Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Free Energy At Birth

Desire never left me alone .. just to live my own life...
It never grew old with time .. it never lost it edge...
... A desire to free the world.

- ZenSu

Continuing with the revelations from Asia / Atlan ... Over many months the Spirit Masters were teaching me about origins of mankind. What they showed me is very simple but complex.

The physical body functions exclusively on the principle of Universal Life Force .. or quantum free-energy. Now! You may say: We have to eat and drink to obtain energy. Well! In reality the energy comes first. If you do not have the life force chi energy .. you cannot eat .. drink .. and absorb / digest food .. nutrients.

I see things visually to understand fundamental principles .. but to be honest .. visual pictograms and glyphs are the basis of communication with higher energy worlds - and the spirit worlds.

The artistic visualization is the simplest form. Explaining in words is a little more complex... For example, the visual glyphs or pictograms come into my mind without words or explanations. But .. I understand this language .. and so the rest falls into place.

Free Energy Birth
Before the physical body forms inside the womb .. a core energy establishes itself / yin and yang / male and female (combine). Western philosophy - that underscores western science - see only physical reproduction. What they do not see is what was known / is known in the East / eastern philosophy.

The sperm unloads a packet of energy into the womb. It is life force. It is free energy. It is a gift to the one who is being born. The sexual chi life-force is given .. it cannot be taken. It comes to us from life. The cells of the physical body are born .. they (the cells) form out of and around the core sexual life-force inside the womb.

The Three Principles
In its natural and pure state "desire" connects us to the world in powerful ways. Not the desires of ego-self! Pure energy of desire is fundamental life-force within the body.

Desire is connected to the core universal sexual qi / life energy / life force. This core energy that is always in balanced state of yin and yang .. is free energy of whole body.

To suppress desire is wrong action. The problems human beings face are created when ego-self (thought) sits between core life-energy and the energy of desire. Desire is not in itself a problem! Desire becomes a problem when lower entity-self uses energy of desire for its own pleasure .. personal satisfaction .. or when seeking personal power .. personal wealth.

Everyone on this Earth use desire. Desire is the middle energy .. or force .. driving us / or powering us to do what we do (in life). It can be desire for peace, desire to effect change and this force can be used by lower mind (ego self) to have what IT wants .. in service-to-self.

When sexual life-force is in harmony with desire / in balance .. there arises passion .. love .. compassion. The three forces unite in man .. and are one force!

We humans are given the gift of life .. and it is really up to us what we do with it. The force is always the force .. uncorrupted .. pure .. untouched by conflict. How we use the force simply defines our lives.

Some of you may wonder .. where is the feminine in all of this! That is the core principle of duality. The feminine and the masculine are one. Yin and yang / masculine and feminine are one principle - the ground of duality.

Man In The Woman / The Woman In Man
The balance is the same in the feminine as it is in the masculine .. and this is why one often sees Tibetan Buddha Thangkas where the depicted Buddha has female breasts!

These are rough first sketches .. as I build a deeper visual understanding of these principles. As you see the first drawings are very basic .. but now I am beginning to refine the visual balance / harmony.

You see .. the same force exists inside the woman! That force in both men and in women is complete balance. It is one! Yin / yang .. it is one unified primordial force. This is why men and women should not fight .. should not oppose each other .. but should seek harmony and balance !!

In the male the force (energy) is external .. and in the female the same force (energy) runs central right up inside from the sacrum to the crown chakra - overflowing and falling down the outer body .. like water.

The beauty of this is that you have two compatible forces .. who are one in origin .. manifesting illusion of duality :-) ... Hidden in plain sight .. you are one!

Why are the two forces manifesting physical duality as one ?? Because, it is the same force .. Ha! Ha! Ha! .. yin and yang are at their source one Universal force .. OM !!

... The Universe loves you !!

... But! Do you love the Universe ??

Free Energy Love?
What does free energy have to do with love & com-passion?
It is the same f#cking energy !! Excuse my French !!

Go one step back to my earlier post: Energy Poured Down From The Heavens .. it is the same Universal principle !!

Harmonic Earth towers draw Universal energy down from the Heavens to Earth at a certain frequency and combine this energy with energy from Planet Ea ... The energy flows out (like water) .. into the surrounding landscape creating electrical field for any device that is configured to operate / function on that frequency!

The principle is the same .. as above so below .. as within so without .. the Universe is within man as man is within the Universe !! Apply those principles in your life .. now!