Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dark Zen: Success

I am going to share with you something that may transform your lives .. and that may also save your lives in uncertain times of chaos. Most important of all the application of what I am about to share will certainly make you a calm Island sanctuary that can affect and heal people around you.

This event just happened to me with a total stranger .. and it took me many hours to understand just how amazing we humans can be in very mysterious ways.

I did not want to call this post: Dark Zen: Success. I see things visually when I write and I kind of understand what this is about and why success is the key. This is so complex I can only do the Notebook version .. but that should be enough to get started.

The key to this post is: Happiness & Success. The origins of the word happy is - good fortune [success]. The origins of the word success is - happy outcome. You have to be aware that happiness can be a shared synergy that benefits anyone [even people you do not know] .. and success can mean health or making positive change that benefits others.

I was out in the public sphere early today and caught in a crowd where a young woman was pushing aggressively at my back. I stayed calm and let her push. Next this woman began to shout at me wanting to push ahead. At first I put her in her place .. but when I stopped to look at her in more detail I felt compassion and said to her: Go forward .. it is not a problem.

Next the woman refused to go forward and I said: Go ahead .. I am not in a hurry. She would not go ahead and she became very quiet. Maybe because a stranger had shown her compassion and respect on a basic human level rather than get into a fight. I can also say that I had to work hard for many years of my life to embody the kind of energy that passed through me in those unexpected moments. This is the foundation I am going to now try to share with you.

Dark Zen: Success
Usually I receive guidance for the next year ahead in the early hours of January 1st of each year. In Europe this is when a window opens [almost like a mirror] and the signature energy of the year becomes clear to me.

Early this morning I began to feel nervous about this coming process as it is always an unpredictable manifestation that has to be read and understood with crystal clarity and not subjective intellectual analysis. I know it when I see it .. but I never know when it is coming into view!

This year [end of 2014] the process began to present itself at around 11:00 Am to 12: AM on December 31st. At first I thought this is not possible .. because it always happens in the early hours of the morning on the first day of January of each year.

I could not ignore the signature seeing a number of related events in a very short time span that made it clear to me what will be needed in 2015 due to the nature of the energies present. Rather than think that we are walking into TIME .. try to imagine that we are walking into a flow of energy. Maybe more accurate we are entering an energy landscape that will manifest as physical events.

As we walk through the energy signature physical events will appear in the same way mountains .. rivers .. towns and fields appear when you are travelling somewhere and you pass through many changes in scenery on the journey to your destination.

We think of success as wealth and physical rewards and that is wrong. Success is actually an energy and not a physical 3D resource. More accurate real success is an inner resource. For example .. the angry woman today was an unforeseen test / Initiation for me after many years of being taught how to act from a certain inner foundation.

What I want to share with you is about our base negative mind that seems to run our lives on automatic setting. We sit back in the pilot seat [incarnation] and we allow this negative mind set to rule our lives. Emotions can be: self-pity .. sadness .. depression .. hurt .. fear .. sorrow .. loneliness .. jealousy .. anger .. hatred.

When the emotions come out .. our thoughts immediately say: I FEEL...

We jump into the feelings like jumping into a swimming pool on a hot Summer day. Once ego-self [thought] identifies itself with those emotions [as they arise] we are DOOMED. Then the emotional roller-coaster begins and at the end of the session we are exhausted and unhappy.

What do you have to lose on these rides? ENERGY !!

The angry young woman was probably 25 or more years younger than me and she was a complete wreck in terms of loss of energy and life force depletion. Her surrounding energy field was that of an 80 year old physically worn out human being. We reap what we sow!

What do you have to do to switch off the ego-self [thought] auto-pilot and take control of the inner journey as yourself: the incarnate spirit? You have to develop your own positive psychic ways that creates space between the emotional reaction and the automatic ego self-identification with each emotion.

I feel .. I am .. I want #_*

I am not talking about self-denial. I am talking about actively disengaging the automatic emotional self-ego that results in you [in less than an instant] saying: I feel X Y Z... The moment you mentally plug into the emotional reactions you are caught. You are already in the water before you know you have jumped in. It happens faster than your physical awareness.

When you observe yourself and you question yourself .. creating space [stepping back] before your mental state becomes the emotional reaction .. you question: Wait a minute! What is this?

You do not accept the emotional upheaval. You are too intelligent for that. Through self-awareness you are one step ahead. Now you have created space between the emotional response / reaction and "I AM".

Just for fun try a little experiment. Do not immediately think: I AM .. FEELING! Step back and question what is going on? What is taking place? Put your foot on the brake and stop to observe the inner turmoil without associating the emotions with YOURSELF.

The moment you can successfully do this your whole world changes.

The inner world is like Martial Arts. Once you start training it is for the rest of your life. As you train and begin to feel lighter and more balanced you also begin to learn on new levels. Life becomes so interesting [out of the emotional matrix] that you are interested to find out the next levels and the next levels.

Once you switch off the emotional auto-pilot reaction you begin to find all kinds of flight-controls on the inner dashboard of the psyche. There are buttons that counter negative thoughts by using simple words... Simple words like SUCCESS .. HAPPINESS and THANK YOU.

You have to test it out for yourself and discover the words that disconnect the inner auto emotions and place a profound inner command of life on the path you are taking. That is all I want to share as we enter the energy landscape of 2015. An inner command of life!

When the woman was physically pushing at my back and later shouting because she did not get resistance [a reaction from me] .. I was not dealing with the woman [external world] .. I was dealing with myself [the internal world]. This is true SUCCESS and true HAPPINESS. Inner psychic command of the inner art of being. The inner response changes the outer world without effort = you do nothing! It happens on its own [intelligence].

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dark Zen: Harmony

Earth Dimensions: There are three associated dimensions each dimension connected to and part of the other two dimensions. Thee is the lower associated dimension. There is the middle associated dimension. There is the higher associated dimension. All three are connected and growing together like cells inside a womb.
I recently had dreams of a world very similar to this world apparently existing on Earth. These dreams are like parallel dimensions and they are different but at the same time similar to our current world. The slight differences in these parallel worlds are variations in everything they build. One dimension appears to be bigger and more detailed .. more powerful.

Actual experience of these parallel worlds changes our here and now view of our world and our existence. Why is this the case? Incarnations who have a cross dimensional awareness show signs of inner development. These beings have a duty to create balance in the world they inhabit as part of their own inner transitions.

There is not only one Earth dimension .. but there are many dimensions. Seeing allows the mind to think and act differently. The experience also challenges the whole illusion of elites and a higher order. When you experience other dimensions the illusion of a higher ruling order in this dimension is not what it may seem at first glance!

In these dreams I am who I am .. living in a similar but radically different Earth dimension [experience]. From the buildings it is clear the higher dimension is way more advanced than we are in some respects. They build many of their cities around an old world type stone architecture that is massive compared to anything we build in our dimension today.

The key signature of their architecture can be felt. The body and mind experiences the effect of these structures almost like a spiritual experience. The way the structures are build elevates the mind. It is almost as though the buildings are aware .. almost as though they are alive. Our primitive architecture seems to have been designed as a reflection of this other world dimension.

Dreams of other parallel world experiences are like an inter-world training experience. Recently I discovered that it is possible to go back and return there if [when] you can recall the frequency of the dream experience. If I am correct .. then it is possible that each incarnation is associated with multiple world experiences beyond space and time.

How does this relate to Dark Intelligence and Dark Zen?

Parallel worlds exist but are hidden. They are dark worlds or dark dimensions. Our experience of parallel worlds is the mystery that cannot be accessed by the isolated Solar Mind. At the same time some mysterious unknown affects us to become aware of other worlds that we inhabit. We may often dream of experiences in these other worlds.

Below us are lower dimensions and above us are higher dimensions. When we connect to lower dimensions we can feel their gravity and they can feel ours. When we connect to higher dimensions the effect is the same. When our dimension creates higher peaceful awareness then we also affect the lower and higher dimensions. Everything is related.

Clearly it is not in the interests of higher dimensions related to our dimension to be feeling a pull to be dragged lower. If associated lower dimensions are not transformed they will destroy themselves. It is in everyone's interests to achieve balance and harmony between the worlds.

Worlds associated with our world are like other continents even though they are parallel dimensions. We all effect each other and we can travel back and forth between the dimensions carrying core experience.

Lower dimension experience teaches us not to make certain mistakes in our behaviour that ultimately destroys our world. Higher dimension experience teaches us a new awareness that ultimately elevates our world. Who among us would not seek to be elevated?

Because hurt .. greed .. selfishness .. suffering .. sorrow .. fear .. jealousy and anger are all electrical frequencies! Each personal signature of these emotions adds up to create the whole world experience. This personal emotional indulgence creates cross-currents and cross-currents in which all of us are caught or drown.

Dark Zen: Harmony
I wrote the above information two days ago and this morning [December 28th] much more detail came into my mind = things that I personally have no clue about! Maybe when I write it this will start to make sense. This morning I was show more details about these inter-dimensional triangles.

Although there appears to be a lower and middle and a higher dimension connection in each associated triangle of three dimensions .. the three are one. The way it was shown to me is that the lower dimension may seem to be at odds with the higher associated dimension. There is yes and no to this appearance that the lower and the higher are at odds with each other.

Let us imagine that we exist simultaneously in all three dimensions in similar but different forms. If you go to either of the other associated dimensions you are yourself but you are slightly different. You recognise yourself .. but there is a clear difference even though it is yourself you are experiencing.

It is possible that on the lower associated dimension where it seems our world is the middle world .. there is no Russia Europe India and China. There is no Russia but something like Ru-stan. There is no Europe .. but something ?-Reich. There is no India but .. Industan or Hindustan. Maybe Indonesia is Industan and India is Hindustan. There is no China .. but Qin. From Sweden through Britain down to Greece and Portugal .. all this is something ?-Reich.

If you experienced the lower dimension and you wake up back here then you might have an attitude and think what a terrible experience to have .. because it is so different than what we know today [in our world]. I was shown that each world is not better or worse it is simply a part of us.

The higher dimension simply exists in the way they exist and we exist in the way we exist and the lower dimension exists in the way it exists .. where we are all interconnected and in some way work together [given our differences].

On the lower associated dimension Hindustan may have overcome wars we have not experienced in our world. In our world dimension we may have overcome wars the higher dimension have not experienced. Simply take all our shared experiences and at some point the three become one and the whole associated cycle begins again with other merged dimensions similar to our new combined world.

Most important of all is what I am about to write next...

I have shared with you a three dimensions [geometric form] association of worlds into which I am now going to place the players. Our manifest incarnations are the players in these three similar but different worlds. The background dimension is the scene in which the players interact.

Let me take one example of associated player interaction.

On the lower dimension we have our problems .. ones that do not exist in the middle dimension. We also have a non-intellectual genuine closeness vulnerability and love that does not exist in the middle and higher dimension experience.

In the middle dimension state we are already becoming intellectual and removed from our deeper emotions. In the higher dimension state we are highly intellectual [superior] and way removed from our deeper [lower] emotional state.

On the lower dimensional level the love and the passion have their own problems to balance out and overcome. Similarly on the middle and higher dimensions the increasing intellect also have their own problems to balance out and overcome.

To show you what I mean about the illusion of lower - middle - higher dimension theories of who is better and who is worse. The lower dimension would view our world as cold and devoid of passion. The middle dimension [our world] would view the lower dimension as primitive and lacking in intellectual reason. We would see ourselves as higher and better off.

I would not go in there if I were you! Right?

If the higher dimension realises that harmony of all three dimensions equals balance and they find compassion for all three associated worlds .. this inner view changes everything. Because .. already the lower dimension and the middle dimensions are facing each other off. If the higher dimension views us in the same way we view the lower dimension then we have three antagonistic polarities.

In that view none-of-us are going to learn from the others.

Doris Lessing .. bless her soul .. wrote a book in the Canopus In Argos series called: Marriage Between Zones Three Four and Five. I read this book in my early twenties and I did not understand it. Well .. maybe we have to experience something for ourselves before we understand?

Symbolically [artistically] Buddha is also related to the geometry of the triangle! In essence Buddha was [is] the harmony or balance between associated dimensions .. between associated worlds. Here you have Buddha as a inter-dimensional traveller. What is at the core of these teachings for all three dimensions? Compassion is the key to unlock the mystery of the associated dimensions.

Here you have compassion as the three angles connecting the triangle. A triangle is made of three connecting lines forming one triangle. Three lines form one geometric symbol. When experiencing each of the three associated dimensions what allows this experience to take place? The energy of compassion!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Dark Zen: Receiving

In traditional Okinawan Karate UKE means: To defend...
UKE is to block / to receive [absorb] an opponents attack rather than oppose it with equal force. The force put into receiving is key to the true culture of Okinawan Karate. In Okinawan Karate one never initiates the attack .. the art of UKE bends the force of attack and effortlessly disentangles it.

In training you do not master UKE .. UKE masters you.
- Dark Zen
This is a 49 minute YouTube video attempting to present the spirit of Okinawan Karate: True Spirit of Okinawa Karate. You do not have to watch the video to understand what I am about to write.

I watched the whole video because when I was 14/15 years old .. around that time .. I took the little money I had and I bought a book that totally changed my life. I bought: Ginchin Funakoshi's Karate-Do Kyohan and I began to teach myself the Katas [Summer and Winter - outside in the garden].

The strangest thing is I did not want to defend myself and I did not want to fight or do sport .. but I wanted to practice the Katas and become a true Karate Master. My self-taught practice was to build my inner strength.

After practicing for some time I encountered spiritual beings who told me that it was more important for me to learn the inner art of Karate Do Kyohan and not so important for me to learn the physical Katas because I already knew this. Implying that I had trained before !!

For some reason I then began an inner journey through the Katas that was non-physical and hidden. By hidden .. I mean that when applying the inner Katas no one outside knew or was aware of what I was doing. Only I was aware .. because I was applying the Katas against myself!

In other words: I am my own worst enemy!

Learning the physical Katas was easier than learning Inner Karate Do .. Inner Aikido. I also read the works of Morihei Ueshiba the creator of AIKIDO. As I discovered: Inner art of Karate or AIKIDO lies in The Art of Receiving!

Psychologically and emotionally we humans counter mental / psychic attacks with some form of violence = we usually go on the offensive. An unrecognised offensive is to act as a victim. Either we feel [act] as a victim or we feel [act] using counter attacks. We imagine we attack to defend!

I am glad the Invisible Guides advised me to learn [from an early age] the inner act of psychic Martial Arts .. otherwise I would probably have thrown people across the room when they attacked me or tried to put me down psychologically.

Dark Zen: Receiving
In earlier incarnations I was probably part of dominant Cultures who set out to violently dominate other Nations through force. This means that we not only attacked others to dominate them .. but we then took the advantage by making them weaker.

In earlier incarnations I recall situations where my dominant Culture was not STRONG! What we did was we dominated other Nations by making them weaker. I am saying that we were not strong .. but that dominance was designed to make everyone else weak and dependent.

I hope that makes sense!

I am deeply grateful to the generations of Masters who taught me all I know today. These Masters [over the ages] took a complete idiot and with my co-operation turned this idiot into a future worth living.

I have no idea how long it took them to teach me the Art of Receiving?

Someone attacks .. you bend. Someone hits out .. you avoid. Someone hits out psychologically and inwardly you deflect. Someone hurts you .. you receive [without resistance]. Now we are back to electrical current [flow] and the deeper nature of life!

When the spirit is willing to learn [deeper truth] they incarnate into a man's body .. a woman's body .. a man's body .. a woman's body [balancing the two polarities inside]. I personally would say the true art of receiving is balance of yin/yang male/female electrical polarity [forces].

In earlier past lives I have to admit that the world power I worked for was not a true power in itself .. in terms that they were strong. Their supposed strength and Cultural dominance was built on the foundation of destroying and weakening every other Culture [so that no one opposed them].

They were not strong .. they were weak!

I do not know how many thousands of years the Masters taught me the Art of Peace [Art of Receiving]! I am still learning this ART! There is a simple rule that teaches us a BIG lesson: When you destroy something you become responsible for that which you destroy .. lifetime after lifetime.

What is the Art of Receiving?

Japanese UKE in English translation means: To block or prevent an opponents attack. In Japanese UKE [receiving] also means to catch or to accept where the force of the opponents attack can be blocked and then redirected in a counter-attack. However .. in my teachings the counter-attack is simply the silent return [re-direction] of the attacking force.

In my mind the one who inwardly receives himself [understands] is beyond attack.

I may be wrong! It seems the attacking forces in the 3D World are attacking themselves. Even when an external victim may be apparent .. when we attack another we attack ourselves [lifetime after lifetime]. When we learn to block or redirect the attacking force we redirect ourselves +_*

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Dark Zen: Tetrahedron Triangle

What do I know? I know nothing.
- Dark Zen
I did not sleep most of the night. After a short period I woke up around 04:00 AM [when the first planes take off]. You may think I live very close to the airport. No! I always notice or hear or feel the movement of the first morning flights.

I must have fallen into a deep sleep on Sunday 21 December [Winter Solstice] .. which is the shortest day of the year. I suddenly opened my eyes somewhere between 1:00 and 1:11 PM with everything in my mind that I am about to write. I opened my eyes as The Trinity flooded into my consciousness before I even knew who I am or where I was.

Continuing from Dark Zen: Sperm and Dark Zen: Electric Conception .. three forces are involved in conception of life / living matter. This post is a combination of three worlds: The computer [External World] .. Myself [Inner World] and a Mysterious Force [Unknown].

Three dimensional life forms are conceived of three primary forces merging into ONE Body [existence]: Sperm .. Egg .. Unknown Mysterious [Primary] Force. Let us take my own conception! Male and female cells combined as one cell [Zygote] through the intervention of an unknown mysterious force [we call life or spirit].

This tetrahedral aspect of conception is the part we always miss [in terms of modern science]. In my theory of conception all sperm cells are connected or are cells within an unseen mycelium body or network. At conception spermatozoa and egg combine on the surface of the egg with a third unifying mystery force.

It is the third or first primary mysterious force that united sperm and egg as one. The mysterious force the sperm and the egg cells unite as one living reproduced 3D form. This is also where one and three come in! The primary force is the sperm the egg and itself dividing and combining [#_#].
Christian Trinity / Celtic Trinity [Knot]: Triquetra / Buddha Trinity: Buddha Dharma Sangha / Vedic Trinity: Sat (existence) Chit (awareness) Ananda (bliss) / Triangular Pyramid: Tetrahedron / Tetrahedron: Three Dimensional Strucure / Tetaherdral: Molecular Geometry / Liquid Water Structure: Tetrahedral / CERN: Quantum Tetahedron / Tetahedra: Quantum Objects.
Human embryogenesis is the process of cell division within the embryo that occurs during the early stages of development. During the second [cleavage] stage of embryo cell growth the primordial cell [zygote] splits into four cells forming a tetrahedron inside a sphere.

A 4-cell embryo will exhibit a pyramidal or tetrahedral structure although non-tetrahedral [clover] shaped 4-cell stage embryos can sometimes occur during the cleavage stage of human reproduction.
Tetrahedral 4-cell [cleavage] stage of the human embryo
After two cleavages, the zygote becomes a 4-cell embryo. The four cells of the embryo are normally arranged in a tetrahedron in the spherical space provided by the ZP. - Edwards & Hansis: Initial differentiation of blastomeres in 4-cell human embryos and its significance for early embryogenesis and implantation.
The cell reproduction research [information] is an example of The Trinity or triangular 3D Tetrahedral aspect of life and the conception of life. On waking up this morning the symbolic image I saw .. appearing within Dark Intelligence .. was a square within a circle and inside the square was an X creating four triangles.

You can also draw a circle within a perfect square and an X creates four perfect triangles. The way this was explained to me is that the square represents the Earth .. matter .. physical existence. The circle represents energy [Qi] and the triangle represents the unification of the three principles that allow matter and energy to interact.

Take a pyramid: A three-Dimensional pyramid is four triangles meeting at the top whose base is a square. Tetrahedron means: With four planes. However .. triangle based pyramids are often called a tetrahedron. Tetrahedral pyramids have four bases that are all identical.

In terms of 3D geometry you can take balls [circles] and stack them to form a 3D tetrahedron base pyramid. You can take balls [circles] and stack them to form a 3D square base pyramid. To add another dimension the four triangles meeting at the center of a square is the same: A circle is a ball .. a triangle is a tetrahedron and a square is a cube.

Dark Zen: Tetrahedron Triangle
My theory of the unseen [unrecognised] fluid mycelium like body unifying all sperm cells is too complex for one post. This also relates to chemistry and electrical fields. It also relates to the seed merging and unifying with external environments.

There is one misconception!

Male [yang] Solar Intelligence assumes the [penetrating] male yang sperm is battling to overcome a self-protective female yin environment. The issue is that the spermatozoa are also protecting themselves! Let us take any seed... An acorn is the seed of an oak tree. What does the acorn do? The acorn is designed to protect itself.

The acorn seed has its own protective shell. All plant and tree seeds are designed to protect themselves. Apart from the fact that seeds are protect with a hard shell or seed coat .. they also protect themselves chemically [enzymes].

When male sperm reaches the female egg how does the sperm know to stop protecting itself and merge with the surface of the egg? One obvious answer is that both male sperm and female eggs communicate through chemical enzymes.

My own theory is that chemical and enzymes are simply a connector circuit for electric current and electric fields. I am saying the sperm enters the egg electrically charged .. or that sperm egg interactions are electrically charged.

Spiritual religions say divine spirit creates life and material sciences say physical chemistry / molecular biology creates life. Buddhists say: Divine spirit interacts directly with the Universe of physical matter.

My question is: Where does spirit [mystery] meet [interact with] matter?

It is my theory that electrical fields seamlessly and effortlessly interact with spirit [the unknown] and matter [the known]. Electrical fields allow psyche [mind] to directly interact with physical matter. Electrical fields allow molecules [matter] to interact with mind [psyche].

The electrical nature of sperm and egg allows interaction and communication.

On one level you have chemical .. biological and molecular interactions on a cellular level. The key to these complex interactions are made possible by electrical fields. At every level communications are electrical sometimes often described as nuclear [nucleus].

The nucleus is probably the point where mystery of spirit directly interacts with [inhabits] the physical-material 3D World. This theory is neither spiritual religion nor material science. One could call this Spiritual Technology.

Sperm and the egg are electrical in nature as are all reproductive cycles. You have a spirit-electrical-matter triangle of perfectly interacting forces. When spirit leaves the physical body the life-force electrical charge [unified electrical field] dissipates and the body dies.

The process from conception [birth] to death is the same!

All cells in the body are born [created] from one primordial cell. All cells in the body follow the original electrical charged field interaction code(s) throughout the life span of the individual. All forms of biological life share the same basic reliance on the primary electrical field.

Electrical fields form matter. Let us say: matter forms around electrical fields.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Dark Zen: Electric Reproduction

No one can see their reflection in running water. - Taoist Proverb
This is related to - Dark Zen: Sperm. I am going to have to write this in more detail because it is both simple and complex. I will have to show people the pathway and connections behind these insights. In notebook form .. this information is the basic groundwork.

I am also trying to show people the inner pathway to bring or find a balance of Dark Intelligence and Solar Intelligence .. because the two work together as one like yin and yang. Rather than write theories on a board .. I prefer to go hands on with people understanding for themselves.

The first key is: Understanding is application. Applied understanding!

Let us say that spermatozoa cells together in a cloud of semen are connected cells of one fluid body. Let us say they communicate using a subtle form of electrical biological WIFI. That means no one sperm swims alone!

Don't laugh #_# .. I am serious!

Dark Intelligence / Dark Zen part is that the electrical [energy] aspect is the most important part of the existence and functions of any sperm cell. We miss that entirely. Within each sperm is an essential life force [energy] packet.

Imagine the physical biological process is simply a carrier for an unknown hidden [unseen] energy package. You cannot have the cell without the energy. The subtle electrical magnetic energy [Qi] holds all biological processes together. If the cell has no energy it is going to die .. and it is that simple!

Solar Intelligence [male/yang] out of balance with Dark Intelligence [feminine/yin] creates ideologies based on: Survival of the fittest. For some reason Solar Intelligence focuses on the biological and chemical processes while ignoring [actively suppressing] the key electrical charge and electrical processes of life at the heart of all biological activity.

Dark Zen: Electric Reproduction
I am not saying that spermatozoa are electric eels .. but you could use this analogy to begin to imagine the possible processes and how they function within electrical field environments. In a sense the ENERGY aspect is more important and more revealing when you understand what is happening electrically. This fundamental also applies to how cells in the human body function.

Solar Intelligence denies the essence of electrical biological cellular processes as key to the existence and functions of the human body .. and yet we rely on electrical current to power our external World and empower society!

Imagine the electric sperm cell and that each cell carries an as yet undefined form of life energy central to all biological function and creation of cells. Semen is simply a highly charge electrical fluid field that allows high speed electrical communication [internal WIFI] between the millions of sperm cells. It is an electrically charged communication system.

A lot of what goes on during this process is kind of tricky! There is a trick to reproduction that I will not go into as it gets kind of complex. Basically a spermatozoa most importantly delivers a high energy package into the female egg. It is this energy package that commands and makes possible life-force splitting of the cells during reproduction.

All this .. according to Dark Zen Intelligence .. is a highly charged electrical process that creates and builds matter through the process of dividing cells. The physical cells are responding to electrical charge. You could say it is similar to the way the life-cycle of mushrooms respond to Nature's electrical charge .. including lightning strikes.

Mature mushrooms can produce millions or billions of spores in a single day .. that are ejected [at high force] into the surrounding environment. Sound familiar? Ejected spores contain half the genetic information for successful reproduction that need to join with another spore to create a fruiting body.

What happens to all the millions of spores that do not join with another spore cell? This is what I am trying to say about the importance of the unified electrical field of reproduction. The entire mass of ejected spores all form one interconnected electrical field that takes command of their surrounding local environment.

This process is similar to the female body that [to the spermatozoa] is an external environment they have to [electrically] take command of. I am saying that mushroom spores and spermatozoa take command of their external environment electrically and the chemical processes they use are simply a way for them to spread their electrical fields into the external environment.

The millions or billions of ejected mushroom spores form a local Intranet forming a powerful spore to spore communication systems network. Out of this spore to spore electrical network the next generations of fruiting bodies develop and grow. This newly created electrical spore network merges with the deeper established mycelium layers. Mushroom spore networks are created from and become part of the parent mycelium network.

The unseen undetected hidden part of reproduction is the electrical activity behind the movement of the cells and behind the functions of the cells. It is my theory that the physical material body that grows from successful reproduction act in the same way as the original cell. All cells use deep electrical fields to function and communicate with each other.

Perhaps most important of all is that the original [primordial] cell is hidden within [is at the heart of] every cell and physical processes of the human body. I think the key is electrical rather than biological = primordial life force: Qi.

Genetics .. DNA .. chemistry and all cell functions exist to allow electrical flow stimulating the growth [existence] of physical matter. Matter [cells] and all biological processes are designed to conduct electrical charge. It is the electrical magnetic field that holds matter together. One could call it a form of internal gravity .. but its source is electrical in nature.

The key point is the beginning process of reproduction and cell division within the female egg at conception. Whether the process is healthy or is disrupted in some way .. science looks at this only in terms of biology and chemistry. The health or disruption of dividing cells is also electrical. Now we have the chicken or the egg .. which existed first? That may be wrong thinking as they both exist and work seamlessly together [duality].

Can you correct cellular disruption without creating electrical field integrity?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dark Zen: Sperm

Next 500 years: Our future is very different from the present.
This theory is perhaps one of the most difficult to describe and make sense .. because the science does not exist to understand what I am about to write. As I am writing back from the future [or back from the past] the science does not really matter.

The Ancient World knew this before our minds fell into darkness. The Chinese knew this .. the Egyptians knew this .. The Kelts and the Indonesian Nations knew this. I am not trying to convince you of anything. I am simply writing what I know and what I have been shown.

This post alone is the result of at least three years trying to understand a phenomenon I gained a personal insight into .. much of which was shown to me simply because I doubted and questioned current scientific explanations that I have to admit seem idiotic to me.

Going deeper into the energy [electrical] nature of cells and the primordial energy of all cells .. I want to present a completely new observation of sperm [theories] and reproduction. Today's science claim that 230 millions sperm cells are released during sex [in a healthy male]. I can tell you now I am not good at maths #_#

Apparently a healthy male can release between 40 million to 1.2 billion sperm cells [whose counting?] in a single ejaculation .. but it only takes one sperm cell to create a child. The obvious question is: Why not release a single sperm? A dynamic "super sperm". What is this 40 million to 1.2 billion?

The Yang Solar Mind
We live in a World defined by the survival of the fittest .. a World of the superior Alpha [excessive yang] Solar Male. We live in a World of imagined dominance .. where gentleness and unseen deeper flows are totally disregarded. Our World is like the imagined big strong Viking warriors .. a World of SUPER MEN and the one dominant Lord of The Rings [to rule them all].

There is a lot of imagined violence in our World.

What I am saying is that the current violent and competitive Alpha Mind projects its bias and limited understanding onto the surrounding biological World within us and surrounding us. Our science is born from this mindset.

Dark Zen: Sperm [Intelligence]
Always have a sense of humor no matter what! A sense of lightheartedness and a sense of humor can offer completely different insights into the nature of the World and our own inner nature. Being completely of an independent mind I had to challenge this one-sided theory on sperm and the nature of sperm.

The way science explains it makes NO SENSE!

I formed my own theory as to what could be behind the phenomenon of reproduction. Dark Intelligence observation ties into electrical current and Nature's elusive WIFI communications system. I was thinking that something just does not add up. Then I was shown that these millions of spermatozoa are one. I mean they all work together. This is where things get difficult to explain.

The excessive yang / male Solar Intelligence describes the World in his own light. He is the ONE Alpha Male .. the dominant male .. and he does not share that dominance with any other creature. One sperm = one dominant ego: I AM !!

I began to look at this in a different light: What if millions of sperm cells are all part of one single organism / process? The cells in your body co-operate and work together. The cells in your body talk to each other and communicate. Different cells communicate and work their #sses off to keep you alive!

What if this inner body co-operation and communication [working effortlessly together] originates in the nature of the millions of spermatozoa? I am talking about: Beyond The Internet! A communication so profound that it makes the ego superior Alpha Male look like a jerk!

I questioned the sperm theories and it took months / years for me to understand what I was being shown. That all the spermatozoa are ONE. It was shown to me like a spirit cloud or a deeply connected life cloud within which the millions of sperm are connected life-cells.

I cannot write all the implications in one post because the dynamics are so out-of-this-world .. in terms that we understand. At the same time I think some people will understand what I am saying. This is like the Magic Mushroom of reproduction and biology. The implications are mind blowing. As a small clue: This is how we are made.

We are talking about Deep Cell Technology. I am not talking about current perverted sciences. Deep Cell Technology cannot be accessed by perverted scientists and this is why they are making so many mistakes that will have to be corrected in the future.

Perverted science = out of balance / non-harmonic.

All I can say is that it does not take only one sperm .. it takes all sperm together!

Unified awareness is missing from our World today as the ego-self continues to chip away at the dynamic balance and deep co-operation of all forms of life on this Planet. Cells co-operate .. fungi co-operate .. soil atmosphere and rain co-operate .. species co-operate .. it is all happening on this Planet. It's called LIFE!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Strange Time Travel Dream

Leaving The Future To Starve ...
I am not making this up .. the Time Travel dream really took place. The dream is so bizarre and so relevant to our World - I could never sit down and imagine what happened in the dream that so perfectly and elegantly conveyed a deeper meaning.

In 2005 when starting to write this blog I defined "Earth Changes" blog as:
Dreams weave Reality as Reality weaves into our Dreams...

This one sentence pretty much sums up my life [experience] .. because that is how things happen to me. For me .. dreams are not separate from reality and reality is not separate from dreams. The two Worlds orbit each other like strands [coils] of DNA and something in the middle connects those two Worlds allowing them to communicate.

The Dream World is not only that you fall asleep and you experience dreams and then you waken up and come back here. The Dream World is also the possibility to Dream Awake. By this I mean not so much imagination. I mean to be totally aware of the Dream State Awareness moving through physical reality. Imagination is more like a tool. Imagination is like the scribes pen where you can manifest or realise dreams within each dimension.

This dream was so real [powerful] I almost cannot call it a dream.

Leaving The Future To Starve ...
I found myself in some open wild vast sloping grassy mountain valley. I was both in the dream and at the same time was experiencing the whole meaning of the dream through some kind of mind expansion guided by mysterious beings. Maybe they were Time Travelers?

The sloping highlands area was rich in water and wet .. but I am not sure this was in Europe? The farmer wore some kind of strange hat and he had maybe a shawl type jacket... There were grey overcast skies and the Sun seemed to be setting. It was evening and the light was fading from the vast sloping grasslands.

A large herd of sheep had appeared as if from nowhere. The farmer was overjoyed about this windfall. The unexpected appearance of these new sheep doubled his flock. To the farmer he had suddenly become very rich. I was also there and I was interacting with the sheep .. but at the same time no one appeared to see me.

Unusualy for sheep they had a lot of energy and some of them were running around as though they were hyper-active or charged with an unusual vitality. Sheep were running towards me [I guess the sheep could see me] .. and they were jumping back and forward across a shallow stream.

I ran around with some of the sheep as though playing with a dog.

It turned out that in this area of the mountains there existed a natural space-time vortex or energy field. Almost like a hole in time. Different time zones interacted at this energy chakra point. It is as though the time zones cross each other naturally.

It seemed during key cycles a micro space-time vortex in those mountains would become unstable and strange things would happen. Things could disappear or things could appear. One example is the farmers sheep could have disappeared and he would have been left with nothing.

Also in the dream were humanoid men who were dressed differently than Earth humans. These beings were warning the farmer he had to make sure the sheep return to their original time. These beings could see me but the farmer and his helpers could not see me. This was the feeling I had.

In the dream it was natural for the farmer and these mountain people to have contact with the other humanoids. The tall men were seen as ancient wise beings [and advisers]. There was an approaching moment in time where the portal energy would open again and the farmer was advised to herd the sheep into that portal.

I don't know? Let us say the point was just beyond sunset when the stars begin to appear between patches in the clouds! The humanoids knew the exact point and they were there to kind of make sure the farmer herded all the sheep back to their own time.

The farmer obviously wanted to keep the sheep. They were a sign of some special magic .. a gift from the deities of the mountains. He agreed to work with the humanoids and herd the mysterious flock of sheep back into the portal when they were shown it had opened. I woke up!
At first I thought: What a totally weird dream! I fell asleep again as it was the early hours of the morning. Much later the whole dream came alive for me during the next day. I was not even thinking about the dream or trying to understand its meaning. I guess the same mysterious force was active in my mind and I was simply understanding stuff.

It seems the windfall flock of sheep was the entire herd belonging to the same farmer at some point in the future. For him to have kept the sheep would have been to steal from himself! Without those sheep in the future he and his family starves. The whole flock is gone and does not return. Today's windfall is tomorrows sorrows.

The fact is he did not need the extra sheep .. he had his flocks.

As the extra sheep came through a time warp on the same land .. it is obvious these were sheep belonging to his future self or future family living at the same location. To keep the sheep would be to destroy the family at some point in the future. This was clearly implicit in the dream.

The other implication is clear and that is stealing from future generations .. leaving many to starve in numerous ways. Starvation is not only lack of physical food. Starvation ca also be lost opportunities for a whole generation. The worst starvation is to limit and restrict the incarnating spirit.

Strong and experienced incarnations can overcome limitations and restrictions. But .. what about weaker incarnations who simply need to get themselves together and grow stronger themselves. What about a World where the strong protect the weak? The I Ching suggests it is not advantageous to have an inferior [weak] man in a strong position. One should cure the cause instead of dealing with the symptom.

With regard to this Casino World: What would you do if you were suddenly aware you are stealing from yourself? People do not steal their own money .. or that when institutions mess up they go into their own accounts and pay back what they lost. Many people in this World believe they will never have to repay the debt. They are happy to pass their failures to the next generations.

People think they are always taking or stealing from others and not from themselves. This is misguided and wrong. One way or another people who cheat and deceive others are cheating and deceiving themselves. One way this can happen is that the future backfires and catches up with us. Another way this can backfire is we carry the bill into other lives until it is repaid.

When given a life we receive a gift: An opportunity to do good and at the same time change the World we live in. Enhance the World we inhabit. Inner wealth is a shared resource. Inner wealth contributes to society. Inner wealth transforms the lives of others.

What was the key they left me with when I woke up?
What did the farmer have that allowed them to save the future?

He had inner wealth!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dark Zen: Body Electric

Deep cellular electrical heartbeats ...
After my: Dark Zen: Electric Blood post I have researched deeper into the nature of the physical body and cellular electrical polarity. There is an out of print book called "The Amazing Secrets of the Masters of the Far East" by Charles F. Haanel und Victor Simon Perara .. that I read many years ago [but at the time it did not make total sense to me].

I am a hands on person who has to experience for themselves what is real and what is not real. I suspect that our physical reality is designed to allow for many realities [experiences] at any point in space-time.

In other words: Reality is plastic.

Dark Zen: Body Electric
In my own space time experience tissue cells and blood cells have electrical polarity fields + - .. electromagnetic fields that are the polar core energies of the cells deeper and beyond base physical matter. For example .. when the energy pulse dissolves the physical organism dies.

I cannot prove that this is real in terms of physical science. All I can do is share my own experiences. This is real for me .. it may not be real for you. I tried a recent experiment of observation / awareness of my own body. Lying down relaxed with eyes closed is better because when we are active and moving the heartbeat resonance changes.

For this I have to be in a deep relaxed body-mind state.

Meditating I can feel / be aware of the electrical pulse in the heart .. in the blood flow .. in the cells of the physical body. The electrical flow is one current. Then I was aware of an unseen undetected primordial cell that is the origin of all cells in the body.

The primordial cell built [created] and is hidden within the bones .. the bone marrow .. the tissues .. the organs .. muscles .. tendons .. brain .. blood .. glands .. and everything within the physical body that allows it to exist. To make this clear .. all physical cells originate from the first cell separation within the womb at conception!

Hidden within us out of sight is the original creator cell. It is my theory that this undetected creator cell is at the hear of all living processes within the physical body. I suspect that it is an energy .. but it is a sustained energy = it does not dissipate because it is a creator cell.

You may ask: Where does it go at the point of death? The physical cells die but this primordial creator energy does not die and right now I do not know where it goes .. but I will ask it tonight #_#

This process can be called: Cell reproduction and conception .. cell division .. human fertilization or fusion .. or the first cell division. I am saying that every living cell in the body contains the original blueprint of the original cell [fusion].

Going deeper into this process of questioning the origins of energy in the cells .. the biological life force in the cell is electrical in nature. In other words the cells cannot exist without electrical currents / magnetic electro-pulse.

The body electric does not use the base electrical currents we use to power our World today. The body electric uses a very refined subtle living electrical current unknown to modern man. It is a self-organising life-energy current that has mysterious origins. Take blood as an example...

Blood cells have unseen mysterious nano companion cells undetected by physical sciences today. I see these blood cell companions as blue cells. I do not understand why modern science excludes these unusual [dark] cells from public view!

But .. I am diverging from the electrical nature of the blood and the electrical cells of the human body! Is the heartbeat physical or electrical? In the same vein .. is the blood flow electrical or physical in nature?

I can only go on my own experiences of electric cellular currents within the body. How do blood cells know what to do and where to go? How do blood cells communicate with the organs and the glandular system? How do blood cells relate to the bones and tissues? There is one common universal communication system: Electrical in nature.

I am saying that all living cellular systems use electrical communication.

The first impulse of life is electrical [in nature] and out of this primordial impulse matter manifests [is created]. Not only created .. biological matter is created and re-created in every electrical pulse. The dark pulse behind matter is a creation transformer [field]. Every cell in the body is being maintained by this mysterious electrical process.

The dark pulse is best seen within the glandular system. What pumps life essential glandular fluids around the body? Similar to blood cells glandular fluids are on an electrical arc! The sciences are too obsessed with visible physical chemical biological processes.

The glandular system operates through subtle rotational cycles of electrical currents running throughout the entire body. What we call "miracles" are not really miracles at all. It is simply a deeper hidden process of activity unknown to science. There are no miracles! The Universe knows what it is doing!

In terms of electrical charge the difference with the human body is that the pulse is alive. The electrical field in each cell is alive. It is not like the way we produce electrical energy to power our world. Building a coal or wood fire is an energy source. We rely on physical resources to create energy [power].

The electrical fields of the body and the electrical pulse within cells have a different origin. I know science tries to claim that we need physical resources [food] to maintain and power the electrical charge within matter .. but that is not even half the truth!

The processes behind health and well being are essentially electrical!

Monday, December 08, 2014

Dark Zen: Electric Blood

If you want to climb a mountain .. begin at the top. - Zen Saying
As I was researching Dark Intelligence and Dark Meridians I became aware of the key element we call blood. In plants blood is green and in humans blood is red. In humans bone marrow creates healthy blood cells. The bones creating healthy blood cells are designed to contain and compress a harmonic frequency.

On one level bones are harmonic frequency resonator chambers essential to life. I want to go into the electrical nature of red blood cells. The way I came to this is by using Dark Intelligence to observe and understand my own blood cells.

When you observe reality through Dark Intelligence you do not see what is in the same way as using Solar [light] Intelligence. This is why I say the yin yang balance has been lost to an out-of-balance excessive male yang Solar mind-set. Seeing in the dark is also a possibility!

I was questioning how is it that my blood knows where to go?

The purely physical sciences try to explain the nature of blood in purely physiological dimensions. But this was not enough for me as physiological dimensions do not properly describe the nature and behaviour pathways of blood.

I wanted to know: How does blood know where it wants to go?

The answer I observed is that blood cells are electric in nature. The way blood floats throughout the physical body and even more so .. the way blood knows were to go in the body is based on their electrical nature. Blood cells do not float through the veins like logs in a river! Blood cells move around the body like mysterious UFOs!

The movement of blood is currently a mystery!

To challenge the current physical-biological theories about blood all one has to do is to question for oneself and imagine: How do blood cells do what they do and carry out all functions. You are led to believe science knows .. but science does not know the answer!

Dark Zen: Electric Blood
Electric blood is connected to and is guided by a whole-body electrical inner intelligence WIFI system. This electrical system does not only run through the nerves .. the spine and through the nervous system. This electrical system runs through the glandular system .. through the organs .. it exists in all body fluids and it exists inside the cells of the body independent of the nerves.

What I am trying to say is that the electrical nature of blood is key to its functions and its behaviour. I am connecting Chi [Qi energy] with water [fluid] .. with heat and cooling energy [not physical matter]. I am connecting the nature and behaviour of blood cells with a fundamental electrical field.

The electrical field of blood interacts with the electrical field of the body.

Physical matter within the body is operating on a complete and unified internal electrical [life-force] WIFI system of which all cells and physical processes combine to maintain physical life of the organism. In other words: Blood cells know where to go and what to do based on their essential electrical nature.

How can any cell or blood cell in the body know where to go and what to do?

It is simple! They all communicate using electrical current and electrical fields. In other words: The whole body is in communication with itself 24 hours a day .. day and night .. non-stop as long as the physical body is alive.

This is really difficult to describe in words. All I can say to you is that using meditation one can observe the true nature of the blood cells within the body and realise the unknown. No one has to be afraid .. because the blood cells are there 24/24 inside the body whether we are aware of this process or not.

Blood is [in a way] the hidden unseen Dark Intelligence of the physical body.

When you observe [and question] the nature of blood and question how is it that blood cells know exactly where to go in perfect balance throughout the entire body? Well .. strange things can happen #_*

The most exciting part of this is when you become aware of the true nature of blood cells and the circulatory system = Electric nature of blood. When you become aware of this? Then you can feel it. There is the current of a deep flowing river and there is the current of deep flowing blood. By current I mean a natural electrical current and not a physical one.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Dark Zen: Love

非古夾今 Koraikon ni arazu.
It is not within past, future, or present.
The last few days I have been working on Dark Zen: Blood .. but something said to me: No! First comes love! Then I wanted to call this post Love Intelligence or the The Energy of Love .. and something said to me only LOVE. Dark Zen: Love.

I guess they know what they are talking about #_#

I did some research and people write things like: Love does not last forever .. it is a micro-resonance [whatever that is] .. and basically no one has a clue what they are talking about.

Before we go any further! I am saying that love is a real electrical frequency that underscores all physical dynamics. My theory observations are that love is the energy that powers Dark Intelligence through the Dark Meridians.

I hope you are still with me...

I am putting this out there raw [seed] because that is the way nature works. Those who understand [they understand] .. and those who do not understand [do not understand]. Right from the beginning we are talking about a real [very real] energy that affects the physical body .. that affects the psyche .. that affects the blood .. organs and glands.

As I was shown and as I have experienced it .. I am saying love is not some woozy emotion out-of-there psychic state. I am talking about something very real and something [an energy] that is part of everything we experience in physical life. The real life 3D reality of the love frequency is hidden in the background operating through the Dark Meridians.

I am saying that we only have glimpses into the electrical energy field of love because we live primarily [mentally] in the male yang Solar [light] Intelligence. When I say DARK .. I mean unseen or hidden from the one-sided Solar Mind. It is like yang without the yin. You only see one side.

What I want to change with this post is how people understand and experience love. We have all been programmed to imagine that love is some impractical [emotional] almost mind altering psychedelic psilocybin [magic mushroom] experience. You either get high on the experience or you hit the lows...

I do not really like to use the word love because the word has so many way-out-there disambiguous meanings and connotations. It is like getting drunk and you do not know where you are or there are the religious traditions of CONTROLLING LOVE #_* [for enlightenment].

I wanted to begin with blood cells because I am doing inner energy field experiments. Enlightened Blood Cells .. Ha! Ha! That is part way close to the truth.

Dark Zen: Love
All I want to say is this: Many times in my life I have experienced mysterious contacts of the abnormal kind where love [energy/frequency] is the key transformative force within the encounter experience. I know it is real. I know that this is a real energy. The energy has the same effect on the body [heart] as "love" and that religions later called this divine experience.

Here I have the problem! It is not a DIVINE experience.

This experience is not like that you go to the most expensive gourmet restaurant and you have a superior [expensive] dining experience. I am not sure where we went off the tracks with this one. Love is not a superior [expensive] dining experience. Love is a real [electrical] energy.

The word electrical? We humans on Earth use electrical current in its most base form. Sending electrical current through wires is similar to the yang Solar Meridians in the human body. Love energy fields [that can also be electrical] is related to yin Dark Meridians. Of course yin and the yang are ONE.

I have to describe it technically this way but the two are related and interact. Solar Meridians and Dark Meridians seamlessly interact and we humans are currently unaware of these interactions. Perhaps this is why we perceive love as a mystery. We do not understand the physical applications.

What Nature does is love .. the design .. and the love are real [practical].

First I want to focus on the effect of love within the human mind and body as a natural extension of the psyche. We humans can build towns and cities based on the real harmonic of love and these structures would support us and transform our lives. That is a long way away.

Why do I talk about the real energy of love if we are not going to realise this in our current lifetime? We can realise the actual applied electrical energy of love within us in one lifetime. The most important of all is that we are the future. Our minds and our existence create the future NOW.

You do the inner work now and you build the future.

All these crappy buildings you see around you are not the future. These concrete buildings are the past. The way we build and the way we live is the past .. it is not the future. Love taught me this fact.

For example .. love is not a nano-second of experience! Love is with you every gentle moment. It is just that we inwardly do not realise this simple truth. We are always looking for The Big Bang!

What happens in your home when electricity has a big bang? Either is an out-of-control-fire or the house explodes and burns down. This is not love. Too much Magic Mushroom is not love. Burning your emotional fuses is not love. Being hit with the massive Solar X Flare!

All I am trying to convey is that love is a real applied energy in terms of physical environment and in terms of superior refined electrical power. That we currently power our world using [relying on] excessive male yang Solar energy built using out-of-balance Solar Intelligence.

We are missing a BIG part of the UNIVERSAL puzzle!

The whole balance of love energy can be applied to the physical human .. the psyche .. how we power our World and how we build places to live in our World. Regardless of within the human body .. or as a power source .. or as a harmonic of building: Real practical love is the same force.

First I had to experience it [the mysterious contact energy field] and then I had to observe and understand what this is. The love surrounds you every day regardless of whether you are aware or not. Perhaps Solar Intelligence only loves itself?

The deeper levels are actual applications of this energy!

The first breakthrough is to understand that love is an energy. Love is a refined electrical current more real and more powerful than the base electrical current we use to power our World today. Love is not an emotion. Love is a practical universal applied energy [of the unknown kind].

In a way we have become so selfish about love. We imagine love to be a personal experience [only for us]. We do not expand our minds to allow love to be an energy source that benefits plants and animals. We do not accept that love can be transmitted throughout a building. That love energy frequency can be transmitted throughout a town.

On other dimensions when you encounter love you cannot act outside of that frequency. Your nature is overpowered by love. When you experience this energy it is real and not imagined.

After gathering together this information I fell asleep and woke up later having very strange experiences seeing energy with my eyes closed. It is as though when the human wakens up to the real application and existence of love [as an energy field] .. the mind opens a door into those higher realms.

With my eyes closed .. but with expanded mind .. I saw in real terms this refined energy. There was a large soft ball of light expanding that gently folded into the dark center of a doughnut [with a black hole at the center]. Out of the dark center comes the light and it seamlessly folds back into the dark formation of a doughnut shape torus.

This opening and closing process goes endlessly on and on with no beginning and no end like a heart beat. The light .. the dark .. the light .. the dark. And they are ONE. The yin and yang come from the same source. The duality is simply the creation of physical matter. That energy makes the mind very peaceful. It is not an illusion .. it is very real process.