Saturday, September 07, 2013

Laughter Can Be Dangerous

I never laughed so much in my entire life... - Zen Su
I am a different kind of "Blogger" ...

Disclaimer! Scottish / Irish humor - is a dry humor :-)

I may have to come back later at some point and update this post as the people, who invited me to visit this beautiful part of the world, may waken up before I can finish this ...

And they control the WiFi connection !!

I am currently in the middle of nowhere. A beautiful location with a very bad WiFi connection .. and when my host read this Blog Post .. they are going to disconnect me :-)

If I suddenly post in mid-sentence .. it means that that I pressed "publish" very quickly! But I will be back later!

The first thing I wanted to do on this trip was to upload a short video of my plane landing. From the

I'm back!
As I was saying .. I was up very early before Sunrise hoping that no one else would waken up too soon. Sure enough, just after Sunrise I hear a voice! Good Morning, Su :-)

"Oh! What are you doing up so early?" I said.

We all laughed so much the last two days that my muscles will no longer support the giggles. I have to go back now and photograph the stone church (Gothic era) that started our hysteria... (more later).

The Gothic church
This is the brilliantly designed Gothic stone church that started off the endless giggles. That is a story I would need to write a book about.

Hidden in light, revealed by shadow!

The information is much more complex .. as the light reveals what the darkness hides and the dark shadows reveal what remains hidden in the light.

Hidden by the Sun / revealed in darkness!

This is mind blowing... but that will have to wait!

Three days of non-stop laughter! I seroously need a weeks rest. It was the Gothic church bell that started it all, and that (strangely enough) is related to Tibet.

Time to sleep after a long journey home...