Saturday, September 28, 2013

They Walk Through Tall Doors ...

The doors they walk through ..
are configured to .. the ratio of phi.

It was a a sunny warm day .. blue skies .. beautiful light.

I was relaxed .. cool .. focused :-)
Living in the now .. feeling good being in human form.
What could go wrong on a beautiful day like this ??

The rough tall stone house was perhaps built of the same volcanic stone as the Gothic church !! As you entered the first tall doorway .. a very large fireplace and old style oven .. sat in the right hand corner ..

I was trying to act super-cool and normal... What could go wrong in a building like this .. on such a beautiful peaceful afternoon?? I had completed my video work for the day and it was now my time-out! Right!

The high level energy hit me in the gut like a sledge-hammer! Well .. not exactly in the gut .. it hit me in the Solar Plexus. I hesitated .. trying to remain super-cool. I can figure this one out on my own .. without creating a scene .. hahahaha...

Just give me a break guys! This is my time-out! Right?

I casually go outside .. to see what lies beyond or behind the exterior wall... Nothing !! I go back inside .. I have to ask the people there .. here we go again :-)

The Irish American and the Swiss intelligence officer are watching me .. and laughing! Just wait .. you guys are toast !! But .. I have no options left .. I have to ask.

We Don't Walk Through Small Doors!
What is that? It's an oven! No .. what is behind the oven? And why does this farm house have such tall doors?

I was looking at the tall - thin - elegant doors .. twice the size of normal humans. Similar to ancient Egyptian or Mayan doorways .. when I saw Thoth standing inside the doorway.

Better not say anything .. I focused on the oven !!

Let us not talk about Thoth & Phi ...

As I was asking the owners of the house about the massive energy flow .. I was asking the Invisible Worlds: Why are the doors so tall ??

"We do not walk through small doors... " they replied.

The Doors of Phi
Tall elder world beings / tall other world beings .. smaller humans .. it is all relative .. all part of the whole! The power source? The ancient world .. the invisible world .. the ancestors .. other dimensions .. the masters!

Can Earth humans do whatever they want? No!

That is then the end of humanity...

On the Path together .. I leave behind clues!

You figure out the truth for yourself ...

... Then apply it !!