Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sharing Enlightenment!

Why is ZenSu posting blogger lables: Asia-Atlan?
.. ??? .. Dunno! She has not made it clear .. yet .. !!

Know what you do not know ...

Down from the heavens, the sound / energy roared .. deep-deep into the heart .. deep-deep into the mind! Did my ancient hands a thousand years ago help build this elusive stone to earth resonator?

Am I hearing eternal cosmic sounds I helped create?
Do we ultimately share ENLIGHTENMENT ??

Roaring deeply down from the heavens .. a sound ..
A sound unheard .. unless we hear it!

All ears hear this sound, through the heart!

We are one :-)

Walking from inter-dimensional room to interdimensional room .. our spirit navigates the portals beyond space and time. Between the cracks of reality we share enlightenment together - as one...

Before I share with all of you one sound .. energy .. water .. I share with you one fundamental truth: We share enlightenment!

To realise this fundamental truth, is enlightenment.
Love and truth are inner universal principals!

Separation and division are an illusion...
Sharing together as one is enlightenment ... all is one.