Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Born On This Earth

I have to admit .. I never felt at home on this Earth!

When born .. I apparently did not cry :-)
I simply opened my eyes...

I was born in super record time .. four weeks (or so) before my accepted birth date. I was a calm child. Happy and silent. No one was aware that as peaceful as I was .. inside .. I was beginning to have serious doubts about my "destination".

I was maybe four years old, when I called on "my friends". Ancient beings that I knew as "The Guidance". I said to them: What f#cked up reality have you sent me to this time!! Although, I did not use those words :-)

Well .. we all have our bad days...

A lifetime later, I can share with you universal truth.

You are who you are - regardless of external reality!

This is a simple but beautiful truth!

During the Talks at Brockwood Park, Jiddu Krishnamurti would suggest that we do not get swamped by "the world" we would return to after.

That was exactly the dilemma I had as a child!

How does spirit deal with a mundane world?


Spirit deals internally with a mundane world!

The base world (lead) stalks the higher element = light / gold, because they are starving through inner poverty and lack of integrity. That is their problem! Not yours!

Being born on this Earth, does not mean that all spirit beings are suffering same backward states as seen in the mundane world. One has to discover this truth for oneself!

The Guidance never did answer my earliest childhood complaints and my demands to "return home". The key question being .. how did I have concept of a higher energy level I identified as "home"?

I answered my own questions & misgivings...

What is the key to defining ones own reality?

The key is SPACE !!

One creates space between sensation and reaction...

I will go into this in more depth, but first I have to fly and meet my two cat friends and their human servants... Δ••Δ