Monday, September 02, 2013

The Master of Gratitude ...

Master! what can I do?

Be grateful ... he said!
You have got to be kidding! Right!

Become a master of gratitude?

Well, not only is it possible .. but its application transformed my life! From an early age we humans readily express joy when things go our way, and we express frutration, anger or sorrow when things do not go our way!

Deny a child an ice cream - and if the child lacks disciplin then everyone in a certain radius will hear the rain clouds, the thunder storm that seems to come so naturally to us humans!

Being grateful for a new car is natural response .. but when the car breaks down we get upset, distressed or angry! But those unexpected moments when things go down .. are the key moments to learn the art of being grateful!

How many of us would take time to be grateful when a car breaks down? Show compassion rather than feel anger? Thank you so much! I thank you from my heart! Everything in life happens for a reason, and our responses are part of the synergy of events.

Beyond that .. there are more practical reasons to learn and apply the art of gratitude. Anger, sorrow and frustration change the chemistry of the physical body .. affecting the heart, glands and blood .. creating acid state. Negative states of mind are not good for the body.

In less than a nano-second our states of mind are felt in every organ, every bone, every nerve and every cell. How often do you take time each day to thank your body?

We happily express our love to the dog or cat. We even express our thanks and gratitude to the humans or animals we love. Well, your body is no different. Your physical body is your loyal companion and friend throughout your entire life. Like a dog or a cat, will remain at your side - supporting you - often fighting for your life should you get sick.

But, when we feel sick .. we often feel very bad .. and we become unhappy. That is the time to become a master of gratitude. Thanking the body and showing the love!

Soft Power Brings Greatest Transformation
Imagine you are an interstellar traveller and you have laser like defense weapons you can use against unknown force. You fire the powerful laser beam at an unknown UFO, and the energy is simply absorbed .. sucked up by the craft you fired upon. THAT is soft power!!

Apply the same logic to your body and mind...

The (inferior) hard force / resistance is anger, fear, sorrow, jealousy, hurt, resentment... The (superior) soft force is compassion, love, forgiveness, gratitude,

With laughter the zen master overcomes all / transforms force.

Even as children .. we humans oppose force .. creating that frequency in ourselves that we seek to push against. We inwardly become that which we oppose! This is classical Aikido .. Martial Arts.

In most ancient times .. even when defeating their "enemy", the master would show gratitude and respect / honor.

When a hard force meets the soft, the soft yields and absorbs the energy - transforming the hard force. The two come into harmony. All separation is unified through right use of the mind.

The student learns of the soft force through application on themselves. The human body is the school - the ground of learning. We take our first steps within.

Thank you so much!

Thank you for reading this!