Thursday, September 19, 2013

Energy Poured Down From The Heavens

They never explained why .. before they left!
They just built the answer .. and departed the Earth ...

- ZenSu

As I said in an earlier post .. I lay down on the stone base under the wall of the church .. and the energy just poured down like an elixir. Therefore, the builders reveal that the power does not lie inside the church .. nor inside the temple! The power lies outside!

When they called me over to the Gothic stone church (the invisible beings) .. I walked over trying to look casual and cool. But the people sitting outside the cafe were watching me anyway!! I just attract attention wherever I go.

I stand at the base of the stone tower and I look up! Sure... It is impressive .. and I see the dark hole in the mouth of the gargoyle. I start to walk back - when the beings say to me: You see better lying down under the stone architecture.

I lay down on the large angular stone platform .. and as usual they were right! You see better lying down. The energy was just pouring down the outside of the volcanic stones and right into my third-eye. Although, the power flooded through my whole body .. creating euphoria.

I go back to the table saying: You gotta see this! You gotta see this! Totally charged up and filled with joy!

You see, human beings seek joy, happiness, enlightenment their whole lives - and we don't have a clue. Joy is not an internal state of mind. Joy is a frequency that cannot be manifest outside of that frequency!

We have to be the joy to feel the joy.

The next problem is our ego!

It would never occur to us that joy is a gift .. not something we hunt down or seek - the way a cat hunts a bird or mouse. The only clue I can give is: When the temple is in order, the frequency of joy makes the temple its home.

The temple being the human body inhabited by the incarnate spirit connected to the soul. Joy being like an old friend who visits us over many lifetimes and says...
"Hi! How are you doing!"

Joy and love are not things we humans can attain .. like a beautiful sapphire or a diamond that we can cherish and hold. Joy is like water! We have to drink so that it enters and becomes part of us.

Are any of you thirsty .. out there? Ha! Ha! Ha! :-)

Free Energy In The Stone
On returning from my videography filming of Tibetan sand mandala .. I continued to write this free-energy post. Blogger froze !! Would not save my post .. and then crashed hahaha .. deleting one hours writing of what I want to share with you!

Shammat! So, let's start again :-)

Written In Stone ...
The ancient stone masons left behind a signature for the future "written in stone" .. these structures were not churches (for them) .. they were energy signatures!

The energy (chi) flows down the outside of the rock / stone structure .. flowing like water. The flow / the force is energy from the heavens. This energy enters our psyche .. our spirit.

Not only does the invisible force affect our mind, heart, psyche .. it is also a physical force .. interacting with physical body and the physical world that surrounds us.

Free Energy Structures Built of Stone
From most ancient times the temples .. and later churches and cathedrals .. were not only representing spiritual power. These structures were key to providing POWER / ENERGY to people living on Planet Earth at that time!

Because there is no evidence of wires or electrical conductors .. we assume there was no advanced technology being used in Egypt .. Tibet .. South America .. Peru .. Greece .. Persia and so on... The evidence is in the stone .. for those with the eye-to-see !!

Their technologies and how they used the technology was far in advance of anything we have today. Someone came to this Planet and smashed every human culture back into the stone age. They used human against human to achieve lowering of value of life on this Planet.

The most destructive force applied was man against woman .. woman against man. The loss of the yin yang balance and subsequent destruction of the Planet / Nature. Women .. the feminine .. played a big part in the structuring of balanced society and the use / development of advanced technology.

Energy From The Temples
The temples and sacred structures were so important to human society .. because .. that is where the juice came from .. the power was literally POWER / ENERGY. This energy had dual purpose - as we live in a Universe manifest from duality.

The stone structures provided energy to power the physical world and the same gentle energy / force affected the spirit in man .. the mind .. the heart .. the psyche. This is why the temples were revered by our ancestors. THE SPIRIT .. provided both for the physical welfare of people as well as providing spiritual well-being.

The early stone masons were energy architects! The stone temples, the power of design and the placing of the stones were a reflection of their understanding of energy and sound. They were really building energy structures!

To better understand this .. it is the same basic principle as building any type of power-station today. The physical design of any power station has to be structured in relation to the type of energy source .. nuclear, coal, gas, oil.

The humans probably did not go inside the earliest temples (that were mostly destroyed) .. they were forbidden to enter the temples !! Because .. they would get fried.

They did not need to enter the temples...

The power from the heavens poured down the outer walls like water from the skies .. and flowed out into the surrounding landscape .. through the air and flowed into everything. Creating an atmosphere of higher energy / spiritual well-being.

People had some kind of glass or crystal orbs that could absorb this energy from the heavens .. transmitted through the temples .. creating light. Just like modern day light bulbs! But, of a finer and more balanced light. That was the "light of god" .. the light of the gods. The light from heaven.