Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Gothic Church Tibetan Bells

Now I know why the Dali Lama is always laughing.

As I said in an earlier post, the giggles began at the Gothic church .. just before sunset .. as the bells rang. It was not only me .. but it affected all three of us.

We were sitting at a small restaurant .. in a very old stone house village courtyard type setting - with the giant church towering directly above the houses and courtyard below.

There we are innocently ordering small snacks as the Sun was preparing to set .. and you could walk directly to the base of this giant stone structure .. touch the stone and study the architecture .. the style of the builders.

I had arrived on Thursday and I think the visit to the small restaurant took place on Friday evening ?? Until then we were normal human happy and talking endlessly with the two cats adding their funny five minutes (I have raw video).

There we are: Scots lady, an Irish American lady and a Cathar Swiss "intelligence officer".

I have to write that, because it sounds so cool. Now, the reason we were sitting at the small restaurant was because of the Swiss! He did not want home made hummus and toast! He wanted a special treat .. and had already pre-planned what he would order before we left the house.

We sat down looking around at the giant walls of the church a few feet away .. then .. at that moment .. the special bell in the massive church tower began to ring. The bell rings 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 ... day and night on the hour. It can be clearly heard kilometers away at the house.

If you are awake in the early hours and cannot sleep .. you hear the church bell. You know! One O'Clock, two O'Clock, three O'Clock :-) ... By four O'Clock I was wide awake and watching the sunrise.

The tone of the bell is totally amazing. The sound rains down into the courtyard / village and is altered or amplified by the volcanic resonance of the stone.

Volcanic? Yes .. the church and all the houses were built from the local volcanic stone. Some of the natural rock structures on the coast are similar to Glencoe, Scotland. The whole area once underwent massive volcanic activity.

The soil is rich in volcanic minerals. The local garlic and onions are a beautiful orange-red with shades of purple and opaque yellow/gold. They grow rice .. as in Asia .. due to the foundation of mineral rich volcanic soil.

Gothic Church Tibetan Bells

The extraordinary tone of the bell appeared to have a tonal effect on the brain. It did not sound like a usual church bell. It sounds - to me - like a Tibetan bell. There are complex overtones and echoes that can be heard less strongly from the house. The real and intricate quality of the overtones are heard close to the church echoing through the courtyard.

The church is right smack in the middle of .. is part of .. and towers above the ancient small village. Everything about the gothic church is abnormal: The design, its location, its size. Whoever built the church is beyond brilliant.

Every part of the church combines to create one signature that each aspect embodies as part of the whole. The volcanic stone .. how it is used .. the ratios and dimensions .. the design / casting of the bell.

The tone, pitch and sound of the bell in relation to the design and ratio of the tower housing the bell. The unseen signatures and meaning hidden in the light / daylight .. revealed by the shadows.

These were master masons of the exceptional kind, using very special knowledge. Encoding that knowledge into the stone structure. This was not a church, to the builders, this was a form of writing / communication expressed as Art.

This experience is aligned with waking up in the early hours of the morning hearing OM .. I have to find that post !! Because, on my return flight it happened again on the plane. I still have to write about that.

Sound Technology
The bells, the overtones, the singing bowls and so on .. are not rituals .. they are an advanced interactive technology. The special sound resonance(s) interact individually depending on the spirit soul resonance.

Sounds and overtones communicate directly with the spirit intelligence (similar to a cat), and the spirit manifests / communicates with mind & body...

The spirit beings were saying to me, come over here and look at this! And I am thinking, oh no .. here we go again .. as I try to look normal and blend in!

I went across trying to look casual as the outside tables of the small restaurant were packed. Okay! I will go over .. look .. and go back. No big deal :-)

I get to the stone tower and I look up .. and I go, wow! That is the end of me looking normal. There is a raised stone shelf and I lie down to get a better perspective of what I am seeing and feeling. More of that in another post.

I go back to the table totally exited and vibrating with energy .. I tell them: You have got to go and see this. They saw it!

We are giggling and laughing for no reason. This lasts three days. The laughter then flooded over to the phantom flip-flopper at 2 AM / 3 AM .. but that is another story!

Although the giggling has subsided .. the feeling has not left me. This leaves the question: What is joy? There is the implication of a planet full of unfinished initiations that keep us removed from joy, because we do not enter unique passage of our own lives.

The body is the temple.

It is going to take 1,000 years to understand this and apply it to our lives as a planetary society. The spirit journeys from room to room .. body to body .. from temple to temple across the depths of space and time.