with the revelations from Asia / Atlan ... Over many months the Spirit Masters were teaching me about origins of mankind. What they showed me is very simple but complex.

The physical body functions exclusively on the principle of Universal Life Force .. or quantum free-energy. Now! You may say: We have to eat and drink to obtain energy. Well! In reality the energy comes first. If you do not have the life force chi energy .. you cannot eat .. drink .. and absorb / digest food .. nutrients.

I see things visually to understand fundamental principles .. but to be honest .. visual pictograms and glyphs are the basis of communication with higher energy worlds - and the spirit worlds.

The artistic visualization is the simplest form. Explaining in words is a little more complex... For example, the visual glyphs or pictograms come into my mind without words or explanations. But .. I understand this language .. and so the rest falls into place.

Free Energy Birth
Before the physical body forms inside the womb .. a core energy establishes itself / yin and yang / male and female (combine). Western philosophy - that underscores western science - see only physical reproduction. What they do not see is what was known / is known in the East / eastern philosophy.

The sperm unloads a packet of energy into the womb. It is life force. It is free energy. It is a gift to the one who is being born. The sexual chi life-force is given .. it cannot be taken. It comes to us from life. The cells of the physical body are born .. they (the cells) form out of and around the core sexual life-force inside the womb.

The Three Principles
In its natural and pure state "desire" connects us to the world in powerful ways. Not the desires of ego-self! Pure energy of desire is fundamental life-force within the body.

Desire is connected to the core universal sexual qi / life energy / life force. This core energy that is always in balanced state of yin and yang .. is free energy of whole body.

To suppress desire is wrong action. The problems human beings face are created when ego-self (thought) sits between core life-energy and the energy of desire. Desire is not in itself a problem! Desire becomes a problem when lower entity-self uses energy of desire for its own pleasure .. personal satisfaction .. or when seeking personal power .. personal wealth.

Everyone on this Earth use desire. Desire is the middle energy .. or force .. driving us / or powering us to do what we do (in life). It can be desire for peace, desire to effect change and this force can be used by lower mind (ego self) to have what IT wants .. in service-to-self.

When sexual life-force is in harmony with desire / in balance .. there arises passion .. love .. compassion. The three forces unite in man .. and are one force!

We humans are given the gift of life .. and it is really up to us what we do with it. The force is always the force .. uncorrupted .. pure .. untouched by conflict. How we use the force simply defines our lives.

Some of you may wonder .. where is the feminine in all of this! That is the core principle of duality. The feminine and the masculine are one. Yin and yang / masculine and feminine are one principle - the ground of duality.

Man In The Woman / The Woman In Man
The balance is the same in the feminine as it is in the masculine .. and this is why one often sees Tibetan Buddha Thangkas where the depicted Buddha has female breasts!

These are rough first sketches .. as I build a deeper visual understanding of these principles. As you see the first drawings are very basic .. but now I am beginning to refine the visual balance / harmony.

You see .. the same force exists inside the woman! That force in both men and in women is complete balance. It is one! Yin / yang .. it is one unified primordial force. This is why men and women should not fight .. should not oppose each other .. but should seek harmony and balance !!

In the male the force (energy) is external .. and in the female the same force (energy) runs central right up inside from the sacrum to the crown chakra - overflowing and falling down the outer body .. like water.

The beauty of this is that you have two compatible forces .. who are one in origin .. manifesting illusion of duality :-) ... Hidden in plain sight .. you are one!

Why are the two forces manifesting physical duality as one ?? Because, it is the same force .. Ha! Ha! Ha! .. yin and yang are at their source one Universal force .. OM !!

... The Universe loves you !!

... But! Do you love the Universe ??

Free Energy Love?
What does free energy have to do with love & com-passion?
It is the same f#cking energy !! Excuse my French !!

Go one step back to my earlier post: Energy Poured Down From The Heavens .. it is the same Universal principle !!

Harmonic Earth towers draw Universal energy down from the Heavens to Earth at a certain frequency and combine this energy with energy from Planet Ea ... The energy flows out (like water) .. into the surrounding landscape creating electrical field for any device that is configured to operate / function on that frequency!

The principle is the same .. as above so below .. as within so without .. the Universe is within man as man is within the Universe !! Apply those principles in your life .. now!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Energy Poured Down From The Heavens

They never explained why .. before they left!
They just built the answer .. and departed the Earth ...

- ZenSu

As I said in an earlier post .. I lay down on the stone base under the wall of the church .. and the energy just poured down like an elixir. Therefore, the builders reveal that the power does not lie inside the church .. nor inside the temple! The power lies outside!

When they called me over to the Gothic stone church (the invisible beings) .. I walked over trying to look casual and cool. But the people sitting outside the cafe were watching me anyway!! I just attract attention wherever I go.

I stand at the base of the stone tower and I look up! Sure... It is impressive .. and I see the dark hole in the mouth of the gargoyle. I start to walk back - when the beings say to me: You see better lying down under the stone architecture.

I lay down on the large angular stone platform .. and as usual they were right! You see better lying down. The energy was just pouring down the outside of the volcanic stones and right into my third-eye. Although, the power flooded through my whole body .. creating euphoria.

I go back to the table saying: You gotta see this! You gotta see this! Totally charged up and filled with joy!

You see, human beings seek joy, happiness, enlightenment their whole lives - and we don't have a clue. Joy is not an internal state of mind. Joy is a frequency that cannot be manifest outside of that frequency!

We have to be the joy to feel the joy.

The next problem is our ego!

It would never occur to us that joy is a gift .. not something we hunt down or seek - the way a cat hunts a bird or mouse. The only clue I can give is: When the temple is in order, the frequency of joy makes the temple its home.

The temple being the human body inhabited by the incarnate spirit connected to the soul. Joy being like an old friend who visits us over many lifetimes and says...
"Hi! How are you doing!"

Joy and love are not things we humans can attain .. like a beautiful sapphire or a diamond that we can cherish and hold. Joy is like water! We have to drink so that it enters and becomes part of us.

Are any of you thirsty .. out there? Ha! Ha! Ha! :-)

Free Energy In The Stone
On returning from my videography filming of Tibetan sand mandala .. I continued to write this free-energy post. Blogger froze !! Would not save my post .. and then crashed hahaha .. deleting one hours writing of what I want to share with you!

Shammat! So, let's start again :-)

Written In Stone ...
The ancient stone masons left behind a signature for the future "written in stone" .. these structures were not churches (for them) .. they were energy signatures!

The energy (chi) flows down the outside of the rock / stone structure .. flowing like water. The flow / the force is energy from the heavens. This energy enters our psyche .. our spirit.

Not only does the invisible force affect our mind, heart, psyche .. it is also a physical force .. interacting with physical body and the physical world that surrounds us.

Free Energy Structures Built of Stone
From most ancient times the temples .. and later churches and cathedrals .. were not only representing spiritual power. These structures were key to providing POWER / ENERGY to people living on Planet Earth at that time!

Because there is no evidence of wires or electrical conductors .. we assume there was no advanced technology being used in Egypt .. Tibet .. South America .. Peru .. Greece .. Persia and so on... The evidence is in the stone .. for those with the eye-to-see !!

Their technologies and how they used the technology was far in advance of anything we have today. Someone came to this Planet and smashed every human culture back into the stone age. They used human against human to achieve lowering of value of life on this Planet.

The most destructive force applied was man against woman .. woman against man. The loss of the yin yang balance and subsequent destruction of the Planet / Nature. Women .. the feminine .. played a big part in the structuring of balanced society and the use / development of advanced technology.

Energy From The Temples
The temples and sacred structures were so important to human society .. because .. that is where the juice came from .. the power was literally POWER / ENERGY. This energy had dual purpose - as we live in a Universe manifest from duality.

The stone structures provided energy to power the physical world and the same gentle energy / force affected the spirit in man .. the mind .. the heart .. the psyche. This is why the temples were revered by our ancestors. THE SPIRIT .. provided both for the physical welfare of people as well as providing spiritual well-being.

The early stone masons were energy architects! The stone temples, the power of design and the placing of the stones were a reflection of their understanding of energy and sound. They were really building energy structures!

To better understand this .. it is the same basic principle as building any type of power-station today. The physical design of any power station has to be structured in relation to the type of energy source .. nuclear, coal, gas, oil.

The humans probably did not go inside the earliest temples (that were mostly destroyed) .. they were forbidden to enter the temples !! Because .. they would get fried.

They did not need to enter the temples...

The power from the heavens poured down the outer walls like water from the skies .. and flowed out into the surrounding landscape .. through the air and flowed into everything. Creating an atmosphere of higher energy / spiritual well-being.

People had some kind of glass or crystal orbs that could absorb this energy from the heavens .. transmitted through the temples .. creating light. Just like modern day light bulbs! But, of a finer and more balanced light. That was the "light of god" .. the light of the gods. The light from heaven.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sharing Enlightenment!

Why is ZenSu posting blogger lables: Asia-Atlan?
.. ??? .. Dunno! She has not made it clear .. yet .. !!

Know what you do not know ...

Down from the heavens, the sound / energy roared .. deep-deep into the heart .. deep-deep into the mind! Did my ancient hands a thousand years ago help build this elusive stone to earth resonator?

Am I hearing eternal cosmic sounds I helped create?
Do we ultimately share ENLIGHTENMENT ??

Roaring deeply down from the heavens .. a sound ..
A sound unheard .. unless we hear it!

All ears hear this sound, through the heart!

We are one :-)

Walking from inter-dimensional room to interdimensional room .. our spirit navigates the portals beyond space and time. Between the cracks of reality we share enlightenment together - as one...

Before I share with all of you one sound .. energy .. water .. I share with you one fundamental truth: We share enlightenment!

To realise this fundamental truth, is enlightenment.
Love and truth are inner universal principals!

Separation and division are an illusion...
Sharing together as one is enlightenment ... all is one.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Airport Security !! ?? Amitabha ...

We are one

Please forgive my Scots / Irish sense of humor :-)

Don't read this if you oppose others without compassion

For a long time (like years) the cat servants were saying to me .. you have to come here !!! NoWAY ... FORGET IT .. I am sensitive to GROPING :-)

To make it clear .. humans do not just go touch a cat or a dog .. unless the animal allows it! Right! Same with me... I would rather walk :-)

I am a physically small woman, slender... However, inside me are many powerful spirit incarnations (as in all humans). Like a wild animal .. I would always avoid crowded areas .. only from instinct!

One day I had to pass through a big city via the train station. I find that small town people leave me alone, but city people can be a bit funny in the head. Some people hide in the shadows of big cities...

I was pulling my train ticket from the ticket machine when some guy comes out-of-the-blue behind me .. and :-) I wont say it ... Faster than the speed of light I turn and grab him by the jacket. I lift him off the ground and physically smash him against the ticket machine, without thought. The whole station goes silent.

What that I am telling you, is related to Airport Security groping :-)

This guy was well dressed, well built and muscular .. he was not some bozo. The jacket my hands took hold of to lift him off the ground was a VERY EXPENSIVE jacket!! In that moment I was very fast .. like a cat .. meow !!

Our Spirit Incarnations
My explanation for this powerful feminine / paranormal / super-human strength is what I know to be true... Ancient inner forces (incarnations) and knowledge that exists to protect us lifetime after lifetime .. across the illusion of space-time.

In a Catholic world women do not overpower men!

My inner ancient force acted without thought to protect me based on eternal principles of right behavior. It is the same with animals .. based on universal principles.

Unfortunately, planet Earth is ruled by Shammat!
The fact is, thousands of years ago the male aspect began to fight the feminine .. and so the female began to lay aside her powers .. so as not to destroy the planet.

My problem is that I have an equal balance between male and female aspects inside me .. which makes for an interesting alchemical mix of power!

I realised that women have a kinetic energy equal to or greater than a man's physical power/strength. They used .. or had access to this unusual ability all the way up until the destruction of the Amazons.

The Earth was more balanced then in terms of male/female cultures and societies .. with women also being powerful warriors. In a way, much more dangerous, due to the kinetic energy.

Of course, people today would not believe that this is possible, but I know it is possible .. and that kinetic force is superior and much faster than physical force.

Compassion Is Supreme
Teach yourself compassion...

Apart from the fact that it is not a good idea for gentle women to pick up Airport Sexcurity Worker$ (hahaha) .. we have to learn and apply compassion .. otherwise we become like them.

Also, these people are ourselves caught in lower forms!!

Now Comes The Funny Part ...
I decided (for security) to fly slender .. with the least amount of clothing. Like jeans that clearly show there is nothing there other than my legs .. hahaha .. and a thin sleeveless top that was more like underwear. I was as naked as I could be ...

So they wave through passenger after passenger wearing thick heavy jackets (sweating in + 30°C) .. but I have to stand aside. Why? They go for me like a magnet !!

I swear there was no doubt as to my harmless thin body/skin underwear .. almost naked .. not to be mistaken beauty .. if you know what I mean. But we genuinely have to feel compassion for those brothers and sisters who are lost!

I get all the waving signals .. go-there go-there .. and I look straight at this guy and walk towards him. Why not? The guy was more feminine/sensitive than the female waving me around.

The more feminine man runs away .. and the more masculine woman shouts: No! No! Waving .. here .. here (and they call this security hahaha). Do you want me to take off my trousers, top and bra ?? :-)

I had a pre-flight talk with my powerful inner incarnations. I said to them: Look this world is no longer the time of the kinetic masters .. and lets all use a bit of compassion.

You see, when you have power .. you don't use it!

All humans are born naked! Under our clothes we are all naked! We may as well strip down to our underwear .. than be groped through our illusionary layer of clothes... I hope you all understand what I am saying.

Never be afraid or ashamed of your physical body.

If all air travellers would take off their clothes down to their underwear and beyond .. they would be arrested for "exposure"... But what is the difference between physical search and nakedness ?? The difference is physical touch :-)

The fact is .. naked visual is more accurate .. hahaha!!

The intelligence of your body protects you! This is where compassion creates an invisible and powerful kinetic shield. And to those of you who have alien implants in your thighs... Don't say: Oh! That's the abduction implants setting off your beeper ... Otherwise, you might miss your flight .. ha ha ha ha ha

Your body is the best friend you have!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Deep In Silence .. And Then ...

People asked about the "no-comments" on my blog
I already know whats coming if I a-llow comments ..

... flip-flop flip-flop flip-flop flip-flop :-)

I was particularly traumatised by this experience. Like! You know! Higher mind meets lower .. or even lower .. and one just has to deal with it.

It must have been too silent that night; but let's begin at the beginning. In those moments where you are ultimately happy... That is when the flop happens! Always!

To those of you who know the cat servants .. don't tell them I posted this! Thanks!

When I arrived after my long flight (90 minutes), it was so uncool to have to drive another hour from the airport to arrive in the boon dogs. I mean .. why can't they get an apartment close to the airport?

The drive home took longer than a flight covering half of Europe !! There was worse to come. I had to sleep in the closet-room for "guests" .. and the two of them were so nice about it. Smiling, and thinking .. she will never come back after this one...

Even worse than that the cat servants tell me in happy excited voices: You even have your own toilet, Su .. like that's going to impress me. I find out that the toilet is bigger than my sleeping room.

Okay! But .. I was dealing with an Irish American and a Swiss intelligence officer (you can strike out the word "intelligence"), and I am a full blood Scots. So, it is easy to predict who is going to win this .. right?

After two hours not sleeping I wonder if it would be better to drag my bedding into the toilet and sleep there. But, that is such an uncool thing to do, that I decided on another strategy.

The Room Upstairs

Where would you rather sleep, in this room or in a shoe box !! So, by morning I had such bad allergy reactions to that room :-)

No! No! Please don't die while you are here .. die later .. when you get home. And .. look .. you can sleep up here. The biggest room in the house :-) I felt pretty cool...

Of course, I had no idea what was coming down the pipe! I was in 7th heaven. Every window on the top floor open .. both balconies open. The silence was so silent, you could hear it .. and the crickets sounded far away - so intense was the silence.

I am falling asleep happy and content .. little bit more falling .. next stage before switch-off .. and suddenly !! It starts...

It is 2 AM / 3AM and every dog in the surrounding neighborhood starts barking. I mean! ALLOFTHEM ... and I start to get nervous, because they are all barking with such violence. Like .. the killer bark. So, I am imagining something really strange is setting them off .. because they are guard dogs.

Little did I know the trauma that was about to enter my life. It came out of the deepest darkest distance. Not faint! But loud! Flip-flop flip-flop / flip-flop flip-flop. And I thought: What the f#ck !!??

The worst of it is you are listening and listening .. and it never ends. Flip-flop flip-flop / flip-flop flip-flop. Imagine the same tempo as a woman in high heels .. but apparently it is a man. Flip-flop / flip-flop (short steps - high speed) that seems to last forever. And the flip-flops echo louder than the barking dogs.

The phantom flip-flopper reaches the big heavy metal paper, glass, plastic, bio bins right opposite the house. I hear this massive metal YEURrrrGh (extend a few seconds longer) .. and then CRAaaaShhhhhqueek (make that one loud).

I am totally traumatised .. thinking .. that Irish American is TOAST when she gets up. Nobody warned me !! They pretended later that no one can predict when he strikes.

Then it gets worse ...

You can hear him so loud all the way back to the top of the road .. flip-flop flip-flop / flip-flop flip-flop (always in a cadence of four). We could not reproduce the sound with multiple pairs of flip-flops .. he has to have them specially made!

Of course, I cannot believe someone is taking out trash between 2 and 3 AM .. I turn over and start to fall asleep. There he is again .. doing multiple runs .. flip-flop flip-flop / flip-flop flip-flop... Worst of all is you you are listening intensely to every flop.

This goes on four times - back and fourth with the chorus of dogs barking in the background. I decide not to look, because the sound of the flip-flops are bad enough .. and I do not want a visual impression.

We check out the garbage in the morning. I mean! Who takes out garbage in the middle of the night? But the floppers are never heard during the day! Never!!

So, the Swiss intelligence officer appears on the balcony after we go down to check the trash .. with a can of WD40 in hand. He shouts down: What are you two doing down there??

Oh! We're just oiling the door of the trash cans :-)
In truth, we were checking them out to profile the flopper.

The first trip to the trash cans must have been the fresh yogurt carton container. The second trip must have been the popsicles carton, the third trip must have been everyday trash and the last trip must have been the fruit/veges in the bio bin.

So, we know he's a health nut who likes ice popsicles!

How can I - as a videographer - film in this stress?

They asked me why I just did not go onto the balcony and look down at the guy?

I mean! Obviously I would not have seen him with my sunglasses on! But you were sleeping! Sunglasses at night ??? A videographer is never without their sunglasses .. even when sleeping .. that would be so uncool !!

Flip-flop flip-flop / flip-flop flip-flop :-)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Gothic Church Tibetan Bells

Now I know why the Dali Lama is always laughing.

As I said in an earlier post, the giggles began at the Gothic church .. just before sunset .. as the bells rang. It was not only me .. but it affected all three of us.

We were sitting at a small restaurant .. in a very old stone house village courtyard type setting - with the giant church towering directly above the houses and courtyard below.

There we are innocently ordering small snacks as the Sun was preparing to set .. and you could walk directly to the base of this giant stone structure .. touch the stone and study the architecture .. the style of the builders.

I had arrived on Thursday and I think the visit to the small restaurant took place on Friday evening ?? Until then we were normal human happy and talking endlessly with the two cats adding their funny five minutes (I have raw video).

There we are: Scots lady, an Irish American lady and a Cathar Swiss "intelligence officer".

I have to write that, because it sounds so cool. Now, the reason we were sitting at the small restaurant was because of the Swiss! He did not want home made hummus and toast! He wanted a special treat .. and had already pre-planned what he would order before we left the house.

We sat down looking around at the giant walls of the church a few feet away .. then .. at that moment .. the special bell in the massive church tower began to ring. The bell rings 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 ... day and night on the hour. It can be clearly heard kilometers away at the house.

If you are awake in the early hours and cannot sleep .. you hear the church bell. You know! One O'Clock, two O'Clock, three O'Clock :-) ... By four O'Clock I was wide awake and watching the sunrise.

The tone of the bell is totally amazing. The sound rains down into the courtyard / village and is altered or amplified by the volcanic resonance of the stone.

Volcanic? Yes .. the church and all the houses were built from the local volcanic stone. Some of the natural rock structures on the coast are similar to Glencoe, Scotland. The whole area once underwent massive volcanic activity.

The soil is rich in volcanic minerals. The local garlic and onions are a beautiful orange-red with shades of purple and opaque yellow/gold. They grow rice .. as in Asia .. due to the foundation of mineral rich volcanic soil.

Gothic Church Tibetan Bells

The extraordinary tone of the bell appeared to have a tonal effect on the brain. It did not sound like a usual church bell. It sounds - to me - like a Tibetan bell. There are complex overtones and echoes that can be heard less strongly from the house. The real and intricate quality of the overtones are heard close to the church echoing through the courtyard.

The church is right smack in the middle of .. is part of .. and towers above the ancient small village. Everything about the gothic church is abnormal: The design, its location, its size. Whoever built the church is beyond brilliant.

Every part of the church combines to create one signature that each aspect embodies as part of the whole. The volcanic stone .. how it is used .. the ratios and dimensions .. the design / casting of the bell.

The tone, pitch and sound of the bell in relation to the design and ratio of the tower housing the bell. The unseen signatures and meaning hidden in the light / daylight .. revealed by the shadows.

These were master masons of the exceptional kind, using very special knowledge. Encoding that knowledge into the stone structure. This was not a church, to the builders, this was a form of writing / communication expressed as Art.

This experience is aligned with waking up in the early hours of the morning hearing OM .. I have to find that post !! Because, on my return flight it happened again on the plane. I still have to write about that.

Sound Technology
The bells, the overtones, the singing bowls and so on .. are not rituals .. they are an advanced interactive technology. The special sound resonance(s) interact individually depending on the spirit soul resonance.

Sounds and overtones communicate directly with the spirit intelligence (similar to a cat), and the spirit manifests / communicates with mind & body...

The spirit beings were saying to me, come over here and look at this! And I am thinking, oh no .. here we go again .. as I try to look normal and blend in!

I went across trying to look casual as the outside tables of the small restaurant were packed. Okay! I will go over .. look .. and go back. No big deal :-)

I get to the stone tower and I look up .. and I go, wow! That is the end of me looking normal. There is a raised stone shelf and I lie down to get a better perspective of what I am seeing and feeling. More of that in another post.

I go back to the table totally exited and vibrating with energy .. I tell them: You have got to go and see this. They saw it!

We are giggling and laughing for no reason. This lasts three days. The laughter then flooded over to the phantom flip-flopper at 2 AM / 3 AM .. but that is another story!

Although the giggling has subsided .. the feeling has not left me. This leaves the question: What is joy? There is the implication of a planet full of unfinished initiations that keep us removed from joy, because we do not enter unique passage of our own lives.

The body is the temple.

It is going to take 1,000 years to understand this and apply it to our lives as a planetary society. The spirit journeys from room to room .. body to body .. from temple to temple across the depths of space and time.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Beautiful Flight Home

I should have called this "Rainbows Below".

The plane landed around four in the evening, after a one hour flight. We descended through giant grey and white storm clouds. It was a bit bumpy above the clouds, and the plane shook a little making its way down.

A big thanks to Vueling Airlines!

They are a young Company, with very helpful and friendly staff! I like the atmosphere on the plane. They may sometimes have small hiccups; but their professional and genuinely friendly approach is like a breath of fresh air in a tired industry.

Usually, I never eat food in-flight, especially being vegan / vegetarian. However .. the vegi sandwich was so good that I will fly again!

An Unexpected Journey
I should stay safe inside my apartment and write my blog :-)

Whenever I travel, an adventure happens... It will take me a thousand years to make sense of this! First, I have to sleep, as adventures sometimes make sleep impossible.

Right now, I am watching one of my favorite films while typing this blog into my Asus Fonepad. I have to do a review .. I love this Tablet!

Until I get all my photos and videos configured let me shorthand the long adventure... Are you reading this cat servents Ha! Ha! Ha! They cannot cut off my WiFi, now that I am home.

My thousand year future post preview:
The compulsive flip-flopper (flip-flop / flip-flop) .. @ two in the morning .. we know who you are! Flip-flops echo loud at night in silent tiny rural villages :-)

Gothic mysteries / hidden in the light / revealed in the dark. Crazy ninja cats! You know who you are !! And I filmed you... Secrets in the clouds (return flight).

Draught Guinness, fish & chips, the Scots rainmaker .. co-starring the Irish American and the Swiss (with casting support from three thousand year old recipe for anchovies).

No! I don't eat anchovies nor sardines :-) and lets move to the next restaurant!

Why don't you order the green salad?

Why don't you eat fast so we can leave? Ha! Ha! Ha ...

Rainbows below the clouds.. chemtrails across the sky .. orgone blue oceans .. lights in the water .. masons of eternity .. while you are here can you film the video interview?
How to move energy without moving.
Energy, bones & airport security :-)

Elven Cool Cat

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Laughter Can Be Dangerous

I never laughed so much in my entire life... - Zen Su
I am a different kind of "Blogger" ...

Disclaimer! Scottish / Irish humor - is a dry humor :-)

I may have to come back later at some point and update this post as the people, who invited me to visit this beautiful part of the world, may waken up before I can finish this ...

And they control the WiFi connection !!

I am currently in the middle of nowhere. A beautiful location with a very bad WiFi connection .. and when my host read this Blog Post .. they are going to disconnect me :-)

If I suddenly post in mid-sentence .. it means that that I pressed "publish" very quickly! But I will be back later!

The first thing I wanted to do on this trip was to upload a short video of my plane landing. From the

I'm back!
As I was saying .. I was up very early before Sunrise hoping that no one else would waken up too soon. Sure enough, just after Sunrise I hear a voice! Good Morning, Su :-)

"Oh! What are you doing up so early?" I said.

We all laughed so much the last two days that my muscles will no longer support the giggles. I have to go back now and photograph the stone church (Gothic era) that started our hysteria... (more later).

The Gothic church
This is the brilliantly designed Gothic stone church that started off the endless giggles. That is a story I would need to write a book about.

Hidden in light, revealed by shadow!

The information is much more complex .. as the light reveals what the darkness hides and the dark shadows reveal what remains hidden in the light.

Hidden by the Sun / revealed in darkness!

This is mind blowing... but that will have to wait!

Three days of non-stop laughter! I seroously need a weeks rest. It was the Gothic church bell that started it all, and that (strangely enough) is related to Tibet.

Time to sleep after a long journey home...

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Born On This Earth

I have to admit .. I never felt at home on this Earth!

When born .. I apparently did not cry :-)
I simply opened my eyes...

I was born in super record time .. four weeks (or so) before my accepted birth date. I was a calm child. Happy and silent. No one was aware that as peaceful as I was .. inside .. I was beginning to have serious doubts about my "destination".

I was maybe four years old, when I called on "my friends". Ancient beings that I knew as "The Guidance". I said to them: What f#cked up reality have you sent me to this time!! Although, I did not use those words :-)

Well .. we all have our bad days...

A lifetime later, I can share with you universal truth.

You are who you are - regardless of external reality!

This is a simple but beautiful truth!

During the Talks at Brockwood Park, Jiddu Krishnamurti would suggest that we do not get swamped by "the world" we would return to after.

That was exactly the dilemma I had as a child!

How does spirit deal with a mundane world?


Spirit deals internally with a mundane world!

The base world (lead) stalks the higher element = light / gold, because they are starving through inner poverty and lack of integrity. That is their problem! Not yours!

Being born on this Earth, does not mean that all spirit beings are suffering same backward states as seen in the mundane world. One has to discover this truth for oneself!

The Guidance never did answer my earliest childhood complaints and my demands to "return home". The key question being .. how did I have concept of a higher energy level I identified as "home"?

I answered my own questions & misgivings...

What is the key to defining ones own reality?

The key is SPACE !!

One creates space between sensation and reaction...

I will go into this in more depth, but first I have to fly and meet my two cat friends and their human servants... Δ••Δ

Monday, September 02, 2013

The Master of Gratitude ...

Master! what can I do?

Be grateful ... he said!
You have got to be kidding! Right!

Become a master of gratitude?

Well, not only is it possible .. but its application transformed my life! From an early age we humans readily express joy when things go our way, and we express frutration, anger or sorrow when things do not go our way!

Deny a child an ice cream - and if the child lacks disciplin then everyone in a certain radius will hear the rain clouds, the thunder storm that seems to come so naturally to us humans!

Being grateful for a new car is natural response .. but when the car breaks down we get upset, distressed or angry! But those unexpected moments when things go down .. are the key moments to learn the art of being grateful!

How many of us would take time to be grateful when a car breaks down? Show compassion rather than feel anger? Thank you so much! I thank you from my heart! Everything in life happens for a reason, and our responses are part of the synergy of events.

Beyond that .. there are more practical reasons to learn and apply the art of gratitude. Anger, sorrow and frustration change the chemistry of the physical body .. affecting the heart, glands and blood .. creating acid state. Negative states of mind are not good for the body.

In less than a nano-second our states of mind are felt in every organ, every bone, every nerve and every cell. How often do you take time each day to thank your body?

We happily express our love to the dog or cat. We even express our thanks and gratitude to the humans or animals we love. Well, your body is no different. Your physical body is your loyal companion and friend throughout your entire life. Like a dog or a cat, will remain at your side - supporting you - often fighting for your life should you get sick.

But, when we feel sick .. we often feel very bad .. and we become unhappy. That is the time to become a master of gratitude. Thanking the body and showing the love!

Soft Power Brings Greatest Transformation
Imagine you are an interstellar traveller and you have laser like defense weapons you can use against unknown force. You fire the powerful laser beam at an unknown UFO, and the energy is simply absorbed .. sucked up by the craft you fired upon. THAT is soft power!!

Apply the same logic to your body and mind...

The (inferior) hard force / resistance is anger, fear, sorrow, jealousy, hurt, resentment... The (superior) soft force is compassion, love, forgiveness, gratitude,

With laughter the zen master overcomes all / transforms force.

Even as children .. we humans oppose force .. creating that frequency in ourselves that we seek to push against. We inwardly become that which we oppose! This is classical Aikido .. Martial Arts.

In most ancient times .. even when defeating their "enemy", the master would show gratitude and respect / honor.

When a hard force meets the soft, the soft yields and absorbs the energy - transforming the hard force. The two come into harmony. All separation is unified through right use of the mind.

The student learns of the soft force through application on themselves. The human body is the school - the ground of learning. We take our first steps within.

Thank you so much!

Thank you for reading this!